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i cant believe i just found ur blog omg!!! All of ur works are so nice <33 anyway can I request a kihyun neighbor au?? Thank u so much~

!!! thank u sweetheart!!!! i’m glad u like my stuff!!!! i hope u enjoy this!!!! 💝💛💐💖✨💗💕🌷💖


  • kihyun’s apartment is practically spotless ….. it looks like it’s right out of an ikea catalog or something, with neutral furniture and perfectly arranged throw pillows. even his books are organized by color??!?!?
  • he WILL yell at anyone who doesn’t use a coaster on his coffee table
  • the entire apartment always smells like cinnamon because of the candles he burns, but at dinner all of his neighbors are jealous of him because his cooking smells delicious and filters out into the rest of the hall
  • his friends (especially hyungwon) always show up for dinner uninvited and eat all his food, which he pretends annoys him but is actually okay with it
  • he has lots of pictures carefully framed on his wall, including some just of himself on vacation lol ….. but also he has a copy of his parents’ wedding photo framed and a lot of pictures he’s taken of his family and friends
  • no one in the complex knows what he does and he always looks so fashionable and handsome that the older ladies gossip that he must be a model or actor!! in reality though he works as a photographer
  • all the other younger people in the complex are in awe of him, but you…………. hate is a strong word but you HATE yoo kihyun
  • not that you’ve ever spoken to him or anything, but his bathroom is right next to your bedroom and every morning yoo kihyun wakes up at an ungodly hour and sings in his shower and it ALWAYS wakes you up, without fail
  • it’s not like he has a bad voice or anything, it’s objectively beautiful!!!!! but who the hell wakes up at 5:30 am every day even on sundays!!!!! and why does he have to sing SO loudly!!! you even wear earplugs to sleep sometimes but he still manages to wake you up….. eventually you can get back to sleep but it’s still horrible
  • ever since you’ve moved in next door to him…… a full night’s sleep is practically impossible
  • your friends and coworkers have even commented on how you look like you haven’t been sleeping well. and ur like ….. i FREAKING know i look like i haven’t been sleeping well
  • a month in you leave an anonymous note on his door asking him to sing a little quieter and for a week he shuts the hell up but then he starts singing again and you honestly consider moving out
  • whenever you’re getting your mail and the grandmas in the building are gossiping about him you start the most absurd rumors you can think of
  • “yoo kihyun? once i saw him dragging a rolled up rug to the garbage….. it looked like there was a body in there”
  • “i invited him over to dinner once and when he saw there was garlic in the meal he left….. have you ever actually seen him in direct sunlight? i’m just saying”
  • “one of my friends knew kihyun when they were kids……. apparently he told everyone he was born in the 1800s”
  • despite your rivalry with kihyun (which you’re convinced he doesn’t know about) you have only seen him one or two times, your schedules don’t match up so you never have any opportunity to confront him in person
  • and you’re not about to go knock on his door and yell at him for singing… the anonymous rumors and notes will do for now
  • you’ve just gotten used to waking up at 6am in the fucking morning when you go to a friend’s wedding and you see ….. him…. yoo kihyun……… dressed in a suit and taking pictures
  • and 1) you’re extremely shocked because he looks amazing with his styled hair and fitted suit 2) you’re extremely shocked because the literal DEVIL is taking photos of your high school best friend getting married
  • you glare at him for a good twenty minutes at the reception before he spots you ,,,,,,, and you don’t think he knows you at all but suddenly he’s walking towards you ,,,,,,,, and you’re like ,,,, oh god…… oh no ,,,, why is this happening
  • why is he SMIRKING at you and why does he look SO GOOD doing it
  • “you’re the one thats telling everyone i’m a murdering vampire from the 1800s” and his voice is …. really nice…. but maybe that’s the champagne speaking
  • “well YOU’RE the one that wakes me up every single morning with your stupid shower concerts!!!!!”
  • that was definitely the champagne speaking, but yoo kihyun has the AUDACITY to LAUGH at you and it’s such a nice sound but you’re fuming
  • “so you decided to tell mrs kang from 5B that i replaced her cat with a clone?????” “to be fair ….. i saw you pet it once…. there was evidence you could’ve pulled the heist off”
  • and you don’t know this but kihyun honestly ,,,,,, is pretty charmed by your stubborn nature and ridiculous rumors ,,,, because it’s not like they’re harmful or anything they’re actually pretty fricking funny ,,,,,, plus it doesn’t help that he finds you gorgeous
  • so when you say that he laughs again, and then he offers to buy u a drink….. and ur like “i dunno if you missed it but this is an open bar”
  • and he’s like “no, i mean are you free this friday?”
  • and u………… well maybe you misjudged him, because by the time the bride and groom have started dancing and he has to go take pictures …. you are thoroughly charmed and he has your number
  • the next rumor you spread is that yoo kihyun is a pick up artist that brainwashed you into dating him
  • but now that he’s stopped singing in the shower every morning (he switches to night showering just for you), he’s a pretty good bf
  • on nights when you complain to him about being tired from work, he shows up at your door and cooks you dinner and gives you a massage until you tell him to stop coddling you and cuddle u instead. you love it though
  • his friends LOVE you because you’re like their own personal tabloid magazine, you tell them whenever kihyun does something embarrassing or stupid, which he would get mad at you for if you weren’t so damn cute
  • he’s always taking pictures of u and you’re like plz….. stop…. and he’s like i’m making this my computer background
  • he’s always taking care of other people and you, but he really really loves when you tell him to stop working and sit him down and just let him sleep in your lap while you run your hands through his hair
  • you let him slow down…. but you also let him butt heads with someone who won’t take his bullshit…. and you’re basically everything he needs and he makes sure you know he loves u for it
  • seriously he will not stop telling you he loves you…… it would be annoying if u didn’t love him as much as he loves you
tips & tricks & i’ve learned in 21 years as a human girl who has adhd

