organizing like a boss

am i the only one who thinks this…?

That, Black Hat is LITERALLY like Grunkle Stan? i mean like, sure. the whole team are all equal and they’re Frenemies (kinda). and they’re like an organization “who’s boss, and who’s their minion” kinda theme…

but like, i have that sense of feeling where black hat is ‘secretly’ taking of em (even though they may seem totured LOL) but i dunno. i have that sense of feeling that black hat have that father figure y’know?

i literally can’t see em in a relationship w/ somebody or w/ each other.

they’re just… a one big Derpy Evil Happy Family

just pouring out some thoughts.

What if Donato isn’t the Clowns’ boss?

Wait, hear me out :) I know it sounds crazy when we all basically admitted he was with ch84 and 98…

…and he is extremely strong and clever, but technically no one ever said “Donato is the boss” and neither did he, so I’m just wondering about the possibilities that he is admitting to being “the boss” when he might in fact not be at all (he was always called “crown” not the boss and Uta referred to a “boss” in ch31.5).

 As for why I’m wondering about this, well, we now know that the one who caught Donato was Urie’s dad…

And seeing as Urie’s dad was killed by Eto…

that means Donato’s capture was at least 13 years ago if not even before.
However (and this is why my crack theory starts) the Clowns’ annihilation was…

  • 7 years ago at the end of TG
  • 10 years ago at the beginning of :Re
  • so basically 11 years to 12 years ago as of the current arc

And Donato went to prison for basically 14 years, which means that if he’s the Clowns’ boss, he was captured way before the annihilation happened + as he said to Urie…

He was running the orphanage at this time and it was “a life of peace/tranquility” which means that…

…I don’t see how a life of peace or tranquility running that orphanage (aka enjoying playing family with Amon) is supposed to also fit with the Clowns’ gang becoming more and more powerful (probably by fighting and gaining more members). 
So this is just bugging me because, even if the Clowns’ gang doesn’t have such a real hierarchy and its members work solo most of the time, then why would “the boss” be a guy who was apparently maybe not so involved with the gang (since he was busy with running peacefully that orphanage) as they were becoming more powerful?

For all I know it’s a plot hole because Ishida-sensei got messed up in his timeline or maybe Donato was being the boss as a part time job, but… meh, I feel something is off, even more because Donato was basically freed 1 month ago and yet the plan with Furuta launched off before he was even freed.

I know, I know, Donato was probably somehow getting intel even when in Cochlea (one way or another, or maybe even thanks to Furuta was had met with the Clowns) and besides, Nico, Uta and Itori were free doing their own things all these years, so Furuta’s plan could have been discussed while Donato remained in Cochlea but still, the timeline is bugging me…

The Clowns are an odd group, each member more used to doing things their own way instead of working together…

…So if we say the boss is Donato, that means that the Clowns managed to stay one of the most powerful organizations of the story with their boss-like figure only half into it the whole time + in prison for the last 14 years, but still somehow getting intel and planning things out carefully for when it would be time to counterattack.

Which means again that either it is a timeline mistake from Ishida’s part, or the CCG were beyond stupid when it comes to underestimating Donato and the Clowns. 

The whole Clowns’ annihilation is bullshit in the first place though, and I’m wondering if Ishida intends on explaining what exactly went wrong because the CCG saw this as a great victory (thanks to Houji, Arima, Hirako and a few others) and yet they’re still kicking it and powerful so I hope someone (Juuzou?) will bring up the fact that something apparently went wrong 12 years ago. 

Lastly, seeing as I don’t think the Clowns might stay Furuta’s buddies until the end, them making Furuta believe that Donato is the boss when he’s not would be a good prank to play on him.
As for who the boss would be if it’s not Donato, well: 

  • it has to be someone who was around at the time of the Clowns’ annihilation, 
  • it has to be someone who’s still alive
  • it has to be one of the reasons the Clowns managed to stay a strong group even when at a disadvantage after the annihilation
  • it could be someone who, like Furuta (or Yoshitoki before him) currently directing his people from a control room, is generally not seen fighting alongside the others.

And… well, we do have that one Clown who went missing ever since the beginning of :Re and whose existence is not even suspected by the CCG (see the panel of ch26 above). Besides, I made a list long ago of arguments as to why she could be seen as the boss, maybe.

