organic saturation

there’s rose vines growing from my stomach &
they’re aiming straight for the balloon of my heart.
fragile, ready to burst if you touch it just right.
internal bleeding doesn’t scare me. i think i would
prefer crimson bones, saturated organs. for now,
i rub orange zest into my pulse points. hide lavender
in my hair so there will be remnants of it left on your
pillowcase. i leave small shreds of me everywhere.
push my poems against your wrist, try to get you to
see yourself the way i do, realize i only make paper
cuts up and down your arms. i sing to the clouds,
but spit up the rainwater. in a body that never
knows what it wants, the most i can ask for is a
song that makes my hands stop shaking. a field
of stars that burn my fingertips. if i can’t be safe
out here, maybe the trees will still have me.
twine my hands in ivy, complain when i can’t get
loose. maybe i’m a walking contradiction. i want
both the sweet and the sour melting on my tongue
at once. i want salt and cinnamon sifted across my
body. to want intangible metaphors is a way to make
the past ache a little less. i had it, but now it’s gone.
so i over stuff the poems until they’re bloated, all
honey glazed and cherry picked, then kick them
into the oven and turn it up high. let them burn.
let something other than my body go up in flames.
—  Intangible Metaphors, Angelea Lowes
Ocean acidification and the development of calcifying organisms

What is ocean acidification?
Increased CO2 results in a lowering of pH in the ocean, making it more acidic.
Since cold water absorbs CO2 more easily than warm water, polar regions are more at risk.

How does it impact calcifying organisms?
It decreases the saturation state of CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), meaning that animals which produce calcium carbonate shells or skeletons (such as molluscs, echinoderms, and corals) will be severely impacted. Their skeletons and shells may become stunted, deformed, and more porous (see below).

Pictured Above:
Echinoderm larvae from tropical, temperate and polar sea urchins under different pH levels (note: the lower the pH, the more acidic). This figure shows that increasing acidity significantly inhibits their development (Byrne et al., 2013). Scale bars = 200 µm. 

Whats going to happen?
- Species extinctions
- A decrease in biodiversity, species richness, and biomass of coral reefs
- Food webs will be simplified
- Habitat complexity will be reduced
- A shift from coral reefs to seagrass/algae based ecosystems in some areas

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Vans x Seea

We’ve loved Seea ever since we first laid eyes on their beautiful and feminine, and yet totally functional, surfwear. To introduce our latest collab with the California label, we caught up with their Brazilian-born designer and founder, Amanda Chinchelli, to hear more about the Seea story. 

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  • You, a normal, well-balanced lab denizen: I meet with my PI every week to talk about my progress, which I make in a timely, well organized manner
  • Me, a lab gremlin: I haven't seen my PI in three weeks which is fine by me because last I heard she wanted an update on all the stuff I haven't done *procrastinates by cleaning desk/bench/reorganizing lab/fighting the general entropy of life in small, meaningless ways*
  • We have so many incredibly bad laws. A law that cars must be parked on a paved surface? Paving places with asphalt is an oil spill, actually. It a mandatory oil spill. Laws against front yard gardens? Think about all the millions of little bad laws and regulations that mandate the destruction of the earth. Property taxes making living off the land illegal, rain collection laws? The laws are so incredibly dystopian that the fact that they make a law against it, now apparently means it's actually something that we all need to do to survive. The grey water thing. Just imagine how clean your waste water stream gets when you know it drains into your garden. I bet you don't pour draino down your drain (baking soda works for that too). Alternate side of the street parking makes so much traffic that thousands probably die of lung cancer just for that law. salting the roads, and now using fracking chemicals... Everything! almost every law is so wrong, I can't decide whether their purpose is to destroy nature as quickly and completely as possible, or just to make one company a totally artificial unchecked never ending revenue stream. Both. it's definitely both. That's the only purpose for recent laws. Organized crime has fully saturated all levels of government.