some of these i’ve learned on my own, or from family/friends, or reddit/tumblr/pintrest/facebook. but i’ve compiled a list that has helped me remain focused, organized, and not having my mind go all over the place. some of them are just good to know.

1. don’t put it down, put it away (helps immensely with clutter)

2. use a planner for everything, not just school (i use an actual planner because writing it down actually helps me remember it better, but an app can work too)

3. color code class materials, use a different color for each subject (i’m a nursing student and i’m always running around like crazy, my binders, folders, and notebooks for each class each have their own color. ex: bio=green, chem=blue, psych=pink. that way if i’m in a rush, i never grab the wrong stuff.)

4. rewriting class notes, memos, important dates, & anything else worth remembering helps to engrain it in your mind 

5. meal prepping twice every week helps to save time & money & also helps to keep your meals nice and healthy (it also helps me remember to eat because sometimes i have a hard time doing so since my vyvanse suppresses my appetite. it also helps to eat before i take my meds because then i have a more normal appetite and i’m not cranky. i’m also someone who would rather just not eat because i get stressed if i have to cook something, so having something all set and ready to go for each meal is such a huge stress relief)

6. do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week because it gets rid of excess energy, helps you to focus, & look & feel great (i do 45 minutes of cardio every other day on the stair-stepper & i’ve just gotten really into weight lifting. cardio definitely helps me A LOT to not be so cranky or all over the place)

7. pick out and get your outfit for the next day, every single night (i pick out EVERYTHING from the actual clothes, to the underwear, socks, bra, shoes, & accessories. this helps because i also have a weird thing about how clothes fit over undergarments & i also have a weird thing about matching clothes with undergarments, socks, & shoes)

8. pack your backpack and whatever else you need the night before (i put all my class materials, snacks & drinks, chargers, gym clothes, etc in my bag every night before i go to bed so i don’t rush or forget anything in the morning)

9. have a bag full of essentials that you take everywhere (i have a purse that i keep my wallet, keys, a protein bar, a water, my iPad, a back up charger, pen, small notebook, planner, gum, & hand sanitizer that i take with me everywhere. everything has it’s own special pocket & i never lose track of the things i need)

10. make lists of “to’s” (to do, to remember, to buy)

11. go from room to room whenever you leave someplace to make sure you haven’t left anything behind 

12. use post-it notes in visible places as reminders

13. set aside one day per week to do stuff you need to get done (cleaning, schoolwork, chores, grocery shopping, etc)

14. have a “time out” for yourself every other day to relax and recharge (i set aside an hour or two every single day to read or watch a tv show or do something that doesn’t require too much thought or energy. i don’t answer calls or texts, and i try not to browse social media. this helps me relax and not feel overwhelmed throughout the day or the week)

15. set alarms for waking up, tasks, & cooking fro better time management (i use a great app called 30/30 thats a great task manager. it lets you set up a list with a set time for each task. the timer starts and you go about your task, once the time is up, it lets you know you should move onto your next task)

How to study:

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Before classes:

1 - Have a good night of sleep. 
- At least eight hours.

