With its latest ‘Made in Kenya’ collection, ASOS commits to well-paying jobs in Africa

  • With consumers paying more attention to supply chains and working conditions in factories than ever before, ASOS’ latest Made in Kenya collection comes at just the right time.
  • That’s because, with its frilly dresses, T-shirts, skirts and even jumpsuits, the collection is created with sustainable, practical, well-paying jobs.
  • With help from the organization SOKO Kenya, a clothing factory and initiative in Kenya that provides professional and skill training (like sewing), as well as sustainable and safe jobs, ASOS has been responsible for helping more than 40 people find well-paying, sustainable and even environmentally-friendly jobs in one of the poorest areas in Kenya. Read more (4/27/17)

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Send a symbol for headcanons on my muse's bedroom!

🔒- Are their doors typically locked?
📐- Do they keep things neat and orderly?
🎨- What color are the walls?
🌸- Do they keep any plants?
⚫️- What kind of floors do they have?
📚- Do they have lots of books?
📅- Are there lots of wall decorations? If so, what kinds?
🗄- What kind of furniture is in the room?
🛏- What does their comforter look like?
🔪- Are there any weapons in the room?
🗑- How full would their trash can typically be?
🖥- Are there any electronics in the room?
🏠- Is it a room in a house, apartment, castle, mansion, or anything else?
🌃- How many windows are there, if any?
🏆- Are there any awards or trophies on display?
🎸- Do they have any instruments in their room?
⚽️- Is there ever any sports equipment in their room?
🍔- Typically, can food or remnants of food be found in their room?
🐶- Are you likely to see a pet in the room?
👕- Are they organized with their clothes, or can they be found on the floor?
◻️- Any mirrors? If so, how many?

memory found || stiles stilinski (part two)

word count: 5288

warnings: season 6A finale spoilers, brief mention of sex

prompt: part two of this imagine

author’s note: i recieved many requests for a part two of memory found, so here is the next part. i got very carried away with this, it’s literally over 5k words. i got emotional at the end bc the music i was listening to. i am so in love with these two parts. also, one of the many authors i like on tumblr replied to the first part. so shoutout to @minhosmeanhoe (not my gifs)


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Conditioned (Part 3)

(Tae questions whether his desire for you is futile but continues to let his lust drive all his decisions.)

Warning:  Around 9000 words.  Lots and lots of dirty stuff happens. Female dom, male sub. Oral.  Dry humping.  Non-traditional sense of sexual morality.  

 “I should have known you had an ulterior motive for coming here.  This place was too far away from home to come for lunch.”  Tae eyed Jin from across the table.  Jin had stopped by his apartment earlier, asking Taehyung to go eat at a new restaurant across the street from the mall.  Tae had been reluctant to go, preferring to spend his day off from work at home playing video games and ordering delivery instead of venturing out into the rain to go across town to eat.  However, Jin was insistent, saying he had a coupon that expired today and offered to pay for everything.

Now that their meal was over, the truth was coming out.  Jin had just asked the waiter to bring another order of food, wrapped to go.  “There’s no ulterior motive.  I just thought that since we were eating so close to Youngsook’s store, I’d get her some food too.  It’s one of her favorite places to eat.”

“If you wanted to see your girlfriend, you didn’t need to bring me along.  Why didn’t you just bring her here on her lunch break?” Tae knew there had to be more to this story.

“Saturdays are their busiest day, so she never leaves to get a proper meal.  She usually just gets a coffee and some bread from the bakery next door.  I’ll look like hero coming in with an honest-to-god meal from her favorite restaurant.” Jin fidgeted in his seat while looking at Tae.  “Plus, I need you there with me when I deliver the meal. She won’t throw the food at my head or yell at me if you are there.”

Tae crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, raising his eyebrows in a silent question towards Jin.

