I’m back at the summerhouse and trying out a new note taking system. I don’t really have any specific way that I take notes, so I figured that the summer holiday is the time to try out the different methods and see what works. If anyone has some good suggestions, feel free to message me! It will be greatly appreciated!

In this Post you will find some helpful Study Videos on Youtube. Have fun!

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Baby Food Jars
These hanging jars are perfect in your office, kitchen, or bedroom. Use them to organize seasonings, office supplies, craft supplies, or even jewelery. You can use labels to keep them extra organized!

Superglue flat magnets to the lids of empty baby food jars (or similar jars). Next, attach a metal plate or other magnets to the bottom of a shelf. You can then hang the jars from the shelf to keep your supplies organized.

Things to remember this semester:
  1. Don’t bottle your stress up, either vent it all to a close friend or let the tears flow in the shower/bed. Just let go.
  2. Stay organized, either get an app, planner, journal, calendar, use your arm, post it notes, ANYTHING to make sure you remember things.
  3. Always prioritize your needs, that doesn’t mean be a dick about it, but TREAT YO SELF.
  4. Ask for help when you need it: smart friends, tutors, professors, teaching assistants, etc. they’re all there for you.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions, you mess up? Fess up. You do a great job on something? Take credit.
  6. A little procrastination is okay, being mentally exhausted and doing things won’t turn up good work, so take some time but eventually, JUST DO IT!
  7. Quiet, alone time is very important. Whether before bed or in the morning or during the day, have some quiet moments to yourself.
  8. Weed out things you don’t need. Notes from 3 years ago? Throw them. Friends who don’t support you? Throw them. 
  9. Follow blogs that motivate/inspire you. If they make you smile or get an idea going, they’re the blogs to follow! 
  10. Eat fresh fruit and veggies once in a while, they’re good for your body which is under a lot of pressure. 
  11. Hydrate yourself with water! Lot’s and lot’s of water, or at least do tea. 
  13. Doing bad on one exam/paper/quiz/test is okay! Not the end of the world and if you work hard and seek help and extra credit, you will prevail!
  14. Wear confident clothes on test days, whether that’s in high fashion or your favorite hoodie is up to you; feeling good puts you in a better state of mind. 
  15. Don’t let nobody tell you how to live your life, try new things, form your own opinions, and become a better you! 

Since I’ve gotten so many new followers lately, I’ve decided to make a quick masterpost as a small gift :)

I don’t know about you, but I love cute and unique desk accessories, notebooks, pens, etc. to make things more fun! Therefore, I’ve compiled my favorite websites to get stationery and accessories.

Amazon (obvious one): This has such an abundant selection! Plus it usually has really good prices compared to specialty websites. However, I know for me, the huge selection can be extremely overwhelming.

Walmart: Walmart is nice simply because it has really nice prices (always double check amazon, as they may have better deals). It has all the sturdy, but basic brands: post-it, sharpie, five-star, mead, etc. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best deals (usually) then Walmart is definitely the place to go. The downsides are that you may not get the best quality (depending on the brand you get), it definitely isn’t unique, and you won’t find a whole lot of items that are “cute”.

Target: The next step up from Walmart; Target has more cute stationery items and accessories, and is still reasonably priced. Not to mention, they have a huge selection. I love Target! <3

Etsy: What can I say? Most of it is homemade, so it’s unique and you’re supporting small businesses (double win!). Be careful as some things may be overpriced. Unless you really love it, and have the money to spend… you get the picture.

Muji: Muji is a very well-known, popular brand amongst the studyblr community. The selection isn’t the biggest, but if you like the minimalist style, this is the place for you.

kikki.K: Another popular, good quality brand that studyblrs love. They have a decent selection (not so much variety, though), but the price can be a problem for some people. If it is, check out amazon to see if they have better deals.

ban.do: They have really cute stuff! BUT it is a very small selection as far as office supples/accessories go (they’re more known for their agendas), and they can be sort of pricey.

MochiThings: I am super biased when it comes to MochiThings! >_< I am absolutely in LOVE with this website. Most things I plan to get for my return to school in the fall are going to come from this website! So much to choose from as well as a lot of fun, unique pieces. Be careful with prices*!!

Paperchase: Another website I am absolutely in love with! They have tons to choose from that are unique, fun, and cute.

Papersource: They have cute supplies, mostly from other places like Kate Spade and ban.do. Not a very huge selection, but nonetheless some really adorable stuff.

Cotton On: Another place that I’m biased towards. They have an amazing selection as far as variety and quantity goes. Once again, price* may be an issue for some.

Urban Outfitters: I have always loved Urban Outfitters because I always find the coolest stuff, but I definitely think they’re a little pricey when it comes to pretty much everything. I regularly try to find the items elsewhere for lower prices.

ModCloth: A lot like Urban Outfitters. Really awesome, unique items, but a little pricey (in my opinion).

Uncommon Goods: Truly cool and unique desk accessories and supplies, but very pricey*!

This is an extra article where I found a few cool desk accessories. A lot of these are for professionals (like the article says), but the sushi erasers are too cute to pass up! ^_^

Also, I follow @cutestationery because they post a lot of dope stationery and accessories (mostly from Etsy).

*Note* I usually check out the websites with smaller selections first, then google the product (in case it’s available elsewhere) to find the cheapest prices.

I’ll update this as I find other websites, but for now these are my go-to’s.


20/8/16 1:15 PM // writing essays and bullet journaling at starbucks while waiting for my music theory lesson to start. just did an SAT practice test. will go to a friend’s house this evening to work on a project for a school event. p.s. will answer asks soon 😁

Plan your essays with ease! With the end of the semester quickly approaching, essays are abundant and unavoidable. I like to see everything written out on one page when it comes to essay writing. I’ve been doing this method for a while and it’s really helped me see my ideas all in one place. 

If you want to download this free essay planner, click here to go to my dropbox. Be sure to tag #wonderfullifee so I can see all the cool things you do with my planners and free printables! Enjoy! 


Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

#IndigenousPeoplesDay poster by Native artist Jackie Fawn showcasing young Indigenous organizers.

S/O to Remy, Naelyn, MC Rhetorik, Van and all the amazing Indigenous organizers and community members putting in much work for the struggle!

Create. Organize. Celebrate. Build.