Who’s up for some icons?

The official Warriors forums had a whole bunch of 100X100 avatars. I finally managed to mass download all of them a few weeks ago, and now I’ve made my own WCF style avatars from official art. I organized all the avatars together in folders, for ease of use. Now I’ll share the avatars with you guys! You can use them as icons, or as other stuff. I’ve got avatars for Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, and Wings of Fire!

Credit for the original art to Wayne McLoughlin, Julia Green, Joy Ang, Owen Richardson, James L. Barry, Bettina M. Kurkoski, and Don Hudson.

Now, I have three links.

Download only the original WCF avatars. (96 avatars plus existing Fanatic Challenge variations, and Fanatic Challenge 4 variations for the avatars missing them.)

Download only my custom WCF-style avatars. (104 avatars, with Fanatic Challenge 4 variations for all of them.)

Download the complete set of avatars. (Wow! A great value! 200 avatars, with all existing Fanatic Challenge variations.)

I hope you guys enjoy these avatars!