2 - Take some coffee before going to school. 
- Always have a snack in your bag. (Don’t study hungry)

3 - Workout.
- I know it’s going to be hard, since most of you have to wake up so early, but working out will help you to make the most out of your day. 

4 - Organize your bag the night before. 

5 - Go through what you’ll be learning on the day.
- This way you will be prepared and you can take notes about your doubts on the subjects.

6 - Listen to a badass playlist on the way to school/college.
- It will boast your motivation. 

7 - Drink a lot of water. 
- That’s a tip to the whole day, actually. Always remember to take a bottle of water or tea to school/college. 

During class:

1 - Sit in the front.
- You will understand more your teacher and be away from the noises that can take away your attention.

2 - Ask questions. (No matter how dumb you think they are.)
- Do not end a class with doubts. If you can’t ask during the class, take a note of your question on a sticker/notebook to ask later.

3 - Record the lectures.

4 - Put stickers on notes you will need to go over. 

5 - Listen to your teacher.
- Be friendly with them.
- Write down their names and contacts (number, emails, social media).

6 - Taking notes on class!

- Don’t worry about it being pretty, just make it organized and understandable so you can go over and make real notes later. 
- Always start with the subject title and date. 
- Differentiate by color your teacher’s notes and yours. Put in red (or any other color you want, actually) the important things.

After class:

1 - Eat.
- You need to replace energy!

2 - Review everything you learned on the day you learned it.

3 - Complete your homework on the day you get it. 
- Or start it, if the task is too big. 

4 - Dress comfy.

5 - Have office hours in case you didn’t understand something.

6 - Watch documentaries on the topic you are currently studying.

7 - Study 30 minutes (50 minutes at the very most) and stop for 10 minutes. 
- Leave your study place when it’s break time.

8 - Turn off your phone or let it out of sight. 

9 - Test yourself/talk out loud.
- Do practice questions!

10 - Taking notes after class!

- Organize your notes by color.
- Rewrite the informations with your own words.
- When writing the new notes, make it pretty if you can. (I think it motivates me to study, looking at something well made) Otherwhise, be simple and objective, focus on the most important things.
- Go over the class recording and read the books to compare with your class notes, to make sure you didn’t forget anything.



A Personal Connection

Author: @sebastianstandoffish

Pairing: Reader (She/Her) x Bucky Barnes

Summary: Bucky may or may not have a crush on Steve’s PA.

Word Count: 5,551

Category: Fluff/Very light smut 

Warnings: Cursing (per usual), some smutty stuff but not all that explicit (STILL 18+), etc.

A/N: A whole month! Time really flies. This was going to include more explicit smut scenes in it, but, after some deliberation, I’ve decided to put that into a separate work. It’ll be a continuation of this with actual smut in it. Hopefully the separation doesn’t disrupt too much and also allows readers that a) don’t enjoy reading explicit smut and b) don’t connect with an explicitly biologically female reader can still enjoy the story. Thank you for reading and understanding!

She had started out as a way to appease Tony, who had insisted that Steve needed a personal assistant. Stark blathered on and on about how much his life had changed after getting a PA and how maybe a little help with coordinating and the day to day tasks would “remove the stick from that star-spangled ass.”  

So, Steve had caved and asked Pepper to set up a couple of interviews with people interested in the job. After a parade of ecstatic fans and sexual propositions, he was just about ready to give up.

Instead, at the end of a very long day of being ogled and fawned over, (Y/N) had appeared with a rose-scented resume and two popsicles she’d bought from the street-vendor outside the Tower. Her smile was sweet and her eyes kind, a little wide at the opulence of the Stark equipment, but not predatory like the previous applicants.

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