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scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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During my afternoon’s break I’ve taken few minutes to start “This Will Make You Smarter: New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking” by John Brockman (editor)! (I shouldn’t be laughing at this, but his last name literally describes my financial situation 😂.. get it? Brockman Broke Man? :I’m out: is an organisation that promotes the spreading of cultural and scientific knowledge to a general public. The question of 2011 was “What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?”
So, many of the most famous thinkers responded to it and their answers are compiled in this book in 1-4 page essays organized thematically!
I’ll definitely not read this book in one sitting, I prefer to grab it whenever I feel the need to and read one or two essays and think about it!🤓🙌🏻

also? I think drag race has become a little too formulaic and the queens know what to expect now. I really want them to shake up the format somehow and throw these queens for a loop next season.

so, yeah. after it was pointed out a few days ago, i went and confirmed it

nick’s pawpsicles are ““ORGANIC””

they do not in fact adhere to any strict definition of “organic”, in terms of ingredients or lack of pesticides or what have you. nick doesn’t have access to jumbeaux’s original recipe. he can’t guarantee that.

but a customer did passingly describe them as, quote, “organic” at one point. nick’s sign is merely reporting that fact. the quotation marks clearly indicate that it’s a reprinting of a segment of a consumer review (as per zootopian bylaws relating to restaurants and other food sales), not a hard claim about the product by the seller.

look, officer. he has all his permits in order. now do you want a pawpsicle or not?

An organized desk can definitely freshen your workplace and give you a new perspective on things. Being an artist, maintaining a clean and tidy space is a challenge. However, it is important to remember to clean up your table to keep the creative juices flowing. It may not help much at first, but trust me, it’s better to look at a tidy space than a messy one. Plus, you have another thing to be proud of: YOU CLEANED IT!

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Which books/ movies/ articles would you recommend to someone who wants to learn about climate change?

Being a filmmaker I am always looking back at films that influenced me. Although it was made back in 2006, I still think “An Inconvenient Truth” is an important film in understanding climate change. May of Al Gore predictions are things we are living through right now. One of the best on-going series about climate change is, “Years of Living Dangerously” it is an up to date, account of climate change events around the world. There is no lack of literature on the subject either, and there have been some terrific articles published over the last few years by the NYT. One of the books that really made me think about the changes unfolding was Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History.” In a completely different style, I recently picked up a copy of Bill Nye’s “Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World” and it is an engaging read so far.

The best scientific information comes from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the scientific organization that produces the definitive treatments of climate change and greenhouse gases that serve as the standard references for scientists and policymakers globally. See the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report at <>. For people in the United States, the U.S. Global Change Research Program produces the definitive source for the country. See the third National Climate Assessment at <>.

Ideal Careers Based On Your Zodiac Sign -- Capricorn

Capricorn - December 22 - January 19

Capricorns are serious, pragmatic, and organized—but definitely not boring. You have the charisma and enthusiasm to lead a team. You’re not intimidated or annoyed by authority—you know that with hard work, ambition, and commitment, you too can be at the top. Which is, generally, your ultimate goal, no matter where you land. Just be careful to make time for other pursuits—Capricorns are notorious workaholics.

Ideal careers: Capricorns run a tight ship, so they’re great at being a manager or administrator for a number of career paths or companies. Your production and administrative skills are some of the best, and you work well in corporate environments with set hierarchies that let you “achieve” the next rung on the ladder. You also make great engineers, architects, and design-adjacent employees, as you’re one for details.


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Me, banging pots and pans: AUTISTIC ALLURA HCS

now this is the kind of ask i like to receive!!!!

ok normally when i get an autistic allura hc i just go “!!!!” and post it but i’ve been holding back to answer this ask ok so here are the new autistic allura hcs:

-she likes watching people ice cakes!! one time when she was like nine coran let her help ice a cake and it was the stimmiest thing she’s ever experienced.

- she’s Bad At Arguing. like she’ll know she’s right but she’s definitely not going to be able to explain to you why she’s right, her thoughts definitely aren’t organized enough for that, she just is right (she usually is, in fact, right)

- body stims for her are either really subtle like tapping her toe inside her shoe or really obvious like arm flapping and there is no in-between

- hates being dirty and has never had a single spec of dirt on her body for more than three seconds in her entire life

- she’d love the stim videos where the Stim Stuff is pastel colors, it’d be really calming to her! i know in my bones

- she loves talking about being autistic! and she was very excited to learn the paladins were her “brain siblings” and i love her

Strength and Guidance

Part One of One Dance (A Check Please Soulmate AU where songs sung by your soulmate get stuck in your head) Also on AO3

Read Polyfarms companion fic here

For @ransomwee Prompt: Celebration.

