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SU comic 2017 #1 (ongoing)

Steven Universe #1 ongoing comic for 2017 is out and I want everyone to take a moment to appreciate these special moments as Steven, Peridot, and Lapis encounter a baby bird and become parents.

Peridot draws Camp Pining Hearts fan art

Peridot learns a life lesson about organic creatures’ digestion

Excellent averting of “’’’’girl name’’’’ = female creature = she/her pronouns” through use of a traditionally feminine name and consistent they/them pronouns for the bird throughout (and Peridot continues to be Camp Pining Hearts trash)

Lapis teaches the birdie to flap their wings. Peridot teaches the birdie to be Camp Pining Hearts trash

Steven fulfills his Disney dreams

Yes, yes you are Steven

Everyone read this comic now

“Robot” and “Orphan”

The English word “orphan” comes, via Latin, from the Greek orphanós, which derives from the Proto-Indo-European h₃órbʰos, meaning “orphan”, or “slave, servant”.  It was that second meaning which produced Proto-Slavic *orbъ “slave”, from which was derived the noun *orbota “hard work, slavery”, which produced the Czech robota “forced labor”.  In 1920, the Czech author  Karel Čapek coined the word robot from robota in his sci-fi play Rossum’s Universal Robots, about an industrialist who creates artificial humans as laborers (who eventually rebel against their masters).  It was through that play that the word “robot” entered the English language, although in the original play the robots were organic creatures, rather than the mechanical entities the word is used for today.

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Nihilego is a fantastic combination of two terrifying things: jellyfish and parasites. Nihilego’s pokédex entry states “it’s unclear whether or not this Pokémon is sentient,” and that’s as good of a description of a jellyfish as any.

Jellyfish don’t have brains, bones, hearts, or blood. They don’t have a respiratory system (lungs or gills) to breathe, but they do absorb oxygen through their skin. Some are microscopic, and others longer than a blue whale. Some of them are immortal and can de-age themselves. They’re made of 98% water, they barely have a nervous system…and yet these creatures have been around on our planet for more than 650 million years, so they must be doing something right. In fact, jellyfish are the oldest multi-organ creatures on the planet. Despite everything they lack, jellyfish do have some organs: a mouth and a digestive system, and reproductive organs, for example.

There are over 2000 different species of jellyfish, so let’s just narrow it down to those who, like Nihilego, are also parasites: the myxozoans. Myxozoans are in the same phylum as jellyfish, Cnidaria, but are curious little organisms who go one step beyond jellyfish, not even having a mouth or guts. And like many parasites, they literally can’t survive unless they are infecting a host. They do still have stinging tentacles, though, so I guess that’s good.

Myxozoans live inside the bones and cartilage of fish, where they can reproduce inside and cripple their host, or even to some extent, control the fish. Some Myxozoans cause neurological damage that causes a fish to uncontrollably swim in circles. 

When their hosts die, myxozoans use their little jellyfish stingers to sting, therefore infecting, a new fish. 

As shown in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nihilego has some adverse neurological effects when it infects a host: namely, what it did with Lusamine. If Nihilego is like a Myxozoan, it needs to bond with a human in order to reproduce: and it likely would have killed Lusamine if it could have completed the process.

Nihilego is a jellyfish-like parasitic Myxozoan. It does not have a brain, a respiratory system, a mouth, or guts. It infects hosts and often causes neurological damage.

Imagine You're a Seahorse Mermaid

The trip from the ocean had not been a pleasant one. You had been enjoying the reef, on your own, heedless of the many warnings you’d received all your life to not do just that. In the beautiful clear, relatively shallow water, you had been spotted by the marine team, and they had quickly swooped down upon you, netting you, and pulling your panicked self into their boat. The shouting when they realized exactly what they had netted- a seahorse mermaid- intensified, and rather than being tagged and thrown back, you were transferred to a dark, cramped holding tank bellow deck.

With no way to see the outside world, or even feel the currents of the ocean any more, you had no way of telling just exactly how much time had passed in that tank. There was a sudden stop though, sending you crashing into wall with momentum. Not enough to hurt, but certainly startling. The hatch above was opened, and several hands reached in to grab you. There was no room to avoid them, and you were swiftly fished out of the tank. You squirmed, instinctually, but they held you fast. At least one of them- perhaps accidentally- got a grip on you with one hand firmly over your breast. Another hand pressed distressingly close to your special lower opening, causing unwanted pleasure, and more fear.
You were quickly dropped into a new tank, though, this one glass, with wheels on the bottom. You swam immediately do the bottom, looking around fearfully as you were wheeled into the strange location.

