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Tonights dinner :)… I know I know…I do this far too often though I’ll end up eating breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast, please tell me I’m not the only person who does this?? I blended up frozen strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, 1 banana and coconut milk for the nice cream and topped with chia seeds soaked in almond milk, blueberries, coconut, almonds, buckwheat and orange and cooked some oats in almond milk and topped with banana, cinnamon, vegan dark chocolate (which melted and tasted INCREDIBLE) peanut butter, coconut, fresh berries, goji berries and pumpkin seeds (both of these are for myself haha) Served them in organic, recycled fair trade coconut bowls 😏  but most importantly, it’s all #vegan ❤️

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Take a minute of your day to think about teacher Combeferre
  • Combeferre is at a crossroad in his studies and has to choose between being a biologist or teaching biology and he’s SO.TORN because SCIENCE but also EDUCATION
  • He ends up choosing education because it’s a good compromise. He knows the salary won’t be the same at all, but that’s not what he’s after
  • He’s a very organised person so he managed to organise his classes, make a time table, projects… He aces his education classes, but that’s just theory
  • Ferre is actually terrified to go on the field because kids can be mean and unpredictible, but he powers through
  • He ends up teaching biology in middle school. He loves it
  • He makes science fun and interesting. He makes cool models. He tries to show that science can be cool
  • Bless his heart, he sometimes gets SO INTO IT he rants and nerds out and he’s rambling for like 10 minutes about the dinosaurs and a rad fossil he found when he was 6
  • He organizes science fairs and everybody calls them “Science Ferre”
  • He’s also in charge of teaching sex ed and oh my god. He makes it as inclusive as possible, from contraception to LBGTQIA+ informations because he never had that and kids need that
  • Of course, some bigoted parents got ~concerned~ and Combeferre had to talk with them and the principal. Combeferre took out the official papers from the National Education system and read out loud:
  • “The teacher should strive against stereotypes and any kind of discrimination and provide for the educational needs of the students and adapting his teaching methods to these needs. Now shall I get some magnifying glasses from the lab or can you read it for yourself?”

shinra week ◦ day i ◦ favorite soldier

Boy oh boy… the price of freedom is steep.

activism in the west is totally commodity based. Hey, what ethical brand should I buy? Which make up/clothing/beauty brand is cruelty-free? Which coffee bean is local/organic/fair trade? While it’s awesome that you wanna give support to companies that needs support, it feels like activism is less about building a coherent movement here and more about a personal statement. Pretty sure this is how Democrats lose every time. Liberals take it so seriously like some kind of personal branding, and do not understand that it is about compromising and building a large base to make a lasting impact. They’d rather rely on feel good advertising and easy to understand slogans.


denise, a university classmate of mine just opened
a package- and waste-free grocery store in braunschweig.

it`s such a beautiful shop with an amazing product range
and a lovely little café, too.

if you like to shop organic, regional, fair trade and waste free,
or like to treat yourself and your loved ones
with delicatessen and spa essentials,
this is the place for you.


Fallersleber Straße 36
D- 38100 Braunschweig

I hate how when a Japanese diaspora community organizes a festival/cultural fair to teach the local community about their culture, weaboos will come dressed in cosplay as if they’re at an anime convention. Japanese festivals aren’t a place for you to cosplay, stop it. You just stick out like a sore thumb. 

The Signs as Lion King Characters (1 & 2)
  • Aries: Kovu (passionate, courageous, arrogant)
  • Taurus: Sarabi (independent, devoted, elegant)
  • Gemini: Timon (happy-go-lucky, humorous, talkative)
  • Cancer: Zira (temperamental, loyal, pessimistic)
  • Leo: Simba (headstrong, enthusiastic, brave)
  • Virgo: Zazu (dignified, organized, nervous)
  • Libra: Nala (fair, romantic, elegant)
  • Scorpio: Scar (vengeful, envious, controlling)
  • Sagittarius: Kiara (playful, competitive, rebellious)
  • Capricorn: Mufasa (powerful, wise, regal)
  • Aquarius: Rafiki (friendly, eccentric, witty)
  • Pisces: Pumbaa (emotional, compassionate, self-indulgent)
Flailing with Finesse

All of a sudden, I have become a serious community organizer.  
It’s like I am getting my wind after adjusting to having two kids or something.

I mean, I have served on boards and been involved with putting shit together for many years now, but now it really feels like I am involved in creating something new.

Specifically, what I feel like I am a part of creating is a thriving local fiber economy in Northern Michigan.

