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Kalen: So…what did the doctor say? 

Summer: She confirmed - it’s a boy! She also said some fairy dust might help our chances of him being the heir, but to just make sure it’s organic.

Kalen: That’s great news, honey! Here - it’s mine so it’s definitely organic, homegrown, cage-free…all of that good stuff. We should be fine. 

*feels tummy and beams* 

Hi, buddy! Who wants to be our handsome wittle heir, hm?


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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Ideal Careers Based On Your Zodiac Sign -- Capricorn

Capricorn - December 22 - January 19

Capricorns are serious, pragmatic, and organized—but definitely not boring. You have the charisma and enthusiasm to lead a team. You’re not intimidated or annoyed by authority—you know that with hard work, ambition, and commitment, you too can be at the top. Which is, generally, your ultimate goal, no matter where you land. Just be careful to make time for other pursuits—Capricorns are notorious workaholics.

Ideal careers: Capricorns run a tight ship, so they’re great at being a manager or administrator for a number of career paths or companies. Your production and administrative skills are some of the best, and you work well in corporate environments with set hierarchies that let you “achieve” the next rung on the ladder. You also make great engineers, architects, and design-adjacent employees, as you’re one for details.


blue/cold vs red/heated

So a lot of scenes in Sherlock have either a blue/cold tint or a red/heated tin to their filming. This has been a subject many sherlockians have talked about for so long, and now I’m taking the torch and running with it. Because I think I know what these tints mean.

They mean whose perspective/narration we s the viewers are watching from. And I can tell you which color/tint belongs to who, with evidence.

Blue/cold = John/other

Red/heated = Sherlock

Let me explain. Please. (See, I even said please; im very polite.)

Things that happen where there is a blue/cold tint are unrealistic or cliched. Just look at TFP for goodness sake. Or even better, Mary’s death.

When Mary dies, she pushes Sherlock out of the way of a speeding bullet, goes flying through the air and manages to have a conversation with her husband and Sherlock despite being shot in the sternum and facing definite organ failure. Sounds like ll of them cliche action movies where there is a death to get a cheap reaction out of the audience. It is so unrealistic that its almost hilarious.

So why couldn’t it be coming from Sherlocks perspective/narration? Because Sherlock has been shot before. We watched the freaking scene.

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Remember? Sherlock was using apparitions of Molly, Mycroft and Anderson to help him?

What was it mindpalace!Molly said?

Its not like the movies, is it?

Remember, this all happened in a span of seconds but even then Sherlock had enough sense to know that this wasn’t like the movies. You don’t go flying backwards. Blood doesn’t spurt out.

But what happened with Mary? Exactly what would happen in the movies. Action movies.

And who do we know likes action movies?

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Ha, the gift even agrees with me.

(These guys are also wearing yellow… Oh universe)

Blue/cold has actually been around before this season though. And quite frankly, this is what convinced me that blue/cold tints are from Johns perspective.

So where has this blue/cold tint appeared before?

TRF and TEH.

I’m not kidding, look:




(You sherlolly and sheriaty shippers are welcome by the way)

And what do these scenes have in common? They’re all shown from an unreliable narrator. John saw what Sherlock wanted him to see and the two from TEH are unreliable narrations.

Blue means an unreliable narration or a narration that isn’t Sherlocks. A magic trick. A deceiving imitation or lie.

How many unreliable scenes are there in season four? How many badly placed tricks or deceiving imitations? Too many. Every one of them completely unrealistic or nonsense.

Now, I know you’re going to ask, “Why can’t Sherlock be blue? Why does Sherlock have to be red?” Well, despite the death of Mary, there is actual other evidence. And it all comes from TAB.

TAB took place within Sherlock’s mind palace and there are lots of red/heated tints. Cue the evidence:



But I know people will want to prove me wrong and bring up this little thing of course:

Yeah, okay. These are tinted blue/cold. But I can easily explain:

These are recounts being told by other narrators. Remember, blue/cold tint means unreliable narrator or another narrator that isn’t Sherlock (Yeah, it’s happening in his mind palace but technically MindPalace!Lestrade is saying this so… A representation of another narrator. It counts.)

Of course, there is this image as well:

But I honestly just blame this on lighting. Hey, if you have a better explanation, then feel free to tell me, but in all honesty; I imagine it’s just lighting effect.

But quite frankly there is a lot of red/heated tones. Plus, when watching season four, red appears to have a connection with Sherlock more than it does with John:

These are all my favourite scenes btw

Yep. These tones are literally only associated when Sherlock is around. The blue/cold tones can affect Sherlock but he practically owns the red/heated tints and tones.