Tanks. Rows and rows of tanks. Fish and mer-people of every type populated them. Your expression shifted to one of shock, while still maintaining the high level of fear and confusion, as you put your hands against the glass, pressing to it trying to see better. You saw a pod of killershark mermaids swim past in one large tank. Another housed several lionshark mermen eyeing one another uneasily. Yet another had almost an entire school of mackerel mermaids. You wondered, what WAS this place?

“Looking at your new neighbors?” The one who was pushing your tank spoke to you. You couldn’t understand the sounds it was making. “Don’t worry. We’re very careful to only ever put friendly fish folk in with one another. We don’t want to cause any more stress than we have to. Unfortunately… no one’s ever housed a live Seahorse Mermaid before, so we don’t have a tank free for you just now. But don’t worry. We’re going to put you in with the Whaleshark Mermaids. They’re notoriously docile with every other mer-creature out there, so you’ll be fine.”

You stared at this creature in confusion. What was it DOING. Was it trying to communicate? The both of you passed through a series of doors, before it stopped your tank above another, near the edge.

“If it were up to me… I’d take you home with me. You’re the most beautiful… sexy… creature I’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve got a nice tank set up at home for just such lovely creatures as yourself. But the team was with me today, so– for now, at least, you’ll have to stay here. But I’ll visit you as often as I can.”

A button was pressed, and your tank-on-wheels slowly leaned forward, the water spilling out, into the waiting tank bellow. You swam back and forth, panicked, before the current took you, and you slipped out, falling the short distance to the water bellow. Once again, you quickly swam to the bottom, finding some seaweed to hide (as best you could) amongst.

And then it was quiet.

This place lacked the… pulse and flow of the ocean. It was so still. It was SO still that you could almost feel them before you saw them.

The Whaleshark Mermaids.

You and your kin were always careful to hide yourselves away from other merpeople. It wasn’t because you didn’t like them, exactly, it was just… sometimes, some sort of- hormonal switch would fire off in a mer-creatures head, causing them to desire nothing else above mating with Seahorse Mermaid in question. It didn’t effect all of them, but it effected enough of them that isolation was really just the better way to do things.

So. It went without saying that you had never seen a Whaleshark Mermaid so close before. They were larger than you, almost amazonian in nature. If you swam hip-to-hip with them, their heads would be at least two heads past your own, and their tails extended a great distance past your own, and were much more muscular, more powerful, meant for open-ocean swimming. Yours was short in comparison, delicate, meant for anchoring you from drifting off in currents. Their upper halves were equally muscular, while still retaining many feminine curves. They were, to your way of thinking, both beautiful and frightening.

The pod was concerned for you, and then- confused. You were not a Mermaid whaleshark. You were something NEW. Something different. One of them, the largest in the group, approached you carefully.

<You are all right?> She inquired. her way of speaking was strange, accented to your ear, but understandable.

<I- I don’t know. Where am I? What’s going on?> You replied, frightened.

<You are at a new home. At this place where the land creatures keep us. They look at us. They feed us. They do not put us back. But. They do not hurt us, either,> She said gently, the rest of the pod hanging back out of respect, it would seem. She reached out to touch you, intending a comforting gesture.

Her touch was incredible. You felt something inside of you click, almost, and to your surprise, it seemed that she felt it, too.

<I.. you… you are so beautiful,“ her hand drifted down your arm, taking a firm hold, and pulling you closer.

