The Sugarleaf-branded product comes from Organicares, makers of “medical edibles” and apparently all things brilliant. The hazlenut spread infuses 320 mg of hash oil, making for a particularly enjoyable treat. This discovery follows the recent announcement that an Official Nutella Cookbook will roll out come August 20th, making for a perfect opportunity to create incredible and no doubt mind-blowing chocolate desserts. (@foodbeast ht @LaughingSquid)

Weed and Nutella, Together at Last

Organicares, a medical marijuana dispensary in San Jose, California, found a way to make Nutella more amazing than it already is. The result: Nugtella. The mad scientists behind this mind-bending concoction combined the chocolate hazelnut spread with hash oil, opening up endless indulgent spreading possibilities to stoners and patients alike.

For you peanut butter heads, they make that too. (I kinda got sucked into their Instagram. Three words: Chocolate dipped strawberries.)

Thanks to High Times