Please keep in mind that it’s obviously a crack theory because Donato still is likely to be the boss but I am currently struggling with a small timeline issue that might or not get explained next chapter (since it seems Donato might start reminiscing), so I guess we’ll see next week whether this crack theory actually has some more basis or not.

After all, for all I know maybe Donato was initially the boss, then he got busy with the orphanage so he left the other Clowns on their own, but now that he’s free again and still angry at his peaceful life being taken away from him, he’s back into the gang and assuming the boss role again.  
I really can’t be sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts :)    

Send a pairing with my muse in it and I will answer:

Who eats the least healthy-
Which one exercises more-
Which one stresses out the most-
Which one organizes the fridge like a boss-
Who cannot sit still for a moment and who is always drained-
Who must leave the house every day and who never wants to leave-
Who obsesses over hygiene-
Who wakes up earlier-

rivaereri secret santa

for @liieyn​ - I am your secret santa for the mutuals rivaereri ss!

“Present? For me, sir? But it’s your birthday!”

“I wanted to get something for my favorite maid.”

“But I’m you’re only maid, sir.”

I haven’t decided what’s in the box. A ring? A hamster? Who knows.

The REAL Difference Between Dogs and Cats

OK, here we go,  the age old argument… “dogs are intelligent and loyal and cats are aloof, independent and uncaring."  But is it true?

Not so much.

What it really comes down to is prey size and difficulty. 

Dogs, like humans, are pack animals who have to work together and cooperate to survive.  They have a hierarchical structure among the pack to keep it organized and working, just like us.  There’s a boss, and cooperation among the pack or it wouldn’t hold together.  Their own size, number and location demand larger prey.  A wild dog or wolf couldn’t possibly take down a buffalo or wildebeest alone, so working as a unit is essential to their survival. 

This is where man and dog first came together, hunting the same prey in the same place, and it didn’t take long before they both recognized the others abilities and slowly but naturally started working together toward the same end.  They already had language in common - if we do this together we all eat, but someone has to be in charge both to organize the hunt and make sure the catch is divided correctly.

Cats, on the other hand, have always been lone hunters.  Their prey is much smaller, abundant, and suited to both their needs and size.  They can do it alone.  The concept of someone in charge, or working together just doesn’t make sense.  One mouse isn’t enough for two, and they don’t need help to get it.  So, while they can be social, like to be together and occasionally even show dominance, that thing that’s deep within the dog’s DNA that tells them to work together and follow a leader just doesn’t exist in cats.  No need.  No language of cooperation ever developed because it wasn’t necessary.  In fact, grouping up on a mouse would only leave less food for each.  To them, "come here” is more likely to mean “come here so I can steal your dinner.”

Cats and humans came together because humans started to store grain, which brought mice and rats into their homes, which brought the cats, and their very independence was a part of what made them welcome.  They took care of the pests without supervision.  Perfect, they can stay.

The exception that proves the rule in this case is lions.  They hunt prey much larger than themselves due to availability, and their own size.  Because of this they live in pack-like “prides’ with one boss and cooperate in the hunt.

"Cats understand us, but just don’t care"  is misleading, if not just plain wrong.  While they have the ability to understand some of the things we try to communicate to them, and can even be taught tricks, they just don’t posses the language to make sense of "come here” or “sit."  It’s like the old Gary Larson cartoon "what dogs hear." 

External image

  © Gary Larson

Cats don’t actually meow to each other that much, but rely on body language to communicate amongst themselves, and it’s been observed that cats will vocalize to a human much more when that human doesn’t understands it’s body language.  Now who’s not listening?

I think that this is what’s lead to the misconception that cats understand but don’t care… they do communicate in a pretty complex way, display far more vocalizations than dogs do.  It’s just that "come” and “sit” don’t occur in their language, or even their DNA, so they react as we would when listening to an unknown language - in one ear and out the other.  It’s in their DNA, as much a part of their need to survive as a dog’s seeming over-interest in commands - or what we call “loyalty.”

Any cat owner will tell you from years of observation that cats are no less loyal, loving or intelligent.  The fact that they don’t jump when called is a part of who and what they are, but not because they don’t care.  Not one bit.


