organoid oc

Some sketches I did last night.

I was feeling kind of down and missing a childhood pet who passed away last May, so I drew these to try and make me feel better.

The first one, Sophie and Cirrus, turned into vent art somewhere along the lines. Don’t know what made Sophie so sad but Cirrus is there for her like always.

The second turned into another version of an old picture. A year or two ago I drew CC the pokemon trainer and Richard, her chikorita reuniting. So I redrew it and felt a little better.

I wanted to add in a digimon character and her Lopmon but it was about 8:00 in the morning so I figured I should call it a night instead. ^^’

That’s all I got.


VICTORYYYYYYY -spins in circles-

After 3 days of work and detailing I can finally show her design. ;u;

This is Lumina, the first organoid concept I actually kept with and designed, she’s an artificial ‘noid, hence her odd shape and the fact that  her dark grey markings and eyes light up in response to her partner’s emotions or intense emotions of those around her. Kind of like a giant, dangerous mood-ring time-bomb, haha.

I’ll admit the concept is a strange one but I like it. Hence why I went though the pain of drawing her even though mechanics kill me.

She’ll get a full shaded ref on dA in time but until then this’ll work.

/lazy and worn out

Now I have to design a pilot character, ooh boy that’s gonna be fun.

Cirrus’s Oven Mitts!

So in my latest RPing adventures, Sophie and Irvine were chatting and Cirrus wearing oven mitts was mentioned. Needless to say I spent a few minutes grinning like an idiot and then set about drawing such a scene.

I wanted to draw a full-body chibi but then I remembered I can’t draw chibis to save my life :( So, here we have a somewhat cute semi-chibi instead.