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Trollhunters Part 3 | Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna & Emile Hirsch Join Final Season; Tatiana Maslany & Diego Luna Will Lead Spinoff, 3 Below on Netflix.

Former Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna (Narcos) and Emile Hirsch (The Chinese Widow) have joined the third and final season of Netflix’s Emmy-winning original series DreamWorks Trollhunters, from Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro.

Maslany and Luna will voice Aja and Krel, two mysterious new students who unknowingly come to the aid of the Trollhunters team in the fight against Morgana. The duo will also reprise their roles and serve as the leads of the next installment in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, DreamWorks 3 Below, set to debut on Netflix later this year.

Hirsch takes on the role of Jim Lake, Jr., originally voiced by the late Anton Yelchin. Yelchin completed his work on the first two seasons and a considerable portion of season three before his unexpected passing in 2016. Del Toro and his creative team found a unique way to incorporate a voice transition organic to the story and create a path for Hirsch, a dear friend of Yelchin’s ,to carry on his legacy and role. Yelchin’s performance has been left intact where possible and some portions have been merged with Hirsch’s performance to complete season three, according to Netflix and DreamWorks. (x)

Part 3 comes May 25 on Netflix. (x)

Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna & Emile Hirsch Join DreamWorks ‘Trollhunters Part 3’ On Netflix

Former Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna (Narcos) and Emile Hirsch (The Chinese Widow) have joined the third and final season of Netflix’s Emmy-winning original series DreamWorks Trollhunters, from Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro.

The join the returning cast from seasons one and two that includes Kelsey Grammer as Blinky, Mark Hamill (Dictatious), Lena Headey (Morgana), David Bradley (Merlin), Ron Perlman (Bular), Steven Yeun (Steve), Anjelica Huston (Queen Ursurna), Jonathan Hyde (Strickler), Amy Landecker (Barbara), Charlie Saxton (Toby), Lexi Medrano (Claire) and Fred Tatasciore (AAARRRGGHH!!!).

Maslany and Luna will voice Aja and Krel, two mysterious new students who unknowingly come to the aid of the Trollhunters team in the fight against Morgana. The duo will also reprise their roles and serve as the leads of the next installment in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, DreamWorks 3 Below, set to debut on Netflix later this year.

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How to prep for Mabon fest ☘☗☙

Oh hi fellas ♥ I’m sharing here some tips on how to get ready for celebrating Mabon at your best. Let’s get stuff done from today, we can do thissssss… (it falls around sept. 20-29 2018, gotta hurry the foq up). I have one lil’ keyword for you this month: b a l a n c e . Why? Well, we’re basically celebrating a thing called equinox: a beautiful day in which daylight and darkness will last exactly for the same amount of hours. :)

1. Reach physical balance: cut out foods that are now too sweet or out of season, junk food; limit the amount of chemicals that you put on your skin, use less-to-no cosmetics, work on balancing your skin ph and keep up the oral hygene; sleep more, add more rest days to your workout schedule. 

2. Reach mental balance: drop the drama, do meditate consistently at least 20 minutes a day (you decide when and how), choose a good book and read every day, listen to relaxing music, smile/laugh more (put it in the effort guys, I know it’s hard sometimes but this really helps healing your soul).

3. Neutralize the energies in your house: if there’s a specific spot or corner where the flow of air and energy feels freekken’ weird, odd or uneasy, you might want to focus on that area and use whatever technique you like best to adjust the energy and vibe (smudging, crystals, salt, etc…). 

4. Change the color palette in your wardrobe: throw away the bright pieces that you wore during the whole summer; wear clothes in beige, tan, gray, camel yellow, brown, black even… Just think of the course of the nature and follow it. Be a leaf that’s drying out as the autumn comes. Oh and nude colors are always trending, trust me. 