  © 2014, KittehKats

cartoon  © Gary Larson

♡ 1 9 2 0 S  S L A N G  G U I D E

While I’ve seen tons of diversity cropping up in the tags for plots, what I haven’t seen a real diversity in is time periods. The most average rp about secrets could easily be spiced up by throwing it into a time such as the 20s when there was political fear, mobs, prohibition, and an impending stock market crash. With this guide, hopefully we’ll see some more time based rps crop up.

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10 Reasons Eowyn is Awesome (aside from "No living man am I!" *kills the Witch King*)
  1. Does her best to care for Theoden and for the people of Rohan during Theoden’s deep depression, even while Wormtongue was stalking her and she felt caged in and miserable because people (including her family!) wouldn’t let her fight for her kingdom   
  2. Theoden tells her “The time for fear is past” after Gandalf cures him. She gives him a Look: “Grave and thoughtful was her glance, as she looked on the king with cool pity in her eyes.” Obvs she is happy Theoden is cured but understands that “haha, no, there is going to be so much time for fear in the future.” (And there is.)  
  3. Glowingly nominated by Hama to rule the people of Rohan in Theoden’s place. “She is fearless and high-hearted. All love her. Let her be as lord to the Eorlingas, while we are gone.” You can tell Eomer wasn’t the only one picking up Theoden’s slack while he was depressed.   
  4. Tries her best to talk Aragorn out of what she believes to be suicide via Paths of the Dead. I love this because she’s in love with him but she still calls him out on being, to the best of her knowledge, fatally crazy for choosing that option.
  5. Says Aragorn should let her go with him if the Paths aren’t going to kill them like he says, then calls Aragorn out on his sexism when he refuses to let her go into battle at his side: “All your words are but to say: you are a woman, and your part is in the house. But when the men have died in battle and honour, you have leave to be burned in the house, for the men will need it no more.”
  6. “I beg thee!” She’s not too proud to beg Aragorn for the chance to join him on the Paths of the Dead. That’s saying a lot about her drive when you consider the pride of the Rohirrim in general and the “stern” character of Eowyn in particular.
  7. Organizes the shit out of the mustering of the Rohirrim, commanding the men left behind and convincing a bunch of stubborn-ass men of Rohan to get their asses out of the fields and into the army since yesterday: “It was a weary road for the people to take, torn suddenly from their homes. There were hard words, for it is long since war has driven us from the green fields; but there have been no evil deeds. All is now ordered, as you see.”
  8. Arms Merry to the best of her ability and has clearly been plotting since at least the night of the muster to take him into battle with her: “Yet maybe we shall meet again, you and I.” MAYBE.  
  9. Good crossdresser! Merry doesn’t see through her disguise as “Dunhelm” and apparently no one else does either until she reveals herself.  
  10.  “Lithe and well-knit in frame.” A+ muscular shield-maiden who can wield a sword and ride her horse like a boss; not only can she organize an army, but she is FIT ENOUGH TO CHOP A NAZGUL MOUNT’S HEAD OFF IN ONE BLOW.
  11. Who am I kidding? Let’s have it again: “No living man am I! You look upon a woman. Eowyn I am, Eomund’s daughter. … Then tottering, struggling up, with her last strength she drove her sword between crown and mantle, as the great shoulders bowed before her.” AWWW YEAH. WHO KILLED SAURON’S TOP LIEUTENANT, THE ONE THAT MADE EVEN GANDALF FREAK OUT ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE STAND AGAINST HIM? THIS LADY. EOWYN, THAT WOMAN ARAGORN THOUGHT SHOULD STAY AT HOME AND MIND THE HOUSE. AND ALSO MERRY, THAT HOBBIT WHO THEODEN THOUGHT SHOULD STAY AT HOME AND MIND EOWYN, HELPED HER. HELL. YEAH. KING-DEFYING ROLE MODELS GETTING SHIT DONE.
  12. but yeah if you think Eowyn is only awesome bc she killed the Witch King (LIKE A BOSS) then you need to read this list and educate yourself bc she is SO COMPETENT IN SO MANY OTHER WAYS.     

anonymous asked:

So there's not gonna be a baby bump? Or will it be where the soul is?

Yes, that’s what Corsiva said. XD So nupe, no baby bump. Don’t really see that at preggy monsters, to be honest.

Try imagine the soul having more than just a single function. 

Yeah, multitasks. Magic!!!

We, humans, have individual organs, but not for monsters. The soul is like BOSS and has everything in only one place. Again, magic!!!