organizing your closet

❤️️Things to do instead of binge❤️

1. Call a friend.
2. Go for a walk
3. Drink a cup of tea/coffee
4. Listen to music
5. Paint your nails/toes — can’t binge with wet nails
6. Walk your dog or pet your cat
7. Watch a movie
8. Take a shower/bubble bath/hot oil treatment/shave your legs/tweeze your eyebrows — self-care time!
9. Organize your closet, your life!
10. Draw, paint, or color
11. Knit or crochet
12. Clean your house/apartment
13. Go window shopping
14. Read a good book
15. Put on music & dance it out
16. Go out dancing
17. Call your friends and have a dance party
18. Go to the gym
19. Stretch/do yoga
20. Scream into a pillow
21. Pray (if you believe in God)
22. Meditate
23. Join an online support group
24. Read a (non triggering) magazine
25. Go on tumblr and look at thinspo
26. Go on Twitter (if you have one)
27. Sing!
28. Get your hair done or do your own hair
29. Make thank you cards for people
30. Go out and take photos
31. Make a “to do” list and do those things — be productive!
32. Play video/phone games
33. Play scrabble/solitaire online
34. Chat with friends on Facebook or update your Facebook profile (if you have one)
35. Write a journal entry
36. Download new music
37. Give yourself a foot massage
38. Smell lavender
39. Pick flowers
40. Garden
41. Create a collage
42. Go bowling/miniature golfing
43. Scrapbook
44. Write an angry letter to somebody you are angry at — you don’t have to send it, just let it out

Feel free to add anymore that you can think of☺️

Head cannon that in Tims tiny amount of free time, he doesn’t know what to do with himself, so instead of relaxing, he does weird stuff. Por ejemplo:
Kon: How was your day off?
Tim: I taught myself morse code. Also I learned how to read Roman numerals. And I organized your half of the closet by color. And I discovered I fit in the fridge.

Being Baekhyun’s roommate would include:

Other Versions: Jongin / Minseok / Sehun / Chanyeol / Kyungsoo / Jongdae / Yixing / Joonmyeon

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  • Constant visits from Jongdae and Chanyeol
  • “Chanyeol, you literally left 5 minutes ago. Why are you here again?”
  • Baekhyun planning stupid pranks on you but chickening out at the last minute because the last time he pranked you, you locked him outside
  • Cuddles, whether you like it or not
  • Having to bribe him to clean his room

“I’ll buy you pizza if you clean your room.”  
“Pizza and chicken?”  
“Only pizza. And bubble tea if you organize your closet.”
And off to clean his room he goes.

  • Jongdae and Chanyeol being 100% certain that you have a crush on Baekhyun
  • Jongdae teasing you about that ‘crush’
  • Jongin bringing his dogs to your place and forcing you to watch over them because if you can watch over Baekhyun, his dogs should be a piece of cake
  • Grocery shopping with him acting like a 5-year-old

“But I want cinnamon cookies! Ooh! And we should buy bubbletea for Sehun! And chips for Chanyeol. Oh! Look! That plushy looks exactly like Jongdae!”
“Baekhyun, calm down you’re attracting too much attention.”“Are you saying you’re emBARRASED TO BE SEEN WITH ME??”

  • Having movie nights every few days because why not
  • Baekhyun using the movie nights to get closer to you because he has a crush on you
  • As he’s about do the cheesy ‘yawning’ move, Chanyeol and Minseok are suddenly in your house and sitting in between you. How even…?
  • Blackmailing each other with derp pictures

“If you don’t do the laundry I’ll send Sehun that picture of when you were-”
“FINE! I’ll do the laundry!”

