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Just wondering if it's common to struggle with buying outfits? I can recognize when an outfit matcheson someone else, but if it comes to picking and choosing items individually I can't for the life of me figure it out.

I don’t know how common it is, but I have that problem. It’s probably part of why I stick to particular colours/types of clothes. Like, I know most things go with jeans so I often will wear denim pants (jeans or capris) with a t-shirt or a button-up shirt or whatever. I try to have a lot of separates that all work together, just to be safe.

One way to work this out is to talk to a friend who knows about this stuff and really likes to do it, and ask them to help you go through your wardrobe and figure out what things you can wear together. You can also enlist that friend’s help when you go shopping for new clothes.


Meh. I think perfectly coordinated outfits require too many steps to be worth bothering. I get brightly colored clothes I like (now through Stitch Fix, usually), and then I wear them. I usually try to pair a neutral-colored thing with a colorful thing, but that’s about it.

If I looked perfectly coordinated all the time, it would kind of be false advertising, anyway. People would expect me to be organized and prepared every day.


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So a lot of times the boys will wear shirts that are distressed/vintage looking and those are harder to find and sometimes more expensive so I will soak my shirts in TSP to give them that washed a million times feel/look and you can also use sandpaper to make a more naturally looking worn down look at the gems and other places where your clothes will organically wear out over time

Great tips! 😃

I can’t believe how simultaneously productive and not productive I was this weekend. I wrote a cover letter, updated my resume, applied for 2 jobs, did some laundry, organized my clothes, unpacked a few boxes that I hadn’t touched since I moved in last year, went through my make-up drawer to get rid of stuff I wasn’t using, bleached my bathtub, did the dishes, and put up pictures all over the house. 

And I did no writing. At all. I can’t tell if I couldn’t write because I had too much energy so I cleaned instead, or if I cleaned so I could avoid writing. *sigh* Idek, at least I can see the floor of my bedroom again…

The annual Nimbin MardiGrass law reform rally is on again this coming weekend. The weather is cooling down and previous years have been very cold at night so I have been making an earthy rainbow of hemp fleece infinity scarves which will be at the Nimbin craft gallery, along with crochet mittens :)

Great Find! Organic kiddie and homewear at The ShopHouse

Have you seen the collection from Great Earth at The ShopHouse? I popped in the other day and fell in love! From kiddie pajamas to home wear - think block prints, hand stitching, embroidery and organic! This beautiful collection is made with  an even more beautiful message: “Good Earth is based on sustainability - Sustaining tradition and the ecology is a core value.”

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