So I wanted to mention that I am interested in more than just taking the same ol’ nature photos at this point in time.
I’ve been gradually shifting my diet toward more plant-based and have had more energy as long as I eat larger portions, and so I’ve been experimenting with recipes and random recipes I throw together to make up a filling meal. My idea is to also inspire diet ideas and exercise since I’ve had my own thing going on, it may benefit others. 😄👍🏼
Salad: organic salad mix, half a can of pinto beans (rinsed), flax chia meal, squash and tomatoes from the garden, and balsamic vinegar dressing. I make my salads different everyday. 🌻

If you don’t have our ready made cold-pressed Watermelon Quencher on hand this is a fun way to make watermelon juice. Use a stick or beater type blender. Cut a hole as large as the blender end, stick it in and puree. Strain out the seeds keeping all the pulp and Enjoy #libertyvillage #dupontstrip #juice #juice-cleanse #nutrients #raw #sugarfree #organic #vegansofig #local #plantpowered #coldpressed #fitspo #coldpressedjuice #glutenfree