Runaway Love

Summary: You and Finn are best friends, and it’s the weekend of your wedding. Finn has secretly been in love with you but never told you. He decides to leave WWE and go home to Ireland. You find out about his feelings and then race to the airport to stop him before he can get on the plane because you need to tell him that you love him too. This one is pretty fluffy.

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First Lady Jackie Kennedy attending the benefit performance of the musical “Mr. President” for the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation at the National Theater in Washington DC on September 6, 1962. She is wearing a sleeveless gown with hot pink silk organza and a metallic-brocaded silk organza skirt. The metallic print fabric of the skirt was a gift from the King of Saudi Arabia. She asked designer Joan Morse to create this gown out of the material.

Promises and Prom Kisses

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: hoffkk

Requested by: idontcareabouttheyoungfolks

Summary: It’s Maya and Riley’s senior prom, the night of glam, fun, and (for many) sex.  After seeing Maya all dressed up with her date, Josh can’t help but wonder how far she is planning to go with him and why he is bothered by it so much.  Suddenly, Josh finds himself at the prom and finds that the old feelings he had locked away years ago never really left.  The question is: what will he do about it now?

Notes: I own nothing GMW related or any of the mentioned songs.  I apologize for taking so long with this story, I just had to make sure I got it just right.  Hope you enjoy it!  As always, feel free to share your thoughts! :)


Tonight was the night: senior prom.  Riley and Maya had been waiting their whole high school careers for this night and were super excited that it was finally happening.  The two of them, along with Isadora Smackle, spent the whole day at Riley’s, pampering themselves and getting ready, and now they were applying the finishing touches.

“So, how do I look?”  Smackle asked, slipping some sparkly bangles over her gloved hand and giving a small twirl. She wore dark purple gloves that went up past her elbows to match her purple ombre mermaid dress.  It had a sweetheart neckline with silver sequins along the bust and was tightly fit down to her mid-thigh where it flared out into a skirt of organza ruffles, which matched the single ruffled strap that went over her right shoulder.  She wore her dark hair half up with a sparkly headband.  For Smackle, more was definitely more.

“You look amazing, Izzy.”  Riley answered, completely sincere.

“Thanks, Riley, but look at you!  You look like a modern Cinderella!” She beamed.

“Why, thank you my lovely step-sister!”  Riley replied, giving a little curtsy.  Her dress was a taffeta, A-line, high-low number, strapless with a belt made of crystals that lay in an elegant design right under the bust area.  Paired with silver jewelry and shoes and a fancy up-do, which also had silver jewels throughout it, Riley really did look like Cinderella.  "Now where is my not-so-lovely step-sister?“  She wondered aloud.

Smackle was about to remind her that Maya was in the bathroom, applying her make-up when they were interrupted.

"I heard that!” Maya called, feigning annoyance as she entered the room.

“Whoa,” Riley responded, getting a look at the complete product that was a prom-ready Maya. “Va-va-voom!”  Smackle added as she wiggled her eyebrows.  Maya definitely had the sexiest look out of all of them with her floor-length, satin halter dress that was completely covered in gold sequins.  The gown was open back, which she showed off by wearing her long, curly hair swept to the side, and it had a long slit on the side opposite where her hair hung that ran all the way up to her mid-thigh.  The only pops of color were her red lips and the fake red rose she had clipped in the side of her hair, and the only jewelry she wore were gold studs and her gold locket that her mom gave her for her 14th birthday, which she wrapped around her wrist as a makeshift bracelet.

Stop it.”  Maya responded dramatically with a flip of the hand.  The brunettes just giggled in response.

When the giggles faded away, Riley just sat on her window seat and stared at her friends a moment with a smile on her face.

“What’s that look for?”  Maya asked curiously, as she sat down next to Riley to adjust a strap on her strappy gold heel.

“I was just thinking about moments…how there are some you just know you are gonna remember for the rest of your life.  Tonight is gonna be full of those moments… I can feel it.”  Riley explained.

“Me too.” Smackle nodded in agreement, as she took a seat on the other side of Riley.

“Me three.” Maya threw in, feeling oddly optimistic about prom.

“Then let’s make a prom promise right now to embrace those moments and make the most of tonight.”  Riley commanded, clasping her friends’ hands with each of her own.

“And make the most of what’s left of our senior year together.”  Smackle added, moving her free hand over top of Riley’s and giving it a tight squeeze.

“And make the most of our last real summer together.”  Maya tossed in, mimicking Smackle’s hand motion.

“I promise.” Riley affirmed with a curt nod.

“I promise.” Maya and Smackle repeated in unison, nodding towards their friend.

Riley beamed and threw her arms around her best friends.

“I love you, guys!”  She half-shouted, pulling them into a hug.  They just smiled as they hugged back, forming a cute little group hug.

A moment later, there was a knock at the door and Auggie poked his head into the bedroom, eyes closed.

“Everyone decent?” He called across the room.

“Yes, Auggie.” Riley chuckled with a shake of her head.

