organic nails

français | the body


  • l’artère (f) | artery
  • l’articulation (f) | joint
  • le capillaire (m) | capillary
  • la chair de poule (f) | pimple
  • les cheveux (m) | hair
  • la graisse (f) | fat
  • la moelle épinière (f) | spinal cord
  • le nerf (m) | nerve
  • l’ongle (m) | nail
  • l’organe (m) | organ
  • l’os (m) | bone
  • les pattes d'oie (f) | crow’s feet (wrinkles)
  • la peau (f) | skin
  • le poil (m) | hair (either a few hairs, or an uncountable mass)
  • la ride (f) | wrinkle
  • le sang (m) | blood
  • le squelette (m) | skeleton
  • la veine (f) | vein

body parts 

head & neck

  • la bouche (f) | mouth
  • le cerveau (m) | brain
  • le cil (m) | eyelash
  • le cou (m) | neck
  • le crâne (m) | skull
  • la dent (f) | teeth
  • la joue (f) | cheek
  • la gencive (f) | gum
  • la gorge (f) | throat
  • la langue (f) | tongue
  • la lèvre (f) | lip
  • la mâchoire (f) | jaw
  • le menton (m) | chin
  • la narine (f) | nostril
  • le nez (m) | nose
  • la nuque (f) | nape (of the neck) 
  • l’œil (m) | eye (plural les yeux)
  • l’oreille (f) | ear
  • la paupière (f) | eyelid
  • la pommette (f) | cheekbone
  • le sourcil (m) | eyebrow
  • la tête (f) | head

lower body

  • la cheville (f) | ankle
  • la cuisse (f) | thigh
  • le doigt de pied (m) | toe
  • le genou (m) | knee
  • la hanche (f) | hip
  • la jambe (f) | leg
  • le mollet (m) | calf
  • le pied (m) | foot
  • le talon (m) | heel
  • le tibia (m) | shin
  • la vessie (f) | bladder

upper body

  • l’annulaire (m) | ring finger
  • le bras (m) | arm
  • le cœur (m) | heart
  • la côte (f) | rib
  • le coude (m) | elbow
  • le doigt (m) | finger
  • le dos (m) | back
  • l’épaule (f) | shoulder
  • l’estomac (m) | stomach
  • le foie (m) | liver
  • les intestins (m) | intestines
  • la main (f) | hand
  • l’œsophage (m) | oesophagus
  • l’omoplate (f) | shoulder blade
  • la paume (f) | palm
  • le poignet (m) | wrist
  • la poitrine (f) | chest
  • le pouce (m) | thumb
  • le poumon (m) | lung
  • le rein (m) | kidney
  • les seins (m) | breasts
  • le ventre (m) | tummy

*This probably only applies to those of you entering college, as high school lab work seems to be much more chill. Also, this is just my experience and may very well vary from place to place.*

