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About the whole orange and blue "Stydia" shirt thing; Isn't the original point of the 'orange and blue' because Dylan is such a big fan of the Mets? He mumbles after she rejects it about those being the team colours. And it seems the writers have just gone along with it now because they can't seem to write a believable, organic romance between Stiles & Lydia to save their lives, or their shitty fan-servicing series - proof by their failing ratings. Sorry for anon, I cba with the Stydia cultists

I have no idea, I don’t follow details like that (especially if it’s old Srydia stuff) and for sure I have no idea what DOB likes. But I have seen somewhere that the colors are also a Sterek thing? (Guys? Help?)

I totally agree. I don’t even know what to add. 6A is a poorly written fanfiction full of the most idiotic and cheesy tropes and story that has more holes than a sweater eaten by moths. Someone explain me why Ghost Riders were trapped and why they just left like that. Explain me the reason of the Nazi werewolf’s existence. They were there only to bring Srydia together what makes them the most useless villains in tv history. The writers focused so much on Srydia that forgot and fucked everything else. And then prayed it was going to be ok. A spoiler alert – it was not ok. It sucked. Other relationships were fucked. Characters development were fucked. Storyline fucked. This season is the last, they could make it memorable but so far for me it feels absolutely POINTLESS.

Srydia cultists - what a beautiful term :D

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Hi for fic recs I'm good with anything I just am in a slump trying to find some good Granada style fics and so I thought I would seek the help of an expert xD Maybe some fluff or h/c preferably 1k+ words

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Oh good! let’s do this :D

Particular Pecularity by saavik13m, 43k, Mature: “How high is your regard for me, Watson?” He asked abruptly, his eyes still trained on the fire. “If I were to confess my darkest secret would you leave? Would you abandon me here to my melancholy?”A case forces Holmes to reveal the truth to Watson and risks both their reputations and their liberty. Just how understanding is John Watson?

Since First I Saw Your Face by Stavia_Scott_Grayson, 42k, Mature, Holmes POV, wip: During the Great Hiatus, Holmes, studying in Tibet, reflects on his first meeting with Dr John Watson. Full of historical references, with a hopelessly in love Holmes, beautiful writing, one of the best fics of the moment. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s so good D:

Le Beau Gent sans Merci by SweetSorcery, 2k, Teen: News of Captain Jack Croker and Lady Mary Brackenstall start Holmes and Watson talking about the perfect relationship.

All the Makings of a Great Romance by fleetwood_mouse, 12k, Explicit, Holmes POV: Sherlock Holmes lays down his account of the events of The Adventure Of The Empty House, the years leading up to it, and the night that followed.

Notes On A Love Story by A_Candle_For_Sherlock, 4k, gen: Watson finds a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray in Holmes’ room. Or: what happens when a queer novel upends Baker Street.

Hidden Depths by Susannah_Shepherd, 7k, Explicit: Watson inadvertently lets slip that his war injuries are far more extensive and crippling than he has formerly admitted. Holmes encourages him to confront his fears and find new hope.

Lesson Learned by Shadowycat, 9k, Mature: In which, Holmes makes a discovery, Watson makes a decision, and Holmes learns a lesson (or two) he never thought he’d want to learn. (Alternating Holmes and Watson POVs.)

Rubicon by Janeturenne, on livejournal, 4k: “One minute we were both on the deck, and the next minute we were both in the river…“ after an explosion while working on a case, Holmes and Watson think they’ve lost each other.

and, if you haven’t read all of Katy Forsythe, you should ;)

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I wanted to make some cards. But just in case I can’t finish those in time due to getting out of this art block I’m also working on romance guides for my OC’s!

Who wants to romance some krogan? :D

The Crush Dictionary

Many years ago I developed a dictionary for classifying crushes into organized categories.  
These categories are represented by milkshake flavors.

Chocolate Milk:  To have a significant crush on one person in particular and not know if the crush is reciprocated. 

Blueberry - To have a small crush but consider it more of a fondness and nothing significant.

Strawberry - To have a crush on two people at the same time.


Raspberry - To have a crush on three or more people at the same time.

Dark Chocolate - To have an all-consuming crush that is potentially unhealthy. 

Banana - To be aware that your crush is unrequited but continue to have the crush regardless. 

Peach - To live in a state of denial, pretending you do not have a crush. 

Plum - To have a crush that is reciprocated but not in the form of a committed relationship.

Vanilla - To have a committed relationship with your reciprocated crush.


Organic - To have a crush which you prefer to regard as a platonic attraction rather than a romantic one.


Plain - To not have a crush on anyone.

Smoothie blend - A combination of flavors.                                                         For example: A blueberry-raspberry-banana smoothie would describe a person who has a small crush on three or more people, even though this is unreciprocated.   

This concept is very useful for confidential conversations confided through notes passed in classrooms.

It can also be effectively incorporated into entertaining smoothie-making activities at sleepovers and parties.

