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handwriting tag!! (highly requested) also if there are any armys (bts stans) here hmu  ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

So, my speculation, Louis ETA: performs, and Briana and Ashley are in the audience with the child.

Ashley is there because she’s literally related to the kid, so that’s the only way they can have him in the audience.

Steve Aoki might perform (with or without Louis), and that’s why he cancelled three shows and is now in London.

In the West, we have a free press.

You know, ‘free’, as in, an unregulated information market wholly dominated by the Big Four press agencies, selling to a handful of gigantic multi-platform media corporations, who have nearly-unfettered access to the corridors of power via staggeringly well-paid lobbyists, organised crime, corrupt police officials and the personal blackmail of democratically elected figures, filtered through editorial boards whose sole accountability is to their wealthy shareholders and multinational advertisers.

Mhiya, as someone with some experience in leukaemia research and treatment i’d like to ask people to have a little think about potentially signing up to your country’s bone marrow registry. if you’re thinking of things like ‘my sister’s keeper’ then please don’t, most bone marrow donations are now done through a series of injections and then a process like donating platelets.

you can donate from age 16. it’s particularly important for POC to sign up to the registry as we don’t have a lot of POC donors, leading it difficult for POC to find a match! your donations can be used anywhere around the world. 2/3 of people who need bone marrow don’t have a match within their families and so need to use unrelated donors found through registries.

joining the registry is as simple as spitting into a pot so they can test your cheek cells to find your specific profile.

list of organisations

UK - Anthony Nolan

Ireland - IUBMR

USA - Be The Match

Canada - OneMatch

Australia - ABMDR

New Zealand - NZBMDR

France - Don De Moelle Osseuse

Germany - DKMS

Most other countries have details available here! 

if you aren’t able to donate and know people who can but you’re worried they may not donate to louis’ fund or charities, please message me with your location!! I will help you find an organisation that helps sick children in your city/area that you can encourage people you know to donate to. sick children everywhere need to be helped, and johannah most importantly knows you and the donate-r are doing it on behalf of her ❤️


December Doodle #9
Wydmuszki aka Blown Eggs(?) U kno, that lil empty eggs thing you do on Easter :v xD

So u have little crappy sketch of Blown Egg in Santa version xD

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Could you quickly explain Space Marine ranks? It feels once I understand it the lore changes.

Aspirant - youth training to become a Space Marine, pre implants.

Initiate - Space Marine Scout.

Battle-Brother - the rank and file.

Sergeants/Veteran Sergeants - squad leaders, usually 10 to a Company, the senior Veteran Sergeant is normally the Company 2-i-C. 

Captain - Company commander, 10 in a Chapter, they also usually have secondary titles (eg. “Master of the Fleet”). 

Chapter Master - the head honcho.

Other organisations within the Chapter that have their own ranks - Librarians and Chaplains. 

This of course only applies to codex-compliant Chapters. 

Study Tip: Notes

Hopefully these tips will help you with note-taking, good luck and have fun with your work!

  • Create your notes in accordance to your desires. 

Don’t worry about what other people’s notes looks like, focus on what’s best for you and what you learn best from. If that’s using your notes from class/lectures, use them! If that’s simple black ink, mono-colour notes, that’s perfect! If it’s re-writing them and adding illustrations and colour, do it!

Find what’s best for you. Remember that these are your notes and that they should help you revise, so make them as easy as possible to understand and learn from.

  • You could;

Add colour/ colour-code- I’ve found that using two colours, one to highlight or underline the headings and primary points/most relevant information and an other to highlight or underline the subheadings and secondary points/ information that backs up primary points really helps me in my studies. In addition, using a colour scheme or colour coding can help neaten and organise the information, making it easier to remember and less confusing, reducing the chances of muddling up bits of information.

Use sticky notes/ stickers- this can make your notes look neat, detailed and organised. Plus they add character. You could use these to add additional information, questions to stretch your understanding or to highlight the relevant and most important points. They also look really cute, so there’s that too!

Add doodles/ illustrations/ diagrams- these can be really helpful, especially with science subjects. Maybe adding a diagram of the human heart, an illustration to help explain a process or doodles to help you remember a definition can aid your studying and help you to understand more easily and effectively, especially if you’re a visual learner.

Use one colour- multiple colours can be distracting and off putting to some people, making their notes look too confusing, messy and busy. By using one colour, it doesn’t distract you from the information you need to remember and can boost your understanding.

  • Don’t re-write your notes if you don’t want to. 

You don’t have to write out your notes again if you have perfectly good notes already made from classes and if you don’t revise by re-writing notes. To be honest, I hardly ever re-write my notes after I’ve made them in class, I may add additional information or questions to stretch and test my understanding, but I make my notes how I find them easy to revise from during my class. I personally don’t learn effectively from re-writing my notes over again, and any many people feel the same. Remember, if you don’t have to and don’t need to, then there’s no shame in not re-writing it!

That isn’t to say however, that you shouldn’t re-write your notes! Do it if it helps you learn, or even if you just want to make them look pretty! There are times where I do re-write my notes (albeit a small number of times) and I have loved how I have made them look better and easier to understand. 