  • Tip of the Mitt Fiber Fair - Founding Member & Workshops
  • Wagbo Farm and Education Center - BOD & Volunteer
    • Organizing a silent auction
    • Finally feeling like there is some life back in the organization
  • Creekside Collective - Founding Member & Marketing
    • Trading Post
    • Makers Space
    • Workshops
  • Trying to keep up with my own fiber&textile projects
  • Still being a loud mouth at my “real job” about issues I care about.

Oh yeah, and Chich and I are planning our wedding.

I just hope I actually do have my wind here - and I am more juggling than flailing.  Or flailing with finesse. 

Undertale AUs: A Summary
  • Outertale: Do u wanna take a fucking guess buddy? what does it sound like. I'll give you a hint. It's space. Everything is space. space
  • Underfell: What if the Underground was exclusively populated by edgy middle school OCs also it was opposite day
  • Grouptale: The gang's all here
  • PTA Sans: I don't fucking know how this came to be or why but sans is a salty pta mom who is just about done with coordinating the bake sale margaret get off your ass for once he even had to organize the book fair you did jack shit and there's been a lot of talk of lemon bars also fight me helen
  • Flowerpot! Flowey: Big bad is captive. He is a problematic angst mine and he is shaped like a possible friend
  • Underswap: whut if persun... ww a s like OTHERR PERSON
  • Overtale: swap the species badda bing badda boom that's one more check off our token fandom au checklist
  • Understuck: the unholy love child of 2 already interrelated fandoms so technically maybe incest but also an AU and i know you don't want it here but please let us just have one sliver of sunshine we have been alone for 5+ months maybe six whos couting at this point haha this is our cocaine now
  • Littletale: Remember how in the 90s you could make a younger or baby version out of any show into another show? Yeah that's this but Undertale. Undertale Playground Adventure-Tales. That's the new name now.
2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday season? 'It’s Like They Know Us’ has you covered!

For the new mom in the trenches:

“I love changing diapers, but I JUST WASN’T GETTING KICKED IN THE BOOBS ENOUGH! Now, thanks to the new “Kick-in-the-Cans Harness,” my girls will be pummeled into flappy bags of pudding forever!

For the tech-savy mama:

“Oh yeah, it hooks right into the computer! I just upload my milk directly into the cloud, and then the baby can access it from anywhere with WiFi. Technology is amazing.“

For the toddler who loves paper mache animal heads and Bon Iver:

“If you’re wondering who got his diaper in a wad because his organic, fair-trade, sustainably harvested kombucha was two seconds late, it would be this guy right here.”

For your sculpted, rippling Adonis of a husband:

“I work hard for my body and my baby, but standard infant carriers often hid my relentlessly chiseled midsection, or worse, put my baby at risk of being cut by my sweet, sweet abs.”

Introducing the all new “V-Cut Carrier.” Finally, a babywearing solution for people who look like 16th-century marble sculptures.

For the Tooth Fairy/CSI enthusiast:

It’s ‘Box o’ Teeth!” Also great for serial killers!

Don’t forget a gift for baby!

Sit back and enjoy a hot cup of coffee as you casually observe your child in her brand new Baby Containment Module!

Baby Containment Module fits seamlessly into any decor, and baby will be happy to play for hours without hanging white-knuckled from the sides, wailing like a wild snot-covered banshee whose only goal is to keep you from going to the bathroom.

Baby Containment Module, it’s everywhere you want them to be.

And as always, the perfect gift for every parent:

A Very Merry Beigemas from ILTKU

All the imagines posts thus far

Another post that’ll need to be updated a lot but why not 
I should keep things organized 

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(And you better believe a christmas one will happen when that comes around)

Also, some more writing references

 Different character reactions 
Omo phrases 
Wetting Details   

anonymous asked:

How do i get invited to the erurinati?

When I read this ask, I realized that I don’t even know why I was invited into The Erurinati myself.

I’ve broken into the companies who translate the manga into English so many times, to make sure some of the letters in the manga spell out “Eruri” on several pages. While I was in those buildings, I would put custom Eruri stickers under a few desks.

I’ve passed out Eruri flyers, trying to spread our message of love and trust.

I’ve done my best to support artists and authors, to encourage them to continue the painful process of loving a pair of men who lived and died in a cruel and beautiful world.

Plenty of other people do that too, but they haven’t been invited yet. I don’t know why. I only know that The Erurinati is a fair organization with much more knowledge than my simple mind can handle.

Asking The Founder is out of the question. She’s hardly ever at headquarters, and when she is, I’m so awestruck by her devotion that I only want to bask in her Eruri wisdom, and not open my mouth for a single moment.

