Closet Rehaul Before and After

Weirdly, that random ask about my new found minimalist way of dressing and how I came about it is still being reblogged once in awhile, so I figured I’d show you guys an actual picture of my closet on any given day versus what it looks like now. And also some more tips on how to get to a minimalist way of dressing and still be happy with what you have and what you’re wearing.

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≧✯◡✯≦  I’m making a masterpost of my favorite posts which I’m deciding to share with you all. ☜(*▽*)☞ BOLDS ARE FAVES 

** This took me a great deal of time to make, so I hope you all truly find this very helpful. I would love to hear some feedback for you all. I’ve tagged each original poster.  (ALPHABETICAL ORDER) as well.  Enjoy xoxo **

001; Essays-

002; Exams-

003; Food-

004; Handwriting-

005; Note-Taking-


006; Organization-

007; Procrastination-

008; Reading-

009; Self-Care-

010; Studying-


011; Tips-


my bullet journal set up

hey guys! i get a lot of asks about my bullet journal so i decided to make a post about my set up and how i use my bullet journal! feel free to send me a message/ask if you have further questions :)

note: i took these pics a while ago it just took me a while to put this post together so all the dates will be kinda old:)

pic 1: materials

these are all the materials that i use. pictured:

  • muji dot grid journal
    • love love love the paper and this was only $5.50 at the muji store in nyc!! :’) the only thing i would complain about is that it’s not that durable bc im clumsy and i always throw my things around and im worried this will rip apart on accident
  • crayola marker 
    • because i’m super cheap and im not ready to get mildliners yet so i just use this old marker for colored accents
  • muji 0.38 gel pens
    • my favorite things ever. hands down
  • uniball signo 207 pen
    • i like the gel in this pen but holy it skips SO much. it’s really annoying and i can’t believe i’ve dealt with it for so long bc im almost done with it now…this pen used to be my main pen before muji but now i just use it for a “bold” effect
  • sticky notes
    • these were cheap (found them in my house) and i like the color pop it adds
  • white out
    • definitely necessary bc i always mess up; i think i’ve used it on every page lol:)

not pictured: my stabilo pens. i hadnt used them to set up my bullet journal initially but not i use them for color coding.

i also included my symbols legend. i almost forgot about this because i don’t use it that much since i’ve memorized all the symbols in my bujo, but i just keep this index card on hand in case i have new symbols to add.

pic 2: table of contents

simple table of contents. in hindsight i wish i put this on a right-hand side page like most books are supposed to start so that it would start on an odd page (if u get what im saying?) but thats okay. if i have a lot of lists together, i would group it under one listing.

pic 3: yearly overview

most people just like to put a 12 month calendar with color coded dates for their yearly overview, but i chose to do a calendar and a list describing each thing i marked. this was super helpful for me because i forget everything so i knew i needed a description for all my markings. left side is a 6 month overview with color coded dates circled (see legend in first pic) and right side is a list view of each month with dates and event descriptions under each month.

pic 4: monthly overview 

im gonna start with the right side, because that’s the page i set up first. i’m not very happy with the neatness of this page; i wish i left more room for the daily events list on the side! anyway, this page is set up like my yearly overview page, with dates circled and explained on the side. the difference is that i chose to put more specific short term events like deadlines, tests, and appointments. in the bottom left i put goals and tasks that span the entire month, which i wouldn’t be able to include in my weekly spreads. 

the left hand page is for any useful notes, monthly tasks, or is simply a goals/planning page. as you can see, i planned a club meeting on this side, and also wrote down some random notes. 

this was my first monthly overview page and im not v happy with it; next month i will definitely leave more room for the events list and have more of a focus on my goals.

pic 5: weekly spread

i’ve experimented with this a lot in my old bullet journals and previous pages, but this is my favorite way to organize my week (as of now) because it looks good and i save a lot of time not worrying about perfect calligraphic dates or nice straight lines or cute drawings.

