Today is the last day in my first bullet journal. The new one comes in tomorrow so I won’t miss any days between journals. You can see the colored tabs on the side marking the months as they went by. This one lasted seven months but the next will likely be six since it wasnt until later in this book that I went for a two page spread for every day. I’m noting this because it’s a big deal to me that I actually finished this journal. I have never finished a journal before and have been historically bad at organization and tracking things. I also knew I had a need to write down what things happened on different days so I’d remember later what the timeline was on my life events. That’s also historically been difficult for me. This journal was my vow to turn that around, and here we are. On a blue moon, acknowledging a milestone.


August 01, 2015
2:20 AM || “feeling blue”

Took a study break to paint a treasure chest.

I really like the color blue. I declared it as my favorite color in kindergarten mainly because when I was younger, I was a tomboy and I thought pink was too girly. Silly ol’ me. I’ve grown to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of every single color. Well maybe except for brown and orange because I can never pull those two colors off haha ;P. 

So why the treasure chest?
Well its because I’m a pirate and I need somewhere to hide my gold. Haha just kidding! 😊. It’s just a gift idea that I have for someone special in my life. It was on my to do list, and now I can check the box that says I did it (yay! Who else feels accomplished when they check a box on their to-do list?!)

Hi everyone! I made my first printable! It’s based on the Cornell Five Day Study Plan, and includes a neat little checklist/planner.

On the first page, you can write down all the things you need to study for your exam, and on the second, you can log your studying (the recommended times are listed) and keep track of what you covered in each “chunk”. I even included little check boxes to help you feel productive. :)

You can download it here.