Well folks, I’ve decided to be brave and actually open up commissions for once(mostly because I am struggling financially at the moment -_-)  This is the first time I’ve done this, so I apologize if everything is out of whack or pretty confusing.

Listed below are prices, with examples attached.

I will draw:

- Robots (either chibi-fied or with a simple design)

- Humans, with or without animal qualities

- Animals

- Gore (be it robot or human)

Feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions~!  I take only paypal in US dollars.

Pencil sketch(up to two characters)  -  $5.00 USD

Outlined sketch(up to two characters)  -  $10.00 USD

Outlined and colored sketch(up to two characters)  -  $15.00 USD


Floraform Jewelry

Computational design project from Nervous Systems creates unique 3D printed jewelry which are formed from generative structures which mimic organic growth:

We’ve generated a jewelry collection with Floraform. For each piece, we crafted a unique growth process that results in a specific emergent form. The flowering structures expand fastest along their edges, evolving from simple surfaces to flexuous forms that fill space with curves, folds, and ruffles. There are 24 new designs which come in 3D-printed nylon and sterling silver and are available in our shop.

The collection explores how different starting geometries interact with the growth process to produce the final pieces. We use contact with the body as an environmental constraint, producing designs that conform to or expand from the finger, wrist, and neck.

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