5. Start drinking tea and/or wine. This is probably the best season to taste good old wine and freshly picked grapes! Alternatively, stick to a good cup of tea everyday. Doesn’t matter what type, as long as it makes you feel good and cozy. Best tip would be to make infused herbal teas yourselves: best beverages are always homemade;) - & don’t forget the honey. As for wines, I’d suggest a red Pinot or Merlot. If you happen to be intolerant to tannins, go for an excellent full-bodied Viognier.

6. Get your hair cut. Yes, we’re all prone to hair loss at this time of the year. Wanna feel 100% ready for f/w 2018? Go get your hair done. Just don’t try any new crazy and potentially delusional depressing hairstyle, there’s springtime ahead to test all of that shØt.

7. Tarot readings and all related stuff in even numbers only: 2, 4, 6, etc… We’ve got to keep a realistic balance in our practices as well: sometimes is better to respect our self-imposed boundaries to achieve maximum clarity.

8. Plan your week and make sure you follow the schedule. Sure, if things needs to be cancelled or added last minute it’s not the end of the world! But you want to keep track of your duties and activities, so you can stay organized during this transitional season. The more you stay organized, the more you’ll be focused on keeping a balanced and stable lifestyle. Celebrating your Mabon days in harmony will be much easier this way!

Hope this was helpful to you beauties out there and remember that your pretty bright smile can make a rainy day look like the sunniest one ever. 

❤  Peace out  xx  ❤


Natural Hair: Wash Day Routine using Alikay Naturals

Thoughts on MOTHER!

Okay, I’ve marinated in this movie enough, and I would urge everyone to really take some time after watching before saying much about it. The movie happens to you, and it takes a little bit to settle down afterwards, all the while revealing new aspects as you dwell on it. Having seen it a second time though, I think I’m ready to start processing it.

The first time through I watched with a certain degree of detachment, determining if it all hung together, if the performances resonated, if the transitions felt organic, even though they be surreal, or operate on dream logic. I was, in effect treating it as an academic exercise. Lots of, “right, he’s Adam, she’s Eve, the Gleeson Bros. are Cain and Abel (note the mark of Cain on Domhnal’s head after Javier slams it into the fireplace)… and, oh, oh Kristen Wiig is Lucifer (that one’s a trip)”. The second go around though, I just let it wash over me, and it was like a sledgehammer to the chest. I was nearly in tears as I left the theatre. The final third of the movie is honestly the best work of Aronofsky’s career. The shear unrelenting pain of it is communicated so acutely it’s like it lays eggs in your guts.

The first image anyone ever saw related to this movie was James Jean’s wonderful painted poster, depicting Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘mother’ standing among dense greenery, and holding her own bloodied heart out as an offering. In many ways, it is the perfect representation of the film Aronofsky has birthed. While it may be getting pitched as a horror movie, mother! actually emerges as a kind of dark, twisted, deeply emotional, dreamlike, and surrealist fable, loaded with symbols, and rich in metaphor. Yet it remains deceptively simple overall. A story of incivility, violation, narcissism, sacrilege, greed, devastation, carnage and ruin. This is what we do to our home, and she is crying out in anguish.

While attempts to apply traditional notions of plot form and character arcs are at the the heart of reactions against the movie, it’s understandable to some extent. But like trying to read Beowulf as a stage play, a literal reading of mother! may yield a compelling enough narrative - a wonky tale about a loving homemaker taken for granted by her older, narcissistic artist husband - for many such an approach is going to going to produce frustration, bemusement, and even derision. The norms of plot progression and character drama do not apply here. This movie is an escalating fever dream, moving from an allegorical representation of Genesis, to a re-imagining of Revelations that grafts aspects of the New Testament onto humanity’s destructive history in a swirl of misanthropic rage, and heartbreaking transgression, all of which occurs within the confines of a single, metaphorically rich house.

