Well, when I washed the previously made red dye (what is not fluorescent at all) with some tetrahydrofuran (THF) a highly fluorescent solution was obtained what had a fluorescense almost as intense as fluorescein.

Another interesting thing was, that when I diluted this green fluorescent solution with water, the green color faded and a faint blue fluorescense could be seen under a UV lamp. 

And the third thing what is quite strange, that according to the analysis what was done with this compound, the green fluorescent thing is the same as the red dye at the top of the fritted glass funnel.


Sweet home office. Charming writing desk accented with fresh blue and green storage boxes and other accents. Smart use of everyday items like hooks to the side of the desk to hold extra odds and ends and add additional storage to your own email and bill paying station.

i had to google if that info floating around about the new mass effect being about colonialism was true and since it’s not confirmed yet i rly hope it’s not bc if it is and i buy this game im probably gonna murder my own character and overturn their entire organization bc i rly dont want more hamfisted grey morality about oppression dynamics from bioware pls

51 DIY Storage and Organization Solutions

Finding ways to organize the little things around your home is not always easy. Cords, small kitchen tools or even storing larger objects typically can be difficult depending on the size of your space. But even if you have a decent sized space making things look good and clean can be interesting. Click on over to these 51 DIY Storage and Organization Solutions for all the ideas you need!

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Weekend DIY: Crate Table

We love crates. New or vintage, there are so many different storage uses. Today, we used some wood glue, a staple gun and brads to assemble a side table with a shelf out of two crates. We chose to assemble, then paint, but if we did this again, we’d paint and then assemble. We chose our color of the week - Kiwi Squeeze - for the interior, and Treasure Isle for the outside. It’s a simple and stylish storage solution you can knock out this weekend.

What goes best with a DIY? A themed-out playlist:


The benefits of ugly carrots and failed lemons

Would you eat a “hideous orange” or a “ridiculous potato”?  The produce above may look odd, but tastes just the same. Grocery stores commonly throw away anywhere from 20-40% of their fruits and vegetables simply because of the way they look.

This is just one of the steps in the “farm to fork” process where food is unnecessarily thrown away. In fact the United States wastes almost 40% of food to landfill. If we were to plant trees on the land used for this food waste we would be able to offset over 50% of human-made greenhouse gas emissions.  

The Berkeley Food Institute is trying to find ways for us to reduce our food waste. Today they will hold a forum with students, businesses and organizations to find better solutions to this problem.

You can also read more here about what UC is doing to tackle other issues around food.