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Day Eighty-Four

-Organizing children’s clothes, I find myself filled with great sorrow as I come to terms with the fact that I will likely not live to see the end of the Minions’ relevancy.
-An older man asked why anyone would purchase pants that were already worn out. His wife told him that it was simply the style this spring. I am glad to see that she is staying on top of everything.
-A toddler demanded that his parents let him try on a pair of gloves despite their persistent attempts to explain that they were too small. Once they gave in, he found himself stuck and immediately began to shout that the gloves were broken. Today has been a learning experience for us all.
-Parents continue to use me as a threat to their kids, saying that I will verbally and physically abuse them if they do not behave. Parents continue to make me uncomfortable.
-Three teenage girls roamed the store with a fart gun. They loudly discussed the idea of running up behind me and making it seem like I farted to everyone around. They then, with all the subtlety of a Scooby Doo villain, snuck up behind me to a respectful distance of ten feet, panicked as I turned around to look at them, blew the butt horn, and ran off giggling. These masters of mischief truly pranked me hard and well this evening.


About an hour straight through. 

I finally have functional dressers! The grey hold shirts and pants, and the clear have undergarments, socks and pajamas. I couldn’t keep folded clothes organized in those deep drawers at all, but they’re perfectly functional now! Workout clothes and accessories in the bins above, sweaters in the one on the seasonal chest. With this Smarch weather changing its mind everyday I havent fully switched my seasonal clothes yet, so this is about as full as it’s gonna be. The additional drawers were $40 total, so this was a fairly inexpensive make over! 

Consumerism tells us that in order to be happy we must consume as many products and services as possible. If we feel that something is missing or not quite right, then we probably need to buy a product (a car, new clothes, organic food) or a service (housekeeping, relationship therapy, yoga classes). Every television commercial is another little legend about how consuming some product or service will make life better.
—  Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind


Tailored Dress  ♥  Old ASOS top  ♥  Vintage crossbody bag  ♥  Bonjour Store leather sandals  ♥  Salvaged pin 

It’s been a month since I’ve posted an outfit, would you believe that! Spring has turned to summer in that time, and only the mornings are pleasant now. For summer ‘17, my primary style goal is to make the shift towards ethical, mindful, slow fashion. Coming from the scarcity mindset that the lack of options in plus sizes inevitably steers you towards, I always felt that ethical fashion sounded wonderful in theory but would be impossible to implement. And yes, I’d probably want to make the occasional purchase on ASOS (for example) but for the foreseeable future, I’m taking advantage of India’s dressmaking culture and getting everything I can tailored. 

I went back to tailoring last winter after months of encouragement from Ushshi, for which I’ll be forever grateful because tailoring has fundamentally altered the baseline of how much I can do with clothing. I admit my motivations are rooted in selfishness - more than anything I’m dreaming of finally designing my dream wardrobe - at the same, given my current lifestyle, mindfulness feels natural to who I am. When I’m not working on blog-related stuff, I spend most of my time cooking, gardening, reading, and making things. It would be strange to not at least try to be mindful about the clothes I wear, considering how important they are to me.

Here’s what I’m planning to do this summer (and afterwards!) when it comes to my wardrobe

  • Shop locally and support local artisans.
  • Support independent makers with my wallet instead of big brands.
  • Recycle clothing in my wardrobe, which is to say wear stuff I’ve hardly ever worn instead of buying more. I’m especially guilty of this one because I tend to stick to just 5 or 6 pieces at any given time and then keep on replacing them with new ones.
  • Shop sustainably whenever possible, like vintage or second hand pieces instead of new. This is actually something I’ve been doing since I first started shopping online (I think about…15 years ago?) Some of my all time favourite pieces are second hand scores off eBay like my Brit Stitch satchel and Anthropologie jacket. Buying second hand clothing might not sound as glamorous as buying, say…organic, fairtrade clothing, but it’s a cheap, easy and useful thing you can do towards building a sustainable wardrobe. Whenever I buy second hand or vintage clothing online, it’s almost always from eBay (or Etsy) UK so I can get it delivered to my fiance and he can bring everything over in one go when he comes over. I would feel pretty awful flying over clothes one at a time halfway around the world even if I could afford to.
  • Invest more in quality pieces I can wear over and over again, now that I have a core wardrobe to see me through.

There’s also the fact that I can afford to do this now. There haven’t been a lot of times in the past 5 years that I could. Not to mention the question of access to a good tailor and the time needed to go fabric shopping and basically getting whatever I want to wear designed from scratch. Sometimes it takes a fitting session after the clothes are made to ensure that they sit well on my body. It’s time consuming and more expensive than buying the cheapest stuff on sale online and taking advantage of free shipping. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to afford both the budget and the leisure to do so.

