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The eyepatch wearing man in tattered clothes turns around. "My name is Glenn Beck and I'm with the Resistance" he says. "While you were in a coma we rescued you and others from a former hospital turned into a Trump Organ Harvesting Center. Comrade Scott Adams gave his life in the operation"

Before the 1970s, most black activism was manifested primarily in peasant and worker struggles for land, respect, jobs, and justice. The discourse and the organizations of such activists centered on the rights of blacks as farmers, rural laborers, and urban workers. Scholar Jhon Antón Sánchez highlights how four individuals played key roles in laying the foundation for explicitly black and Afro-Ecuadorian identification and organization. Saloman Chala Acosta and Alonso Tadeo from the Chota Valley and Nelson Estupiñán Bass and Juan Garcia from Esmeraldas worked as intellectuals, teachers, and activists to emphasize the ethnic and racial dimensions of the discrimination, marginalization, and oppression suffered by Afro-Ecuadorians. These grassroots leaders had more formal education than most blacks but were deeply rooted in the rural struggles of their communities. As blacks migrated in increasingly large numbers to the urban centers of Guayaquil and Quito, the influence of these leaders spread through their children, family members, friends, students, and fellow activists (Antón Sánchez 2009: 60–69, 125–143; Saloman Acosta interview; Juan Carlos interview; Oswaldo Espinoza interview; Jacqueline Pavon interview).

One of the most important examples of black activism in recent Ecuadorian history occurred in Quito in 1979. The Afro-Ecuadorian Studies Center (Centro de Estudios Afroecuatorianos; CEA) was started by black university students frustrated by their isolation at the Universidad Central; the lack of information on black history, culture, society; and the subordinate socioeconomic and political situation of blacks. These students came from various parts of the country and realized that they knew relatively little about other blacks in their own country. Some of the participants at the center later became well-known black activists, including its first president, historian Andrés Jurado; popular scholar Juan Garcia; anthropologist Oscar Chalá; economist Renán Tadeo; cultural worker Luzmilla Bolanos; and politician Victor Junior Leon (Tadeo 1999; Bolanos interview; Antón Sánchez 2007, 237).

The main objectives of the center were to organize blacks, research Afro-Ecuadorian history, and raise consciousness about the unjust circumstances of overwhelming black poverty. The group met every two weeks at their headquarters in Quito. At these meetings, the participants discussed the situation of their home communities, the situation of blacks in Quito, and the situations of the places where they studied. By the early 1980s, the center was a legally recognized group with officers and special work committees. Tadeo argues that the center had the positive effect of improving understanding between blacks from the highlands and the coast. Because they had shared their life, work, and study experiences with each other, members were better able to confront racial discrimination (Tadeo 1999; Bolanos interview).

Founders of the CEA explored the city of Quito, interviewed Afro-Ecuadorian elders, and began to document the experiences and traditions of black people. The group created an archive of interviews and materials and wrote short, accessible essays and pamphlets on Afro-Ecuadorian history and culture. CEA members reached out to black youth, especially high school students, and encouraged them to work to improve their communities and to take their education seriously. Juan Garcia was one of the leaders in recognizing the beauty and originality of Afro-Ecuadorian culture. He later became a respected advocate, scholar, and defender of black cultural manifestations and traditions, including the poetic storytelling art form of la décima (Bolanos interview; Garcia 1988; Sánchez 2002).

Passionate about what they were doing, many CEA members were influenced by socialist and leftist views popular in Ecuador and Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s. These were decades when students, workers, activists, and some armed insurgents were fighting against military dictatorships and authoritarian regimes in South and Central America. But by the mid-1980s, the center began to decline as members returned to their provinces and communities after their university studies. At home, they often formed new organizations that continued the work of the center in new settings (Tadeo 1999; Bolanos interview). Tadeo suggests that the CEA was a seminal experience in the history of black activism in Ecuador. It confirmed the importance of organizing around and affirming black identity and culture.

