hello there! here are a few tips to help keep your backpack nice and tidy!

don’t just shove things in randomly.

put things in your backpack carefully. i like to tuck my papers and handouts in a folder to prevent them from crumpling up and tearing. you could also put your papers in a binder or an accordion file. don’t just throw things in your backpack and shove it all down. you’ll keep your items safe and in good condition while keeping your backpack tidy! it’s a win-win :)

keep loose things together

i keep my pens and pencils and things in a pencil case, things like pads and bandaids in a pouch, and money / loose change in a wallet. this way, loose things won’t be rolling around in your backpack to get crushed / lost. you could use plastic ziploc bags to keep things together too!

use hair ties / rubber bands / twist ties to keep cords together

this way, your chargers and headphones and whatever else won’t get all tangled up! they’ll also be easier to take out of your backpack.

clean out your backpack every week

sometimes, you’ll just inevitably accumulate small trash inside your backpack. don’t wait until trash piles up. it’s much easier to clean a small bit of trash every week rather than cleaning out a whole bunch of trashy bits in one go. i personally like to throw out bits of trash i find when i pack my bag at night :)

pack your bag at night.

you’ll have a lower chance of forgetting things, and you’ll be in less of a rush in the morning. also, you’ll have the time to put things in neatly without any cramming or shoving.

don’t overload your backpack

try not to push your backpack over its maximum capacity. your zippers may break and your backpack might rip, and that’s never a good thing ;;

wash your backpack every now and then

just use some lukewarm water, a damp cloth, and a mild detergent. loosen up some of the dirt and streaks with a soft-bristle brush or an old toothbrush, and then wipe down both the interior and exterior with the water + detergent + cloth. some backpacks are good to go in the washer while others are better off hand-washed. let it dry in the sun.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)


When it comes to storing CDs or DVDs in the home it is a pain to find something that will match your current decor without taking over the room, while storing them the way you want. 

rather than buying new cd shelves,,,here are some other ideas:::

1.frame your DVD shelf as if it were an art work:

External image

2.To show off CD covers as art themselves

External image

3.  having an entire set of CD cases printed with a custom design and then arranged on the wall.

External image

External image

External image about in pretty boxes that you can stack on a shelf or stack . 

(just be sure to label)

External image

External image

  • keep them in storage tubs that fit underneath ur bed. store another 300 the same way under ur couch. 


  • This is a DIY guitar rack. DIY rack can be as a CD or a magazine. 

External image

  • recycle tapes cassettes

External image

  • DIY CD chandelier

External image

  • reuse ur old luggage,box or bag

External image

  •  reuse stock of old office furniture.

External image

  • record storage in non-working fireplace

External image

  • pull-out drawers 

External image

  • stylish wall-CD storage

External image
External image
External image

  • “Plus One” extra storage space for books and could also be used for storing CDs, pencils and so on.

External image

  • decorative cds holder

External image


The right CD storage solution depends on many factors such as how many CDs you have and estimate you will have, where you plan to store, and whether they are for short term or long term CD storage.

library card-catalog style media cabinets: here

images :: click on the image for its original source

School Help/Tips Masterpost

I’ve compiled different school masterposts, articles, and posts and organized them here. Most of the methods are ones that personally work for me or I like. However, I linked other masterposts that show many methods and tips that work for different people. Let’s become better students together!

UPDATED: 07/20/16

General School Help/Tips:


Taking Notes:


Course/Class Specific Help & Resources:

Break Time!

Useful Apps (All apps are free unless otherwise stated):

  • Paper by 53 - Note taking app (Have not tried it yet)
  • 30/30 - Time management
  • Habitica - Stay motivated to complete tasks through this app
  • FocasNow- Pomodoro app that grows plants while completing tasks (Trouble logging in works fine otherwise)
  • Forest - The paid version of FocusNow, but it is free on the computer.

Other Resources:

Note Taking and Study Systems Masterpost

Study Methods

Note Taking Methods

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4 Tips For Staying Organized Next Semester

1. Get a planner
Having a planner can help you remember what’s coming up and what you need to do. It makes it easier to balance your day, you can schedule when to work if you are used to spending all your time relaxing or you can schedule when to relax if you are used to always working.
2. Change due dates to a few days sooner
Doing this can help you stay ahead of your work instead of behind it. Also, if you are a procrastinator who waits until the last minute, you buy yourself a few more days. But don’t cheat!
3. Color code
Color code everything! If you are highlighting things, do so by highlighting different categories in different colors, like blue for definitions and yellow for important concepts. Color coding your notes on subjects will help find them easier and faster.
4. Use reenforced paper
Do your hole punched papers fall out of your binder? There is paper that already has the holes reenforced or you can buy the reenforcing stickers for it. This helps prevent losing papers that might get loose or rip off.