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Tips on writing a character who’s ADHD

Courtesy of yours truly, an actual person with ADHD (who’s just slightly sick of bad ADHD characterisations)

  • We don’t ramble randomly, we infodump. I see a lot of writers writing ADHD characters as speaking these enormous, unbroken paragraphs on essentially whatever topic happens to be current, which isn’t how ADHD works. We might be long-winded at times (though really, not any more than non-ADHDers are,) but when it comes to those signature rambles, it’s about a topic we’ve hyperfixated on. Often, these topics seem random to NTs, but for us it’s very specific and topical. Often times, I’ll have only a handful of functioning hyperfixations at a time, and it’s usually something you can put under a specific header (cold war history/biology/etc., a particular band/genre, a specific show, and so forth.) My advice? Get a sense of your character’s hyperfixations before you write it in; Rick Riordan does a fantastic, albeit slightly heavy-handed, job of doing this with Leo Valdez in Heroes of Olympus. (another VERY IMPORTANT tip: just don’t write big unbroken paragraphs of rambling if you’re expecting me to actually read that shit. As an ADHDer it’s like physically painful for me to try and sift through that lmao)
  • We experience a wide range of emotions, and we experience them very strongly (AKA we’re not just balls of hyperactivity and joy.) Intense emotions are a hallmark of ADHD, which is why a lot of the time we seem super happy and energetic all the time to non-ADHDers. It’s a L O T more socially acceptable for us to express the intense happiness we feel, not so much the other emotions we feel just as intensely. Particularly for impulsive-type ADHDers, the main emotions we struggle to regulate are excitability, irritability, frustration, and dysphoria, all of which are emotions we’re taught from a very young age to be ashamed of and hide (which happens, in my experience, like this: you exhibit the strong emotion, you act in a way that is seen as unreasonably intense to non-ADHDers, and rather than learn to cope with the intensity of the emotion we’re taught to turn it inwards.) When we experience these intense negative emotions, we internalise it like we’re taught to, and our emotions appear more subdued to the people around us, though we still experience them intensely. We’ll typically close off and downplay our state if pressed, but in my experience we open up to people who we know to be ADHD/ND. That being said, we’re not always able to internalise it–especially (honestly, almost exclusively) when stressors pile up/when we’ve dealt with it for so long–and that’s when we explode. Because we experience emotion a lot more intensely than non-ADHDers, we almost always cry when this happens. I’m talkin’ ugly cry people. I’ve got hella information on the subtleties of a good ol’ fashioned ADHD-brand meltdown, which would make this post even longer than it’s already doomed to be, so if you’re interested in some tips on that feel free to shoot me an ask!
  • Our thought process is not random; we have highly-associative brains. Please. For the love of GOD. Stop fucking characterising us along that “OOH SQUIRREL” line of bullshit. I’ll come directly to your house and curse your shins to bump against every coffee table you encounter. Don’t fucking test me.
    Our thought process is highly-associative, which essentially means our brain makes more connexions between memories and thoughts when they’re being solidified, which results in memories triggering thoughts that wouldn’t occur to non-ADHDers. These links might seem tenuous when you don’t have a highly-associative brain, but they’re there, and they’re fairly evident on the part of the person with ADHD. And as a writer nota bene, don’t retroactively make these associations–in other words, don’t try to justify the link after it’s made just because a subject change is plot convenient for you. Try your best to make these transitions organic if you’re gonna include them. A good example of this is Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine Nine: he makes pretty sizeable leaps in topic, but the transitions always make sense.
  • ADHD is highly comorbid with other neurodivergencies. I’ve not met a single person with ADHD who is *only* ADHD; I personally have almost ten other neurodivergencies I’ve been diagnosed with. The most common comorbidities are: anxiety/depression (every ADHDer I know has at least one if not both of them,) autism spectrum disorder, and dyslexia. ADHD is a developmental disorder, which means our brains are fundamentally structurally different from NT brains, and this lends itself to the presence and development of other conditions. Don’t be afraid of including those other conditions/symptoms in your character’s story for realism! That being said, for the most of us, our ADHD is the most prominent condition we have, so we identify with it the most. The way we often see it, ADHD is the *main* condition, and the others feel like tag-alongs (this isn’t always the case and it isn’t always true, but that’s how we tend to interpret it.)
  • Our symptoms get worse when we get tired or stressed, but especially tired. When we’re stressed but reasonably rested/fed, we typically have the mental faculties to perform pseudo-neurotypically (we do decently well with controlling our symptoms,) though they might become slightly more pronounced. Lack of sleep/mental rest amplifies our symptoms and inhibits our ability to control them, most noticeably in our working memory (remembering/following instructions, immediate task completion, concentration, etc.) Just as NT/non-ADHDers become scatter-brained as they get increasingly stressed, so do ADHDers. The two main differences are that 1) it’s more pronounced and has a lower threshold, and 2) we (conveniently for you!) have a set list of symptoms that are going to react predictably to this.
  • We are very aware of our symptoms, thank you very much. While there will be times where my symptoms slip out and I’m not paying attention to them, nine times out of ten I’m very painfully aware of how non-NT I’m acting. When I simply can’t slow down my speech for the life of me, when I feel myself rambling about a hyperfixation, when I get stressed over something little and have an emotional outburst, I know. A lot of authors miss this, but ADHDers are very early made aware of why we’re perceived as different, and often times that’s done so at the expense of our self-esteem. Our ADHD doesn’t exist in a vacuum in our minds, and we’re very often self-conscious about how we’re socially read because of it. If you’re trying to get into the mind of a character with ADHD, that’s an important dimension to keep in mind. The self-consciousness factor is usually diminished when we’re around ppl who know that we’re ADHD, but when they show up around people we haven’t told we’re ADHD, we’re not usually quite so keen to share it. While this probably isn’t the same for all people with ADHD, it’s been my experience at the very least.