  • The point is, make your notes how you want to make them. You see so many beautiful notes on tumblr which can go one of two ways-

Feeling inspired to re-create beautiful notes;


Feeling pressured to re-create beautiful notes.

If it makes you stressed or you don’t have enough time, don’t re-write them. If you want to or it helps you learn, do re-write them, it’s up to you and there are plenty of gorgeous examples of how to do so!

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I want the theory that Victor skates "Stay Close to Me" for Yuuri at the end to be true, but I worry they won't have time to squeeze that in at the end?

Well, tbh I also thought about that. But the thing is, for every tournament there have been 2 episodes devoted to it, one for the SP and another for the FS. Through that, we got to see all the competitors’ skating programs more or less.

But now in the GPF, we know almost all of their skates (minus Otabek). So I imagine less screentime would be devoted to showing the programs to us unless there’s been a big change. Like I don’t see them showing JJ’s SP in full since we’ve already seen a whole lot of it already. The Yuris are a special case because they’re main characters of course. 

Not sure how it’s going to be organised but there should be time for it!!

Just as the state is always trying within its borders to abolish equality of social position among its subjects and to perpetuate this separation by differences of caste and class, so externally, too, it must take care to keep itself distinct from all other governmental organisations and to instil into its citizens the belief in their national superiority over all other peoples. Plato, the only one among the Greek thinkers in whom the idea of national unity of all Hellenic peoples is at all clearly apparent, felt himself exclusively a Greek and looked down with unconcealed contempt upon the “barbarians.” The idea that these could be considered equal to the Hellenes, or could even approximate them, seemed to him as presumptuous as it was incomprehensible. This is the reason why in his ideal state all heavy and degrading work was to be done by foreigners and slaves. He saw in this a benefit not only for the Hellenic master caste but also for the slaves themselves. According to his concept, since they were destined anyhow to perform the lowly services of the slave, it should appear to them a kindly decree of fate that they were to be allowed to serve Greeks.

Aristotle grasped the concept of man’s “natural destiny” even more clearly. For him, too, there existed peoples and classes designated by nature to perform the low tasks. To these belonged primarily all non-Greeks and barbarians. It is true, he made a distinction between “slaves according to nature” and “slaves according to law.” Among the former he placed those who because of their lack of selfreliance are destined by nature to obey others. Among the latter were those who had lost their freedom by being taken prisoners of war. In both instances, the slave is but “a living machine” and, as such, “a part of his master.” According to the principles stated by Aristotle in his Politics, slavery is beneficial both to the ruler and the ruled; nature having endowed the one with higher faculties and the other with only the rude strength of the beast, from which fact the roles of master and slave arise quite of themselves.

—  Rudolf Rocker, “Nationalism and Culture” ch. 4, Power vs Culture
Poland is ridiculous

It is and I’m thankful that it’s not also fucked up - I don’t have to go through SRS to change my gender marker and name.

I just have to sue my parents.

When first transgender person wanted to change their gender marker, there was no procedure so they (law people) figured that you have to go to the court with this, and if you’re going to the court, you gotta sue someone. Who? Your parents! They were the ones who reported your birth and got the birth certificate with the wrong gender. So it’s been like this since 1995.
Of course organisations are working hard on changing that and last year a new law was passed - you wouldn’t have to sue your parents, just show a paper from your doctor saying ‘my patient is transgender’ - all that was left to do was for the president to sign it. And he refused. He used his power to veto, because he’s a bag of dicks.

So here I am, just submitted a pile of document to my local court. Referral from my doctor, medical tests confirming that I’m not mentally or physically ill, blood work confirming that I am on HRT and an application for exemption from costs. That’s right, I have to pay 600 PLN just for starting the case and then when an expert witness doctor evaluates me and the paperwork that I submitted, I’ll have to pay him for his hard work - around 1000 PLN. So together it’s 1600 PLN (it’s roughly 400€ and please keep in mind that I make only 250€ a month :^))))) - I support myself and also study at a university, so I can work only on the weekends and my parents don’t support me).

Fingers crossed that it will be done in 6 months!

- Mod Adam

Is the userpic for twitter’s Moments UK account supposed to make it look like a far right, white supremacist organisation or is that just an unfortunate coincidence?
you got a velvet mouth - thundersquall - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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my contribution for allthebros’ get well soon tazer mini-fest - thanks for organising this! /manifests good things for jonny

patrick kane/jonathan toews, explicit. tags: oral fixation, fingering, finger sucking, mouth kink, intercrural sex.

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i'm in pain finlands main lgbt rights/support organisation has this lgbt vocabulary page on their site and not only do they include 'heterophobia' and compare it to racism, but also offer 'pervert' as the finnish equivalent for q***r....

because that’s not homophobic/transphobic at all

Making notes for my Administration Law exam on Tuesday ✨ trying to stick to my studying schedule as much as I can 😁 making A3 posters with a condensed version of my notes for revision! I stick them up on my cupboard and walls and learn them from there, cause if I sit for too long I get board and fidgety 🙈 how do you all revise?


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