The outfit

I’m so obsessed with smock dresses I rarely wear any other kind these days! This is one of the two midi smocks I’ve gotten tailored recently. Ikat is such a springy and fresh look, and a pattern I’ve always loved. If you’re looking for similar styles in natural fabrics, there might not be a lot of options in retail but Etsy is one place where you’ll find dresses in a similar aesthetic. Sondeflor Shop and OffOn Clothing, both on Etsy, have many bohemian smock styles in custom sizes.

My shoes are also from Etsy, and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about them on Instagram! They’re from a shop called Bonjour Store, who are actually based in Jaipur. Having worn similar pairs in my childhood, I was expecting them to be the hard leather kind that you need to break in. I was pleasantly surprised when these sandals turned out to be really, really soft with padded insoles. I love how they look like clogs but feel so different on my feet. I also got a pair of strappy sandals from Bonjour Store that I’ll planning to style next, and I’m thinking of stocking up on some more styles from them over the summer!

My top is from ASOS, way back in 2011. I’ve styled it more than once on the blog and worn it many more times than that, so it exceeded #30wears a long time ago. The vintage purse has been on everyday rotation in my wardrobe since I got it. The pear pin that isn’t quite visible in photos is still a pretty little addition IRL and is salvaged from a dress I bought in 2007. I’ve linked to similar products on the widget below so you can re-create this look for yourself if you like!

All photos by Taha and Lokesh at Shutter Diaries. 

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Organization Tips

Exams have finally ended, which means I’m back to being active on Tumblr! I’m moving back home from the dorm soon, which calls for some tips on organization for me and everyone else who needs it. A happy vacation to those who’s schoolyears have ended, and I really wish luck to the others not yet done =)


- Pens : Get different jars for different kinds of pens; don’t keep them all scattered in different pencilcases (like me right now hehe). Keep only a few essentials [ your favorite pen, a mechanical pencil, an eraser, a highlighter, a marker ] in one pouch you can carry around often.
- Wires : Use a large box to store all your chargers, connectors, etcetera. Use dividers and clips to ensure they don’t get all tangled up.
- Drawers : Make sure everything is easily accessible once you open a drawer. Don’t keep things that are too heavy inside (eg. thick textbooks). Use more boxes to organize smaller items. Don’t forget to label each box!

Use a bulletin board to pin up inspiring images, important schedules and the like. An alternative to this is taping them all down to your table. As much as possible, try not to cramp your table with so much stuff, though - keep the center clear when you’re not at your desk so it’s easy to get down to work and you won’t have to clean your desk every single time before.


Use a binder, an accordion folder or something similar to organize all the papers you need. I confess I have so much scratch paper lying around, and I suggest you find some place to sell them instead of just throwing them into a trash can. Thinner folders, paper clips and binder clips are more things you can use to organize these.


Hang up long pants, dresses, and other clothes that easily get creases and crumples. It’s really your call on how you organize your other clothes, but here are some ideas:
* by shade/color
* by how often you use them
* by kind of clothing

Use shelves or a bathroom organizer you can hang up to hold your toiletries so that you can easily get and see what you need at eye level.


As I said earlier, only keep the bare necessities in one case. The others you can either keep in jars or boxes. Get one huge box to store all your hoarded sticky notes, tools like scissors, extra notebooks and clips.

fight-me-boi  asked:

Johan as a parent headcanons?

Daddy!Johan HCS:

  • He purees organic veg and fruits for the baby, none of that premade shit
  • by the time they adopt Nina has already given birth to child number 2 and Johan tries to get fresh milk out of her (claims its good for the baby)
  • He uses old fashion cloth diapers for gentle baby butts
  • He is pretty chill about his parenting though
  • he would toss his baby into a pool to get them ‘use to water’ or let their child eat dirt because its good to exercise their tactile function
  • He plays rainforest sounds whenever the baby is sleeping
  • He believes babies learn through trail and error so he doesn’t mind if their kid gets hurt once and a while
  • he may have picked up the wrong kid from day care once…or twice
  • hardcore judges parents who use kid leashes
  • buys the most expensive baby things, best cradle, best stroller, best high chair and all the best, 100% organic, cotton clothes. 
Modern!X-Kids Headcanons

i have way too much inspiration for these so im not even gonna apologize for how long this is…. i hope you enjoy!

