4.2.17 7:05 PM // this week’s bullet journal spread ft. my attempt at a rose-quartz x serenity color scheme. didn’t have access to a working printer so i drew instead (or at least tried to hehe) 📖

The past 24 hours have been a lot to digest for many people of color, so to the folks today who are hurting or confused in the wake of this election, I send warmth and love. You are not alone. What feels like the triumph of hate, greed, and oppression yesterday does not mark the beginning of the end, it marks the beginning of a renewed commitment to the very old struggle for equality and justice.

Malcolm X once noted that people act when they get angry, and so they did. White America, which overwhelming voted for Trump, got angry about Natives resisting theft and genocide, about Latinos reclaiming the border, about Black people claiming humanity, so they empowered a fascistic demagogue full of hate. For those intimately aware of U.S. history, this was less shock and more reopening of old wounds.

But for those of us in pursuit of a brighter world, we should never forget that we have our own anger, our own resilience, and we are full of hope still. It is time we mobilized it. There is an old saying in activist circles who have long fought for the end of oppression: “Don’t mourn, organize.” It is imperative that from young to old, across all racialized and gendered lines, we do both.

This is for everyone who is asking me how I do my uncluttering sessions.

1. Start with your journal. Write down everything first. Find a place where you can think and have some quality time with yourself.

2. Think of specific areas you want to include in your uncluttering. Some areas on my list are: food, music, gadgets, books, plans, journals and blogs, finance, exercise, etc.

Food - what to eat and what not to eat. go healthy! ( I do juice fasting/cleansing sometimes)

Music - songs I want to learn, pieces I need to play

Gadgets - I organize files on my gadgets every month and I also customize themes

Books - reading list and study goals

Plans - plans for the month, monthly goals, weekly goals

Journals and Blogs -  organizing my journaling stuffs, updating my blogs

Finance - budget, savings, organizing my wallet

Exercise - regular exercise schedule

3. Unclutter your thoughts too. Write down all your million-dollar ideas before you forget about them. Remove all non-sense and dwell on happy thoughts and positive things. Stop worrying!

4. Get rid of all stuffs you’re not using anymore. Send them out for donations or throw them in the trash.

5. Tidy up your room and your desk. I do this on a daily basis. Nothing feels better than a clean and fresh room atmosphere.

6. Unclutter by prioritizing. First things first. Leave the internet alone and do your school work.

7.Practice minimalism.

I hope this has been helpful. Remember that uncluttering is personal. You can always do it in your own way.  


28/9/16 2:46 PM // This week’s bullet journal spread + some minor details. (This picture was taken on Monday, hence all the unchecked boxes.) Term break but actually busier than normal school days. I just came back from a three-day trip to Bandung and I’m currently studying for the general SAT tests this Saturday (wish me luck!). Super nervous because it’ll be my first time doing it and the reading and essay content is quite different from what I’m used to. Oh, and if any of you know any tips for the SAT, please tell me, I’d really appreciate it :)

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So what do we do? Where do we go? How do we stop the inevitable rise of a new American fascism and how do we survive these times? Americans must divest from empire. They must refuse to be complicit with atrocities committed in their name. They must reclaim their humanity and understand that their fate is tied to the fate of the rest of life on Earth. Americans must reject the parasitic relationship they have developed with the rest of humanity and they must join the growing revolutionary anti-imperialist movement while organizing to resist the empire’s interventions abroad. Americans must struggle in solidarity with the global south and the colonized people of this land to overthrow this empire, destroy capitalism, and with it racism and white supremacy. They must stand on the side of the coming global revolution.

20/8/16 1:15 PM // writing essays and bullet journaling at starbucks while waiting for my music theory lesson to start. just did an SAT practice test. will go to a friend’s house this evening to work on a project for a school event. p.s. will answer asks soon 😁

9/10/16 1:37 PM // Second half of this week’s bullet journal spread + physics notes on a sunday morning before church 🌿📖 Also managed to finish my statistics homework before I left. Thinking of compiling all my OC’s into one book but I’ve never really planned them outside of my head. Still need to write an essay about a famous Chinese person for my Mandarin lesson. Hope this week treats me well 😁

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“There are a number of reasons why city governments are particularly well-placed to lead resistance to Trumpism. Most obviously, much of the popular opposition to Trump is physically located in cities. With their younger, more ethnically diverse demographics, urban voters swung heavily against Trump… Not only did Clinton win 31 of the nation’s 35 largest cities, but she beat Trump by 59% to 35% in all cities with populations of over 50,000. In most of urban America, then, there are progressive majorities that can be harnessed to challenge Trump’s toxic discourse and policy agenda.

But alternative policies will not be enough to create an effective challenge to Trump; different ways of doing politics will also be needed, and local politics has great potential in this regard. As the level of government closest to the people, municipalities are uniquely able to generate new, citizen-led and participatory models of politics that return a sense of agency and belonging to people’s lives. This new process must have feminism at its heart; it must recognize that the personal and the political are intimately connected, something that is clearer at the local level than at any other. 

It’s for this reason that the municipalist movement need not be limited to the largest cities… Bringing the political conversation back to the local level also has a particular advantage in the current context; the city provides a frame with which to challenge the rise of xenophobic nationalism. Cities are spaces in which we can talk about reclaiming popular sovereignty for a demos other than the nation, where we can reimagine identity and belonging based on participation in civic life rather than the passport we hold.”

– America needs a network of rebel cities to stand up to Trump