Justin is a junior in high school. He knows exactly three things about his soulmate. One, she’s around his age. Two, she’s definitely American. Three, she has a thing for musical theater. 

Ever since puberty. Everybody stares at me. Boys, girls. I can’t help it baby.

Justin, or Ranser as his hockey team knew him, sighs. He’s knee-deep in a practice SAT test. He knows his soulmate is American, so that’s where he’s planning to go for university. Even if they don’t end up at the same school, it’ll be exponentially easier to find her if they don’t have an international border between them. 

So be kind. And don’t lose your mind. Just remember. That I’m your baby.

Allow me to kiss your hand, be your man,” Ranser interrupts. “You know, I’ll understand…You see where I’m from, WC, I’m from Nigeria,” he murmurs. “Omo, you know say na criteria.” 

Justin doesn’t know what skipping ahead in a song does to the music inside his soulmate’s mind. But he’s not one for singing,really. He finds the songs that suit his message and sticks lyric-less songs otherwise. Many reactionary music genres nowadays were mainly instrumental to resist the idea of finding soulmates through consumerism. It’s not that he didn’t care about his soulmate. But it’s one less thing to worry about if he has separate music for communicating with her and for enjoying for himself. Afrobeat has been particularly effective in balancing out her more…exuberant tunes. 

He can’t fault her for her love of Lady Gaga, but priorities take precedent over fun time. As if she understands his protests, the music dies down. Justin takes a deep breath, resuming his test. He can only hope she doesn’t do this during the real exam time. Although most administrators were understanding, it was a three strikes policy for singing during an exam. 

If there’s one thing Justin’s learned about his soulmate, it’s that she sung everything she felt. 


“What if I got a double major in music and economics?” Adam, or Birker, asks his teammate, Hobbs, one movie night his last year in Juniors. 

Hobbs eyes him incredulously. “Why?” 

Adam shrugs, “my soulmate listens to a lot of cool music.”

“So? Fucking congrats,” he snarks. 

“No man, it’s like,” Adam gestures with two hands at the space in front of the coffee table. “Most of the stuff they like isn’t pop and doesn’t even have lyrics. Which fucking sucked when we were younger, right?”

“Sure,” he concedes. 

“I learned how to play the piano and some other instruments so I could figure out what songs they were — and now I have all this musical knowledge that I won’t be able to use ever again.”

“Because…” Hobbs prompts. 

“Because when I find them, what the fuck do I need to know this shit for anymore? If they like something, they can just show it to me.” 

Hobbs rolls his eyes, “be a music major. Become a fucking teacher why don’t you?”

“You think I could handle that?” Adam inquires seriously. 

“I think your other option is to get famous writing music, and fat chance of that ever happening,” Hobbs chirps.

“Thanks, you’re helpful,” Birker rolls his eyes dramatically. 

“I don’t get why you’re going to college anyway,” Hobbs jabs him in the ribs. 

“I’m not doing the draft, bro,” Adam reminds him curtly. 

“Oh c’mon,” Hobbs eggs him on, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

“I miss my chance to meet my soulmate in college, I spend four years in fucking Syracuse before I get called up. I retire at 32 if I’m lucky with no degree or skills.”

“Except music,” Hobbs chirps. 

“Except music,” Adam parrots. 

Brownie comes back with a bowl full of popcorn and a bag of Twizzlers. “What’d I miss?”

“Birker’s whinning about his soulmate again,”  Hobbs replies.

“What else is new,” Calvin shouts from the kitchen. 

“Can we start the fucking show already?” Adam shouts back.

“Yeah,” Calvin comes running in, hopping onto the first body he sees (Adam).

Adam frowns when Calvin won’t get off his lap. “I really hate you sometimes.”

“Taking your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. 
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot,” the four boys chorus. 

“Man, I hope for your sake she’s funny,” Brownie tells Birker. 

Adam laughs hollowly. He’s very convinced that his soulmate’s a dude. Which is fine, Adam’s as bi as the day is long. The way Calvin looks back at him pointedly, reinforces his suspicions that he’s not the only queer guy on the team.

Which is exactly why he’s going to Samwell. It was one of the queerest schools in the country. He had no assurance that his soulmate will find him there. But at the very least, he can have four years away from the quite chaos of hockey. The NHL was still ignoring the fact that a good third (or more) of their players weren’t straight. The press was constantly writing soulmates off as “platonic”, and Adam was not about to put up with that any time soon. He wanted to go to school, do something he loves, and fall in love. Why was that too much to ask for?