  • Literally squad goals and they all have squad ROLES too.
    • The Mom Friend- Jean Grey. Always has anything everybody needs and is constantly reminding everyone to bring a coat (because later on when they complain they’re cold, she can say “I told you so!”)
    • The Joker- Peter Maximoff. He constantly cracks jokes and somehow manages to have a witty comeback to anything you say to him. He also finds a way to make anything a sexual innuendo.
    • The Gossip- Jubilation Lee. She knows anything and everything happening in the mansion. She never spreads rumors, she only tells the truth. Whenever someone in the squad needs to know something, Jubilee is the one you go to.
    • The Queen- Ororo Munroe. Hella respected by the rest of the squad. One of the few people that Peter does not joke about. She is loved by everyone and really close with all her friends. Always the first one to suggest a place for them to go.
    • The Heartthrob™- Scott Summers. All the girls at Xavier’s have the biggest crush on Scott, and everyone is super jealous of Jean. The truth is, Scott is a nerd and constantly gets roasted by the rest of the squad.
    • The Cute One- Kurt Wagner. Everyone adores him. If anyone says anything mean about him, the squad will be ready to fight™. Super innocent and nice to everyone in the squad. Always suggests the best movies (other than Jubilee).
    • The Rebel- Warren Worthington III. Super intimidating to literally everyone except the squad. They all know he’s not as tough as he looks. Gets roasted 24/7.
  • They’re all pretty much obsessed with social media.
    • Jean runs a Pinterest. It’s super organized and has tons of followers. She mostly pins clothing, organization tips, and DIYs.
    • Peter loves tumblr. He tries to come off as a super “deep” person on tumblr. He mainly reblogs aesthetic stuff and music (when he can get the damn audio posts to work).
    • Jubilee aka Queen™ of Twitter. Has at least 5k. She tweets the stupidest shit, but people love her type of humor.
    • Ororo has an awesome snapchat. She updates it a lot, mostly with videos of her and the squad lip-syncing to a song.
    • Scott runs a Youtube channel. He plays shooting games like COD and GTA. It’s not popular at all, but he just does it as a side hobby.
    • Kurt is technologically challenged to say the least. He sticks to Facebook because it’s easy. It doesn’t matter how many times the squad tells him Facebook is lame, he just loves it.
    • Warren uses Instagram and takes hella artsy pictures. His aesthetic is grunge and black and white. Peter and Warren bond over this and share photos with each other.
  • All the girls are hard-core feminists.
    • Ororo is very invested in the BLM movement. She goes to protests on the matter and helps raise awareness around the school.
    • Jean sometimes writes short articles for an online blog about feminism. She’s a strong believer that feminism is necessary and that people deserve to be educated about it.
    • Jubilee helps the guys out with learning about feminism. She isn’t afraid to call people out when they say something sexist, homophobic or racist. She also is a huge fan of breaking gender barriers. At one point, she convinced all the guys to let them paint their nails and do their makeup.
  • Music!!!
    • Jean and Ororo are more into alternative music. They’re both huge Halsey, Panic! At The Disco, Melanie Martinez, and Bastille fans. They’ll sometimes study together and just blast the music in the background.
    • Warren is into old rock music. He constantly rants that music is “all the same” and the music he listens to is “infinitely better” than pop music.
    • Peter and Kurt are into alternative music too, but older alternative music. Peter introduced Kurt to Rush and Pink Floyd, so the two boys love to listen to that music.
    • Scott has an okay taste in music. He likes a bit of everything. The one thing that drives everyone crazy is that Scott will find a song he likes and listen to is 10 million times before he finally gets sick of it.
    • Jubilee is obsessed with pop music. Especially ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s pop music. She will go from Fergalicious to Single Ladies to Toxic all in a short amount of time.
  • They all watch a ton of TV shows together.
    • Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a show Jubilee loves. Kurt won’t let her tell anyone, but he enjoys watching it with her.
