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I don’t care what yarn you use.  Just don’t be sanctimonious.

So here’s the thing.  There’s a whole lot of different fibers out there to work with.  And there’s a whole lot of reasons why one is the right one for you and another one isn’t.  My point of this one is don’t choose them for the wrong reasons. 

One of the local LYS’s around here is the land of the hipster knitters.  And they infuriate me because they’re filled with so much misinformation.  “Oh I only use acrylics because they’re better for the earth.”  Nope.  Acrylic is made of plastic.  Plastic is made from oil.  Not to mention the massive amount of chemicals used in the processing.  “Oh I only use organically grown cotton yarn.”  Great.  You know that bright color you love?  It only comes from synthetic dyes.  Natural dyes create a muted palate.  So that organically grown cotton is organic no more. 

So going off of, here’s the pros and cons of their fiber types.

Acrylic and Microfiber- Pros- cheap and easy to find.  Cons- high variability of quality, doesn’t breathe, and made of plastic.

Alpaca- Pros- incredibly insanely warm animal fiber. Cons-incredibly insanely warm animal fiber.

Angora- Pros- super soft, super warm, animal fiber.  Cons- animal fiber from bunnies that’s on the high cost end.

Bamboo- Pros- Silk like feel and sheen without the silk like price.  Cons- heavy chemical processing to get from bamboo to a fiber.

Cashmere- Pros- super soft, super warm, animal fiber.  Cons- animal fiber, super high cost.

Cotton- Pros- perfect for warm weather knitting, highly breathable.  Cons- pesticides, chemical processing.

Linen, Hemp, and Flax- Pros- all perfect for warm weather knitting, very highly breathable.  Cons- heavy chemical processing to turn plant into fiber or cost prohibitive if hand processed.

Mohair- Pros- Takes dye like a dream, super warm animal fiber.  Cons- animal fiber on the expensive side.

Nylon and Polymamide- Pros- cheap, easy to find, and durable.  Cons- more plastic that doesn’t breathe.

Polyester- Pros- um…. it will outlast the landfills.  Cons- come on…. leisure suits.  Plastic.  Eww.

Rayon, Modal, and Viscose- Pros- pretty cheap.  Made of tree cellulose.  Pros- very heavy chemical processing.

Silk- Pros- AMAZING.  Cons- EXPENSIVE.

Tencel- Pros- Made of trees.  Pretty inexpensive.  Cons- Heavy chemical processing. 

Wool- Pros- warm, breathable, animal fiber.  Cons- warm animal fiber.

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HOW OLD ARE YOU? I’ll be 38 in July

CURRENT JOB / DREAM JOB? Stay at home mom who occasionally does sewing/crochet commissions. Dream job? Honestly, pretty happy with what I’m doing right now. So like this without having to pay off student loans?

WHAT ARE YOU TALENTED AT? Writing, I’ve come to accept I’m pretty decent at this writing thing. Also crochet, really damn good at that.

WHAT IS A BIG GOAL YOU ARE WORKING TOWARDS (OR HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED)? Finishing the quilt i am making for my parents, finishing all my wips

WHAT ARE YOUR AESTHETICS? organized clutter, towers of books, yarn organized by colour

DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING? funko pops and tsum tsum, books.

WHAT IS A TOPIC YOU ARE ALWAYS UP FOR TALKING ABOUT? Books, movies, fandom stuff, yarn.

WHAT’S A PET PEEVE OF YOURS? People who are assholes about grammar. Like the ones who complain about the use of literally, or nitpick at people. Just is incredibly petty and annoying.

GOOD ADVICE TO GIVE? Every once in a while you have to tell everyone to just fuck off and leave you alone for an hour. Be as kind to yourself as you are to your best friend. Avoid jager bombs. Remember there is good in the world. And when you write slash fic dear god remember the lube.


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Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill

Electric Pow Pow - A Tribe Called Red

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Lies Knitters Tell Themselves

• I’m not going to cast on anything else until I finish my works in progress
• I’ll definitely put in a lifeline every X rows
• That’ll block out
• I’m going to organize my yarn stash/needles/craft room
• Just one more row…