And at the centre of it all, anchoring the whole chaotic eruption is Jennifer Lawrence. Exuding waves of anxiety and pain, a scalding sense of violation, and finally, white-hot indignation. As disturbed and intense as the plot turns are, as increasingly oppressive and horrifying as the images become, it is Lawrence whom we are responding to at all times. She’s an exposed nerve; communicating emotion with such raw acuity it almost becomes too much to bear. I cannot wait for someone with the requisite skill to get seriously granular in analyzing what she does here, because the nuance and bravery of her performance is one for the ages.

mother! is a unique and thorny masterpiece, that defies categorisation, and should wear its ‘F’ Cinemascore like a badge of honour. A year from now more people will like the movie than do today. In ten years there’ll be people denying they ever didn’t like it.


hey !! the school year is getting closer and closer so i made a little guide on how to prepare & feel better about it :] good luck this upcoming year~ 

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The men that get extremely angry when someone even utters the possibility of there being a female doctor just make me laugh. 

I want there to be a female doctor because literally why not? I imagine she would be a badass, a sweetheart and a genius all at once.

The only problem is for me is that I want it to be absolutely perfect. I don’t want them to just make the doctor a female just because, you know? like there could be another 5 male doctors before the first female one for all I care. As long as they do it right and make the transition as organic and magical as every other regeneration. 

I mostly just want the little girls currently growing up with doctor who (and the people who were once little girls and still to this day watch doctor who) to be able to experience having a female doctor. Don’t mean to sound like a giant emotional sop but, it’d be one of the most inspirational and iconic moments in my life. 

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I want Kurt to be all loveable as usual, which makes Remi reconsider her attitude and feelings towards Kurt. They in turn trigger Jane's memories (engagement flashback perhaps?) and Remi is faces a dilemma of how to keep grumpchkin safe whilst "tearing the FBI apart".

Watching Remi slowly “evolve” into Jane is currently my favorite possible story line for next season, especially if it is triggered by Kurt’s love for her and his commitment and protectiveness. I think having Remi grow and evolve and go on her own personal redemption arc sounds, to me at least, more exciting at the moment than it being a flip of a switch and she revert back into Jane. I think both Remi and Jane need this journey and this organic transition in order for both to assimilate and accept and merge into one badass, compassionate, incredible woman!

Money questions ignited Trump. When he learned that (New Jersey Governor Chris) Christie, who would be the head of his transition team, was raising money for the operation, he summoned him and (Steve) Bannon to Trump Tower.

“Where the fuck is the money?” Trump asked Christie. “I need money for my campaign. I’m putting money in my campaign, and you’re fucking stealing from me.” He saw it all as his.

Christie defended his efforts. This was for the required transition organization in case Trump won.

Trump said that Mitt Romney had spent too much time on transition meetings as the nominee in 2012, and not enough time on campaign events. “That’s why he lost. You’re jinxing me,” he told Christie. “I don’t want a transition. I’m shutting down the transition. I told you from day one it was just an honorary title. You’re jinxing me. I’m not going to spend a second on it.”

“Whoa,” Bannon interjected. A transition might make sense.

“It’s jinxing me,” Trump said. “I can’t have one.”

“Okay, let’s do this,” Bannon said. “I’ll shut the whole thing down. What do you think Morning Joe’s going to say tomorrow? You’ve got a lot of confidence you’re going to be president, right?”

Trump agreed, finally and reluctantly, to a slimmed-down, skeletal version of the transition. Christie would cease fundraising.

“He can have his transition,” Trump said, “but I don’t want anything to do with it.”

– Bob Woodward, Fear: Trump in the White House

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hello! i have a question bc i keep seeing the term "anarcho-communist". isnt communism inherently anarchist? like real, true communism not the fake ass ussr stuff. i thought the whole point was to get rid of the government and the harmful power structure that comes with it. idk though, so id like to hear your thoughts!

communism as an end goal is the same for all communists, we mainly have disagreements with methods of organization and transition to achieve communism.

anarcho communists would oppose hierarchal methods of organizing and the use of the state as a transitional tool between capitalism and communism. that’s the difference

Fakehaus -> Bruce Greene

When half of your life is spent fighting others in a ring, the transition to organized crime isn’t really all that bad. Bruce Greene is fiery, hotheaded, and impulsive, which makes him the perfect man to be the boss of Fakehaus. Deciding where and when to strike is his first job, and his second is intimidation. Wheezing laughter and a good attitude can turn into harsh words and intense eyes in a matter of seconds. Every time a new member joins the crew, Greene makes it his responsibility to guide them through their first job safely. With serene directions and a watchful eye, he calms the new member’s unsteady hands before they pull the trigger of the gun. At the end of the day, Greene hopes the rest of Fakehaus knows this one fact: 

Greene would die for his men. 