<No,> You responded weakly. You were smitten by her beauty, it was true, but the size of her intimidated you. Could this be happening? You did not want this! <Please, no>

<I cannot…. cannot stop,> Her head craned down, her lips capturing yours for a deep, passionate kiss. She continued to hold you firmly by the arm, her other hand moving to start pressing on your lower opening, attempting to manipulate to give you pleasure- and to cause it to open. You moaned, half heartedly trying to escape, but with your useless tail, such a thing was pointless. with one single flick of her tail, the two of you were propelled, over to the glass of the tank, where she pressed up against you, continuing to manipulate you with her hand while invading your mouth. You gasped, inadvertently inviting opening your mouth further for her, as her large fingers plunged into you, successfully opening you bellow as well. She scissored her fingers, opening them up wide, before letting your muscle strength tighten then back up into a group… then opening them wide again. She did this several times, starting with just two fingers, and steadily adding another.. then another. You thought you might die, her fingers were so large, and strong. Your muscles strained against her, but could do nothing to prevent her actions.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss off from you. You were frightened to realize you were almost disappointed. She drifted upwards, keeping her fingers in you, until your head was at her breasts. She arched her back, pressing them to your face, and you, almost dutifully, took her nipple into your mouth, instincutally working it about with your tongue, pressing it to the roof of your mouth, sucking powerfully, occasionally breaking the suction to lick. You were so busy doing this you didn’t notice any of the other things happening in those moments.

First, the other Whaleshark Mermaids were all drifting closer, some reaching to their friends to manipulate them, as they watched. They all had a… somewhat hungry look to their faces. But they were waiting. For now.

Second, that same creature that had dumped you into this tank moments before had appeared on the other side of the glass you were pressed to, and was watching in what had to be shock at what was happening to you. Had you been paying attention, you would have seen it check over its shoulders, nervously, before exposing it’s mating organ- perhaps this creature was male then? It manipulated it’s mating organ furiously, not so unlike the other Whaleshark Mermaids in the tank.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the Whaleshark woman who still held you captive in her embrace had drifted high enough to align her lower opening with yours. Her fingers suddenly spread especially wide, causing you to gasp in surprise once more, and she pressed against you, filling your mouth with her breast, and pressing her opening to yours. Something… something was entering you. Something LARGE. It was not particularly hard, with some soft give to it. But it could only be compressed so much, and as it forced its way deeper and deeper into your opening, it became dencer and dencer, as your muscles attempted, uselessly to resist. You squirmed desperately trying to un-align your hips, but she was so much stronger, so much larger– you had no hope of moving. You realized, at some point that her hand had slipped between the two of you again, and she was manually pushing the thing into you now.

You tried to protest. You could not. You could not move, and she just shook her head at your attempts. <I am sorry. You must accept my eggs though. You must. You must.>

With a sudden shift, the thing- her egg- made it past your muscles fully, popping into your pouch. It felt so heavy. It made you feel so bloated. You thought for a moment that she was done, but her grip tightned on your arm when you tried to slip away. Eggs. She had said Eggs. Plural. She slipped her fingers into you, opening you up once again.

This time, the egg came much faster, as she smashed her hips into yours, desperately, groaning as the egg exited her body, before once again– pushing it with the flat of her palm into your pouch, fully. You were horrified. You had felt so heavy with just one. Now two!?

Thankfully, once she had rammed the second egg into you, her grip on your arm finally loosened, and she released you, letting you drift to the floor of the tank. Your hands instincitvely went to your pouch. Though the eggs were easily melon sized, the strength of your muscles clamping down on them made them somewhat smaller. They filled you utterly though, their jelly-like consistency allowing them fill you utterly, pushing up against one another to fight for space, forcing your belly outward where no more space was to be had. You looked like a mockery of parenthood. Thankfully though, it was over.

Or so you thought.

Even as the largest of the Whaleshark Mermaids drifted away, seemingly shocked at what she had just done, the others fell upon you. The pushed at one another, grabbing at you, fighting, gently, over who would have you next. One began kissing you, As another swam around to manipulate your breasts from behind. Still another began pressing her hips to yours, wasting no time in getting her eggs on their way to their new home, inside you.

They swarmed around you, taking turns, all desperate, but none wanting to damage you. They were surprisingly gentle, even as you were pulled from one to the next, and pressed egg after egg after egg into your already over-burdend pouch.

At the end of it all, you had seven eggs inside of you. Where as before you thought you looked like a mocekery of parenthood, now you knew you were an outright parody of it. You were positively huge. You belly was completely firm, with out give– there were too many eggs, too tightly packed! You sunk immediately to the bottom, your belly pointing upwards where the other women swam, somewhat confused over what had just happened, none daring to get close to you again just yet, lest it happen again. You turned your head away from them, toward the corner of the tank, between the floor and the wall. At least, you thought weakly, there were no males in this tank. Without any firtalization agent, the eggs would be a burden for a while, but would eventually pass out of you. Eventually.