Anyhow this has been sitting in my drafts for God knows how long, so I’ll just release it into the wild. ADHDers, if you have any other tips, or want to share your experience, please feel free to add on!


At last I feel like I am coming out of my winter hibernation. Have taken the last few months to rest and work on some things and now I’m finally feeling like I might be about ready for the year ahead. Maybe even time to do a bit of forward thinking and planning… Just like these new spring bulbs have been busy growing and developing beneath the surface, only when they’re ready and the timing is right will they send up shoots into the warm spring sun. #transition #spring

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Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna & Emile Hirsch Join DreamWorks ‘Trollhunters Part 3’ On Netflix

Former Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna (Narcos) and Emile Hirsch (The Chinese Widow) have joined the third and final season of Netflix’s Emmy-winning original series DreamWorks Trollhunters, from Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro.

The join the returning cast from seasons one and two that includes Kelsey Grammer as Blinky, Mark Hamill (Dictatious), Lena Headey (Morgana), David Bradley (Merlin), Ron Perlman (Bular), Steven Yeun (Steve), Anjelica Huston (Queen Ursurna), Jonathan Hyde (Strickler), Amy Landecker (Barbara), Charlie Saxton (Toby), Lexi Medrano (Claire) and Fred Tatasciore (AAARRRGGHH!!!).

Maslany and Luna will voice Aja and Krel, two mysterious new students who unknowingly come to the aid of the Trollhunters team in the fight against Morgana. The duo will also reprise their roles and serve as the leads of the next installment in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, DreamWorks 3 Below, set to debut on Netflix later this year.

