so FINALLY i have everyone designed for the NMCB aau. It’s been a blast going over the designs & basing them off of characters from the movies, its been so much fun. 

I still have so many ideas in mind for the AU & how i plan to tackle the au’s story & characters since it isn’t quite like the movie~ 

“Inner Space Organism” by Ingress Vortices

This is a digital manipulation of an original painting on canvas that is still ongoing. It is therefore only available in prints. The “mirroring” process usually results in fascinating depictions of strange humanlike figures that stand on the symmetry axis. Here is a wizard or buddha-like figure that we find captivating.

Available in canvas and giclée fine art paper prints

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My stomach won’t play tricks on me. It’s no mind. Or the precision wizardry of an eyeball. The winding tract of curled intestine, scrunched like accordion gills, isn’t clever. It’s basic. The guts tell only a leaden truth. A thumb up or a thumb down. A smile or a frown. Do or don’t. The intuition that lives in the pouch of your belly, a bulging wineskin slick with moisture, is a needle quivering only one way. Right or left. Red or green. No in between. The subtle brain, honeycombed like tripe, can only confuse. The clutter of facts and detail lead you in circles. It’s why they say: trust your gut. It won’t play games. It will punish you until you get the point. I don’t enjoy food when I’m nervous. I can’t eat. Headaches follow hunger. Even the beloved smells of frying onions, of roasting garlic, bloom a wave of nausea when I’m being deceptive, or scared. Or weak. The only truth a belly tells: something’s wrong or something’s right. Listen to it. There’s wisdom in its rumblings and wringing. There’s direction in its hollow wail.

[Drawing: Antique Medical by unknown, 1896]