organic hand drawn

Next week is the premiere of “Tangled Ever After”. About two years ago I was approached by then art director, Shane Prigmore, about coming on to be the animation supervisor for the show. The idea was to make the most organic, hand drawn looking, harmony asset based animation ever for television. We worked really hard to give Mercury Filmworks everything they needed to make those rigs capable of the most beautiful and graphic possibilities. This meant doing some very atypical things for TV animation. Over the next week and a half I will be posting drawings I did in effort to push in to this new direction.


I started a bullet journal in January and I find it has really helped me with my studying and general life tracking (trust me, I am a Human Mess™). It’s made it easier to fall into good habits and be more productive in general.

This is one of the months that I’m most proud of, as my journal is starting to finally look less like a hand-drawn organizer and more like a creative way of tracking tasks (with a side of doodling and adding quotes and decor).

Ways I’ve found to get round procrastinating:

- work at home or alone somewhere quiet
- prepare your snack before starting (drinks throughout)
- music with lyrics can be helpful keeping you entertained if the task is simple/boring (copying info)
- music without lyrics is best for more complex tasks (writing original work)
- have a post-it wall planner, that way if you put off a study period you can move the post-it to a time or day later in the week
- write assignments in an organizer not a hand drawn bullet journal (unless that works for you) as it’s just another thing to put off doing
- tea breaks or moving around regularly can help break up long periods as long as you back to your desk and don’t get distracted
- if possible wake up early and watch tv shows online, before school/work, that way it’s one less distraction when you sit down to work later
- keep your laptop off as long as possible, unless it’s needed for work
- hand-write things, again less chance of being distracted by technology
- read ahead, just reading the material before the lesson can make you more eager to work on it once you know more after the lesson
- tell someone what you have to do, they’ll remind you or ask if it’s done 
- reward yourself if you’ve got something done, procrastinating is a problem     but that doesn’t mean your achievements mean less!

hope this helps anyone that puts stuff off like I do, feel free to add your own

New in my society6 account:

Fall is in the air, my design classes are in full swing, and I’ve got the drawing bug again. This lovely print features a hand-rendered caribou that’s all full of stars- you may recognize the stars from my very own photographs of the night sky in my favorite wild place.

I try to only source my textures and materials from things I make myself- everything is made from scratch. Photographs lovingly (or begrudgingly) collected in the field, and drawings hand rendered in an ordinary sketchbook. I hope the organic feel of a hand drawn item remains true in the printed project. Each piece is an effort in mixed media.

This piece is available as a print, or as an article of clothing or a phone case.