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Odontochelys semitestacea

By @alphynix

Etymology: Toothed Turtle

First Described By: Lie et al., 2008 

Classification: Biota, Archaea, Proteoarchaeota, Asgardarchaeota, Eukaryota, Neokaryota, Scotokaryota, Opimoda, Podiata, Amorphea, Obazoa, Opisthokonta, Holozoa, Filozoa, Choanozoa, Animalia, Eumetazoa, Parahoxozoa, Bilateria, Nephrozoa, Deuterostomia, Chordata, Olfactores, Vertebrata, Craniata, Gnathostomata, Eugnathostomata, Osteichthyes, Sarcopterygii, Rhipidistia, Tetrapodomorpha, Eotetrapodiformes, Elpistostegalia, Stegocephalia, Tetrapoda, Reptiliomorpha, Amniota, Sauropsida, Eureptilia, Romeriida, Diapsida, Neodiapsida, Sauria, Archosauromorpha?, Archelosauria, Pantestudines, Odontochelyidae  

Time and Place: Around 232 million years ago, in the Carnian age of the Late Triassic


Odontochelys is known from the Lower Member of the Xiaowa Formation of China, commonly known as the Guanling Fauna


Physical Description: Odontochelys is one of the earliest known turtles - preceded by one, possibly two, precursors other than stem members of the family group - and it showcases how this extremely unique group managed to evolve in the chaos that was the Triassic Explosion. It was simultaneously similar to and very different from living turtles, a true transitional organism. Like other reptiles, it had teeth embedded in its jaws, rather than the toothless beak found in turtle mouths. Like turtles, it had the lower plastron extending from its ribs, but unlike living turtles it had no upper shell - instead, it just had widened ribs and no bony shell around its body. The ribs and the vertebrae were put together differently from modern turtles as well, and its skull was more stretched out compared to its living relatives. It didn’t have fused tail bones, and its scapulae were very different from living turtles. It had short limbs and long, thick fingers, as well as a decently sized shell. It was about forty centimeters long from snout to tail tip. 

Diet: The diet of Odontochelys is fairly uncertain, despite us having its teeth; though they are small and peg like, we can’t really extrapolate a function since we don’t actually know its precise ecology! They may have been used for stripping plants, but it’s also possible they were used to chipp up algae and other aquatic water plants, or even invertebrates! So, more research there is clearly needed. 

Behavior: The life history of Odontochelys is actually a big mystery. It was found in a marine environment, leading initial studies to indicate it was marine. However, it had the hands of a fresh water organism, including fresh water turtles today. Furthermore, studies of other early turtles indicate that turtles first arose on the land, rather than in the water, and later groups would adapt to water life; the limbs of Odontochelys share similarities with tortoises and support a terrestrial lifestyle. So, the ecology of Odontochelys has been a constant battle. That said, there is some evidence that it was actually marine - and may represent an early experiment in ocean life by turtles. One fossil of Odontochelys indicates that it had completely messed up shoulder bones, likely due to a problem in life rather than destruction of the fossil. This pattern resembles decompression sickness, aka the bends, aka the condition caused by a diving animal coming up much too fast from a lower depth. Modern turtles have complex behavioral adaptations to avoid the bends, so Odontochelys may be an early experiment in marine life in a group mostly adapted for terrestrial life. In this transition to ocean life, it not only lacked better physical adaptations for the ocean, but also better behavioral ones, and was stricken with the bends on its trip back to the surface. So, as we try to determine its ecology and behavior, these clued paint a rich tapestry of the world’s most transitional turtle. A pioneer! 

Ecosystem: Odontochelys was found in - and thus, the null hypothesis is that it lived in - an ocean environment near the coast of the Tethys sea. This was a deep, open ocean - pelagic, hence the bends and problems Odontochelys faced trying to deal with the ocean. It was a very fertile ecosystem as well, with a variety of Triassic marine animals showcasing the rapid evolution of these groups. Among the invertebrates, there were many different types of Ammonites, plenty of bivalves, brachiopods, and crinoids & sea cucumbers as well. Still, the fascinating part of the ecosystem was the sheer number of marine reptiles. There were Thalattosaurs such as Anshusaurus and Xinpusaurus; Placodonts like Psephochelys and Sinocyamodus; and Ichthyosaurs like Qianicthyosaurus, Guizhouichthyosaurus, Guanlingsaurus, and Callawayia. One of many beautiful deposits of marine animals from this Period - and the many Ichthyosaurs would have been major predators of the relative n00b Odontochelys

Other: Odontochelys also just looks really weird because it basically looks like your usual turtle except it doesn’t have a freaking shell so here we are with this oddity. It’s transitional in shape, transitional in ecology, transitional in behavior, and just. What the heck. What the heck, Odontochelys. If you need more proof for evolution despite knowing about the dinosaur - bird transition, have I got a friend for you. 