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Ships - Gramander

Who would be the big spoon?

  • They would probably switch it up. More often than not, Graves is the big spoon. He wants to be able to react in case an attack, and to do that he needs to be on the outside. However, when Percival has a nightmare, he tosses and turns in bed, waking up Newt. Instead of waking Percy up, Newt learned not to do that the hard way, he will wrap Percival in his arms, effectively pinning him to the bed. Eventually, Percival will come out of his nightmare and be grateful for the hold. When he wakes up to Newt holding him he knows that Grindelwald doesn’t have him anymore, and that he is safe.

Who would wake up first? 

  • Newt definitely. He would have to wake up early to feed him animals, unless he wants to risk them trying to escape. Percival is not a morning person at all. He always works really late, so he hates having to get up early. He will sleep until the very last minute, but when he’s up he’s up, there might be a few minutes of grogginess until he gets his coffee, but when he’s awake he won’t be going back to sleep. Percival constantly tries to convince Newt to stay in bed with him for a few more minutes.

Do they have nicknames for each other? 

  • Percival calls Newt English, Beautiful, Baby Boy (only during sex though), Doll.
  • Newt calls Percival Love, Darling, Percy

What happened when they met each other’s parents? 

  • Percival’s parents are dead, so unfortunately Newt never gets to them.
  • Newt’s family is an interesting group of people. Theseus and Percival are best friends, they got to know each other when they were young Aurors, and they exchanged letters frequently. Percival would immediately hit it off with Newt’s father, since he is a retired Auror, the three Aurors would have plenty to talk about. Newts mother is absolutely terrifying. You don’t breed Hippogriffs and gain all of their respect by being a weak person. She disapproves of Newt marrying an Auror because she knows firsthand how stressful it is when the man you love goes off to fight. She was hoping that Newt would find someone who loves creatures as much as he does. However, her opinion of Percival softens when she sees him interacting with the creatures. When Dougal purposefully climbs out of the case in order to hand Percival a crying Occamy chick, and the chick stops crying as soon as Percival takes it, makes Newt’s mother raise her eyebrows. Later when Newt brings his mother down into the case and Percival is already in there, the Nundu trying to groom him, and Percival is completely calm, just letting it happen cement her opinion. She grudgingly approves of Percival, mainly because Newt loves him, and so do the creatures.

How do they apologies after an argument?

  • They are both really bad at apologizing after a fight. The biggest one they had was about how illegal Newt’s creatures were, and Percival tried to confiscate them. This caused Newt to almost flee the country. The only reason Percival knew he was leaving was because Tina stormed into his office, screaming about stupid men, and Graves had better not let Newt leave. Percival had apparated down to the docks, stopping Newt in the nick of time.
  • Other than that one big fight, they don’t have arguments very often. Maybe arguments about how dangerous the creatures are, or if one of them gets hurt. Those apologies are usually unspoken. The two will lay in bed for hours at a time, gently taking in every bruise, every scrape.

What would they be like as parents?

  • I don’t really see them as parents, at least not to a human kid. They already have like 20 kids, all of Newt’s creatures. They love all of the creatures and really treat them like they are their children.
  • Newt is that mom who is just unsurprised with their kids actions at this point, and Percival is the dad who is constantly doing a face palm.·         
  • Newt can sense it when the creatures are trying to cause trouble, and Percival is the one who sneaks them treats, whispering, “Don’t tell mummy”. Newt knows about the treats, but he lets it slide.

Who is the better cook? 

  • Percival definitely. Percival lived alone for a long time, so he had to learn how to cook for himself. Queenie and he will have lots of conversation about the best way to cook, about swapping family recipes, and making holiday meals together.
  • Newt is awful at cooking. He’s really only good at making up food for his creatures, but none of what he cooks is really meant for human consumption. Percival tires to teach him how to cook, but it’s pretty much a lost cause.

Who is more romantic? 

  • Percival is, no contest. He’s a total flirt, and is an expert at seducing people. Percival is the one to come up with the romantic dates, and they anniversary celebrations, while Newt is lucky if he remembers the day of the week. Percival doesn’t mind. He’s the organized one, and Newt is the one who is the definition of organized chaos.

What sort of gifts do they get for each other? 

  • Percival will get Newt creatures. Whenever there is a confiscated beast, or egg, he will give it to Newt as a gift. Once he gave Newt a dragon egg that had been taken from smugglers, it was an Antipodean Opaleye. He managed to raise the dragon and then release her. Sometimes he and Percival go and visit her, because they raised her, she sees them as her parent’s and will always go to her parent’s aide when they need her.

Who gets jealous easiest?