And for the last piece of evidence that may just explain everything:

May not seem like much at first glance. But honey, I observe.

This blue/cold tint over the photo? Observe.

What is it doing? What is this blue/cold tint doing to the picture?

Its removing the red/heated tints. It has over taken the red/heated tones.

So what does this mean? Well, it means we have some very interesting story lines. The blue/cold tint has layered over the red/heated tint. The two stories that are to be told have intertwined, but for now only one is clear to us.

In order to see the other story, we need to look past the blue/cold tints. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

We here at Witchella, Inc. are proud to say that all of our text posts are Organic and All-Natural. Definitely not scripted at… fuck… what was my line?

Definitely not scripted at all.

Great, thanks. Definitely not scripted at all! :D

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so why is it you don't consider yourself religious anymore? (I'm on the same page, just curious)

There were too many questions, not enough answers and I don’t agree with lots of the lifestyle choices associated with organized religion. ie. I definitely won’t wait til marriage for sex (and I haven’t), I’m pro-choice, support marriage equality and LGBTQ rights. I believe there’s a higher force, but there is no name for it in my life. There is no messiah in my life.  I live my life by my rules, and just basically follow the notion that you should be a good person, respect others, help others, and love your earth. 

hey any ADHD folks here who are just crazy good at organization?? bc i definitely check off most of the boxes but most ppl w ADHD seem to bring up disorganization a lot…
i’m very forgetful and scatterbrained, but otherwise organized to the point of obsession. i create visual planners (graphs, calendars, checklists) for long term projects and check them multiple times a day anticipating that my forgetfulness will inevitably punish me if i don’t. i’ll set alarms before i need to go somewhere important and repeatedly check the clock anyway in anticipation.
anyone else w ADHD dealing with hyper-anticipation or obsessive organization?

If Harry Potter took place in a preschool classroom:
  • Harry still has a scar but it’s probably from something stupid like walking right into a wall while simultaneously smashing a fishbowl over his head.
  • Hermione is the only student who knows how to read and write.
  • Ron requires the most paperwork because he somehow always manages to get hurt. 
  • The marauders are the cool parents/extended family. All the teachers want to be like them. 
  • Divination is still a thing but most people just call it nap time.
  • Care of magical stuffed animals.
  • The teachers are all referred to as Mr. or Ms. first name (ex. Ms. Minerva, Mr. Albus, Mr. Snivellus… at the urging of those previously mentioned cool parents). 
  • Lucius Malfoy has a lot of opinions about what the teachers should be doing. Snack? Definitely needs to be organic. Yes, they might be four, but recess should totes be replaced with college level lessons. Molly Weasley on the other hand. She trusts all the teachers, she supports all the teachers, she is too tired and busy to be a pain.

March 31 || 7:00 am A quick photo from yesterday! I planned out my study schedule for these next two months, thanks to the help of some printables. On a separate note, I know I’ve been MIA lately. School has kept me very busy, but I’ve got some really good posts coming up so stay tuned!

alan’s checkbook must have had some interesting entries. 

phone bill

cable bill

electric bill for the abandoned arcade where his friend’s kinda been stuck in his computer for around 30 years 

check to an underground organization that is definitely NOT being run by his other friend

water bill

if Vernon was your boyfriend....
  • there’d be lots of late night talks between the two of you whether over the phone or when he’s right beside you
  • you’d definitely organize his bandana collection for him
  • “baaaaabe cuddle with meeee”
  • you’d visit his family with him and his little sister would be so excited to see you again like the girl practically idolizes you
  • there’d be lots of spooning like he seems like the type to just pull you against his chest and breathe your scent in
  • whenever the two of you were out in public, he’d keep an am wrapped around your waist, keeping you close
  • “hansoooool watch disney movies with me? please?”
  • you’d be his ride or die like no question about it you are his life 
  • together with his music, of course
  • that’s why he dedicates a lot of his mixtapes to you
  • despite his cool rapper aura, he’s actually very very shy when it comes to showing his affections to you
  • his kisses are so tentative that you often have to pull him closer and tell him that it’s okay for him to go crazy on your lips
  • he’d pull you into his lap a lot and he’d sort of bounce you up and down
  • there’d be lots of rap battles between the two of you and the members would just die from laughter 
  • whenever you’re mentioned in an interview, he’d sort of blush and look down, trying to hide the smile that was spreading on his lips
  • “yeah, she means a lot to me”
Fucking energon, how does it work?