That’s when you finally noticed the creature on the other side of the glass, it’s mating organ still out, large, and hard in it’s hand. Staring at you. Hungrily.

This was not over.


Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed the “organic creature” in the courtyard of a 19th-century block to house the new headquarters of the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé – dedicated to preserving the history of French film company and promoting cinematography.

…The art of inserting a building into an historical city block means engaging in an open, physical dialogue with those already there. Building onto an extant structure also presents an opportunity for a more widespread renovation project, a reclaiming of space. The new headquarters of the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé is an unexpected presence, a curved volume one glimpses floating in the middle of the courtyard in which it sits, anchored on just a few supports. On the ground, there is a stand of birch trees, a floral island set in the dense mineral context of the city…

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How to create realistic villains

The bad guys, who doesn’t love them? 

With this post I’ll help you create a villain using three special traits to make them realistic and believable. But villain doesn’t equal antagonist. Antagonist is a character that goes against the protagonist’s goal. Villain is a character with bad morals, or evil. In most stories, the antagonist and the villain are the same person. Some antagonists, however, are good characters, or just doing their job.

Example of antagonist:  Alex Mahone from Prison Break, he was a major antagonist, but anyone out there to catch T-Bag is a good person.

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Example of villain: Yubaba from Spirited Away, she is the bad witch that steals Chihiro’s name and controls the bathhouse with authority. Not only she goes against the protagonist, but she also has bad morals.

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In this post I’ll focus on villains. Alright, before we talk about those three special traits, we must consider the most common types of villains out there. I can think of seven:

- The Beast: They are driven by their instincts. They are not necessarily evil, but wild, sometimes hungry as well. Attacking the protagonist is in their nature.

Example: Zombies (The Walking Dead)

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- The Machine: Robots, computers, artificial intelligence, this type of villain obeys commands and logics only. Attacking the protagonist is in their source code.

Example: T-800 (The Terminator)

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- The Master Mind: Smart, intelligent, strategist, sly, genius, prodigy. They have the intellectual control over the situation, they can anticipate the protagonist’s every movement. Attacking the protagonist is essential for the achievement of their goals.

Example: Mother Gothel (Tangled)

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- The Lunatic: The crazy ones, psychopaths, sociopaths, evil just for the pleasure of being evil, evil for love, they enjoy what they do and how they do it. Attacking the protagonist is fun.

Example: Tate (American Horror Story: Murder House)

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- The Supernatural: Vampires, demons, spirits, ghouls, gumihos… Just like the beasts, they are following their needs, but not necessarily by instinct. They might be conscious of their actions. Attacking the protagonist is in their nature.

Example: Rize (Tokyo Ghoul)

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- The Henchman: Skilled at killing, they are obeying orders for money, honor, power, prestige or even personal needs. Attacking the protagonist is an order.

Example: Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

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- The Bully: Social pressure and internal conflicts drive them to torment others. They are moved by dominance and social status, sometimes to vent their piled up anger. Attacking the protagonist is part of their routine.

Example: Victoria Chase (Life is Strange)

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Try fitting your villain in these types. It will help you visualize and understand them better.

So, what are those three traits to make villains realistic? Here they are:

- Goal: Just like the protagonist, they also need a goal. They also have a journey ahead of them. They will face hardships, they will fight, they will win, they will lose, they will try their best at every moment. If you give goals to your protagonist, give goals to your villain. If you give powers to your protagonist, give powers to your villain. If you give tragedy to your protagonist, give tragedy to your villain. Villains are not above the law. Make them as miserable as you are making the protagonist. More, more miserable. 

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- Complexity: Think of their background, how they became bad/evil, how they understand the world. Think of your villain as an organic creature (except for machines), imagine their daily life, visualize and talk to them. Give them as much attention as the protagonist receives. Some villains are weak because they were given no attention. Remember, the Yin Yang are equals. Love your villain, don’t hate them. That’s the reader’s prerogative. Love your villain. 

