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James talks about why farm animals deserve the same respect and consideration as dogs and cats, and why he supports the work of Farm Sanctuary, a national organization dedicated to protecting farm animals from cruelty and changing the way society views and treats farm animals


Nature Island Dragonmill is a permaculture farm and a grand example of sustainable living near Mügeln in southern Germany.

From the massive diversity of their garden, to the natural water heater called the bio meiller, and the children’s classes that they host - Drachenmühle is a sterling example of permaculture in action

Photo by David Crookes

Going Dutch in Cape Town

Chic organic farms, cowsheds serving fresh-picked herbs and tables made from old electric cable spools. Move over, Brooklyn: the South African city’s artisanal charms are enough to make any New Yorker fall in love.

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“We went out of our way to give everything to the earth and the earth gives back to us”
-Jack Lazor, Organic farmer
Click the photograph below to read this inspiring piece on the pioneers of organic farming in today’s New York Times.


Organic Egg Farms Exposed!


Germany Animal Equality presents a new investigation into two organic farms revealing shocking scenes of extreme animal suffering. The organization shows the terrible reality of hens exploited for their eggs.

Animal Equality investigators visited two farms in Northern Germany on March 2015. Both of the farms investigated held up to 30,000 egg-laying hens.

One of the farms supplies eggs to “Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH”, Germany’s largest egg producer’s and also one of Europe’s biggest egg producers. “Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH” supplies all of Germany’s leading retail chains and supermarkets.

OVOBEST Eiprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of  “Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH”, is one of the leading producers and distributors of eggs in both the German and international market.

The footage taken by Animal Equality shows:

- Over ten thousand animals living in a barn amongst dirt, dust and faeces.
- Dead animals laying between others who are still alive
- The majority of the hens have only a few feathers left due to stress-induced feather-plucking
- Lack of hygiene leading to daily inflammation and other injuries.

Hens and chickens are sensitive animals who suffer greatly due to the egg industry. Mother hens are deeply affectionate and caring. Baby chicks start communicating with their mothers while they are still inside the egg.

In farms like the these, chickens and hens watch members of their own specie die in front of them. Mother hens never get a chance to raise their young and watch them grow.

Chicken mothers defend their newborns fearlessly against enemies in order to ensure their babies are safe and protected. Moreover, contrary to general assumptions, chickens are extremely intelligent beings. They have highly-developed cognitive and communication skills along with a strong social presence that was previously thought to be exclusively found in certain species such as humans or primates.

A study published in 2011 confirms that mature hens have the ability to feel compassion which means that they are affected by and share the emotional state of their companions. According to this study, it is an important finding considering the cruel conditions modern factory farming subjects animals to. Animals are routinely forced to witness, not only their own pain and suffering, but also that of their flock mates.

The prevailing opinion is that hens in organic farms lead lives without any pain and suffering. But can chickens really be happy in organic farms?

We answered this question by investigating two organic free-range farms. One of the two farms supplies the Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH which is not only Germany’s largest egg producing company, but also one of the biggest in Europe.

The company provides to all the leading German retail chains, discounters and wholesaler.

On their website, the Deutsche Frühstücksei GmbH advertises “modern, animal-friendly egg laying hens”. Strict hygienic conditions and regular veterinary inspections are supposed to guarantee the hens’ wellbeing.

What Animal Equality investigators came across on an organic farm which supplies to the company, paints a completely different picture.


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Yurt Retreat On Organic Farm in California

Surrounded by canyon park-lands, this brand-new yurt with luxury conveniences features one large circular room (24’ diameter) with a queen size bed in the sleeping loft, a full size sofa bed in the living room, and two additional airbeds available as needed.” –

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