He slowly peeked his eyes open, saw everyone was dressed and ready, then let out a small breath. “I am supposed to tell you girls to come to the living room.  Your dates should be here any minute.”

“Okay, we’re coming.” Riley said, then all three of them stood up to smooth out their dresses and fix their hair one last time.

“whatdaya think, Augs?”  Maya questioned.  "How do we look?“

"Perfect.” He said with a roll of his eyes.  "Now come on already!“

The three just laughed at Auggie’s annoyance as they picked up their clutches and followed him out the bedroom door.

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anonymous asked:

Hi sis, how you doing? I would like to know what are your thoughts about the wedding dress of Iris. Did you like it? Btw I love your blog 😉

I am doing wonderful, hope you’re great too!!

I LOVE Iris’ wedding dress! So someone asked me a while back to pick some out for Iris, and while I never got around to posting it, definitely was not expecting an absolue knockout MONIQUE LHUILLIER gown. My little fashion loving heart is so, so happy with this gown. Seriously. I love the corsetry, the gentle lace, and that flowing organza skirt. Just in love.

Thanks for asking !!

Someone on Instagram asked me about french seams, so I’ve made this little tutorial for you guys! French seams are a wonderful finish for sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza, or on areas of a costume that will be visible. I’ve used French seams on capes, tulle skirts, and organza sleeve insets. They are super easy, but do take twice the amount of time as a normal seam. First, pin your seam allowances wrong sides together. This will seem counterintuitive, but trust me! Next, stitch at half the width (or less/more depending on how wide you want the finished seam to be) of your finished seam allowance. Here I am stitching at ¼" because my finished seam allowance is ½". Trim the excess down to 1/8". You can grade the seams if you are working with thicker fabrics. Turn the fabric right sides together and press with an iron. Stitch again with the remaining width of your ideal seam allowance (for me this is ¼" again because my finished SA should be ½". ¼ + ¼ = ½). Press to one side. Tada! Your seam allowance excess is nicely encased within itself and there will be no raveling or ugly seam allowances!


And here’s the Hero of China herself, my OOAK Mulan doll!

I wanted to preserve the integrity of this dress, so for Mulan I put less embellishment and focused on materials. Her dress begins with a pleated cotton skirt and organza top. Over that is a second skirt made from authentic Chinese brocade, one layer a porcelain blue, the other a deep red. Her top was completed with a layer of sky blue lace and a red brocade trim around the collar. Her dress is finished with a sash pf the same brocade and tied with a salmon ribbon. I felt she needed to pop though, so I created three of her accessories from the movie. She wears the Crest of the Emperor around her neck, a metal medallion set with rubies and customized with a golden dragon. She carries the sword of Shan-Yu, sculpted from clay and wrapped in a golden brocade that features three elements of the film: a dragon, the circular crest, and a flower blooming in adversity. Last but not least, she also includes the fan used to disarm Shan-Yu, delicately created from toothpicks and paper and hand-painted to be finished off with black sequins.

Her box is just as lovely, a deep red lined with red silk from a real Cheongsam. The box is finished with metal clasps of flowers and a dragon, and inside is the famous quote from Fa Zhou when Mulan comes home.


People will stare. Make it worth their while → Alexander McQueen prêt-à-porter | F/W ‘11-'12


This is a customized, OOAK Princess Vanellope 12″ Talking doll that my sis and I made for a commission. She’s HUGE with so many petticoats to keep her so poufy, with 6 tiers of pleated satin gradient pink to dark fuschia skirts, a fuschia elvet cape with eyelet lace neckdress, a sparkle pink tricot bodice with oale pink organza edged cuffs and skirt bottom trim, a red clear bead belt, a fancy tiara with red and white and tiny pink puffballs all over it! She even has the little ‘chocolate’ sprinkles on the bottom hem of her longest skirt. (Sprinkles made from long seed beads). She has a restyled hairdo and real long eyelashes (thought it’s hard to see them in the photos for some reason.)

She was one of the most complex dresses but I think she came out really adorable!

Happy New Year! God bless us, one and all!

moteldoll  asked:

could you find dark/gothic nymphet stuff for around $20?


Black Halter Hollow Crop Vest

Black Sleeveless Hollow Bow Vest

Black Sleeveless Hollow Crop Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Floral Crochet Gauze Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Zipper Midriff Vest

Black Sleeveless Back Criss Cross Loose Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Hollow Lace Vest

Black Criss Cross Backless Crop Vest

Black Criss Cross Hollow Crop Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Chiffon Vest

Black Contrast Sheer Mesh Yoke Hollow Vest


High-Waisted Matelot Denim Shorts

Black High Waist Zipper Denim Slim Shorts

Black Contrast Lace Slim Shorts

Black Buttons Ripped Fringe Denim Shorts

Black Ripped Pockets Denim Shorts

Black Pockets Ripped Denim Shorts


Black Elastic Waist Flare Organza Skirt

Black Rose Print Flare Skirt