  • Playing stupid games to decide who will do the dishes, the laundry, grocery shopping etc
  • Him changing the game rules in the middle of the game so he would definitely win and then not taking the blame
  • Him finding himself to be in love with you like two months into the whole roommate thing
  • You constantly wearing his shirts because for some reason yours are always in the laundry or missing…?
  • In reality he just likes seeing you in his shirts and hides your shirts on purpose
  • You catching onto it and scolding him
  • Him continuing to do so anyway
  • Waking up at 2 am because you hear someone in the kitchen so you sneak there to see who it is

“Minseok. How did you get into my house?”
“Chanyeol gave me the key.”
“Why does Chanyeol have the key to this house?”
-Shrugs and continues eating-

  • Baekhyun actually trying to help you with the cooking
  • But he ends up making the slices too big or burning half of the kitchen down
  • Always having someone to turn to with your problems and vice versa
  • Calling Kyungsoo or Suho when Baekhyun’s being too annoying
  • Baekhyun becoming an obedient puppy the moment you mention Kyungsoo in a threat
  • More cuddles
  • Him asking you about what colour his hair should be dyed next
  • Jongdae buying you flowers because he knows Baekhyun has a crush on you
  • Baekhyun kicking Jongdae out of the house
  • Baekhyun paying mind to small details about you like your favourite colour or flowers or even what perfume you use
  • Probably not knowing what to do with the knowledge though
  • Expect dumb gifts from him, like autographed pictures or just cuddles
  • You gave up on complaining after two months because it’s Baekhyun
  • Him waking you up at 3 am to go on 'an adventure’ to some karaoke bar down the street or zoo or something because he can’t sleep
  • Minseok bringing you coffee every morning since he feels sorry for you because you have to live with the loudest beagle liner
  • You cooking dinner and Baekhyun complaining about it being too salty just to annoy you
  • Him buying you a cardboard cutout of himself
  • “It’s so you won’t feel lonely when I’m away on tour”
  • Smacking Baekhyun whenever he made inappropiate jokes in front of you
  • That’s a lot
  • Bonding with Kyungsoo over how annoying Baekhyun is
  • Baekhyun complaining whenever you pay too much attention to the other boys
  • Him acting like your boyfriend so much that at some point you just forget that he’s not
  • He probably sneaks into your bed at night because he’s lonely in his own room

“Why are you in my bed?”
“Because some cat keeps creeping behind my window. You can protect me.”
“Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?”
“Stop labelling people, seriously!”

  • Adopting the cat and him insisiting that you give it a cheesy name like 'Mittens’ or 'Mr.Muffins’ or 'Whiskers’, or maybe even just 'Cat’
  • Him getting jealous over the cat
  • In conclusion Baekhyun would be an awesome and adorable roommate. He’d care for you so much, even if he couldn’t really show it much. At times he’d be a bit annoying but if you’re loud and crazy as well, he’ll be the best friend you could ever ask for.

I don’t know how I did it guys, but I managed to put this thing together all by myself. It’s pretty cool–a jewelry and cosmetic organizer that hangs on your closet door. This is what it looks like opened up. You can close it and lock it and it’s just a long mirror on the front.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love your style, and it seems like you have so many interesting pieces in your closet. I always feel like i have sooo many clothes but none that stand out. How do you organize your clothes? Is your closet like overflowing or do you have some kind of system? Sorry if this is a weird question!

Hi! Not a weird question at all! Thank you for the compliment :,) I felt the same way for a while and purged sooo many things I was holding onto for no reason. I started rebuilding with more solid tops and more interesting bottoms, jackets and shoes.

For me I feel like it’s way easier for me to mix up my outfits and keep them interesting if I have staples too: high waisted Levi’s, fur denim jacket, solid colored sweaters & off the shoulder tops, turtlenecks… Anything that will work layered is always a bonus.
I still feel like I need to work on my staples because sometimes I feel like I have nothing to wear! But that’s when thrift stores are the best thing in the whole world and have so many hidden gems and styles 👍🏻 I’d keep looking at some outfit inspirations and keep those on hand while you’re shopping. I hope this makes sense and helped in some way! Also, I would totally take a photo of my closet if it wasn’t a complete mess. When I move into my new place in 3 months I’ll be sure to take some photos!

