Homeless People In Atlanta Plant Organic Rooftop Garden, Provide Food For Shelter Residents 

Planting an organic garden is an activity typically reserved for bougie hipster types who have the time, money and training to get behind the cause. But a homeless shelter in Atlanta is opening up that skill, and approach to responsible farming, to its residents.

“It is important to share and train residents in green technology that we are involved in because poor and homeless people are being left out of the green development that we see burgeoning in our community,” Anita Beaty, executive director of Metro Atlanta Task Force, told Atlanta Progressive News.

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Hey folks!

So I haven’t been updated this blog much at all this year, it’s because I’ve been busy setting up the family garden. For me art is pointless when my family still continues to eat GMO crops sprayed with pesticide, so I put down my pencil and picked up the shovels with my dad and we got to work. [more info on the garden beds]

We’ve been eating vegetables only from our garden for 2 months now (a dramatic cut in grocery bill!) For animal items like raw milk, eggs, and meat, we get them from a local cow-share program. Look up cow-shares in your local area!

More updates to come when the tomatoes, peppers etc begin to fruit!