  • The creatures do. When Percival first starts dating Newt, the creatures are extremely jealous. They don’t want to share their Mummy; they feel like they need to scare Percival away. They think that Percival will either try to take them away from Newt or make Newt want to leave them. Once they realize that Percival is actually a good guy, they do everything to make sure that the two will stay together. Niffler starts stealing wedding rings and leaving them with Percival. The Occamy chicks will hide in Percival’s pockets and hiss at anyone who tries to flirt with him. The Nundu and even Dougal have literally chased people away from Percival. I totally think that all of the creatures would get super jealous of Percival. They know that Newt won’t leave them, they just need to make sure that no one will steal their new Daddy

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

  • Newt. Percival is all about work, and he used to always work on the holidays because he never had anyone to spend them with, but Newt loves the holidays. It was always a big thing at his house and he loves to give his creatures gifts for Christmas. When Newt finds out that Percival hasn’t celebrated Christmas in almost 10 years, he is appalled. He makes it his mission to show Percival just magical Christmas and Birthdays can be when surrounded by people who love you.

Who is the most adventurous? 

  • They are both really adventurous. Newt is more recklessly adventurous and Percival is a calculated adventurer. Percival is used to going into dangerous situations, he thrives in them, but they are all planned out. He never goes into a fight without at least three backup plans.
  • Newt will run after any creature that need his help. The most he will do is make sure that he or anyone he is with won’t get hurt, like when he gave Jacob the protective gear, but other than that he doesn’t plan much. I mean he went out and just started wandering around New York City just hoping to stumble across his creatures. If a creature is in danger he has been known to step in front of a hex, taking the spell meant for the creature.

Who is the most protective? 

  • I feel like they would both be really protective of the creatures and of each other. Percival will set up wards, and protective spells all around Newt. He’s desperate to make sure that if Grindelwald ever tried to impersonate him again, Newt will be safe. Percival is the first one and the only one that Newt will let get between him and a creature.
  • Newt is extremely protective of Percival and his creatures. He will do anything to protect his creatures, to make sure that they are safe from people who don’t understand them. Newt will also fight to protect Percival. When Percival was first found, it was Newt who helped rehabilitate him, who made sure that the other Aurors would leave Percival alone. He makes sure that when Percival gets all of the care he needs, makes sure that Percival feels safe. Newt might seem like a meek guy, but he will become vicious if Percival is threatened, or if he’s having a panic attack.

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

  • I feel like they already knew each other when they were younger. Theseus and Percival were pen pals when they were in school, and Theseus constantly talked about his little brother Newt. Eventually Percival traveled over to England after he graduated to see how the Ministry of Magic worked. Theseus would of course bring his little brother to work with him, and Percival would finally meet Newt.
  • The kid would immediately be smitten with Percival; the confident man would be one of the few people to actually listen to Newt ramble about his creatures. Percival would start writing letters to Newt and Theseus, keeping in contact throughout the years. Newt would have sent Percival a letter to tell him that he was coming to America, so when he arrived and Percival didn’t recognize him, Newt immediately knew that something was wrong.
  • When Percival is found in an enchanted pocket watch, Newt is the only one who Percival won’t attack when approached. Newt is the one to get him to the hospital, to take care of him as he heals. The two grow closer than ever, and start dating once Percival is all healed. Of course they go through the awkward denial stage, where they think that the other is better off with someone else. They would eventually come to their senses, and get together, much to the delight of everyone.
  • Theseus would have to visit. He would have to makes sure that his best friend is okay, and that his little brother is happy.



Michael Clifford:::Not My Type

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 7k+

Rating: SMUT

Requested: Yes

Nerd Michael…need I say more??

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PRIDE || MAFIA!Seokmin [Chp 3]

BLURB: Sometimes we put on facades to seem stronger than we are, when all we need is someone to tell us they will hold our hand through it all.

GENRE: mafia!au, action, mystery, family, monsta x cameos

WORDS: 3325

PART: 1 | 2 | 3

Your life was a series of fuck-ups and yesterday might very well be one too. After agreeing to “come with him”, whatever that meant, Seokmin let you go back.

“What, no holding me hostage in the big mansion to make sure I won’t rat you guys out?” You were only half-joking.

“Nah,” he’d said, “I trust you.”

Trust. So when you got back to the subway station that night you stayed as mum as possible hoping that Wonho wouldn’t even notice you were there. It wasn’t much of a problem. When you reached, he and a few of the others were knocked out cold, dumb with alcohol they probably stole from another sad store somewhere else. If you’d been here last night you would’ve watched them drink themselves silly from your perch at the top of a subway car and put yourself on guard duty. Without you here Wonho didn’t even bother.

