this morning i tried yoga for the first time and when i got done i felt SO good. i’m going to try to do it every morning. all im drinking today is tea tea tea. i got this cute little indoor plant for a dollar. its called a fittonia. im also going to plant some hanging herbs today for inside. :) today feels so cold. i guess winter is finally here for oklahoma, haha.

march 24.

ive been burning so much incense lately and have been growing so many plants. mostly jar terrariums and different types of herbs. ive been drawing a lot more also, which makes me super happy. i have re-read my favorite book, tuedays with morrie, and have watched one of my favorite movies, pretty in pink, so many times now that i think i have ever line from the book and the movie memorized. life is good, ya?

here’s my room. the place where i think the most.