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-  Heroic: Every villain is the hero of their own story. Give them heroic features as well. Give them softness, give them weakness, give them fragility. Maybe they love/loved someone. Maybe they fight against, but respect the protagonist. Maybe they just want to retire. Maybe they like ice cream. Allow your reader to find a speck of light in the villain’s soul. It’s easier to fear someone that can be both soft and cruel.

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Making it simple:

- Create a realistic goal for your villain

- Create their background and personality

- Create their weakness/softness

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Omg the anxiety thing with fort max is precious *w* Now I'm curious how he would react to certain balls of fur that serve as stress relievers and fun and joy and energy.... also known as kittens xD (Could you include Rung, Red Alert and Whirl?)


Fortress Maximus MTMTE

He’s skeptical at first, not understanding how small, furry, organic creatures could possibly help with stress- oh dear. He’s holding all of them up to his face and one of them just licked his nose, he’s pretty sure he’s never been more at peace. These little balls of fur understand and he’s going to protect them all from now on 


He’s never seen a kitten before, but he has to admit, after holding several of them, he’s charmed. He gets a good chuckle out of it when they start swatting at his antenna, which makes it shake and the kittens swat at it even more. He likes to let them all explore around his desk, but makes sure they don’t get to crazy near his model ships 

Red Alert MTMTE

He’s constantly stressed, if anybody needs kitten cuddle time, it’s him. He’d be really nervous when you let him hold a few, since he might drop or hurt them, but he gets a little more confidence when they start purring and rubbing on him. After a while, he’s happily sitting on the floor with multiple kittens resting on his shoulders and in his lap 


He’s determined to not like them. Him go soft over a bunch of flee bags? No way. No, he was not enjoying laying on the floor while kittens played on him, that was just stupid. Of course he didn’t have some hiding in his cockpit, and that certainly was not a meow just then. If anybody accidentally came close to stepping on one of the little guys, Whirl would punch them into the next dimension 

A crazy theory

(Forgive my terrible English)

I know it probably is not going to happen…but I wanna share my idea.

When Steven heals Lars, he says he was never able to cure someone so hurt before. His healing power is stronger than ever.

Somehow, if Steven finally open the trunk inside Lion’s mane and the pieces of Pink Diamond were there, what would happen? 

He (with his healing powers so advanced) could heal her and ask her what really happened when she was shattered, and we could finally know the truth about her and Rose Quartz. If one of the other three Diamonds did it, Pink Diamond would be furious and desiring revange.

Meanwhile, Steven and the Crystal Gems could show her how to love Earth and the organic creatures, and when she gets back to Homeworld, she could tell what really happened and ask the other Diamonds to leave Earth in peace, because the planet is her colony yet and she decides what to do with it.

If Rose Quartz is innocent, she wouldn’t be so hated anymore, the other Rose Quartz’s would be free from the bubbles and so many more amazing things! The gems that still loyal to Pink Diamond (like Jasper) would get a redemption arc easier, and could join to the Crystal Gems. Steven can probably heal her corruption too, at this point.

So the Crystal Gems could be accepted…or, at least, free. 

Maybe I’m crazy…but it would be really nice xD

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Came to insult you. Hrm. Fuck. Having difficulties thinking of any. Changed mind. Feel like helping locate missing rebel leader Baulan? Payment is whatever credits we acquire, plus use of my comrade as servant.

I wont say I understand any of that organic creature business that has been going on lately…

Hmm… Normally I don’t really favor organics, but you look… interesting. I’m not interested in payment, but if I could… research you and your kind, then maybe

Revali x reader: Aliens in Hyrule (Part 2)

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He flew high into the night sky, in search of this girl, not only to return her now missing item, but to get his answers. Something was off about this Hylian, but he couldn’t seem to put a feather on it. So he searched, and what seemed like hours soon turned into days, using his precious little spare time of when he was not training, taking care of Vah Medoh, or being the champion of Rito, to search for this blessed Hylian.

Thus lead him to his current predicament, flying high in the night sky, the moon being full and bright and his only light source. He could easily see every rock, every crevice of each hill, mountain and cliff side, every monster sleeping peacefully. 