    • Jean binges Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. She forced Scott to watch it so she had someone she could talk about it with.
    • Ororo and Warren watch Supernatural together. Warren loves that they have angels on the show and Ororo just loves the characters. (Warren totally went as Castiel for Halloween one year).
    • Peter is actually really into watching the Food Network and HGTV. The squad never understands it, but he can sit and watch those channels for hours on end.
    • Scott totally doesn’t watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise (he totally does).
    • Kurt is actually really into sports!! He doesn’t understand American football at all, but he watches hockey and baseball.
  • Memes. Oh my god, memes.
    • Jubilee constantly says ‘dicks out for harambe.’ No one knows why, she just does. She even bought a shirt with the gorilla on it that said “Do it for him.”
    • Scott dabs all the damn time. He is the whitest™ boy in the squad. He will dab to any song that has a beat. Ororo slaps him for it (which she should).
    • Peter constantly says ‘bust a nut.’ Jean can’t stand it for some reason, so it makes Peter want to say it even more.
    • Kurt, my sweet baby, doesn’t really understand memes. He really only likes Pepe and refers to him as ‘the meme frog.’
    • Warren hates memes. Or at least he says he does. But on more than one occasion, Jubilee caught him humming “why the fuck you lyin’.”
  • G R O U P   C H A T
    • Jean probably started it because she is the true mom friend.
    • It started off with just Jean, Scott, Kurt, and Jubilee. Then Ororo was added, then Peter, then Warren.
    • Warren and Ororo barely ever text in it. They’re the people who read and leave.
    • Jubilee will double, triple, even quadruple text. She doesn’t care what she has to do, she will get someone to pay attention.
    • Kurt will send pictures of memes and ask them to explain it to him. They all find it adorable.
  • Since the squad loves video games…
    • Scott, as I said before, plays shooting games like COD and GTA.
    • Peter often plays those with him, but Peter is a dork and plays minecraft. He somehow convinces Kurt to play with him and Kurt loves it because it’s a simple game.
    • Jubilee, Ororo and Warren all play Overwatch. Jubilee’s favorite characters are D.Va and Tracer, Ororo loves Widowmaker and Pharah, and Warren loves Reaper and Bastion.
  • What are their phones like??
    • Jean always has the newest iPhone. Her lockscreen and homescreen are the same; a picture of her and Scott. Her apps are all organized into folders and she knows exactly where to find everything.
    • Peter has an iPhone 6+ because he likes the bigger phones. His lockscreen and homescreen are bands he likes. His apps are all over the place; he has about five pages worth of apps.
    • Jubilee has an iPhone 5S because she likes smaller phones (they’re easier to fit in her hands). Her phone is rose gold and she uses a pink stylus. She always has the cutest phone cases. She doesn’t have a ton of apps and only had a few pages.
    • Ororo has an iPhone 6S in black. No one ever sees her on it; she just doesn’t use it a lot. Not many apps because she’s barely on her phone. She refuses to get a case for her phone, but she does have a screen protector.
    • Scott has a black iPhone 6 with a bright red phone case. He’s on it playing games like Clash of Clans a lot. Most of the apps on his phone are games.
    • Kurt has an iPhone 6+ in white. He has a lifeproof case because he’s a bit clumsy. Most of the apps are games and a few social media apps (Facebook and Snapchat).
    • Warren only has photography and social media apps on his phone. He constantly stops and takes pictures, so he always has the newest version of the iPhone so he can get nice pictures.
  • The squad still spends a ton of time at the mall.
    • Kurt loves Hot Topic because he can get clothes to match his emo™ hair.
    • Jubilee could spend hours in Claire’s and Delia’s.
    • Ororo is a fan of Wet Seal because of their metallic styles.
    • Warren also loves Hot Topic, but he likes Abercrombie even more. (RIPPED JEANS)
    • Peter mostly shops at Old Navy and Hot Topic.
    • Scott just goes for the basics, Old Navy and Macy’s.
    • Jean prefers places like Banana Republic and H&M.