~ By Meig Dickson 

Sources Under the Cut

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Natural Hair: Wash Day Routine using Alikay Naturals

Thoughts on MOTHER!

Okay, I’ve marinated in this movie enough, and I would urge everyone to really take some time after watching before saying much about it. The movie happens to you, and it takes a little bit to settle down afterwards, all the while revealing new aspects as you dwell on it. Having seen it a second time though, I think I’m ready to start processing it.

The first time through I watched with a certain degree of detachment, determining if it all hung together, if the performances resonated, if the transitions felt organic, even though they be surreal, or operate on dream logic. I was, in effect treating it as an academic exercise. Lots of, “right, he’s Adam, she’s Eve, the Gleeson Bros. are Cain and Abel (note the mark of Cain on Domhnal’s head after Javier slams it into the fireplace)… and, oh, oh Kristen Wiig is Lucifer (that one’s a trip)”. The second go around though, I just let it wash over me, and it was like a sledgehammer to the chest. I was nearly in tears as I left the theatre. The final third of the movie is honestly the best work of Aronofsky’s career. The shear unrelenting pain of it is communicated so acutely it’s like it lays eggs in your guts.

The first image anyone ever saw related to this movie was James Jean’s wonderful painted poster, depicting Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘mother’ standing among dense greenery, and holding her own bloodied heart out as an offering. In many ways, it is the perfect representation of the film Aronofsky has birthed. While it may be getting pitched as a horror movie, mother! actually emerges as a kind of dark, twisted, deeply emotional, dreamlike, and surrealist fable, loaded with symbols, and rich in metaphor. Yet it remains deceptively simple overall. A story of incivility, violation, narcissism, sacrilege, greed, devastation, carnage and ruin. This is what we do to our home, and she is crying out in anguish.

While attempts to apply traditional notions of plot form and character arcs are at the the heart of reactions against the movie, it’s understandable to some extent. But like trying to read Beowulf as a stage play, a literal reading of mother! may yield a compelling enough narrative - a wonky tale about a loving homemaker taken for granted by her older, narcissistic artist husband - for many such an approach is going to going to produce frustration, bemusement, and even derision. The norms of plot progression and character drama do not apply here. This movie is an escalating fever dream, moving from an allegorical representation of Genesis, to a re-imagining of Revelations that grafts aspects of the New Testament onto humanity’s destructive history in a swirl of misanthropic rage, and heartbreaking transgression, all of which occurs within the confines of a single, metaphorically rich house.

And at the centre of it all, anchoring the whole chaotic eruption is Jennifer Lawrence. Exuding waves of anxiety and pain, a scalding sense of violation, and finally, white-hot indignation. As disturbed and intense as the plot turns are, as increasingly oppressive and horrifying as the images become, it is Lawrence whom we are responding to at all times. She’s an exposed nerve; communicating emotion with such raw acuity it almost becomes too much to bear. I cannot wait for someone with the requisite skill to get seriously granular in analyzing what she does here, because the nuance and bravery of her performance is one for the ages.

mother! is a unique and thorny masterpiece, that defies categorisation, and should wear its ‘F’ Cinemascore like a badge of honour. A year from now more people will like the movie than do today. In ten years there’ll be people denying they ever didn’t like it.

The men that get extremely angry when someone even utters the possibility of there being a female doctor just make me laugh. 

I want there to be a female doctor because literally why not? I imagine she would be a badass, a sweetheart and a genius all at once.

The only problem is for me is that I want it to be absolutely perfect. I don’t want them to just make the doctor a female just because, you know? like there could be another 5 male doctors before the first female one for all I care. As long as they do it right and make the transition as organic and magical as every other regeneration. 

I mostly just want the little girls currently growing up with doctor who (and the people who were once little girls and still to this day watch doctor who) to be able to experience having a female doctor. Don’t mean to sound like a giant emotional sop but, it’d be one of the most inspirational and iconic moments in my life. 

