Soldiers’ Inventories by Thom Atkinson, for the Telegraph Magazine

editor: Great series of British soldiers’ equipment from different wars and battles through British history & up to the present. See the original story on the Telegraph website, an interview on Creative Review, & full series of images on



A group called Organic Armor can make your dog ready for battle - literally. They can create custom-made costume armor for dogs of various sizes.  Here’s the official description from their website:

It’s challenging making a costume for a dog, especially one that lives thousands of miles away. You can’t try things on as you go to make sure they fit and move right.

We get a lot of measurements and check them twice to be sure, then Paul builds a dog form from wire, foam and misc. useful junk laying around the studio.

We call on our local friends with dogs of the approximate size to test drive the pieces. Then we ship it off and hope for the best. Occasionally there are issues but we’ve always been able to resolve them.

This is awesome.  Click here for the official website and more pictures at