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Essentials of doing well in college

  • Keep your notes organised.
    Most importantly, date your work so that when you have loose sheets of paper flying everywhere you can easily slip everything into a folder in the right order with the right topic. 
  • Condense your notes.
    I didn’t do this last year, but for A2 I’m planning on condensing my notes when I get home/in any frees. A friend did this throughout the year and ended up with a notebook perfect for revising from (and she’s the best in my class!)
  • Use your free periods/study days.
    So many people at my college used frees to sit around and have a chat in the cafe when they could’ve been getting all their work done so they were free when they got home to do whatever they wanted. Especially if you have a free longer than an hour, you may as well finish your work!
  • Buy the suggested books. 
    I really wish someone had told me to do this when I started college! Especially in a subject like History where there is so much information, a book to refer back to would’ve helped massively. From Christmas onwards, I felt that it was a waste to buy one for a few months and just put it off, exams came, and I felt I had no notes or information about certain topics. Buy the books (within reason - ask your teacher which they would recommend most.)
  • If it’s too much, walk away (for a day).
    This is the best piece of advice I was given from my teacher. This doesn’t mean drop out of college, it just means that if it all gets a bit too much, take a break. Walk away from revising, don’t go to college (but catch up on work!) and just take a time out. I took 3 days out of the entire year for my first year of college; all were because it got too much, and I needed a day for myself. It sounds dramatic but the amount of stress I put myself under was unreal. I caught up on work and went back the next day feeling so much better than the day before. 
  • Dealing with stress.
    Talk to someone, a friend, a teacher, your parents. Personally the thing that helped me the most was getting in the right mindset. You go to college to learn, then at the end of the year, you answer a few questions on what you’ve learned. That’ it. If you’re not prepared and you’ve not revised, then that’s on you. However if you’ve given it all you’ve got and it didn’t go as well as it could’ve, you did your best. You struggled with that topic, not that subject. 
  • Organise your life.
    Get a planner or diary, make a timetable, anything that will allow you to easily plan the balance between work, studying, going to college and have free time for yourself to see your friends. Don’t become a recluse, go out, take a breather, just don’t forget your studies either! 
  • Be prepared.
    A bit of an ominous heading but I’ve no other way of putting it really; A Levels are harder than GCSE. There’s no doubt about that. Despite only studying 4 subjects, the content in those 4 subjects and trying the balance the workload is hard. Manageable, but hard. Go in with a good mindset that you’re going to do your best and you will be fine.

Please note, these are things that I found useful/would have found useful when going into AS. If anybody has anything else to add, please feel free to do so!