It’s like they’d forgotten all about you. So you hid in your little corner and pretended to disappear.

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Fucking energon, how does it work?

Today, I was thinking to myself, because I’m a huge nerd, “I wonder what the transformer process equivalent to cellular respiration is like?” And so I started thinking, but soon I ran into a wall, where I was like “but what is energon? given that transformers aren’t organic and their planet definitely isn’t, it’s probably not a hydrocarbon.” And that led to some thinking, some theorizing, and some wiki bingeing, and now I have a working theory about energon and basic transformers energy physiology!

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blue/cold vs red/heated

So a lot of scenes in Sherlock have either a blue/cold tint or a red/heated tin to their filming. This has been a subject many sherlockians have talked about for so long, and now I’m taking the torch and running with it. Because I think I know what these tints mean.

They mean whose perspective/narration we s the viewers are watching from. And I can tell you which color/tint belongs to who, with evidence.

Blue/cold = John/other

Red/heated = Sherlock

Let me explain. Please. (See, I even said please; im very polite.)

Things that happen where there is a blue/cold tint are unrealistic or cliched. Just look at TFP for goodness sake. Or even better, Mary’s death.

When Mary dies, she pushes Sherlock out of the way of a speeding bullet, goes flying through the air and manages to have a conversation with her husband and Sherlock despite being shot in the sternum and facing definite organ failure. Sounds like ll of them cliche action movies where there is a death to get a cheap reaction out of the audience. It is so unrealistic that its almost hilarious.

So why couldn’t it be coming from Sherlocks perspective/narration? Because Sherlock has been shot before. We watched the freaking scene.

Originally posted by sherlockinquisition

Remember? Sherlock was using apparitions of Molly, Mycroft and Anderson to help him?

What was it mindpalace!Molly said?

Its not like the movies, is it?

Remember, this all happened in a span of seconds but even then Sherlock had enough sense to know that this wasn’t like the movies. You don’t go flying backwards. Blood doesn’t spurt out.

But what happened with Mary? Exactly what would happen in the movies. Action movies.

And who do we know likes action movies?

Originally posted by notesoflore

Ha, the gift even agrees with me.

(These guys are also wearing yellow… Oh universe)

Blue/cold has actually been around before this season though. And quite frankly, this is what convinced me that blue/cold tints are from Johns perspective.

So where has this blue/cold tint appeared before?

TRF and TEH.

I’m not kidding, look:




(You sherlolly and sheriaty shippers are welcome by the way)

And what do these scenes have in common? They’re all shown from an unreliable narrator. John saw what Sherlock wanted him to see and the two from TEH are unreliable narrations.

Blue means an unreliable narration or a narration that isn’t Sherlocks. A magic trick. A deceiving imitation or lie.

How many unreliable scenes are there in season four? How many badly placed tricks or deceiving imitations? Too many. Every one of them completely unrealistic or nonsense.

Now, I know you’re going to ask, “Why can’t Sherlock be blue? Why does Sherlock have to be red?” Well, despite the death of Mary, there is actual other evidence. And it all comes from TAB.

TAB took place within Sherlock’s mind palace and there are lots of red/heated tints. Cue the evidence:



But I know people will want to prove me wrong and bring up this little thing of course:

Yeah, okay. These are tinted blue/cold. But I can easily explain:

These are recounts being told by other narrators. Remember, blue/cold tint means unreliable narrator or another narrator that isn’t Sherlock (Yeah, it’s happening in his mind palace but technically MindPalace!Lestrade is saying this so… A representation of another narrator. It counts.)

Of course, there is this image as well:

But I honestly just blame this on lighting. Hey, if you have a better explanation, then feel free to tell me, but in all honesty; I imagine it’s just lighting effect.

But quite frankly there is a lot of red/heated tones. Plus, when watching season four, red appears to have a connection with Sherlock more than it does with John:

These are all my favourite scenes btw

Yep. These tones are literally only associated when Sherlock is around. The blue/cold tones can affect Sherlock but he practically owns the red/heated tints and tones.

And for the last piece of evidence that may just explain everything:

May not seem like much at first glance. But honey, I observe.

This blue/cold tint over the photo? Observe.

What is it doing? What is this blue/cold tint doing to the picture?

Its removing the red/heated tints. It has over taken the red/heated tones.

So what does this mean? Well, it means we have some very interesting story lines. The blue/cold tint has layered over the red/heated tint. The two stories that are to be told have intertwined, but for now only one is clear to us.

In order to see the other story, we need to look past the blue/cold tints. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


And what a evolution my friend!  UP ⬆️⬆️⬆️