—  Ollie Johnson, “Black Activism in Ecuador, 1979–2009,“
Comparative Perspectives on Afro-Latin America

Bea Arthur’s wealth will be used to build an LGBTQ youth homeless shelter in NYC

A brand-new homeless shelter serving LGBTQ youth in New York City’s East Village will open early next year — and it’s all thanks to comedian and beloved Golden Girl Bea Arthur. Arthur, who died in 2009, left $300,000 to the Ali Forney Center, an organization that provides support for homeless LGBTQ young people. The center will pay tribute to Arthur in a big way in return.


I’m trying to create a show to perform at a hospital, or for kids with disabilities. I am having trouble finding good trustworthy organizations and medical centers that allow performances for patients. If you know anything, please contact me!

Just a friendly little PSA about mental health.

This list is based on what I have learned from college and personal experience both at work and at home.

1. If severe mental health issues run in your family, you have a genetic predisposition for it.

2. If you know you might develop a mental illness or already have one- stay AWAY from drugs and alcohol. They exacerbate mental health symptoms and heavy drug (including alcohol) use can actually trigger psychosis and other symptoms. 

3. If you suffer from addiction as well as mental illness and want help, seek out dual treatment centers or organizations such as Double Trouble or a similar program.

4. It is okay for a medication to not work. Move on to the next one. 

5.  You do not have to take medications if you don’t want to. Don’t listen to anyone who says you must take your meds. Unless you were forcibly committed, you have the legal right to say no.

6. You are not deviant. There are 2.6 million people with schizophrenia in the USA alone. You are not alone. 

7. There are roughly 40 million people with various personality disorders as well. And 1 in 4 adults has a mental illness.

8. Stress is a huge contributing factor to mental illness. Try to keep your stress levels down. I once met a brilliant woman with two Master’s degrees become psychotic and had to move into my program because she worked 70 hour weeks and refused to rest. Her mind broke. 

9. Self-care is so so so important see point 8.

10. See point 9.

  • Planned Parenthood: We offer breast exams and can give referrals for mammograms and further treatment as a part of our many different services.
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers: We're going to be extremely deceptive and secretive about the services we offer so we can lure in people who are considering abortion and shove lies and misinformation in their faces to see if we can upset them and twist their views until we trick them into choosing what we want!
  • Pro-lifers: Crisis Pregnancy Centers are such wonderful organizations that exist only to do good and help people :)

okay if somewhere has a differing viewpoint on this feel free to share it, but i feel like in discussion of reproductive rights the phrase “no uterus, no opinion” shouldnt be as.. condemned as it is? like… people like to get all up in arms about someone saying that, and while i 100% agree it isn’t applicable in discussions of women’s rights, since not all women have a uterus, in the discussion of reproductive rights… there are men and nonbinary people that have a uterus, and the issue of reproductive rights very much applies to them 

i’ve said this before but i think the general anti-discussion-of-”female”-reproductive-organs sentiment is a little weak because yes, i understand that not all women have those organs and that centering any campaign/discussion on what “parts” people have is weird and reduces people to their organs, but also it’s not only women that do have those organs, and i really do think that in some cases we need to be more open to talking about the uterus/vagina/vulva/ovaries as long as it’s established that it’s not a Women’s Only thing or that if you don’t have those you’re not a woman

(i will say though that those posters are dumb as shit. “my pussy grabs back”?? if we’re talking about sexual harassment that’s not really a good starting place imo.) 

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Page of heart in the land of sweets and dolls, please


The Land of Sweets and Dolls (LOSAD), filled with vintage machinery and cutesy decoration, functions as a cross between Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and a steampunk utopia. Instead of being confined to indoor factories, rows of doll-like machines stand in the soft sunlight, working in front of conveyor belts, stirring large ladles in larger tubs, and performing other various, neatly organized tasks. Near the center of this massive nest of machinery are boxes and boxes of chocolate, candy, and various desserts, all neatly wrapped and ready to send out.