Today, I was thinking to myself, because I’m a huge nerd, “I wonder what the transformer process equivalent to cellular respiration is like?” And so I started thinking, but soon I ran into a wall, where I was like “but what is energon? given that transformers aren’t organic and their planet definitely isn’t, it’s probably not a hydrocarbon.” And that led to some thinking, some theorizing, and some wiki bingeing, and now I have a working theory about energon and basic transformers energy physiology!

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Vincent and Rachel’s two children

While browsing through flashbacks for a different theory, I came across something I had never paid attention to before and I thought I’d share since I don’t believe it was discussed before.

((Warning: this goes against the 2CT theory. Don’t agree? No problem but don’t attack me, thanks!)) 

This comes from chapter 103. Considering how these files are from the Shinigamis’ organization, it’s most definitely the truth (since checking the records would be the fastest way to know for sure) which means we can be sure Vincent and Rachel (even though she’s not shown) had two children.

People believing in the 2CT will say that the branches are Ciel and his older twin brother, but a lot earlier in the manga, I’ve found proofs that Rachel went in labor twice

Which means that since she got only two children (two ramifications on the tree, so the truth that there only two are above), two labors would mean that the two children were most certainly not twins.

This all comes down to Ann’s story of when she attended Rachel’s childbirth.

There are two versions of this story: one in chapter 8 and on in chapter 10 and this is what Ann looks like in these two versions.

I’ll be precise and direct: the hair and outfit are different from one chapter to another. 

This is Ann in chapter 8:

Check out the hair, her longest bangs towards the exterior of her face are reaching just below her eyes (middle of the cheek) and her central fringe reaches her eyelashes. As for her outfit, it shows 2 buttons beneath the collar.

Compare it now with Ann in chapter 10 (when we are shown her record by Grell):

The longest bangs on the exterior go past her chin and her central fringe reaches right below the eyes. As for the outfit, there are 3 buttons

There you have it.  I’d attribute the differences to Yana’s drawing if there wasn’t just one chapter between these two versions, so in my opinion, this is not a mistake at all but a hint that Rachel went into labor twice and had two sons (who weren’t twins at all).

When you look at Ann’s entire record (ch10), she had longer bangs when Vincent and Rachel were wed than when she was closer to becoming a doctor, and the version in ch08 is the one she tells to Ciel, so we can expect that the flashback of ch08 is the time when Ciel was born.
Which means the version in ch10 is Rachel’s first childbirth, so Ciel’s older brother coming to life (and it makes sense because Ann looks so devastated upon seeing the result of Vincent and Rachel’s love that it has to be the first time she witnesses Rachel giving birth to Vincent’s child).

And what happened to that boy? Well, this is just me guessing, but there is a strong possibility he died during infancy, especially since Rachel was considered to be a frail woman and Ciel himself had a weak constitution for a long time (and this was the Victorian era, so this wasn’t as “easy” as nowadays).

So there you go: two boys were born of Vincent and Rachel, but since Rachel went twice in labor, they most definitely couldn’t be twins. 

Next semester

I’m planning my classes for the Fall 2017 semester!
I’m definitely taking Organic Chemistry 1 with lab, Companion Animal Science, and Statistics. I want to take a class called Great Diseases of the World but have to check with financial aid because the class may not count towards my degree, meaning federal aid won’t cover it. This summer I’m taking Bio 2.

I also got an 87.5 on my biology test from before spring break!

laurenjauregui: I wrote a whole piece about immigration that I wanna publish somewhere better than a twit longer or an instagram caption. This unconstitutional administration and their executive orders cannot silence us. We are strong United and we ARE the people, all of us are humans of the earth. No one deserves to feel ostracized for seeking refuge from war, practicing a certain religion, or because of the specific “terror prone” 🙄🙄🙄🙄 countries they are fleeing from. He cannot deny humans their freedom, he cannot deny us our voices from standing together and defend the defenseless, he CANNOT divide us by labels. We are strong and we are awake!!! Please donate whatever you can to @aclu_nationwide such a beautiful organization that definitely deserves our dollars more than the current administration. #nobannowall #weareallimmigrants

Oh definitely the two circles can overlap , but i’m more talking about stuff like when the Steven Universe got angry and saying it was lazy writing because a homeworld gem said she wanted to join the crystal gem at the start of the episode and by the end of the episode she betrayed them. Sure, I get it you want more good gems but to me It would seem more lazy if after just one episode she just became a crystal gem because why not, especially since as brought up in episode the past experience with the crystal gems were not the best for her. It just would seem to easy. 


This was my failed weekly spread. It was definitely pretty but I didn’t like the formatting of it and found it hard to stay organized with it!! Will definitely not be using this spread again but that’s okay!! Bullet journaling is all about learning what works for you and what doesn’t!