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Eighteen years ago, on New Year’s Eve, David Fisher visited an old farm in western Massachusetts, near the small town of Conway. No one was farming there at the time, and that’s what had drawn Fisher to the place. He was scouting for farmland.

“I remember walking out [to the fallow fields] at some point,” Fisher recalls. “And in the moonlight – it was all snowy – it was like a blank canvas.”

On that blank canvas, Fisher’s mind painted a picture of what could be there alongside the South River. He could see horses tilling the land – no tractors, no big machinery – and vegetable fields, and children running around.

This is David Fisher’s American Dream. It may not be the conventional American Dream of upward economic mobility. But dreams like his have a long tradition in this country. Think of the Puritans and the Shakers and the Amish. These American dreams are the uncompromising pursuit of a difficult ideal.

By Returning To Farming’s Roots, He Found His American Dream

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An organic farmer is the best peacemaker today, because there is more violence, more death, more destruction, more wars, through a violent industrial agricultural system. And to shift away from that into an agriculture of peace is what organic farming is doing.
—  Environmental activist Vandana Shiva

we grow up with media and society telling us that cows are a constant source of milk, that’s what cows do, they make milk, and we take the milk and drink it and everyone is happy

you don’t really think about the fact that in order for the cow to produce milk, she has to be pregnant and give birth just like every other mammal, cows don’t just magically lactate constantly

on even the most free-range, organic dairy farms, the process goes as follows

  • female cow gets inseminated
  • as soon as she starts lactating, we milk her
  • she carries her calf to term, but is only allowed to spend at the most three days with it (on some farms mother and calf only get half an hour together)
  • the calf is forcibly separated from its mother, leaving both animals extremely stressed and upset
  • if female, the calf will be raised on formula and become a dairy cow just like its mother, if male it’ll be sent off to a beef farm
  • the mother cow gets milked until there’s nothing left, then she gets inseminated again
  • that’s her life, losing her young over and over and over and over again

cows don’t make milk for us with smiles on their faces - we take it from them, we take their young from them, we drain them

i can’t look at a glass of milk now, because that milk was made for a calf that never got to know its mother, all because humans want dairy products

that’s fucked up lads


Straw Bale Gardening

One of the thriftiest, most versatile ways to garden is what’s called Straw Bale gardening. Often cheaper than garden soil or fertilizer, straw bales are found virtually everywhere. Craigslist, home depot or other home improvement stores will sell them for pennies on the dime when push comes to shove.

But what can you grow?

The answer: just about anything.

Moisture and heat collect in the straw bale like a trap. Tomatoes, corn and other tall plants can break the bale apart the taller they get, but potatoes and herbs will thrive in your bale. 

Hay bales start to decompose just hours after they get wet and can provide an atmosphere better than your greenhouse. By digging a hole into your bale, dropping in some soil around your plants and packing it firmly, you’ll add some stability to your plant and as your bale decomposes, it will provide a steady source of nutrition all throughout the growing season.

I am really really emotionally fragile about the idea of Harry just perusing the aisles at his local grocery store, little basket in hand, gently picking up a carton of organic farm fresh eggs… reaching for some milk and checking the expiration date…. standing in front of an assortment of green vegetables deciding whether he wants kale or brussel sprouts for dinner….. it’s beautifully mundane but I bet he looks like an angel doing it and I’m in pain