1. Cultivate habits of motivation and thankfulness. Perhaps a gratitude journal or a vision wall.
2. Plan. Meshing your day planner and tech planner, like google calendar. I like my tech calendar for inputting dates, and events. My day planner is a paper journal, I like to brain dump all my little responsibilities, as well as create pages for goals, quotes, and motivation.
3. Speaking of planning, create a “what I can do.” I heard of this habit from a tim ferris podcast. Usually the more professional a person is, the more specific they can be with their time. The podcast suggest batching specific times for meetings, can you have meeting before 10, after 8, are sundays available for you, etc.
4. Keep or swipe. Clean out your bag and organize your desk, closet, and bathroom weekly. What items can you give away to a godwill? What items can you move to a better location.
5. Ask my blogger friend organized charm says, create an assignment planner. Write down all your responsibilities (projects, family, religion) and academic assignments, on with a word or excel sheet next to the due date. Great for responsibilities with a SET DUE DATE. Aggressive action sets you apart.
6. Define your personal freedom. When do you feel most whole and how can you fit that release into your current schedule.
7. A book a day, keeps the mind young! Now I understand we are all not, Tai lopez, but take a reading and thinking trip! Create a reading list. Once or twice a month, just read and focus. So often reading can help us focus. Build focus thought! I also like to type my notes in evernote!
8. Ask yourself some life questions.
- What would you want people to say and to be remembered for, at your funeral?
- You have an hour to live, and you have one page of advice and reflection to give your mentees, followers, friends, and family, that you have learned from life?
- What things in life do you not want to comprise on? What rituals can you add in your life to improve your life?
- How are you loving yourself? What inputs are you feeding into your mouth through food, ad well as your eyes and ears.
- In ways do you procrastinate? How can you strengthen the incentives and rewards?
- How are you spending money? How your spend your treasures displays your value.
- Come up with a list of identifying strengths, aptitude, and natural strengths? What feedback does the world give you about your strengths and weakness? Think of life as personal seasons, winter look for feedback and natural strengths, then spring experiment and try strategies, then summer put in the work, and then the fall is harvest!
- Freud, said “love and war are the cornerstones of humanness”. Think hard and long about your professional goal. Do you believe your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time?

Weekly challenge 3/13-3/19:

It’s project week! Do you have a project you’ve been putting off? Organizing the garage? Tackling your closet? Finally reorganizing the pantry? This is your week to do it. This week, spend at least 20 minutes a day on your big project. It might not be completely done at the end, but you’ll have a week’s worth of progress to celebrate.
What’s your project for the week? Or, if you’ve already started on your project, report back in once you’ve done your 20 minutes.

If you’re anything like us, Sundays are productive days! Today, we challenge you to get your #closet #organized. We hope this will serve as your inspiration! If you’re needing adorable baskets and boxes to clear the clutter, click the link in our profile. #Sundaymotivation #organization #storage #Kirklands by kirklands

If you want to get over him, delete his snapchat, even though you check his story all the time. Don’t respond to him every time he texts you, he’s bored and you know it. No matter how hard it is, don’t make him the first person you tell important things, that’s what friends are for. If you feel like calling him, go for a run, read a book, organize your closet, binge watch Netflix, keep you mind off of it. You shouldn’t be waiting for someone who isn’t coming. People like him aren’t meant to love people like you. That doesn’t change what you all were but it should change who you are going forward. You meet people for a lot of reasons, and some people will hurt you. But it’s your choice to stay hurt, to keep responding, and to keep holding on. I know it’s hard to hear but if he hurt you he doesn’t care about you as much as you think he does. Your happiness is your responsibility and no one else’s. It might take a day it might take a year, but don’t let someone who treats you like shit consume you. You’re worth so much more than that.
—  My Mom
Back To School Tips!

1. Start to revise! Read through your notes from the last term. If you’ve got trouble getting started, my tips is to start with the subject you like the most.