The Page of Heart curiously heads to the massive stacks of boxes, where another mechanical doll offers the player one free package of cookies with purchase of none. The Page takes their free box and happily takes a bite before stopping. There was something definitely off about these cookies. The player asks for some more treats and the sales-doll obliges, and they find that all the products have something strangely unpalatable about them. When mentioning this to the mechanical toy, it responds merely with, “That is a common complaint. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns.”

There seems to not be any other consorts around, which makes the Page wonder where these complaints are coming from. It turns out that hundreds of years ago, there was a well-acclaimed baker and confectionary in this very spot, but as their business expanded, they invested in using machinery in order to meet the demands of the people. While the circumstances of their disappearance is unknown, what is known is that they’ve managed to create robots that are both in aesthetically pleasing toy-forms and advanced enough to manage running the business on their own. Despite this, their product suffers tremendously and none of the occasional visitors are satisfied with what they make. The sweets are simply too dull and tired, not changing after centuries.

As the Page of Heart, they must invite the exploration of emotion, intuition, passion, and the soul in order to conquer this quest. The way I see it, since pages often supply their aspect for others, they might be the one to change the recipes, try new combinations, to put that love and care into every single bite. I like to think with enough effort, the player would be even able to supply the dolls of the planet with their very own souls so that they can continue to make high quality products like they did before. Since pages can become terrifyingly powerful over time, I have no doubt that a Page of Heart could create souls for tons of individuals.

Sorry that this became less of a Land of Sweets and Dolls and more of a Land of Sweets and Cute Robots Shaped Like Dolls, I just really liked the idea and ran with it.

-Mod Circe

“In this densely packed chronicle, Ward covers the growth of the Tufts-Delta Health Center from a small health clinic in 1967—opening amid skepticism from both black and white communities—to its unique role as a medical center and organizer of programs addressing rampant malnutrition, poor maternal and child healthcare, unsafe drinking water and sewage disposal, and hunger.”

Some NPCs from my DnD campaign. (face/expression practice, plus I can use them as tokens!) Can’t rly talk about them, since my players have tumblrs and I want them to get to know these two naturally, if that is to happen. But yeah, the halfling woman is Mairin Grubwell, the adoptive aunt of our gnome Master Jeff. She looks chill. Would def kick your ass if need be. The drow is known only as Lir. He’s a bit weird. Can’t be sure if it’s because he’s a drow or if that’s just who he is as a person. They’re both part of this knight organization at the center of the big plot of my game. Currently researching maggots in the underdark. As you do. Hopefully both will play a big part in the game, as I rly dig both of them, and am way invested in their backstories. Lemme tell ya. Well, again, no telling.

Oh and the mysterious symbol in the middle is from a crest of a mysterious person the players found by a dead body and who disappeared very mysteriously as soon as the players saw them. Mysterious.

Ive been wasting my time doodling these, so I’ll do something productive now. Like drawing maps for my game on Saturday.


From Left to Right: 

Eggers & Higgins and Irwan Clavan, Gateway Center, Typical Plan, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / John Heinrich and Georges Schipporeit, Lake Point Tower, Typical Floor Plan, First Scheme, Chicago, Illinois, 1967 

Communal Dwelling for Children, First Floor Plan, New Llano, Louisiana, 1918-1923 / James Wyatt, Fonthill Abbey, Plan, Wiltshire, England, 1795-1807