He was glad he decided to do this at night, it gave him more comfort that things were more quiet, and that as long he was quiet, there was a lower possibility of him getting caught by monsters. So landing in the exact place as to where he had met the stranger, he started walking into the direction he saw her injured and battered figure flee towards. He kept on walking for an indefinite period of time, he was pretty sure that it was at least 1AM judging by the position of the moon. So giving up, he created an up drafted that carried him high into the air, and allowed him to glide. That was until he heard a noise with screaming words that he had never heard of before.


 Upon instinct, Revali changed his flight pattern completely in order to follow the sound of the noise. And thankful to his speed he was able to find the source quickly. It was located upon a rock, a really tall rock, one that acted as a pillar with a large platform. And laying down in the centre of the platform was the girl he had met a few days prior in the rain. 

Keeping suspended in the air, he decided to stay there and observe her for a few moments, since it was quite obvious that she was awake. She was surrounded by jars full of strange liquids and in them were, based on what he could tell, were the organs of creatures such as Bokoblin’s, Moblin’s and even maybe Lizalfos. There were even some others that he did not recognise.

There was even a Bokoblin there, dead, with a Y-incision on the chest showing the ribs. Blood surrounding the poor creature and even making a small trail to the girl, who happened to be lying down, tossing and turning every once in a while, with an exasperated expression on her face, kicking a bloodied and broken soldiers claymore further away from her. Leading Revali to believe that she broke it to use the swords shards to cut open the monster. 

Upon closer inspection the girl was bloodied also, but then again she was wearing the same clothing of when they first met. Revali could even recognise some of the stains on the strange designed shirt. From his position, he saw her grab a small rectangular object and put it in her back pocket of her short mid-thigh trousers. 

She had gotten up from her lying down position and made her way to collecting all the jars, placing them in a large chest, meanwhile grabbing out a large and thick diary, and based on what he could see through his peripheral view, was one of many. The girl then proceeded to write something, then stopped, and using the Bokoblin’s own flesh, covered its gapping chest, only to the return to writing in her diary. 

Seizing this as the opportunity to approach, Revali landed on the edge of the platform gracefully, and proceed to take out the blade from a small pocket attached to his tunic, as he proceeded to the girl, though stopped a short distance behind her. It was very clear that she had know of his presence, for his moonlit shadow cast over her, and as much as his landing was graceful, it was not silent, as the slight breeze and “whoosh” sound created gave him away. 

With her back was facing him, all she did was tilt her head slightly, as in to acknowledge his presence, and roughly asked bitterly, “What do you want?” as she wrote down in her book fervently.

Revali just stared at her for a short period of time before bringing forth his cocky attitude, and merely replied with, “Well I just came to return something that you have dropped on our last encounter.” He then proceeded to walk around till her was now in front of her, and left the item on the book they had been writing on, then turned away slightly to the side in such a way that he could lift his head high with self pride and still see her face, “you may now thank me!” He claimed though got no response. 

 All she did was grab the item, twirl it around in her fingers, closed the book and grasped the item tightly. Revali saw this, and was not expecting this outcome, he would’ve preferred her to gush about how grateful she is towards him for returning such a rare item back. “You know, if I were anyone else I would have kept that thing! But as the Rito Champion, as you can see, it is my duty to help others,” he stated in a cocky way, making sure to lower himself so that he was face-to-face with the strange, “You are welcome…” He finished as he kept on staring at her face.

All she had was a focused, cold and calculated poker face, as she set down the item, re-opened her book, and said, “Rito… so that’s what you are…” and began to write down the word as the title of the page. Upon closer inspection, Revali took a look at the page, seeing a surprisingly accurate drawing of him in his armour, with labelled body parts, as the stranger finished writing ‘Rito’ in a strange and barely legible writing.

“Is there something you need? ” she said as she stood up quickly, making Revali jump back in surprise as he tried to cover it up quickly, and she made her way to the chest getting out the large travellers bag, and putting in her jars carefully and gently. 

 “Yes there is actually, you still have not thanked me yet and-” he paused in order to get closer to her, pulled back some of her hair to reveal a curved ear, “-you still have not answered my question from a few days ago!” 

 She quickly swatted his feathery hand away from her face, ear and hair, all while jerking backwards and clasping a hand to cover her ear. “What question?” she asked harshly.

“The question about your ears, what happened to them? And why aren’t they pointed like that of a regular Hylian?!” He continued to press on with his questioning, as he advance over to her, making her take a few steps back. 

