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One of the Patrician’s greatest contributions to the reliable operation of Ankh-Morpork had been, very early in his administration, the legalising of the ancient Guild of Thieves. Crime was always with us, he reasoned, and therefore, if you were going to have crime, it at least should be organised crime.

And so the Guild had been encouraged to come out of the shadows and build a big Guildhouse, take their place at civic banquets, and set up their training college with day-release courses and City and Guilds certificates and everything. In exchange for the winding down of the Watch, they agreed, while trying to keep their faces straight, to keep crime levels to a level to be determined annually. That way, everyone could plan ahead, said Lord Vetinari, and part of the uncertainty had been removed from the chaos that is life.

And then, a little while later, the Patrician summoned the leading thieves again and said, oh, by the way, there was something else. What was it, now? Oh, yes…

I know who you are, he said. I know where you live. I know what kind of horse you ride. I know where your wife has her hair done. I know where your lovely children, how old are they now, my, doesn’t time fly, I know where they play. So you won’t forget about what we agreed, will you? And he smiled.

So did they, after a fashion.

—  Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!
I love how no one noticed the glaring plot hole

Regarding Hydra.

I imagine that some Hydra board meeting had to go like this shortly after Iron Man 1:

Hydra Leader 1: Ok guys, you remember that rich kid whose parents we had the Winter Soldier kill a couple years back?

Hydra Leader 2: Yeah, Tony Stark

Hydra Leader 1: Yes. Well, his mentor’s plot to murder him failed and now he’s flying around the globe in a nearly invincible suit of technologically advanced armour hunting down terrorist organisations. I vote that we mobilize the Winter Soldier to take him out immediately.

Hydra Leader 2: No need, canonically we’re not as big a villainous organization in Tony Stark’s plot lines as AIM is, so as long as we don’t actively involve ourselves with him we’ll be good.

Hydra Leader 1: What?

Hydra Leader 2: Sorry, fourth wall broke. Don’t worry, we won’t ever have to fight Iron Man.

Hydra Leader 1: Very well, if you say so.

*After the first fight in Avengers: Age of Ultron*

Hydra Leader 1: Dang it Bob!

Hydra Leader 2: It’s not my fault you stole the scepter that he had just taken from Loki!

26.09.16 || 9:55 p.m. || Feeling sleepy 😴
Welp I’m a mess but I’m too tired to clean this 💩 up
Good night, have a good rest, wake up tomorrow morning fresh and ready for a brand new day!
Take some time to calm yourself and breathe before you go to bed, just a simple breathing excercise will do - helps you sleep better without worrying too much :)
Night night,
Neha 💕

my school pal heavy_letters on ig has helped organise this with some of her friends (she also designed the flyer by hand!) please signal boost this, reblog and spread the word!

ATTN L.A. : This Friday - Come to a benefit/party being thrown to help fund the legal defense and camp supplies needs of those who are protesting at the site of the North Dakota Access Pipeline…

Free before 10pm *please support by donating at one of our donation stations, and or buy drinks, food etc. ♥

After 10pm $5 to $20 suggested donation *no one will be turned away for lack of funds but please give what you can

7pm - 10pm
Sliding scale food, beverages and snacks will be served $5 - $10 plates
Food is being generously donated by Eden Batki & Jen Smith

8pm - 9pm
Patrisse Khan-Cullors (Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles)
Chrissie Castro (Native Voice Network)
and short film by Kelman Duran
more TBA

10:30pm - 2am
Designer Imposter
NA ( NGUZU/ FTM) (special dj set by Daniel Pineda)
Kelman Duran (RAIL UP)

All proceeds collected will be donated to:–dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/

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Hey! I asked this a while back, and I don't know if you got it. Are there any cinderella-esque fics? Thanks!

Cinderella’s Challenge -  When Chris challenges Dan and Phil to find somebody to hook up with at a bar so they can finally get laid, they don’t expect to wake up naked in the same bed the next morning. But hey, at least they won the bet, right?

Once Upon A Time - Dan spends a magical night falling in love with Phil, who neglects to mention she is actually Princess Fiona. You know how the story goes from there.

