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Post outdoor yoga vibes with my babe! ☀️🕉🙏 I had really big eyes!! 👀 Brussels, avocado 🥑 and potatoes 🥔 mashed with dill, garlic, S&P, nutritional yeast a dash of paprika + coconut milk, topped with a little coconut butter! 😍☺😋

Great #weightloss #tea #recipe.


If need be, take these characters to a Chinese herb shop or supermarket and you’ll be guided to the ingredients (black beans, dry lotus leaves - 1 big piece per tea, etc.)

Please note, my Tai Chi sifu gave this recipe to me.  He’s a renowned Chinese herbal doctor, and has treated my family since before I was born.  HOWEVER, I am not a doctor, and therefore I recommend consulting your own healthcare professional before taking this tea.  I am simply sharing this information as something that was helpful to me and my family.

For those who’s goal of 2015 is to lose weight:

Don’t aim for less food, aim for healthier food. Care for your body, nourish it, and listen to it. Please, don’t restrict and over exercise. Show your body the love and respect it deserves.

1/100 days of productivity 

So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and attempt at this challenge. I’d like to approach it not as a temporary challenge but truly as a process through which I will change aspects of my lifestyle, adopt positive habits and lose negative ones, and most of all, use my day in it’s entirety, head to bed each night feeling satisfied and as if I am truly working towards something that my future self will thank me for. 

The main aspects I wish to focus on:
• Organisation and cleanliness of my spaces (bedroom, study area, living space)
• Reading: I was once quite the reader, and I wish to bring back the positive impact it had on my livelihood, my language and vocabulary, as well as my heart and soul. 
• Studying: I recently (re)commenced my academic career (after quite the pause), and as a student of languages, I would like to not only succeed quantitatively, but truly master the art of the language and all it’s aspects. 
• Financial organisation: track spending/deposits, plan short/long term saving goals
• Physical fitness and injury recovery: since my physical injuries took over my life, I have neglected my body and allowed my situation to worsen. I wish to turn that around, take care of my body and rehabilitate it through nutrition, holistic healing methods, and physical therapy and training. 

How I will accomplish these goals:
•Organisation/cleanliness: I will designate fifteen-twenty minutes of my day (by setting phone reminders) to clean my space. If I spend fifteen minutes each day to fold clothes, clean home and do chores effectively, I will be able to maintain the tidiness I wish to have. 
• Reading: Reading daily is not a realistic goal to set. In between academia, work and my social life, as well as physical health, I know it is not accomplish-able at these times. My current goal is to read three times a week; even a chapter, a single chapter is satisfactory and will make the difference it should.
• Studying: once again, studying daily with my madness of a schedule is simply an impossible goal to set. 4 days a week seems ideal to me. 4 days a week of focused work/study sessions will get me where I need to be.
•Financial organisation: I have created a tracking chart where I will record all of my spendings and deposits, ideally helping me become more conscious of where my money goes.
• Physical health: Although it will be tough, this must become a daily priority. I will start with 3 days a week of short training sessions (min 30 minutes), as well as daily stretches and physical therapy at home (cumulative 30-45 minutes a day). As far as nutrition is concerned, I plan to track my macros to the best accuracy I manage.

Today is the first day, and I’ve already had a not-so-healthy family brunch, however I am not despaired. My space is clean and organised, and I have satisfactorily revised and made notes for class. 

Join me
As odd as it may seem, it is so absolutely motivating to work towards goals whilst others are supporting me and doing so as well. Start a challenge today too, any challenge that your heart desires. Drink more water, do daily yoga, read more books! Tell me about your plans, message me, I track the tag #northila.

Lots of love to you dear fellows,


Guysss 😀 me and my friend are organizing a yoga retreat in the mountains in June! Three days of yoga, nature, hikes, good food and chill 👌😍
we want to make it a regular thing and maayybee combine it with running?! Which is my biggest dream! To make yoga/running retreats in the mountains 💖 ahhh! So excited 😀

anonymous asked:

What are some things you do for self-care?

make organic skin masks, vinyasa flow yoga, organize my closet & room, pedicures, get enough sleep at night, make daily lists of 4 good things, buy new skincare products, eat food i like & not feeling guilty, spend time at the beach with my boyfriend, meditate, visualize my dream life & my dream self, practice expressing myself in healthy ways