“Their normal where I come from! There’s nothing wrong with them!” she shouted as she dodged his advancement and headed back to her bag. Just stood there frozen in shock and highly skeptical, ‘normal’ is not a word he would use in her situation, though she did say 'where I come from’. So kicking his confidence up a notch, he turned round to see her continuing to pack up he things, “And where exactly do you cone from? Pray tell.”

His voice oozed with confidence, as if to test her, as he smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. Though when she replied, she wasn’t even phased by him and merely said, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…” She had then finished and proceed to place the bag on her back. 

Revali just took a long stride to be closer to her, while cheekily smirking and placing his face closer to hers, as well as bending down slightly to meet her at eye level as he was at least a head and a half taller than her. “Oh please! Do go on! I insist! Do tell me where you are from!”

He continued to look at her challengingly, though was surprised with the remark she told him, “Easiest answer would be from space!” He just stared at her for a few seconds, before bursting into laughter.

“Alright I believe you!” He said in between breathes of his heavy laughter. 

 “No you don’t…” the girl said unphased by his reaction.

 “Oh no no no, I do, I truly do!” He claimed sarcastically before laughing again.

She just stared at him, he trying to compose himself though failing instantly, “I feel like your mocking me…” and turned round to leave once she said that.

Though Revali was quick to stop her, by grabbing her wrist and twisted it in such a way that she was facing him, “Well if you do not want to be mocked and embarrassed, I suggest you prove your claim…” He stated once again all up in her face, “Prove that you are from elsewhere and not here…”

 She stared at him coldly, before reaching into her pocket to reach out for the item Revali had retrieved her, taking a step back she held the item in both hands, making sure that the hand near the blade didn’t get nicked, and showed it to Revali. “This is what we call a scalpel, a medical tool used to cut beings open!”

 Revali knew that it was an unusual item but he need much more poof than that, so he crossed his arm and gave an unimpressed look. So placing her bag down, she stomped over to the dead Bokoblin, and making a sign for Revali to go next to her, to which he did though was highly reluctant about it. 

 She reopened up the Bokoblin’s chest and continue, “To cut this guy up, I used a Y-incision, which surgeons perform to replace organs, remove harmful items, and other functions, now to cut him up we use the scalpel, ” to which she demonstrated by grabbing her scalpel and cutting off a small chunk of flesh from the corpse, “ and that is what we call an “operation.’ ” 

 She this time turned to Revali who was now in deep thought, “You use magic to heal injuries, we do this back were I come from, so….” 

 “As interesting as this is,” Revali started, “it doesn’t mean anything, it could just mean you’re insane…” he claimed. 

 “Eh you’re right about that,” she stated, making him turn to her wide eyed and move a little distance away from her, but then the memory of there first meeting resurfaced. More specifically, the crazed look in her eyes. 

 “Anyway more proof,” she stated, snapping him out his train of thought, “I am a Human, not a Hylian, a HUMAN, if you want the scientific name, I’m a Homo sapien,” she ended smugly as Revali just stared at her like she grew a second head.

“So let me get this straight, you’re a Hyoo-man?” 

 “Human, and yes!” 

 “That still doesn’t explain anything!” Revali exclaimed exasperatedly and confused.

 “Oh my god! You are being just as difficult as a woman on Earth! And that’s saying something coming from me!” She said through it a miniature fit.


 “Yes, Earth! It’s where I come from! It’s my home!” 

 Revali just stared at her all skeptical till a thought occurred to him, “It’s alright…” he reassured her, “you just hit your pretty little head a little too hard, that must be why your having these strange thoughts in your mind!” He stated as he pat the girls back in reassurance.

 “ What?” she questioned in a dangerously low voice, making sure she heard his words correctly. 

 “Well it is quite obvious that one would lose their head when I am around!” He stated smugly, taking back his feathered hand from her back, “after all, I am the best Rito warrior! But there is no need for you make baseless claims just to make yourself seem greater than me!” 

 She just turned her head towards him, she looked like she was about to burst one of her own veins, though didn’t as she groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose in realisation. She WAS stating 'baseless claims’, so with a sigh of defeat, she said, “If I show you some of the technology I have with me, THEN will you believe me?” 

