I am in serious need of some help! I have always been a very organized person. I love my day planner, my shoes lined up and my papers in order. But something happens when it comes to my closet, I just can’t seem to get it right. I don’t know how to make it work, do I organize by color, pieces (i.e. skirts with skirts, tops with tops) or style (i.e work clothes together, going out clothes together)? What do I do? It has been really bothering me that I don’t have a proper system in place. So I am asking for your help, what do you think is the best closet organization system? Or even just let me know what your preferred system is, anything at all would be of help.  

much love.


Using Time Wisely 🕐

Thomas: I’m gonna be productive today & organzied

Nostalgia: remember this

Thomas: My writing from 3rd grade?

Nostalgia: Wanna spend the whole day reading this instead?


Made with Vine
Organization Plan for School

Since school is just around the corner, I have began to plan out how I want to organzie my binder. When planning this, I want to set it up so that it was more organized by unit to make studying easier. 


1. Dividers. These are essential to my existence. I always have a section for notes, homework and/or classwork, and graded in all binders. To mix things up this year, I am in the process of making my own dividers (which are looking pretty good already). 

2. Printables. This is a new thing I am trying in an attempt to keep up with all the assignments given per unit and to help establish a studying routine. @theorganisedstudent has the BEST printables that I have found (I highly recommend checking them out. Pure perfection).

Pens and Stationary 

I found my solution for this on Pinterest (of course) and I was mind blown. 

1. A person used a Filofax type mini binder and bought clear pencil pouches with rings. All the pens were easy to see and so cute!!!!! 

Bullet Journal 

What is organization without a bullet journal? Like I do now, I still plan to draw my new weekly layouts on Sundays and (hopefully?) post the pictures of that.