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We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women 1965–85

Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art @ the Brooklyn Museum

Focusing on the work of black women artists, We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85 examines the political, social, cultural, and aesthetic priorities of women of color during the emergence of second-wave feminism. It is the first exhibition to highlight the voices and experiences of women of color—distinct from the primarily white, middle-class mainstream feminist movement—in order to reorient conversations around race, feminism, political action, art production, and art history in this significant historical period.

Presenting a diverse group of artists and activists who lived and worked at the intersections of avant-garde art worlds, radical political movements, and profound social change, the exhibition features a wide array of work, including conceptual, performance, film, and video art, as well as photography, painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85 is organized by Catherine Morris, Sackler Family Senior Curator for the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, and Rujeko Hockley, former Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Museum.

Parrlyn Miraculous Ladybug AU Part 3

After writing these I have such a new found appreciation for the Miraculous team for their creativity when it comes to their one off villains names and powers and how Ladybug stops them (its hard). But anyway here’s Part 3:

  • Anne sneaks out of the palace (again) and tries to find Catherine again
  • Cathy is helping Catherine organize the bookshop before it opens. Aragon is waiting for a new shipment of new limited edition books for a book signing happening in the next two days
  • Cathy is excited since the person coming is her favorite author but the book signing is during an important test so she can’t make it
  • After exploring what feels like every flower shop in London, Anne comes across See More Daisies. When she walks towards the shop she passes Heavenly Reads and catches a glimpse of Cathy through the window
  • Catherine Parr!
  • Anne??
  • I’ve been bloody looking for you all morning! Do you know how many flower shops there are in London?? A LOT!!!
  • ANNE STARTS WEARING HER HAIR IN SPACE BUNS SINCE THEY REMIND HER OF CAT BLANCHE’S CAT EARS!! (I forgot to mention that her hair was just down previously in the other parts…my bad)
  • Anne is still a flirt but is constantly shut down/thrown off by Cathy’s responses (Cathy either a) bounces the flirting attempts right back at Anne or b) acts completely not interested)
  • Anne is even more blushy/smitten than before (she likes that Catherine doesn’t fall all over her)
  • Anne and Aragon DO NOT get along
  • Catherine Parr get her out of my shop before I beat her with one of these heavy dictionaries.
  • All I asked was if you carried 50 Shades Darker here!
  • Anne doesn’t actually read those, she just wanted to piss off Aragon
  • Anne begs Cathy to let her join her and go with her to university, Cathy agrees
  • She goes to classes with Cathy and reconnects with her cousin Katherine and is introduced to Anna
  • Anne, remember me? My name is Katherine Howard, we’re cousins…You probably don’t since it’s been so long-
  • Of course I remember you! How’ve you been Kitty?
  • Anne does amazing in class
  • Sure she is cracking jokes at every moment but she does manage to tell off this dumb sexist guy off with straight up facts and logic to the point where he sits down and doesn’t speak for the rest of the class
  • To say that Cathy and the rest aren’t impressed would be a straight up lie
  • Anne admits to Catherine how she had always been stuck going to uptight private schools or home schooled. And currently she isn’t even allowed to attend university
  • Catherine agrees to help Anne find a way to convince her father/managers to allow her finish/attend school
  • Back with Aragon, the books that were supposed to be delivered that day were mixed up at the post office/shipping place and they won’t be able to get there until the next week. This will ruin the book signing and frustrates Catherine to no end.
  • Hawkmoth akumatized Aragon and turns her into the ‘Book Keeper’ (wow these names are getting even worse!). She can suck people up into her books and when she writes/reads from them whatever she says happens. The akuma is in her book
  • Cathy, Anne, Kat and Anna are at lunch when they see Book Keeper
  • Uhh, sorry guys I got to, go to a….an interview! Yeah, an interview! I completely forgot it…bye!
  • Ohh, uh look at that Aragon is calling me. I got to take this!
  • Book Keeper gets to the post office and is causing damage by the time Ladybug and Cat Blanche show up
  • Ladybug and Cat Blanche get their butts kicked in the beginning but they manage to take her out by using a bucket of paint (lucky charm) and spilling it on the book so she can’t read it or trap others (it was actually Anne’s idea)
  • After they free Aragon from the akuma everything goes back to normal
  • A worker at the post office runs up to Aragon and tells her that they managed to find her order of books and they can be delivered first thing in the morning right before the book signing
  • Cathy and Anne join back up with Kat and Anna when Anne’s managers find her and begin to berate her
  • “You will not be let out of our sight ever again! Do you hear me Miss Boleyn?”
  • Catherine, who has had enough, confronts Anne’s managers and blasts them for not allowing Ane to make at least some of her own decisions, including attending school
  • Anne is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met in my life! Don’t you see that it’s unfair to her to not allow her to choose what she wants to do? I’ll be there and will make sure she does well. So please let her continue coming to uni. Please.
  • Anne’s manager doesn’t give a response and drags Anne away
  • But not before Anne runs up to Catherine and thanks her for the best day ever
  • School-wise that is.
  • The next day at school Cathy is sitting waiting for class to begin when BAM! Anne sits down next to her. She’s technically not fully enrolled yet and has to wait until next semester to start but since she is a celebrity there letting her attend some classes to try things out
  • I guess you’re my responsibility now Cathy Parr.
  • No one warned Anne about the test in class that day though…
  • Afterwards they run to the bookshop to try and make the signing but it’s over
  • Or maybe not?
  • Aragon and Anne teamed up to get Cathy a signed book (Aragon) and dinner with the author at a fancy restaurant (Anne)
  • It’s a thank you, you know, for helping me. So everybody go get dressed into something presentable, that especially means you Aragon!
  • You just want me to dislike you, don’t you?
  • The dinner is amazing and Catherine and the author get along great. After sampling some of her writing he tells her she could have a real good future as a writer ahead of her if she keeps at it
  • Anne and little Mary definitely play with the sugar packets and seasoning shakers until Aragon yells at them to quit

Okay so the next couple of parts are much darker (well how dark can Miraculous really be?)

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