 Revali just kept his smug smirk plastered onto his face, thinking he has already seen all the technology of his world, and she wouldn’t be showing him anything else than what he has already seen. So he left her with a 'perhaps…’ She went over to her bag, and grabbed some items from her bag, and made her way back to him. Sitting down next to him she laid out the items in the space between them, then picked up one of the items. It was a large rectangular object, it seemed on surface was lined with black glass and on the edge were buttons of some sort. 

 “This is a battery bank, we use it to charge mobile devices,” she said as she gave him the 'battery bank’, reluctantly he took it, and started to turned it over and around, seeing its design and feeling its smoothness, finding a hole on one side, till he came in contact with the glass.

 “What is this glass for?” 

 “Those are solar panels, they’re used to absorb sun light and convert it into energy for the battery bank to function properly.” 

 Curiously, Revali touched one of the two buttons, and the battery bank lit up a vibrant blue. Revali had only seen the sort of blue in one place, and that was in bombs. So in shock he tossed it into the air, and moved further away from the self proclaimed 'human’ and her items. Thankfully for her, he threw it in such a way that it was easy to catch from where she was sitting. 

 “What are you doing?! Get rid of that thing!” Revali yelled in panic.

“What do mean?” she asked in plain confusion.

 “That’s a bomb! Get rid of it!” He continued yelling. 

 It had suddenly clicked to the human girl that, he thought it was something dangerous, so quickly pressing a button, she showed it to him again, to show that it wasn’t glowing and rapidly explained. “Don’t worry! It’s not a bomb! You just pressed the button that charged it.” 

 “The… what?”

 “The button you pressed activates it to start charging, it lights up blue like that when it does, green when it is fully charged and doesn’t need any more sunshine.” 

 Revali paused in order to process all the information she had just shared with him. This was hard to believe, this was not what he had expected. 

 “Hey are you okay?” she said snapping him out of his thoughts, and he looked up he saw the first concerned look her saw on her face, “Do you want me to show you something else or-….?”

 “Stop,” he interrupted, “I think that’s enough…” he ended shakily. “Do you believe me now?” 

 “Yes and no… let’s just say I’m skeptical, but on the verge of believing…” 

 “…. and I can live with that…” 

 After the short monologue, the two just stared at each other for a while until the sun began to rise. 

 “The sun’s rising…” the human stated. 

 “I can tell,” Revali chuckled at her response, “What does it have to do with anything?”

 “….. doesn’t the 'best Rito warrior’ have things to take care of?” The girl shrugged and questioned. 

 For a moment Revali made a beeline, wondering what she was talking about, till it suddenly hit him. He was the Rito Champion! He had duties to take care of! He spent the whole night looking for and staying with a girl- who apparently was from a different world! 

 Staggering to his talon-ed feet, he dashed to one side of the pillar, and was about to jump off as a boost to fly. Though he stopped just before he was about to jump, and quickly turned to the girl and asked her, “What’s your name?” 

 This puzzled the girl, “Why would you like to know?”

Revali just gained an egotistical smirk on his beak, “Well I would like to know the name of the stranger, who by the way should consider themselves lucky, that has been acquainted with my presence,” he ended. 

“Well Revali-” 

 “How do you know my name? As far as I know, I never told it to you!” he interrupted as his eyes narrowed considerably. 

 All she did was scoff and stand up, “Just because I haven’t been here long, doesn’t mean I don’t know anything, and besides, you Champions are quite the talk of the town. Anyways, I’ve been here long enough, to know enough…”

 Revali just shifted his weight to one leg and crossed his arms over his chest, “Well what can I say, I’m one of the few whose abilities have caught the Kings interest!” He stated as his smug smirk returned.

“And besides….” This caught Revali ’s attention, “I’m (Y/N), (Y/N) (L/N)…”

 “Well than ’(Y/N)’, ” Revali started as he turned around, with his back facing the human, opened his wings dramatically, then turned his head to one side to face y/n, “I’ll be keeping an eye on you…” 

 And with that he took off, leaving a gust of harsh wind behind, causing the human now named (y/n) to cover her face. As Revali quickly flew back to Rito village, with his mind to wonder, “What in all of Hyrule have I gotten myself into?”

Note: This was inspired by Mod Pinks @lesserfandomappreciation