Hello everyone ! Uterus havers and men alike ! This is me, your friendly liberal. My pronouns are Xe/Zu/Chupacabra.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about our use of language so I thought I would clear things up a bit :

Same sex preference is now called bigotry and a fetish. “Hearts not parts” you senseless reptile ! Having sexual preferences is only okay if it’s about degrading women. But sexual preferences such as “I like women’s voices, curves and genitals” are equivalent to murdering a kitten. Don’t do that please.

Women who disagree are literal nazis. Granted, they have absolutely nothing to do with the german state exterminating jewish people, homosexual people, disabled people or communists but still. I can’t say feminazis so I’ll just say nazis. “Terfs” is cool too but I don’t exactly know what it means. Just use it when you get a bit scared or upset. Anyway, these women generally deserve to be tortured and executed and we shall spend more time arguing with them online than challenging men at all on any subject whatsoever.

Gay men, lesbians and bisexual people are now called by a slur that used to be thrown at them : «queer», meaning abnormal. If they complain about it just assume it’s a boomer thing and keep using the word, especially if you’re not gay or a lesbian. Lumped under the abnormal label are all types of people who often have nothing in common but gay, lesbian and bisexual people will have to make do, we must include the whole world at all times or another kitten dies. I don’t make the rules.

Gender roles used to be considered a tool of oppression and a social construct. Now gender roles are a tool of self expression and can be observed on some obscure brain scans from 20 years ago. That’s right. Loving pink is hardwired in your ladybrain, I learned it from a trans woman who knew she was trans even as a kid because she liked princesses and make up. Animals such as dogs, cats and clown fishes are trans sometimes too. Seahorses are non-binary-demi-gender-void-fluid-sharks. My female dog is obviously a trans male dog, as she likes to hump my leg a lot.

Gender identity, a metaphysical idea that can’t be explained, is innate and penises are female organs. No need to transition. Transsexual is now transgender, it’s not a mental disorder, it has nothing to do with health in fact and one could ask why it’s covered by our healthcare system then but that would be a nazi way of thinking.

Biological sex is not a banal reality anymore, it is a social construct that is forced on us, and you better catch up real quick on the matter or you’ll be called all sorts of nasty things. If you can distinguish a man from a woman at first glance you need to unlearn that, because that creepy man following you home might actually identify as a woman so no need to freak out.    

Men are women now and gone is the concept of mansplaining. Men are now experts on womanhood. So STFU TERF UWU. Or die.

Remember how we used to say that men should stop shaming women about their bodies, like their vulvas’ labias, their uteruses, menstruations, breasts etc ? Well, we changed our mind. So STFU about your fucking smelly cunt TERF because it really hurts the feelings of some people and that’s insensitive.

Performative anti-racism is very much encouraged too, so give it all you got bitches ! When someone disagrees with you just call them white and call it a day.

Intersectionality does not mean the intersection of racism and misogyny as coined by black women. Intersectionality means feminism must include and center men. Feminism is not a political movement for women anymore. It’s an identity for everyone.

Feminists are all white if they disagree with us. That includes women of colour. Remember that. A lot of women around the world disagree with us. Indian and south korean women protest against porn a lot for example. That’s very white of them so just call them white or ignore them. This way we gain woke points by pretending to be fighting white supremacy when we tell african women that genital mutilation is a cis privilege.

Indeed women are not women anymore, they are cis women. That means they are not really women, they just feel like they are. Woman is just a feeling. Do you feel it ? If not, you might well be a man…

…or one of those 150 genders we just made up.

Women have cis privilege. That means they are privileged for being born females. All those baby girls buried alive in Pakistan would disagree but they can’t and that would be pretty transphobic of them.

On the other hand, men are now oppressed for being born men because they didn’t get to play with a pink iron and a broom as children. Much unfairness. Men can be genderfluid which means they are oppressed by women. And we all know what the appropriate response to oppression is, right ? Rape threats ! Of course. Genderfluid is kind of the new Emo except people don’t seem to outgrow that phase. Oh why did I say that ? Am I a nazi ? Sorry I don’t know what happened there. I shall send myself a suicide bait as punishment.

