Judge Gives Life to Friend and Fellow Judge With Kidney Donation

“I was hooked up on my machine at night,” he said. “Essentially you’re sleeping on your back, on a straight back in a straight line…it wasn’t a fun two years.”

Mosley said one of the first people he told that he needed a new kidney was fellow municipal court judge, Joann Eiring. The pair have been best friends for 14 years and when Mosley said he needed a kidney Eiring didn’t hesitate to offer to get tested.

“She’s my best friend and we’re close and we do lunch a lot,” said Mosley. “She was one of the first people I broke it to besides my wife and family.”

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hi! this is my first original post!

i’m a new studyblr! i had an old studyblr, but when i deleted my main account, i lost my studyblr and all my followers! but now i’m back :-) 

i’m a sophomore in college, my major is english literature and i’m considering a psychology or biology minor! i always drink iced white mochas and spend too much time on my bullet journal (the pic is of my new school year bujo!) and not enough time on my math homework. 

the studyblrs that i look up to and model my study lifestyle after are @studypetals, @elkstudies, @hermionegoals, @lazyhermione, @obsidianstudy, and @studyguideverified!! thank you guys so much for being such a positive influence, i love all of you! i’m glad to a part of this studyblr community!

Takumi Zine!!!!

okay since you guys showed a lot of interest in a takumi zine, I’ll be posting tons more details tonight!!! Below is some base info!!
right now I’m thinking it will include:

  • illustrations of him solo
  • illustrations of him with others (canon supports and non canon supports, romantic or not, it doesn’t matter WHATEVER U WANT :)))) )
  • comics (short or long, as long as it fits well with the physical dimensions of the zine)
  • small doodles that will probably have multiple on one page (chibis, etc)
  • and any suggestions?? as a consumer or an artist is doesn’t matter I want everyone’s opinions!! (provided they aren’t negative uvu)

other details:

  • I think it’ll be called “Struck True” in reference to his s support with the MU (I promise you guys this isn’t just about my love for takukamu I just thought it sounded cool)
  • I will adjust the amount of artists based on the amount that apply!! But I’m hoping to keep it at a reasonable range as I do want to keep the cost of the zine at an affordable range, and the more artists there are the more it will cost for printing!! However please do not let this discourage you from applying!
  • The zine will also be available online on gumroad just in case shipping is a problem for people. 
  • Art will probably be due around mid to late August, so this will be a fairly tight timeline as I want to have the zine be available for pre-order by September! Depending on the success of the zine, I may reprint it, but this all depends on the success of the zine in both # of artists and profits!
  • As I said in the previous post the profits will be split between all the artists, I will be selling the physical version of the zine through my Tictail. Keep in mind that if there is a lot of artists, it won’t be a huge profit, but at least it’ll be something!!
  • I will be making a new sideblog to answer questions/post info and I’m not sure if I’ll need another mod as yet.. (It’ll probably be a mutual, AND it’ll be one of the artists) 
  • That’s all!! Leave suggestions in my ask box or you can reply to this post!! More details posted tonight!! 
1 Year old!

this blog is already a year old! or, well, 1 year and 2 days. oops.

i originally made this blog for shits n giggles and for whenever i didn’t know what to draw. now it has over 6000 followers and i have yet to actually draw anything from this blog

thank you to everybody who is following this blog!!

So proud of my bestie @theconsultnt for following her passion with this amazing new product line in #Ottawa and #gatineau . @selfihandmadeorganics partnered up with @dugganashley and they are launching products that are 100% #organic #homemade and #healthy.

I’m already addicted to every single amazingly scented body scrub. The body butter has become part of my everyday ritual, and the laundry detergent smells incredible and cleans even better.

On top of all that, their business concept is revolutionary. Their #selfie idea of shining the spot light on each unique individual client through blogs and customized scents and oils gaurantee that This new start up is going to explode and go viral.


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heyheyhey soO i’m going to be moving to @huggablelester !! i really dislike this blog and i kind of want to start fresh and actually have an organized blog ya know. so please please follow @huggablelester so i can at least regain 50 followers,, i’m currently at 370 (so close to 400 ayyy,, but it’s not a lot rip) and i know that not /every/ follower on here is gonna go follow @huggablelester but i would appreciate it if you did !! in about 2 weeks (or whenever i gain like 50 followers there lmao) i’m gonna deactivate this blog,,, bye bluphann,,,, u will not be missed,, okAy YES THANK U FOR READING THIS IF SOMEONE ACTUALLY DID AND PLS FOLLOW !!


a more mundane shopping/mini review type post from me, but michael’s is having a pretty sizeable sale on all these really cute organization pieces right now, and this one in particular was super unique/useful looking so i grabbed it for myself! you’re able to lock several of them into place since they come with these notches at the top and all the sides so they’re stackable, plus they be wall mounted, though i’m just keeping mine on my desk for now. it’s absolutely perfect for small things like sewing findings, safety pins, pin backs, etc, and i love the little clear front for really quick, immediate viewing of the contents and the way the drawers open for easy grabbing! it also comes with little labels that you can mark each drawer with, which i might do eventually, or i might just decorate them!!! :D 

definitely would be something awesome for anyone who’s crafty and looking to move into a new apartment or dorm! i plan on going back for some more when i get a chance, i know the drawers will fill up quick!