Undisclosed DesiresModern Cinderella!Phan: Phil doesn’t have an easy life, not since his dad died. He’s too busy cleaning, tidying, organising things for his two step-sisters and horrid step-mother, to even think about himself. The only happiness he has is Jocelyn his best friend and Bear, the anonymous boy from the internet. What happens when they arrange to meet at their prom and Phil does a runner as the clock strikes 12?

- Eliza



Be prepared, be excited - the first official “enterprising movie night” will happen this weekend, organised and arranged by your lovely crewmembers from the engineering and science department
Exhausted from work? Stressed and already feeling incredibly antisocial? No problem! Grab yourself some popcorn and spend an evening in the pleasant darkness of the holo deck, almost as exciting as a real outdoor cinema! Comfortable  sitting accommodations, cozy blankets and a good old flick will bring you together with the people you love, with those you always wanted to share your deepest nightmares with. Cuddle together and scream, when the monsters of deep space enter our ship!


@starfleetenginccr & @snowinabottle will host this via Rabbit, where we can have a groupchat while watching the movie together. The chat will be IC, so bring all your muses ( and of course a lot of munchies )!

VOTE HERE FOR THE TIME TO BEGIN ( measured by GMT + 1. Please convert to your local time! )



  • For Anima Andromeda members only!
  • Have fun!
  • Be scared!
  • Snugging allowed - but always think of other crewmembers! You are not alone on the holo deck!
  • Chat is IC
  • Bring popcorn
  • Leave your children at home
  • VOTE!

Thanks to our lovely captain @bxldlybeyxnd for allocating the Enterprise for such an event and of course for bearing all costs

@ak-spra @bxldlybeyxnd @captainnextweek @eviisceration @irrationalsuccess @irascible-doctor @jaylahofussfranklin @linguiist @maldonadonco @missadvancedweaponry @ologistisms @starfleetpilot @thestarfleethistorian @russianonzebridge @yeomanrxnd @mxneymxn @mrbensulu  @silentxcommander @starfleetenginccr

Once i was watching a football game in the stadium and out of nowhere a huge elephant came in and started trampling everyone and I ran away with my friends and hid in the nearby forest, which turned out to be base for an organisation who were hiring people and they ended up hiring me and sent me on a mission to stop that elephant.
Someone woke me up before I could do anything about my first mission.

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'I haven't given NATO much thought' - well fuck me. The potential President of the United States is uneducated about an organisation with enough Nuclear weaponry to obliterate all mankind, or to keep us all safe.

i’m so frightened by this man.

I am alive, and sometimes I even blink!

So after Jordan commented me I felt like I needed to give you guys an update. 

I am alive and kicking along! Not sure if any of you remember but I deleted the tumblr and facebook apps from my phone a few months ago, to try and save on my data plan and also my time, and I actually haven’t put them back on my phone since. I’m very proud of this, but it does mean that I am a lot less active and only really tumblr from my computer, and very occasionally from the browser on my phone. 

I have been putting a lot of time into my bullet journal instagram account which you can follow if you’re into stationary and flatlays and organisation, and into bullet journaling sort-of in general. It has really kept me sane lately. 

My anxiety has been next level again, which sucks but I feel like I have better mastery over how it impacts my day-to-day this time around. Also, I know my triggers and unhealthy habits, so I can nip it in the bud faster than before. I plan to go back to therapy soon, work has an EAP which I’m excited to try. 

Hope you guys are all well, drop me a line sometime! 

Chillax, people!!!

I mean, jesus!! I only came back home on Thursday. I just spent two months working my butt off in the Olympics and Paralympics, I even broke my foot!! 

I understand that you guys love these radio shows, and I appreciate it so much, I really do, but I did write a post saying I was in Rio and still, everyday I got a “why aren’t you uploading this…” message, Come on, guys…

Now, I have files scattered across my computer and my laptop, I’m in the process of organising them, so if you could all be a little more patient (and I understand that for some of you, that is a lot to ask) I’ll upload ALL THE SHOWS by the end of the week. Who knows, I might be done with everything by tomorrow.