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serious self-care

while it is important to treat yourself, you have to take care of yourself first. here are some pointers.

1. get up from your computer, tablet, phone, iPod, etc. and open your blinds. let some natural light in. block any social media/electronics/stressors for awhile.

2. stretch! reach far above your head and get on your tiptoes. if you can’t, just stretch with your feet planted on the ground. now slowly bring your arms down as much as you can without hurting yourself and stare at your knees. slowly stand back up and repeat until necessary.

3. put on some music, and don’t change what comes on. if you can’t help it, skip a song but don’t linger for too long; this is an easy distraction.

4. start cleaning your room. change your sheets and pillowcases and throw them in the hamper or laundry room. replace them with fresh, clean sheets and organize your bed neatly. open your window (if it’s not too cold/hot) and let in some natural air. vacuum. dance along to your music and enjoy yourself, knowing you’re getting something done. clean your windows with windex. don’t have any? just take a rag/cleaning cloth and soak it in water, twisting it to get rid of the excess and wipe away.

5. clear your desk and/or any surface you have with stuff. throw away trash, put away clothes in their respective places, get rid of unwanted papers, and organize. wipe with the cloth mentioned above to get rid of dust. clean the cloth whenever you feel there’s too much dust and gunk on it.

6. put away everything you’ve used to clean up your room in their proper places.

7. go outside for a quick walk. a round around the block is plenty. if you don’t want to, then sit your beautiful bum outside and enjoy the loveliness of sunlight. your body needs vitamin D.

8. grab some fruit for a quick snack. grapes and cheese actually taste good together, so do apples and peanut butter. find a healthy little somethin’. give yourself a portion and eat slowly to savor every flavor. eating healthy and eating in general is vital. it’s a part of taking care of yourself, and that’s necessary. (no sweets just yet)

9. shower. take off all your clothes and dump them in the hamper/laundry room beforehand. start off with warm water and let your body soak a little. wash your hair and turn off the water when you do so. scrub with your fingertips and avoid tips if you can. rinse and scrub to get all soap out; repeat as many times needed. condition your hair, keeping the water off. brush your hair if need be. now scrub your body with a shower gel/body soap that makes you feel truly clean and fresh. wash to your heart’s content. rinse off in cool water. dry off once finished.

10. brush your teeth and clean your face with a facial wash if you have one. if not, it’s easy to google a DIY face wash but again, don’t let yourself get distracted.

11. change into clothes you haven’t worn and are comfy in. take your laundry and wash accordingly.

12. hug your sibling(s) and/or caretaker(s). thank them for taking care of you. hug your pet, take care of them, too. a bath, refill of food/water, cleaning after them, cleaning their environments, brushing, and some love go a long way.

13. tell your loved ones you love them.

14. now sit back and give yourself a treat, whether it be that cookie or slice of cake you’ve been dying to have or that one episode you want to catch up on. you’ve earned it.

Home sweet home

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Words: 588

Requested by anon: “could you do a fluffy domestic crowley one? maybe with them cooking together or rearranging furniture or smth?”

A/N: I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: none.

It was the big day. Both for you and for Crowley. You had finally decided to move in Hell with him. You loved Crowley and after your wedding, you hesitated to move in with him down stair. Hell was terrifying and you were sure that demons hated you. But, Crowley was more and more busy and you were seeing him very few lately. You missed him and you knew that he was exhausted to work with incompetent demons and the constant Winchesters problem. You wanted to be by his side to support him. You wanted to be there when he was in his office, you wanted to reassure him, telling him that everything would be alright.

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When You Come Home  (Part 1 of 3)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: lmao good fucking luck pals.

Warnings: #pain ahead. 

Word Count: 7,826 (totally not sorry, dudes.)

A/N: Alright, friends. We had crazy fun writing this so we hope you like this disaster as much as we do. Please feel free to yell at us because honestly, that’s all we’ve been doing behind the scenes. In fact, we’re yelling about it right now. Thank you so much for your support. There’s a shit ton more left to this, so stay tuned!! Without further ado, Team GTNW presents part ONE of THREE. Enjoy the ride, pals. We sure as hell did.

- Team GTNW -  

The concept of home is nothing if not indefinable.

We jump from place to place and house to house and person to person in a single lifetime—and maybe all of them are home in some way, but more likely than not you find one or two places to call home, a couple of houses, and if you’re lucky, a person.

The concept of home may have always been indefinable to you, but you most certainly knew what it felt like.

You felt it that day, walking down the street of your childhood neighborhood and breathing in the New York air. You felt it when you walked into your old favorite record shop for the first time in eight years, eyes brightening at the messy shelves and dim lighting that had managed to stay exactly the same. The sign was off kilter and the bell on the door was barely hanging on but the air in the place was the same.

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