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Sunday is the only day Joyce and Jonathan get off so they dedicate to Eleven and Will. Sometimes they will all lay in a patch of sunlight streaming through the windows and color quietly and occasionally break the silence to ooh and ahh over another persons drawing. Other times they’ll turn on the radio and teach Eleven all about music (she has amazing taste but she learned all about music from Jonathan So of course she does) and have a dance party. None of them can dance and they always end up on the floor laughing so hard their stomachs hurt. Wills favorite thing is when they all get in the car and drive somewhere with the radio playing quietly in the background while will points out everything he sees that might interest Eleven. She’s fascinated by everything and her excitement fills the air of the car until everyone is big smiles and laughter. In the end it doesn’t matter what they do it just matters that they’re all together and that Sunday is their day and nobody else’s.

suspicious tst thing #2: john says there will be cake at the christening. not only is there not cake, but “cake” is the code word for “death” used by mark and steven in that very script.
except, they said they used it in case the script leaked. but, “mary dives in front of a bullet, gets cake, bleeds out” isn’t exactly the greatest obfuscation
so perhaps they were pointing us towards the other instances of cake in the series

rooftop .

omg this one is so fucking cute. send in requests here if you have some :)

Shawn wipes sweat off his brow and heavily exhales as he leans against the kitchen counter. A sea of unpacked, half-packed, and untouched cardboard boxes are scattered across the dusty, geometric tile, and his mood plummets when he remembers how much is still left in the living room. Moving in is one of those things you can’t see the other side of– it’s an endless task, and Shawn is about to hang the towel on it.

Today’s been rough. The two of you have been hauling up boxes, unpacking them, and organizing things in your New York apartment for the past six hours, and you gave up about 30 minutes ago. You’re lying, starfished, across one of the few rugs you’d unpacked. The setting sun casts planes across your body and is orange on the stretch of skin from where your sports bra stops and to where the band of your leggings starts. You look very pretty like that, Shawn thinks, tilting his head and admiring your soft, sleepy features. You look very pretty but you also look a bit uncomfortable lying on the floor.

“Hey baby,” he whispers, crouching down beside you and brushing stray hairs out of your face. You stir and turn away from him. “No, no,” he laughs, “don’t do that. We’ve gotta figure out where we’re sleeping tonight.”

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Sundays are always busy work days for me and 사탕 wanted to see me but also had to work so he just decided to camp out in my room all day and do what he needs to do and it’s been so nice having him to come back to after finishing my work. He also deep cleaned my room while I was away (organized things, vacuumed the floors, fixed my curtains because I’m too short to do it myself, tied all my charger cables in nice little knots so they won’t tangle etc.) and brought me a huge down comforter his mom told him to give me from his house and bought me toothpaste and a bunch of water bottles. I wish we could actually live together but this was a great preview for when we finally can ♥

Writing Advice

Do not overthink your work. I know you’re taught to plan out your plot and your characters in great detail, but don’t. Let things happen organically in your story as they come, you may find your tale begins to take on a life of it’s own.

If you’re a writer who plans and plots more than you write, try starting afresh without any planning, just dive in and see what comes of it. There is always time to go back and adjust plot holes and the likes in your editing stage.

satans-little-midgets  asked:

So my family often goes to out of state to see family, and last summer we came back after one of these trips and out neighbors had painted our fence. Out of spite, we painted purple polka dots on it. Went out of town again, came back to a newly painted fence. My mother organized a thing and filled several water balloons with paint. My neighbors start walking into their house, my mother's gang start throwing the paint balls at them, screaming, "YOU VANDALIZE MY FENCE ILL VANDALIZE YOUR FAMILY."

It’s not their fence so why the fuck should it even matter to them???

And done! Thank you @gemanimate for organizing this huge thing of a project! I really enjoyed having full creative autonomy in my work - so much so that I’ve started to reconsider my career path - so I’m grateful I had this opportunity to explore and play around with the style. I can’t wait to see everyone’s great works in the final product :3 

Now onto my other gemanimate shot that I’m collaborating with another artist on…

YOI Fanfiction Wednesday

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And the devil makes three - @kuzeykirkland

Those who had followed Katsuki Yuuri’s skating career knew his personal life had been plagued by tragedy, the exact details of which had remained a mystery until the very end. Now, in a never before seen anthology, his first ever great misfortune and the lives of those who had been beside him have finally been revealed, and it is now clear why he refused to speak of the night that took the world from him.

Encore - @simply-emily24

When Viktor first asked Yuuri for a private encore, he never could have imagined something like this.

aka shameless, gratuitous smut with Yuuri in lingerie

Everything on the Ice (Love) - @heroesfly

“He landed and a surge of cheers rose to meet him. Still, he saved his smile. He saved it until a second set of skates slid out into the rink.”

