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Aliens reacting to someone with braces? Thanks!

The human problem was growing bigger at an alarming pace. Back when they first started travelling through space, most had viewed their efforts as cute. Some had even cheered them on from afar. Of course, that was before they realised what kind of creatures humans really are and what kind of planet they originate on. Before they knew what humans did for fun.

The humans as a whole hadn’t attacked yet, but it was only a matter of time before they gathered their forces. The Ktynarian species had to be prepared.

As a result, they had commandeered a human craft, and with eight Ktynarians to every human, they’d managed to gain control of the vessel and the horrible creatures within.

Unfortunately it was common knowledge that getting a fully grown human to talk was a near impossible feat. Fortunately, there were several younglings on the ship. The majority were younglings actually, which was a surprise. Upon further investigation it was revealed the ship was operated by a training facility of the category ‘school’.

After separating the humans into smaller groups to minimise the risks of organised resistance, Commander Yldrik picked one of the medium sized younglings to interrogate – having heard that the bigger posed a threat in size, but that the smallest were often quick and nimble

Yes, the medium sized one were surely the easiest to make a first attempt on. And if that failed, they still had a plethora of other humans to interrogate. One of them would surely give them some useful information.

Some of the humans were secreting some sort of fluid from their optical organs, some making noises the Ktynarians couldn’t identify, but instructing them to be quiet seemed to just make them more intent on making the noises. Deciding it would be best to leave xir soldiers to deal with it, Commander Yldrik turned xir focus to the youngling xe had selected.

“What is your objective,” xe asked. Getting straight to the point had seemed like the best method, but the human didn’t seem to comprehend.


“What is your objective? What are you here to accomplish?” xe repeated, seemingly surprising the human. Perhaps they hadn’t expected to be confronted, or for the Ktynarians to be suspicious of them. Clearly the humans had underestimated them.

“Well, I mean, a B would be great, but I’d settle for a C too,” the human responded, something in their mouth gleaming slightly. Under different circumstances Yldrik would have paid it more attention, but xe was preoccupied deciphering what the human had said.

A bee was a creature from the humans’ home planet, and apparently vital to their ecosystem. A sea however, was a large body of a particular kind of water, and their planet seemed to be largely consisting of it. Why would they possibly want more of it?


“It’s not my best subject,” they said, elevating an upper part of their anatomy. Yldrik knew xe had been informed of the meaning behind the movement, but xe had finally noticed something different about the human’s teeth. Something worrying.

“Bare your teeth.” The human seemed surprised by the order, but complied after a brief hesitation.

The sight that met xem was terrifying, even for someone with as much experience as Yldrik.

“W-what are those?”

The human looked perplexed at first, but seemed to understand what xe was referring to fairly quickly.

“You mean my braces?” the human asked before baring their teeth further. A grin. At least that was what xe thought the action was named by the humans. “It’s just metal. You see, my mouth had too many teeth in it, so they got a bit out of order. Crooked and all, you know? So when I was about thirteen my parents took me to a dentist who basically attached metal to them to force them to stay in place. Cool, huh?”

The tone in which the human spoke did no justice to the horrors that laid in their words. They spoke as if they didn’t realise how terrifying this information was – no, come to think about it, they spoke as if they enjoyed the horrors they’d clearly been put through.

“And this was necessary for your survival?” xe asked, seeing no other reasonable explanation.

“No, no it’s just because it looks better,” the human said, repeating the elevation of an upper part of their anatomy. They did something else too, with an appendage of theirs, but Yldrik was done paying attention.

In record time, every single Ktynarian had vacated the ship, control of which had been returned to the humans. Fortunately their ship had a far higher maximum speed than the humans.

Their only chance at survival would clearly be to stay as far away from the humans as possible. If they attacked, the Ktynarians would have no other option than to flee. A species willing to do things like that to their own young – for aesthetic reasons no less – was not a species one wanted to go to war against.

I’ve just recently thought of a way to explain what I personally don’t like about being touched (and it can also apply to other things like noises).

