organic vegetable garden

I compost every compostable food scrap that makes its way into our kitchen. Egg shells, carrot and parsnip peels and fronds, the leathery jackets on avocados, ends of kiwis, apple cores, melon rinds, chili pepper skins and seeds, the trimmed ends of mushroom stems, potato peels, scallion tops, you name it. 

Several times a week I’ll take the shiny, metal compost container that sits next to our sink and empty it into the big bin outside. With some muscle, I’ll heave it towards me and tumble the grass, dead leaves, garden clippings, and kitchen scraps together.

Composting is an activity I thoroughly believe in and enjoy. I like knowing that the healthy, organic vegetable bits I add help create the fertile soil in our garden season after season.

At last we started planting the kitchen garden in Malibu. First the fruit trees, then the blueberries, artichokes, next will be strawberries, tomatoes, many herbs, and many flowers of course. Around the perimeter we surrounded the garden with the fragrant old shrub roses… Growing food of the highest quality and flavor in nutrient-rich, biodynamically prepared soil.


Managed to squeeze 2 hours in down the allotment today. Did weeding as always, especially after the heavy rain this week and got the squash, cucumber and yellow courgettes planted. We hope we got the squash and cucumbers in the right place as one of us forgot to label them! We also got in the kale, looks so small right now. We also got in Vietnamese bak choi in too. Lovely to see the fruits starting to bloom and also form fruit.