Joel / Lawrence / Adam / Spoole / James / Elyse / Peake / Omar

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I am very confused by the plot of throne of glass (as a series). Like every book has its own plot (like take out the wrydkey business or whatever and I’m pretty sure each book could be a stand alone). Like Sarah’s never really explicitly focused on what’s supposed to be the main plot (heck I don’t know what it is) and she’s definitely cramming everything in this last book. (But like seriously can you tell me what’s supposed to be happening, like all the gods stuff because I am confused af)

I agree. To me it’s very obvious that it started off as one idea (Cinderella-like assassin in a love triangle between prince and captain) and then snowballed into something else (lost princess reclaiming her throne). Now, is there a way to organically transition from the first idea to the other? I think so, but I don’t think SJ/M has the skills to do so, and it certainly doesn’t help that she rushed to write the back half of the books while also publishing AC0TAR. To be fair, I think T0G sold either as a standalone or a trilogy, so it would make sense that SJ/M started writing the books as standalones, but it’s no secret that she always knew she wanted to write at least six books. (Her website said so around the C0M era, when BB was only slated to publish three books, pending H0F sales.) If she had a six-book plan, she could have and should have written each book as “standalones with series potential,” as they say in the publishing world. However, all evidence points to the assumption that she simply does not outline, but rather dictates the flow of the story by what I call “fae porn potential.” So we have this disjointed mess:

  • T0G: assassin competition, the D0rian Book^TM.
  • C0M: more assassin-ing, challenging Celery’s morals, the C/haol Book ^TM. This book feels like part of the first series still.
  • H0F: Celery is in a whole new part of the world, all our old cast is back in Rifthold, we get a bunch of new characters like Aedi0n and the Witch Theater. R0wan Becomes a Thing ^TM. With the new cast, the books start becoming conspicuously white and straight. This is where a lot of the first antis dropped off.
  • Q0S: the R0WAN Book^TM. Alien^TM. The mating system hammers the cis/heteronormativity and patriarchy into the T0G world. Yeah that’s it there’s nothing else Lisandra returns, C/haol’s character is assassinated, Arobin gets killed, Malide B-plot in M0rath. Nothing else happens to get Celery to her goal.

V E L V E T - W R A P P E D  S T E E L

  • C/haol is just???? Not in?? This book? I’m so sorry but this entire book seems like the main priority was fae porn in order to prove that all the characters were straight, like Man0n and E/lide get it on with men, A/edion tells Lys he’s going to marry her and she has no choice, C/haol is literally gone because he and D0rian are Not Gay. Literally nothing happens in this book besides fae porn.
  • T0D: damage control for all the C/haol fans SJ/M lost from the last three books. An OOC mess. Ableism and Racism^TM. Could have been a novella or part of the last book if SJ/M could have controlled her fae porn impulse. C/haol and Nesrin get it on in the beginning only for Irene to marry him and Nesrin to be paired off with S@rtaq in the B-plot within the B-plot.
  • K0A: ?????? How can she possibly sum up all the “epic” things she was “setting up”? Her main priority was writing white cishet fae porn, so six books of opportunity to flesh out the world and direct Alien toward her “destiny” have been wasted at this point. As you point out, the world and lore is self-contradictory and thin to the point where even stans don’t fully understand the gods or Wyrdkeys or the Valg, the plot is all over the place, and everything must be crammed into the finale.