1. write the date neatly in a bolder pen. i use a 0.7mm uniball pen.
2. underline it with a mildliner or a pastel marker. i use a light pink crayola marker.
3. list tasks, events, and notes in a thinner pen. i use a 0.38mm black muji pen.
4. put future tasks on a sticky note and transfer to daily task lists as necessary

pic 6: test schedule

sometimes, having a scattered list of dates and tasks in my bullet journal is not enough, especially when it comes to studying, because i often get distracted by less important immediate tasks, instead of my long term study schedule. this test schedule is super helpful when i have a lot of upcoming tests so i can see what dates are coming up and when i should take time out my schedule to study!

i made a chart of the next three weeks, listed everything i have to study for, marked the dates of the tests, and shaded in every day i was going to study for. this is definitely something i would recommend if you are a visual learner and you’re super forgetful (like me!!)!

pics 7&8: daily task format and symbols legend

after experimenting with a lot of daily task list formats, i like this one the most. i also included my legend last because most of the symbols are only ever used in the daily task lists.

if you’re new to bullet journals, a circle is usually used for events and a box is used for tasks. a “migrated” task means the task was not completed, but it has been moved to be completed on a different day.

for those of you who are familiar with bullet journals, you may notice some symbols that i use that aren’t bujo standard:

  • water droplet/apple/moon
    • these are health trackers. inside each symbol, i evaluate each aspect of my health respectively
    • water: # of cups of water
    • apple: nutrition. i just put happy or sad faces based on how satisfied i am with my nutrition that day.
    • moon: # of hours of sleep
  • colored boxes
    • these are priority indicators. i include these within boxes when i have a lot of tasks to do, and i like them bc they keep me organized while keeping my bullet journal minimalistic.
    • i use the eisenhower urgent/important principle to prioritize. you can read more about it here, i might make a post about it soon!

and that’s all! that was a reaaally long post so im sorry if you just had to scroll through all that, but i tried to be helpful based on my experience with a bullet journal. if you take away anything from this post, it’s that i experiment a lot with the style and format, which is actually one of the reasons i love the bujo system. i hope you found this post helpful! reblog or like if you did, and feel free to ask questions in my inbox!

happy studying!

using & setting up a functional bullet journal | via 365text

after i received some asks and message asking how i use my bullet journal and also how to have an “aesthetically-pleasing”/creative yet easily-organizable, i decided to write this post with my personal tips & tricks as to what i like to do with my own bullet journal! 

i feel like this post is best suited for those of you who aren’t naturally what society terms as “artsy” (as i am) (stick figures r my life) (nice gud), but you still want to use a bullet journal—because you’re interested in the concept/enjoy its functions—yet still want it to look lw pretty hehe. 

and, as these are my personal tips, please take what you want/whatever appeals to you from this post to make a bullet journal that you enjoy using ^-^

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16/100 days of productivity | Feb 12th, 2016

Look what came in the mail! Half of my birthday present - the other half has been stuck for a month in the mail for some reason. 

So now I’m making the transfer from my almost complete bullet journal to my new one while I drink iced tea. I guess I’ll start using the new one in March. 



21/100 days of productivity | quite honestly, i was incredibly stressed yesterday night because of all the things i had to do. or, rather, by the thought of what i had to do. because i was really busy yesterday night, and therefore couldn’t get some of my tasks done as i had planned, i started panicking and thought that by falling behind my schedule i had therefore created 2x the amount of work for myself this upcoming weekend. everything was jumbled up in my mind, and i wasn’t even sure what i needed to complete, except that it seemed like A Lot. 

but then, right before i went to bed, i decided to just dump everything i had to do out onto my bullet journal—no structure, and no logic or coherence to the order that i chose to write down all my tasks. i just wrote down everything and anything that came to my mind that i knew i had to complete this weekend. after i finished doing that, and looked over my list, i realized that although i did have quite a few tasks that i was supposed to do, it wasn’t as bad as i had built it up in my head to be!! it was still manageable, as long as i planned out my time wisely. also, the fact that i had built in buffer time into my pre-planned timeline/schedule (bless my past self……) helped as well hehe

my advice to everyone if you too are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to complete is to just write everything out, split it up into smaller tasks, and just work steadily (even if you have to do it slowly) at it. it’s a lot less stressful once i saw what i needed to do written out and not as a jumbled mess in my mind ^-^


1.30.16 // SO much stress and anxiety this week.. Hint to everyone still in school: don’t grow up, it’s a trap. On the plus side, Michigan celebrated 179 years of statehood this week! And also J. Cole’s birthday was the 28th 🙌🏽 So I doodled a little quote from him in celebration. It says “If you place the importance on appreciation and love, that is enough.” ✨