2. Clean your desk! Clean your desk and organize your drawers. Start fresh!

3. Make a study playlist! I prefer to listen to instrumental music while studying. For music tips click here

4. Back to school shopping! Go shopping for school supplies. You don’t need to spend a fortune(Save your money until it’s time to buy books…) but maybe a new calendar and some pens?

5. Organize your closet! Make sure that all your school clothes are clean, if something needs to be ironed etc.

6. Try to make a habit out of always picking out what to wear to school the night before. It will save you time in the morning.

7. Also try to always pack your bag the night before!

8. School can be very stressful. Make sure that you get some time to relax every know and then. Your mental health is important! :)

friendly reminder that ocd and meticulous attention to detail/a knack for organization are not the same thing
you are not “so ocd” because you organize your closet by color or keep your books in perfect alphabetical order

I will not speak for anyone else who does have ocd bc it is different for everyone but for me, I have obsessive compulsive disorder and that is exemplified by my inability to stop obsessing over certain irrelevant negative thoughts and the mind-numbing physically painful anxiety that appears if I don’t perform certain rituals that severely interfere with my life in a negative way

ocd is a very real and sometimes very serious and uncomfortable disorder and it’s not something that you want to control your life and I hope that none of you ever get taken over by it like I did.

If you’re having a bad day, or you can’t get your mind off of someone or something, clean your entire room. Wash your sheets, sweep, vacuum, dust, do your laundry, organize everything. Go through your closet or dresser and sort through your old clothes, put it in a bag for donation. Open your windows, turn on a fan, light a candle. You’ll probably feel accomplished and it keeps your mind occupied for a while. It’s amazing how refreshing all of it is

Sugar Blogging

Few things:

1. I REEEEALLY want to start back blogging on my sugar experiences but due to the overwhelming amount of girls being outed, I am reluctant. 

2. I have been lurking sugar tumblr for quite some time and I have come to the conclusion that many of the SBs here have done some things that MAY have decreased the  quality of sugar daddies (outside of Brandon Wade). Examples: Being ungrateful and slick with genuine men or being desperate and needy with men that are salts. 

3. The actual “sugar baby” tag is filled with topics and pics that have nothing to do with sugaring; such as what my boyfriend feels about my plastic surgery, how to shave, how to organize your closet or flat out “I’m looking for a sugar daddy” with a picture of a naked woman/man. 

4. Since joining tumblr a lot of girls have came and went. So I’m kinda confused on which “top girls” to follow, besides SugaringEscort, SugarNurseKimmy, Stepford, Honee, etc. Help me. 

5. Who ACTIVELY and SUCCESSFULLY freestyles here??

6. Also, who lives in Houston, Dallas, LA or DC? I’m thinking about moving to any one of those places. Where are you ladies?

Louis comes home to Harry
  • Harry *folding laundry*: Okay! So I've colorized and organized your closet by sleeve length, in brand alphabetical order which was odd since there's only adidas and vans, I've redesigned, purchased materials, and completed our master ensuite renovation, I've stitched this quilt together made entirely of pictures of us, shined every shoe in the house including your scuffed vans, I made a ton of Larry posts on tumblr, four of which reached over 200 notes so my tumblr persona is getting quite serious, I've baked four pies; one apple, one dutch apple, cherry and the last is probably no good since it was an eclectic mix of leftover fruit in the kitchen, and I've written two 100,000 word Larry fics! I'm ready to go back to work!
  • Louis *rubbing forehead*: Harold, it's been five days since the tour ended. Technically our break hasn't even started yet.....?
Weekly challenge 4/26-5/2

It’s project week! Do you have a project you’ve been putting off? Organizing the garage? Tackling your closet? Finally reorganizing the pantry? This is your week to do it. Each day this week, spend at least 20 minutes on your big project. It might not be completely done at the end, but you’ll have a week’s worth of progress to celebrate.