So, let’s represent me going about my life by me scrolling through the internet, clicking on things I want to click on, opening and closing tabs, and just doing my thing. If someone touches me unexpectedly, it’s like a sudden pop-up window appearing, blocking part of the page. “Someone/something is touching you!” Then I have to stop and notice that, and close the window, and it takes me out of what I’m actually trying to do. If I’m trying to be completely accurate, the distraction isn’t the whole problem - it also just feels slightly uncomfortable - so imagine the ad is one I don’t really like. Anyway, I’m sure most of you are familiar with pop-ups and how annoying they can be.

This analogy also explains why I don’t mind touch if I’ve agreed to it or decided to do it myself. That would be like me opening the pop-up window on purpose, which isn’t annoying and distracting, and of course I’m only going to open things I actually want to look at.

It also describes my dislike of certain noises, because the same principle of ‘sudden annoying distraction’ applies. I have to stop and notice that before I can get on with whatever I’m doing.

And of course, if loads of these pop-ups keep opening at once, it’s going to crash my browser. (i.e. sensory overload.)

I wonder if anyone else experiences this the same sort of way, especially other autistic people.


(Musical Advent Calendar) Strafe - Set It Off, 1984

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Thoughts: klance sleeping habits?? I cannot decide. Like., does lance like beauty sleep? Or is he a morning guy and take time to do his facial routine. And then keith! He seems like a gremlin that does not sleep but also cannot wakeup. But does that play into the emo stereotype.?? Does lance get more hyper if he doesn't sleep?? Or is so hyper that he's the last one to go to bed and the first one to wake up? and then keith again. can he fall asleep easily and anywhere? give me your opinions pls

Oh I got this xD

So lance does in fact need his beauty sleep, like if this boy does not get 8hrs he is grumpy af. Idk how this plays into them fighting the galra but, he will get the sleep where he can get it.

He does his facial routine at night and sleeps with a face mask every other night. If you do those too much it can actual hurt your skin and lance does it so he can keep his face moisturized, since there’s like no moisture in space.

And granted that he does get his 8hrs of sleep, lance is pretty chipper in the mornings, greeting everyone and being the little ball of sunshine in the middle of space. Allura and coran are morning people too. So is shiro.

The people who aren’t morning people are hunk, pidge and keith. Pidge and Keith are the freaking worst. Monsters I tell you. I’m pretty sure they lived off caffeine when they were on earth and nevermind their sleep schedules, they’re shot.

But this is about klance so back to them~

So Keith has the hardest time falling asleep. Not that he doesn’t want to sleep, he does but he just cant. Like out in the deseet, you could hear the wind, the freak of the house, what little animals were out there. He could hear it. But in the castle it’s silent. And that just drives him insane. So he wanders and it’s one time when lance is just having a hard time sleeping that he finds Keith wandering and they talk it out. Lance takes sleep seriously so he drags Keith back to his room and forces the boy to sleep. Keith is out like a light and it’s like he just needed some organic noise to put him to sleep, and lance’s breatheling and sleep mumbles do the trick.

And now they have the habit of spending the night together that way they both get the rest they need.

And eventually they done just restrict it to their rooms, it happens in the living room, they collapse on the couch and lean against each other, and boom, they’re gone. (Pidge and hunk take pics for proof of them actually getting along)

Keith also is like selective mute too, so in the mornings he doesn’t talk until he’s had food. Since there’s no coffee in space (yet, hunks working on it) he just doesn’t say anything, just grunts in acknowledgement.

Coran and allura were confused at first because the fact that there are people who don’t like the mornings was foreign to them. Lance and hunk had to explain that’s why pidge and Keith are grumpy. (They still don’t quite get it bit they accept it)

The first night home following the creeping shadow incident is troubling. Lockwood finds that, with everything they’d discovered—and, more importantly, everything he and Lucy had experienced—he is completely unable to sleep. His head is full of half-finished ideas and memories he doesn’t know how to process. Theories about what Rotwell had been up to clash with feelings that he has no outlet for, and the end result is a spectacular mess of thought and emotion that demands his complete attention.

He sits awake for what feels like hours, trying to organize the noise into something manageable. Mostly he just feels like he’s drowning.

When he does surface from his self-made sea of chaos, it’s because someone has stepped on that squeaky floorboard at the bottom of the stairs. Lockwood is still long enough to comprehend what he’s heard before he’s throwing himself out of bed, his stomach twisting in irrational panic.

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