  • Sleep a decent amount of hours (if you can, have a nap right before) and EAT BEFORE YOU GO THERE - lab work is physically exhausting, you’re usually there for several hours and you can count the times you get to sit down on one hand.
  • Read whatever information you are given about your lab work beforehand. You don’t want to get there and not know what’s going on.
  • Be active! There’s nothing worse than a lab partner than needs to be told to do things. If you’ve read whatever info you were given, you’ll have an idea of what to do so take the initiative. Offer to do stuff. Don’t just stand around waiting for orders.
  • Wear layers. Labs are freezing cold 10% of the time and scorching hot 90% of the time (especially once you put on your lab coat). The heat is specially bad because you may even get dizzy so please wear layers (the lightest one should be a short-sleeve or tank fop).
  • Don’t forget:
    • Water bottle - heat = dehydration
    • Hair tie - tie your hair up. Just do it.
  • WEAR COMFY SHOES - you may think those boots are soo comfy and chic but I guarantee you’ll change your mind after there hours of standing. Sneakers are the way to go 
  • Yes you can just have one lab coat. But you still need to wash it. Volatile solvents don’t mask B.O.
  • Things break. Try your best not to break them but know that it’s not that big of a deal so don’t worry too much if you do.
  • ‘Water’ always means deionized water. Always. Unless stated otherwise. Seriously, it can ruin your whole experiment. Also when you’re washing any equipment, you should always give them one last rinse with deionized water.
  • If you need to take away from something you’re weighting or a liquid you’re transfering with a pippete, that never goes back into the ‘original tub’. It’s a residue.
  • Painted nails + organic solvents equal ruined nails. Gloves don’t help. Beware. But, gloves are great and v recommended if you’re dealing with oh idk rat pee.
  • Once you get home, you’re probably just going to want to pass out. Don’t. Do whatever you have to do (have coffee ready?) to write as much as you remember about what you’ve done. It makes writing the lab write-up. So. Much. Easier.
  • On the same note, if you know you have something due the day after a lab, get it done beforehand because you probably won’t have the energy to do it afterwards. If you have lab work all week long (like I do), get as much done on the weekend as possible 
  • Listen, if you know an upper classman who’s taken that class, ask to borrow their write-ups. Beg for them if you must. They will save your life.
  • Have a lab write-up template. You can look for one online or model It after your professor’s directions or an upper-classman’s write-up. Having something that you can just ‘fill in’ is super convenient.

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9.8.16 // Last week’s spread, dedicated to my best friend on her birthday, Gene Wilder (RIP), and the kind kind soul at the bagel shop who let me come back later to pay for my breakfast when I forgot my wallet #PayItForward ✨



I love my spread this week! It’s my first black and white spread since February. I got new washi tape with stars on it for my birthday, and just had to make a space themed spread! ⭐️

I spent this weekend focusing on my creative outlets; my bullet journal, my small films, and my pictures. It felt good to let myself enjoy those things again. But now, it’s Monday, and I have to go back to physics and organic chemistry.

Wheel of (Mis)Fortune

This concept is much like that of a Witch’s/Witches’ Ladder – only round. It serves much the same purpose: to inflict harm, but can also be used as a ward or an instrument of protection, much depending on the construction – of which I will name a few. That which goes into it is heavily reliant on the will of the witch assembling it and can be taken, reworked and revised depending on most any situation.

My simple construction is as follows:

Gather your supplies. For this I will include only a few boughs of a weeping willow (the leaves removed – and hopefully dried for further use), nails and string. However, a few other ideas include bramble sprigs and/or thorny, rose stems, broken glass (tied up with string and hung from the round like a macabre wind-chime), hair, black hen feathers, hot chiles (hung much in the same fashion as the glass), and whatever else one might find befitting.

From the aforementioned materials (string, willow and nails), take the willow strands and braid them together. For a tighter fit, you can soak them for a few hours to make them more flexible, but so long as they’re freshly cut, they’re usually pretty pliable. When the strands are braided to your liking, arc the sides into a ring and either braid then together or (much more simply) tie the ends to form a circle. Note: if braiding then wet, you’ll probably want to braid the nails in as you go – which should hold them in place, but may require reinforcing once dry.

If working with dry boughs, simply take the nails (in multiples of 9s or 7s, depending) and work them into the braid. For inflicting harm, organize the nails pointing inward, for protection, face then outward. You may find that some of the nails remain loose and this can be remedied by fixing them tightly with string, which, for continuity’s sake, I’d say go ahead and extend this to all the nails.

To this base, you can add almost anything you’d like, but some ideas may require integration earlier on, so plan accordingly.

When complete, you have something reminiscent of a frightening dream catcher or horrific wind-chime – both of which serving a useful purpose.

You can hang it any number of places, inside or outside of the house – though I’d recommend near the front door. If being used to inflict harm, the curio can be tossed into the yard of the victim or simply hung in a tree on your own property.

As far as its similarity to a dream catcher goes, it can also be used as a snare for malicious witchcraft when hung near a bedroom window or workstation.


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