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Fresh Start

Ok guys. So I haven’t watched TVD all season but from seeing some tweets people have put up I get a rough idea of what’s happening in the storyline. This quick Drabble came to mind. I had no beta and I hope you guys like it. Sorry for any mistakes.

This is how I imagine an “organic” transition of Caroline into The Originals. I don’t think they need to rush into a romance, it’s possible they first start as friends and with time something else. Ok, enough talking. Enjoy!


“You know you didn’t have to come.” Caroline told Klaus as they walked out of the cemetery.

“Believe it or not love, I considered Stefan a friend and at one point we were like brothers.”

Caroline didn’t respond to his last comment. They just continued to walk in silence. Klaus was one of the few people on this earth that she didn’t feel the need to fill the silence with meaningless words. Besides, after losing Stefan the man she thought she would spend eternity with, the last thing she felt like doing was talking.

“You’re home Caroline.” Caroline had to look up. She hadn’t even realized they made it back to her house already, so lost in her grief over losing Stefan.

“I have to get out of here Klaus. I can’t stay in this town any longer. I’ve lost too many people here, I need to start over.”

“Come to New Orleans with me.”

“Seriously, Klaus? I just lost Stefan and you want to take me to New Orleans. God! I should have known you were here for purely selfish reasons.” Caroline was practically shaking from her anger.

“You’ve misunderstood love, as much as I still intend to be your last love this is not the time nor the moment to speak of those things. I am merely inviting you to come as a friend. New Orleans is a beautiful city and the perfect place for you to have a fresh start. I’d never take advantage of your grief Caroline.” Somewhere between their conversation, Klaus had moved a lot closer and they were now standing so close their chests were almost touching.

“Just friends. No funny business.” Caroline said as she pointed her finger at his chest. It reminded him a lot of the day she agreed to a date in exchange for one of his hybrids.

“No funny business. Just friends.” Klaus said as he raised his hands in surrender a small smile starting to form.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

The surprise was written all over Klaus’ face. He expected to have to do a lot more convincing.

“Don’t you want to pack?”

“No. If I don’t leave now I don’t think I ever will.”

Caroline insisted on driving her brain running a mile a minute unable to relax. As she drove she looked over to the passenger seat and noticed Klaus had fallen asleep. She realized what that meant, Klaus who trusted no one falling asleep in her presence. He trusted her. Strangely enough, she realized that she also trusted him. With all the emotions she was having right now, she was not in the mood to read deeper into what that truly meant. Caroline focused on the road again and wondered what her life would be like in New Orleans. She made a mental checklist of things to do once she arrived and the first would be to see if Rick and the girls would meet her there.

It would always hurt to lose Stefan. She will always carry him with her and although she had no idea what the future would bring, as she drove into New Orleans she began to feel a bit of hope.

anonymous asked:

You're right 2014 was the Kaylor Honeymoon period. The sad thing is, it wasn't allowed to go to the next relationship phase organically. The Honeymoon/Glass Closet stopped dead with Kissgate. Also, Karlie & Tay were 3 years younger in 2014 & as you said, the relationship has matured/they're thinking long term. I miss the joy & spontaneity of 2014 Kaylor. Seeing Karlie/Derek pics made miss it more. She doesn't have to mute emotions and walk behind him or have to stand 2 people away like w/Taylor.

It may not have been an organic transition but they made it and have survived everything so far. I’d like to think they’ve come out stronger for it. I miss the glass closet days as well and hopefully they’ll be in a position to do that again soon.

Fakehaus -> Bruce Greene

When half of your life is spent fighting others in a ring, the transition to organized crime isn’t really all that bad. Bruce Greene is fiery, hotheaded, and impulsive, which makes him the perfect man to be the boss of Fakehaus. Deciding where and when to strike is his first job, and his second is intimidation. Wheezing laughter and a good attitude can turn into harsh words and intense eyes in a matter of seconds. Every time a new member joins the crew, Greene makes it his responsibility to guide them through their first job safely. With serene directions and a watchful eye, he calms the new member’s unsteady hands before they pull the trigger of the gun. At the end of the day, Greene hopes the rest of Fakehaus knows this one fact: 

Greene would die for his men. 

Joel / Lawrence / Adam / Spoole / James / Elyse / Peake / Omar

Speaking of subways, this corny photo supposedly shows the way-out ways New Yorkers were using to get around during the historic transit strike of January 1966.  My dad was a motorman at the time, 3 round trips a night between Pelham and South Ferry.  (Going to work with him once and riding the train all night long was one of my best teenage memories.)  The strike dragged on a couple of dramatic weeks.  Subway riders expressed displeasure with the transit workers afterward.  One example was that newspapers that they’d previously leave on their subway seats for conductors (or motormen) to pick up later were now ripped in half.  After a while everything went back to normal, of course.  New York Daily News photo taken by George Lockhart.

I have a problem and the problem is that I want an Elf.

It’s like a bike car and it holds like 200 lbs of cargo not counting the driver and LOOK AT IT

IT HAS TURN SIGNALS AND HEADLIGHTS AND CUTE LITTLE REAR-VIEW MIRRORS and the electrical assist (which lets you go 30mph) is powered by either a standard wall outlet or by the freakin’ solar panels on the roof and you can get one that seats two people and THEY EVEN MAKE THEM FOR FREAKIN’ COPS WHAT THE FUCK NO FAIR COPS DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE AN ELF




From the beginning, Cheney had what former Vice President Dan Quayle called a different understanding with Bush. When the presidential election landed in the courts in 2000, Cheney did not wait for a high court decision. Working out of his house, he organized the transition. And once the team was installed
in office, Cheney assumed the role of chief operating officer for a president who disdained details. Bush was the decider, but Cheney, by limiting options and sometimes suppressing information, often framed the decision.

Washington Post reporter Bart Gellman, author of Angler, an extraordinary book on the Cheney vice presidency, reports that Cheney was a sponge for details and a skilled bureaucratic infighter. And, at least in the first term, he drove policy on the issues he cared about. In the second term, with a more experienced and wary President Bush, Cheney’s influence waned but hardly ceased.


Cheney: A VP With Unprecedented Power : NPR

What I’m terrified will happen with Trump’s VP pick.