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Zero Waste Hygiene Update

I have tried a bunch of new zero waste hygiene options and would like to share them with you:

Hair washing:

My #1 recommendation for this is to buy a shampoo bar from Lush. They are a little pricey ($9-$12), but last long, leave no residue, come in various scents and target different hair needs, and leave your hair soft. The only hair product I use is one of these bars. 

I used to use a shampoo & conditioner bar from Whole Foods (only $2), but I found it left a residue in my hair and doesn’t leave it feeling as nice as the Lush bar. 

The other option, for those of you who are brave, is to use baking soda and then an apple cider vinegar rinse. This is the “no poo” option. I haven’t tried this personally, but have heard good things. 

Hair spray: 

I used to make homemade hairspray out of lemon and vodka (the recipe can be found on my blog) but now find I don’t really need it (though I frequently curl my hair). 


The options are almost limitless here. I find rubbing a little bit of coconut oil on your underarms and then following with a 50/50 mix of baking soda and corn starch works very well. The coconut oil keeps the baking soda from causing irritation. 

Another option is to buy an all-natural spray on deodorant in a reusable glass bottle. This is good if you want a scented deodorant. 

Lush has many deodorant options like bar and liquid deodorant. They tend to be pricey, but might be worth a try if these other options don’t appeal to you. 

You could also buy a crystal deodorant rock, which I haven’t tried but have heard works well. 

Make-up removal:

Coconut oil on a cloth or reusable cotton pad works the best. 

Feminine Hygiene: 

Menstrual cups are an option that many women rave about once they try one. 

Cloth pads are another great option. I recently tried Party in my Pants and would definitely recommend them. 


Invest in a safety razor! They are a bit pricey (and seem a tiny bit scary) so I haven’t bought one yet. I’m working on it, though. 

Use a soap that really lathers. 

Hope these suggestions are helpful!


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Natural Hair: Wash Day Routine using Alikay Naturals


Girls&WomenToKnow: Leanna Archer

Meet Lenna Archer, who started her Leanna Inc. a haircare line at This Long 9 years old. Leanna all nautral organic hair products has generated over $ $100,000 in revenue. Leana develops and mixes each of her products (the original hair dressing was based on a family formula), and tracks orders and customer correspondence. Her parents and two brothers assist in bookkeeping, packaging, and product testing. The company sells its shampoos, conditioners, shea butter, and other products both in stores and online. 

Leanna is a philanthropist as well in 2008 she founded the Leanna Archer Education Foundation, an organization devoted to providing better opportunities for children in Haiti. Leanna’s goal is to built schools in Haiti, while providing a Safe learning environment for over 150 students.

Leanna as been featured in Forbes Magazine, Success Magazine, INC Magazine (30 under 30) and Ebony Magazine. Online web portal, AOL Black Voices, was also impressed with Leanna and positioned the Teen CEO as #5 on their list of “ Top 9 Young Lions” who are making Black History. Leanna has also been interviewed by several major media outlets, including NBC, MSNBC,ABC,FOX Business and BET.


Late Night hair smoothie!

Winter has been oh so harsh on my super dupe coarse curls and my mother, who is also natural (she moisturizer ALL THE TIME) is always stressing about taking better care of my hair. So here you have it mother dear, my intent is to make you a proud naturalista!

Main Contents include:
1) Organic apple cider vinegar
2) one avacado
3) Extra virgin olive oil
*Threw in some Carols daughter hair elixir and hair butter since I didn’t have any real Shea butter.

Results: this mixture really added a lot of moisture. It softened and detangled the kinks and hair balls. I def recommend this to everyone looking for an affordable moisturizer mixture for their curls!! Best of luck to you!

P.s I believe I have 4d-4f type hair. It’s super coarse and I absolutely love it. Only thing is…..I am soooooo tender headed. However, with this smoothie, i was able to comb through my hair without any tears! I give an A+


Sapphire-Shores’s Commissions are open!
These commissions will be completed via me drawing on my phone. I hope to earn a bit of money for this holiday season, so that I may buy gifts for my loved ones and maybe even donate a few to those less fortunate!

Full body ponies are $10, and adoptable ponies are $5.

Info on adoptables under cut:

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My two staple conditioners

When I decided to make the switch to natural and organic hair products two years ago, I had no idea how my hair would respond because nothing seemed to be working during that time. However, I did my research and had my period of trial and error. And I can honestly say that though I’ve been through my share of trying many conditioners, these two have withstood the test of time. Not to mention they are both very moisturising, thick, paraben & cone-free, and feature nutrient-rich, organic ingredients! And I’m huge on great ingredients, because of how effective they can be for the hair. Here a few for each: 

Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner:

  • Organic carrots: organic carrots contain beta-carotene, which is a vitamin that helps to prevent hair loss and it encourages re-growth, and keeps the hair hydrated. 
  • Dead Sea minerals: Literally comes from the The Dead Sea on the Mediterranean, which I find super cool. Anyway, the addition of both Dead Sea water and the salt helps to revitalise the hair by adding shine, softness, and detoxifying the hair–which is why I love it as a deep conditioner. 

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner:

  • Organic shea butter: Shea butter is (of course) great with providing moisture, so the addition of this ingredient makes me happy! 
  • Wheat germ oil: Wheat Germ Oil is high in Vitamin A, D, E which are all anti-oxidants, as well as helps the hair’s cuticles to stay closed. 
  • Organic aloe vera - Contains amino acids and other vitamins, which helps to attract and promote moisture. 

I will either incorporate both into my deep conditioning mix, or rotate between the two–whichever I feel like the doing that day. Since they are both too thick for co-washing and I already detangle with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle, deep conditioning with them has given me the best results. :-)