The works in Disguise: Masks and Global African Art are organized around the idea that masquerade is always an art of becoming.

The archaic features, weathered surface, and evidence of local repairs on this Bobo nyanga mask suggest that it was a work of considerable local importance. It may represent an intellectual and visual predecessor of later Bobo masks, becoming like this one over time.

Posted by Kevin D. Dumouchelle and Meghan Bill
Unidentified Bobo artist. Mask (Nyanga), early 19th century. Brooklyn Museum

rick-exe  asked:


♛: the pettiest thing my muse has ever done

refused to build a life-saving technology for someone because they called me a ‘cyclops’” 

♀:three names my muse might name their daughter

i… uh.. i’m not very good at naming things…. maybe sophia or beth….

▽:the first job my muse ever had

had a job as a h-hovercraft mechanic when i was 13

☜:five things my muse sucks at

according to ricardo nothing but:

  • singing
  • apologizing 
  • organization
  • art
  • self-preservation

i decided while drawing this that his hair whispies are like…. overgrown sideburns, cus otherwise i can’t make any sense of them quite frankly

this is the most clothed i’ve drawn him yet and he’s STILL flashing both his tits lmao