get to know me
  • name: maría paula but please call me marié.
  • height: 1,59 cms.
  • sexual orientation: bisexual.
  • hogwarts house: ravenclaw.
  • favorite color: purple, brown and black.
  • favorite animal: owls.
  • time right now: 21:02
  • average hours of sleep: five or six when i’m studying, more than eight on holidays.
  • cat or dog person: i have a dog so yeah.
  • lucky number(s): 15 and 13.
  • dream trip: my ultimate dream place is vienna, austria but i’d like to travel everywhere basically.
  • current job: doing absolutely nothing productive. 
  • what are you talented at? i want to believe i’m good at writing, talking for hours, remembering things and making layouts (yes, i’m serious about this one)
  • what is a big goal you are working towards? i aspire to be a more organized and centered person and i’m getting better at controlling my anxiety. I’m overcoming my depression too. 
  • what’s your aesthetic? long coats and boots, perfectly combined layouts, xix century art, sparkling dresses (actually everything with sparkles on it), black nail polish, theaters and big bags. 
  • do you collect anything? books and jewels. 
  • good advice to give? idk if this is a good advice but we must accept that not everyone is going to be in our lives forever.
  • recommend three songs:  suite española, op 47: asturias, younger than yesterday because i adore this song with my life, sprawl ii because it is a gift to the humanity
  • last thing googled: twitter. 
  • favorite music artists: oh god, marina and the diamonds who is the literal light of my life, florence + the machine, and so many many more…
  • song stuck in your head: shampain by my sun and stars. 
  • what are you wearing right now?: a pink long shirt, blue jeans and converse shoes. 
  • what kind of stuff do you post?: mostly sherlock, johnlock and tjlc posts; theatre (esp musicals and a little bit of opera), art, (classical) music, literature, films, actresses, tv shows, star trek, star wars and doctor who, aesthetic posts..anything else that catches my fancy at the moment tbh. 
  • do you have any other blogs?: nope.
  • why did you choose your url: because audrey hepburn is one of my favourite actresses and a woman that i truly admire and love.
  • pokemon team: oh my god i don’t know. 

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The Smoking Mountain, by Sean_Bagshaw

This is El Chaltén which means Smoking Mountain in Tehuelche, the language of the ancient nomadic hunters who lived in this part of Patagonia. They named it so because the mountain is almost always shrouded in cloud. We spent three days here and were very fortunate to have clear views each day. But this, the morning of our second day, was by far the most spectacular! It is good to be home after 22 days, 20,000 flying miles and 3,000 miles driving. The trip, organized by the Cascade Center of Photography, was one of the best I have ever been on. I’m looking forward to developing and sharing more photos and stories from the adventure in the days and weeks to come, so stay tuned. FYI - The Cascade Center of Photography is doing another trip to Patagonia in 2017. Canon 5DsR, polarizer, 200mm, 1/40 second, f/8, ISO 200. I spent several hours working in Photoshop making subtle adjustments to color, luminosity and tonal clarity trying to get it just right. The final image file is over 3 GB thanks to the 50 mp raw file.

“Don’t just reach into the chest cavity and grab it as you would an apple: It will slip between your fingers, bruise, even tear. Slide your hand behind the heart until you can feel your knuckles graze the smooth pericardial sac encasing it. Once the organ is centered in your palm, lift up. Always cradle it in two hands. Squeeze the pinkie sides of your palms together, overlapping your fingers as if you are scooping up water to drink.”

“Be in the right frame of mind: gentle but not afraid, self-assured but not cocky. A flaccid heart is so fragile that you can put a finger through it…

Don’t expect all hearts to look and feel the same.”

How to Hold a Heart

Happy Bisexual Awareness Week!

I want to take this time to remind everyone of the definition of bisexuality as defined by the community:
1.) The attraction to more than one gender. (The definition most used by bisexual organizations, research centers, and activists
2.) The attraction to 2 or more genders (The definition most used by bi tumblr)
3.) The attraction to the same gender as oneself, and different genders than oneself; OR the attraction to similar genders and different genders (an older definition. Less common, less inclusive.)

Please take note of how none of these are binarist or transphobic. And how none of them include the attraction to only men and women. That is not the correct definition of bisexuality. Please spread awareness and kill the idea of bisexuality being binarist or transphobic

A nonbinary bisexual attracted to both binary and nonbinary genders