22/10/16 | 20/100

Featuring the ever-present yellow ruled Post-it pad!

Another to-do list for another weekend with my favourite mug and favourite pen (Seriously, these Bic Crystal pens make even my spider scrawl look neat!)

Just did my overview spread for October 🌾 Who else has started planning for October already, or is it just me? 🙈

IG: @livingthatlibrarylifestyle ✨

P.s thanks for 12k followers! I will do my best to be more active this month but its looking like utter chaos at the moment 🙈

{2/100 days of productivity} | Jan 3, 2016

School returns tomorrow, so I took today to rest and went to see the new Star Wars (still recovering). This is what I need for my class tomorrow: binder, work sheets, new pencil case (finally gave up small ones and embraced my supply hoarding soul), bullet journal, hand cream and iPod (a must have at all times).