“It’s almost like a marriage proposal” - @simply-emily24

Honestly, Yuuri hadn’t planned on it. He meant it when he said that he wants Viktor to stay with him until he retires. But Viktor had to go ahead and say that it sounded like a marriage proposal and that he never wants Yuuri to retire.

Like a Feather on Ice - @starlitdreamscapes

Viktor didn’t fall often. But when he did, he fell hard.

A look through Viktor’s childhood and everything that happened after that.

Tender Colours, Softer Shades - @notgreengardens

Throughout his life, Yuuri had painted Viktor in many colours. [Viktuuri Fluff One-Shot] 

these hands, if not god - @belsefar

Yuuri studies the man with silver hair and unbelievably blue eyes, and says, “Are you real, then?”

“I believe I should be asking you that.” The man stares back at Yuuri with a mix of shock and awe, as if he were gazing upon a miracle. Under the intensity, the tips of Yuuri’s ears flush red. It’s not that he’s unaccustomed by hero worship. Plenty of people have called Yuuri their idol before, but this is different. He doesn’t know how yet, but it’s different.

“What’s your name?”


(In which Yuuri Katsuki is a hero in a shounen manga, Viktor Nikiforov is a figure skating legend who has always been in love with a fictional character, and somehow the two manage to meet across universes.)

More YOI Fanfiction

“People who see us from the outside think that our greatest struggle is the disability. It’s not. Our greatest struggle is that we’d fallen out of love with each other. I lost a lot of my independence when Tatiana was born. I fell into a depression. He was working a lot. We grew distant. I didn’t think I could ever love him again. Two years ago I prayed one night, and said: ‘God, you’ve done so much. Please grant me one more miracle and make me love him again.’ The first change came from me. He’s always been the easygoing one, so I had to change first. I started trusting more. I tried to be more forgiving and understanding. I started to cook for him and organize things around the house. And he started spending more time at home. We started enjoying each other’s company. We talked about things other than diseases. And we started going out together– just like this. It was like I suddenly met a friend, who became my best friend, who became my love. And our life started over again.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

more fics about friendships that are structured just like ship fics

specifically like pining ship fics oh my god

  • forced to share a bed becomes “accidental sleepover, I didn’t realize adults could do this and I should be chill about how happy it makes me, but no one’s ever braided my hair and gossiped with me before, but I gotta play this cool because I don’t want to be pathetic, and I don’t want to be the person who likes the other person more, but g o s h, I want us to be friends, and not just friends, besties
  • the coworker at your bakery/coffee shop/library/spy organization who smiles at you every day and asks about your weekend, but you can’t tell if they’re being nice or what, or if they’d actually say yes if you invited them out to coffee to talk about that hiking trip they went on, you don’t want to make things weird but work would be a lot easier if you had a friend
  • you’ve just moved to a new city and you cannot believe how many times you’ve had to knock on your neighbor’s door, but you didn’t pack like any of the things you need, and they don’t seem effusively happy that you keep asking to borrow shit like a vacuum or duct tape, but they also don’t rush you out of the door, and when you return what you borrowed, they ask you how it went, and one time you told a joke that made them laugh and you felt so good about it, you kept riffing on the joke for the next ten minutes and it isn’t until you went back to your place that you realized what an embarrassment you are
  • enemies to friends where you have to work with someone that you hate oh my god you hate them, and then you spend time with them, and then you don’t hate them quite so much, but stopping hating them? almost feels like? defeat?? you’ll stop acting like you hate them when they stop acting like they hate you, and honestly you’d really like them to stop acting like they hate you because they are the only other person you know that’s ever shared your interest for cold war spy thrillers and maybe this is the time for the book club of your dreams
  • your partner has a best friend and you’ve never hung out with them without your partner but now you are coordinating with the best friend for your partner’s surprise party and they are just the funniest, the sweetest, the nicest, the coolest, and suddenly your partner is concerned because you and your best friend are hanging out all the time, which is…great…awesome…….suddenly becoming the third wheel is just the funnest because who doesn’t like wheelbarrows (it becomes a whole Thing, and ends up resolving in a disney channel esque lecture of someone being like "Guys You Can Have More Than One Best Friend”) 
  • you’re lonely and it sucks and it’s not the kind of thing that you can admit because you’ve got your pride, you don’t want to look desperate, you can’t tell people about loneliness without making them wonder what’s wrong with you because shouldn’t you have friends? who doesn’t have friends? but it’s gotten to the point where you look forward to buying groceries because you can make small talk with the clerk, you look forward to work because maybe you can slip in something personal in the course of talking about business, but if anyone asked you how you were doing and if you wanted to hang, you’d panic and say that you were busy. and you want to change. you in fact need to change, but. yeah. it’s not an easy thing. and there’s no easy solution. and this is a 100k fic about you slowly assembling a friend group, while having really zero practical experience with friendship, and it’s a gentle epic with the highest stakes, oh my god, just the highest
  • you and an acquaintance become friends with benefits. things become unexpectedly awkward when you learn that the real benefit………..was friendship 

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