Instead of having a “personality” a lot of  youngsters are now non-binary. People, mostly white middle class north americans, have put their privileges, time and money to good use these past few years, not helping any actual minority, but pondering for hours about their inner selves, concluding that not wearing skirts everyday if you’re a girl and having long hair if you’re a boy makes them special. This unique non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid category was therefore created for all the oppressed people who don’t fit gender stereotypes 24/7, like all people, and laws were made to save them from certain death.

Moving on to “body positivity”, a neat idea that we destroyed rather quickly because it sounded too… feminist. Intsead we decided to use it to mean confidence and by confidence we mean : “I am confident enough to think I too can be desired by men.” So feel free to post naked pictures of yourself online girl ! Show them how much you love yourself ! Challenge the patriarchy ! Empower yourself like no man ever does !  

Empowerment is used any time a woman does something men want her to do. Pole dancing ? Empowering ! High heels and make up ? Empowering ! Pornography ? Empowering ! Asking your boyfriend to strangle you in bed ? Hell ! Do you even have to ask ? Sexual abuse is now sexual freedom. After all, she asked for it.

Where you see misogyny we see fun, you conservative prude ! I mean, who the fuck are you to say spitting on a woman’s face is wrong ? If a man gets a boner over it then it becomes right. Works like a charm ! And all the videos he masturbates to like “daddy punishes daughter while mom is away” or “teen slut gets destroyed” ? It’s fun and kinky too ! Masturbating to women crying is cool and normal. I mean, if you don’t like violence in bed are you even alive ?

If you are a prostituted woman who think prostitution is a rape industry you will be called a bitch and a «swerf» by the same people who scream that we should be «listening to sex workers». Better self crit or else.

Indeed the sexual exploitation of women is called «sex work» not prostitution, you stupid cunt. It’s just like any other job. Working as a cashier or having a strange man’s hands on your throat while he penetrates your body, same difference right ? So let’s stop blaming sex workers for doing what they love.

Other sex workers include pimps, pornographers, anyone who identifies as a sex worker in fact. If you sold pictures of your bra to a creep on the internet one day then by god you have every right to speak over those nigerian women waiting at the corner of the street.

Prostituted women are now independant workers. Who wants to hear about human trafficking ? Lalalala not us. We want to hear from the people who have all the time in the world to argue with strangers on tumblr, twitter and facebook. Not those fake ass prostituted women of colour who die lol.

Consent can be bought or, more accurately, men’s money can be a way to bypass consent. It’s very feminist of them as it gives power to women through money. In fact, it’s women who are exploiting horny men. Men are the real victims here. 

The violation of bodily autonomy has become an expression of bodily autonomy itself ! 

The men who buy sex workers’ services are invisible and what they do to sex workers is a no go area. Shhhh keep quiet and don’t talk about men. Ever.

Well here it is. Hope this will help. English is not my first language so I appologize for the mistakes, I asked jessica yaniv to help correct this post but she said she had to go buy tampons and pads for her diarrhea I mean periods. Language can get confusing but just remember not to actually change or challenge anything when it comes to politics. Just sit back, align your chakras and kill terfs.

anonymous asked:

I want Kurt to be all loveable as usual, which makes Remi reconsider her attitude and feelings towards Kurt. They in turn trigger Jane's memories (engagement flashback perhaps?) and Remi is faces a dilemma of how to keep grumpchkin safe whilst "tearing the FBI apart".

Watching Remi slowly “evolve” into Jane is currently my favorite possible story line for next season, especially if it is triggered by Kurt’s love for her and his commitment and protectiveness. I think having Remi grow and evolve and go on her own personal redemption arc sounds, to me at least, more exciting at the moment than it being a flip of a switch and she revert back into Jane. I think both Remi and Jane need this journey and this organic transition in order for both to assimilate and accept and merge into one badass, compassionate, incredible woman!