Ok - so except for a bad decisions here and there (offering Bullen a redemptive arc, for instance yuck) the show writers have earned my trust again and again with their loyalty to strong female friendships, moving character progressions, and organic romances. I know we - myself included - are worried that Mary’s absence + Lizette’s sudden presence may spell danger for Phoster, especially since it seems to show all the hallmarks of a cliche love triangle. And yes, there’s always a chance that our writers will - as so many writers have done - succumb to the dreary allure of such a cliche. BUT let’s remember that 1) we’ve been building toward Phoster since 3 minutes into the Pilot, 2) that, given the brevity of MS seasons, the writers only have a few more scant episodes to turn us over to Foster + Lizette (and NO I’m not giving them a ship name ha ha) assuming that Lizette most likely won’t appear in the next season, and 3) in her first moments on the show, Lizette didn’t encounter Jed at all, but Mary. Not only did she meet our fabulous Mary, but she also helped her, talked to her, drew her, connected with her in a way that suggests that Lizette will respect Mary’s blossoming relationship with Jed, because she now has a glimpse at just who Jed’s Mary is. The show has already proven both that Lizette is not going to be the stereotypical home wrecker that festoons tired love triangles, and that Jed and Mary’s relationship is solid enough - even in its first romantic stages - to weather a bit of absence.

So take heart my wonderful fellow Mercies. Phoster may be heading into rocky territory, but as Ulysses told us tonight they’ll strive, seek, find, and not yield until they’re in each other’s arms again <3

I miss roleplaying. I miss writing. I miss forming ships (friendships, enemies and romances) organically on the dash without having to plot everything ahead. I miss start and mid-games. I miss dramatic break ups where everyone in the ooc would be feeling the pain with your characters. I miss jumping on the dash at two in the morning and someone would be on and because of the random moment, your characters are now buddies or new enemies or friends with benefits. I miss the unlikely ships that would form like St. Lopez, Mikecedes, Fritters or Frankenasian. Drama in the rp community has always been here, it’s nothing new. Most of us just miss the way rps were back in the day where everyone was on for more than 5 minutes just to do replies. I understand life happens, we can’t do things the way we used to, but I still can’t help to miss it.

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That you so much for introducing me to timekeeper I pay for a digital version and read it in one day as soon as I saw your sketch and god DAMN you did not mention how gay it is that's a huge selling point that you did not tell everyone about and the public deserves to know about what a gift it is

lol I’m so glad I was able to convince you with a silly doodle! I just finished it today too and I loved it, there wasn’t a character that didn’t win me over (except maybe The Lead, what a lame ass manager). I didn’t mention Danny being gay because I didn’t really do a decent review so much as a poor mans blurb.

So if you like steampunk and adventure and mystery AND you want to read about the worlds most adorable gay mechanic: Timekeeper. It’s beautifully written and so much fun. It has one of those most organic romances I’ve read in a long time too. You can also follow the author because she’s on tumblr! @tarasimauthor

This YA Librarian gives it a 4 ½ out of 5 steampunk cogs

i’ve never even played inquisition and i love him :^ )

Romance: Building an Organic Romance

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Hi! I’m curious about how to balance romance (or friendship) and plot. I’m writing a fantasy book that is both character and plot-centric, and there is a very plot-relevant romance I’m trying to write into it. However, I don’t know how to do that without taking time to develop their relationship that will cause a complete plot-hiatus. I don’t want it to turn into a romance novel halfway through, but this has to be developed. Any ideas on incorporating it in smoothly and keeping it interesting?

Well, you definitely don’t want a romance to overwhelm the plot, even if the romance is part of the plot. Fortunately, with a little planning and understanding of how relationships develop, it’s not too hard to make a romance feel organic rather than forced. Here are some things you can do:

1) Understand how romance develops.

Romantic relationships tend to develop over time, built little by little through various interactions and, eventually, time spent as a couple. Some romantic relationships use existing friendships as a spring board while others start as sexual attraction that blooms into romance. You’ll want to figure out which is the case with your characters so you can plan accordingly. My posts  Subtle Signs of Love and Love at First Sight and the Stages of Love can help with the portrayal of two characters falling in love.

2) Plan it out.

Since relationships are built upon interactions and time spent together, it’s important to know the big picture as far as when your characters will interact or spend time together, and how those moments will foster or otherwise affect their growing bond. It might help you to do a timeline of your story focusing on all the points when they will be together. Then, you can use the information in #1 to help you plan out when they’ll exhibit the various signs of falling in love and when they’ll reach the various stages of love. You can read more about using timelines in this way in my post Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships.

3) Make sure the romantic subplot doesn’t overwhelm the main plot. My post How to Avoid Forced Romantic Sub-Plot has some tips. :)

Good luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all that celebrate it, whether through sitting and eating chocolates or spending time with a specific beloved. I’ve been spending much of my time organizing new romances, which is one reason I haven’t been as active. (Mod Seraph adding on, that they get the mental image of me with my hair in a bun and a clipboard in one hand, pencil tucked behind my ear - it’s a bit of an amusing image, to be honest.)
Apologies if you are not with someone this Valentines. Love, platonic and romantic and even familial, will one day come your way, regardless of date or time. Strengthen your hearts in love and remember that all in heaven adore you, and we are looking out for you, and we care for you. If you need anything, never hesitate to ask for assistance from I or my brothers or from Father, if you pray.
May your hearts be light and your minds be strong, may you feel a sleepy bliss and may you be peaceful this Valentines.
Much love and blessings,
(…and mod seraph here!!)

your memory will carry on.

happy march 22nd, guys.

(would just like to briefly thank gerard, mikey, ray and frank for being in the awesomest band ever. honestly. the more words there are the more fuck ups there will be, so, the point is, i fucking love this band. i owe them my life. thank you so much to this band, this idea, whatever the fuck it is, for being so awesome and wonderful. happy march 22nd, my chemical romance.)