I’ve asked some of my local coworkers why they were chosen. Some of these people are capable of righteous vandalism that would make the best moments in my personel file look weak. Some create the Eruri art or fiction that you enjoy on a daily basis. They don’t know why they were chosen either. We only know that we all received our invitations in the exact same way.

At 15:00, on a Wednesday, in an undisclosed location, during a redacted year, I went to make a cup of afternoon tea. I opened my tea tin, and there was a slip of paper in my leaves. First, I was pissed. Someone put a dirty piece of fucking paper in my tea. I pulled out the piece of paper. It was a tiny envelope, the size of a business card, with Erwin and Levi’s logo from ACWNR stamped onto the back in wax. On the front of the envelope was the symbol for The Erurinati. Inside the envelope was a business card with a time and coordinates.

Twenty minutes later, with a single bag of possessions, I left my family and friends to chase a dream. I haven’t seen or spoken to my family since that day. I cried when I said goodbye to my cat. But those were the last tears I’ve cried. I believe in the work we’re doing.

I don’t know how The Erurinati decides who receives an invitation. I only know that Eruri is canon, and that I’m going to have a cup of tea every Wednesday, at 15:00, for the rest of my life.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious about clothing. I'm turning vegan and I'm having a major struggle finding vegan clothes(??) is it necessary(??). I found a bunch of places online but I also like regular clothes everyone likes to buy. How do you balance? And how do you decide on making purchases?

I suppose it’s really about trying to support as many ethical and sustainable brands as you can. I mean, most people can’t afford to fill their wardrobes with 100% organic, fair trade, sustainable, ethical clothing. Fast fashion for me is kind of a grey area. And I mean, it’s still expensive? Especially places like H&M and topshop. That’s why I personally like to spend money on second-hand, vintage clothing; it’s unique and re-using/recycling is much better for the environment. I avoid fast fashion and to me, it’s not appealing. I love to support small indie/local brands that make their own clothing. Some of my favourite organic cotton, ethical brands are Baserange underwear, Pansy Co, FME Apparel, Groceries Apparel and Kowtow; really good for basics (as they’re expensive too, so worth the investment) and obviously good quality. American Apparel was my go to store, and perhaps I wouldn’t coin it as ethical, but they at least paid their employees decent-ish wages. 

And like, I’m aware fast fashion is more accessible, (sometimes) more affordable than going to a vintage store where they buy things for like $5 and sell them for $50. That is, also opposed to buying online to support some indie brand. I suppose when thinking of buying from fast fashion, you can ask yourself things like: Is it worth the money? Can I potentially find it secondhand or elsewhere? Is it unique? (Which with fast fashion, often not. There are so many brands, ahem, Zara, that will rip off indie brands)
I mean, it also depends on your style. Also, I would rather invest in good quality basics before buying fast fashion; something that might wear out in a few wears. If it’s a staple, then I recommend buying sustainable, ethical etc. 

Selling your artwork at arts and crafts shows part2

“What do you do?”

That’s a question all artists get….from customers, other artists, fair organizers etc. So…what DO you do? If the answer is “lots of different things” then the first thing you should probably do is narrow down what you actually want to sell in a fair style venue.

Art fair boothes are *tiny*. Even if the space seems big on paper, trust me…it’s going to be frustrating small by the time you get moved in to it! Having varying mediums/styles isn’t so much a “too much stuff” problem though, as it is a “too visually/mentally confusing” problem.

The work in your booth has aprox. 2 seconds to grab people’s attention and keep it long enough for them to step in and really look. If you have paintings next to jewelry next to pottery and all in different styles….this gets a LOT harder. It’s tempting to set up like a tiny gallery, with all sorts of cool stuff…but your chances of doing well with that kind of set up drop enormously.

Logistics are also an issue. 2D next to any kind of 3D art is extreamly challenging to dispay effectively. Tables or shelves for 3D can leave the 2D in the “background” and people’s eyes are forced to chose where to focus. It can be done, but it’s important to visually seperately the different types of work as much as possible. I do hand painted ornaments for the Xmas season shows, and always pay for a second booth (sometimes attached and sometimes across the room with my husband running it) to solve this problem.

Another reason why keeping medium and/or style very limited and focused is a good idea is that people will much more readily *remember* you. It’s: “Hey, remember that booth…you know, on the end of the 1st row? With all kinds of stuff??” Vs “Hey, remember the girl with the enameled sea life pieces?” Building a client base (a really important task!) Is a lot easier if your work is easily identifiable and memorable!

Now, I’m not saying you’ve got to only do one medium or only one style…just that it really does work best if it all ties very recognisably together.