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rainbow patch anon again! i had multiple comments of "i like your hoodie!" and a couple people asked for pictures yesterday. i'm normally super shy but that helped boost my confidence a bit. so indirectly, you helped me a lot. <3

AAAAAAAAAA THATS SO SWEET AND WONDERFUL!!! i am so happy to hear that!!!! :’)c


Nice looking piece of anthracite coal

Review of Recollection’s Planner

I decided to finally buy a pre-made planner/bullet journal for a couple reasons. First of all, it’s so much easier than hand drawing everything. Secondly, I have more time to focus on making custom pages for you all. Finally, they are just so pretty and I had coupons. 

I went and bought the Recollections™ Creative Year 18-Month Spiral Planner. (That’s a mouthful.) Recollections™ has always been one of my favorite brands when buying stickers and washi tape for my journals, so I assumed they wouldn’t do me wrong here. I wasn’t disappointed either. 

Let’s jump right in. This is the cover of the one I chose because I love elephants and I had already spent ten minutes deciding based on the cover. (Funny how we are warned not to do that.)

When you open the planner, there’s a beautifully designed page. I thought that there might be more pages like this one throughout the planner, but this was the only one. Which I’m totally fine with. 

I skipped the page to add contacts by name, address, phone number, email, ect. I also skipped over the page to add important dates for the whole year. It was a simple layout to list important events, and that’s not really something I thought to take a picture of. Moving on, there is a simple calendar layout. There are big boxes and two places for notes. 

The weekly layouts are actually kind of dull, but again, it’s a planner, not technically a bullet journal. Each day has it’s own space for notes, and then there are two more extra spots for notes. (Also, I want to note that each month has it’s own color scheme, which is a plus for me.)

After each monthly spread and weekly spread, there is an entire page for notes. I plan on using them for my monthly challenges. 

Then, I got to the end and guess what? MORE NOTE SPACE!

I didn’t read the label carefully on this purchase, but I was happy I didn’t because what I found was a pleasant surprise for me. STICKERS! Four whole pages of colorful, fun, and useful stickers. 

And at the end of the planner are two pages that are designed to be pocket folders and a zipper pouch of sorts to carry around your supplies. 

Overall, I’d give this purchase a 9/10. It’s functional and so far the pens I use haven’t bled through when I did my test of the thickness of the pages. The spiral is a bit larger than it needs to be and the lack of blank pages kind of makes it less creative than the title of the product implies. Either way, I’d recommend this to any of you who have coupons for Micheal’s because the price was also a little ridiculous on it’s own. ($30.00) It’s cute, beautiful, functional, and worth the buy.
The Coat of Arms Said ‘Integrity.’ Now It Says ‘Trump.’
The emblem used by the Trump Organization in the United States had to be changed in Britain, since it belongs to another family.
By Danny Hakim

when you steal a real family’s coat-of-arms, but make sure to take out the word “integrity” and replace it - with “trump”

highly symbolic

ID #51276

Name: Anouk
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hello wonderful people! I am a creative, curious, bubbly girl from Europe! People generally say I am always busy with something and they aren’t wrong. I guess you could say the word no isn’t written in my dictionary. Focusing on just one thing is incredibly hard since I simple like too much :s My life is basically an organized chaos.

 I am currently in the second year of the study industrial engineering and management, but besides that I do a lot of projects that have nothing to do with my study such as theatre, volunteer work with refugees and statusholders, following extra lectures and joining brain storm sessions about the innovation of the educational system. Besides school I have two part time jobs: a very exciting job at the supermarket and at my own school for promotion things.

In the free time I have left I like to write in my journals: from stories about daily life to poetry. My journals are the place for my overload of thoughts and basically tell my life story. I like to watch series such as NCIS, Elementary, Dr Bull, Bones & Castles. Besides that I like reading. Reading for me is entering another world and forgetting everything that is happening around you. Music is a thing I can’t live without: it gives me the words I can’t find myself. This means that I always have my earphones with me and that it’s seriously a disaster when I don’t have them. 

 I am a huge culture and language lover. I am fascinated by all the different cultures that live together on this world and I wish to discover this by traveling. My native language is Dutch and I am quite fluent in English. My German and French are okay and I am learning Portuguese. I am literally open to every language. I see a language of a piece of art: each language is unique and has its own story.

I am looking for a penpal to talk about anything and I generally write a lot so long letters/messages are very welcome. I try to give my letters a special touch by adding little gifts, dried flowers, postcards and fun lists. If you didn’t fall asleep yet reading this terribly long post (I am a bit sarcastic from time to time too) shoot me a message :)

Preferences: Let’s say around the age age of 16-21 and if you want to write letters preferably from Europe since snailmail hasn’t always worked out for me outside Europe, but we can always try. In september I am perhaps going to study in Denmark for a half year, so if you are from Denmark, definitely shoot me a message then ^^


Stacks on stacks 🥞 My famous MandyCakes on deck!! #ProteinPancakes 😍 Guiltless healthy cheats using healthy organic substitutes 🔑
Ingredients: Egg Whites • Rolled Oats • Banana 🍌(blend) *measurements are subject to portions*
Prep: Drizzle mix over med-high heat • add a dash of cinnamon • add a few dark chocolate or carob chips 🍪 while stove top.
Layers/toppings: Coconut Oil • Almond Butter • Banana Slices • 100% Pure Maple Syrup #organic
*i usually top it with sliced strawberries 🍓 but I ate em all yesterday 🙊 #MandyCakes #healthycheats #MandyCFit #BootyMaker
Happy Monday!! 💋

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{ 5.26.2017 } 

 nothing better than coming home to an erin condren package! had to test out my ec wet erase markers! I didn’t get the pastel colors because I was afraid they would be too light. this gemtone set is very bright, but I still like them. I didn’t take the dashboard out before I erased and it got a little smudge on the paper, but oh well. 

 plus my sweet kitty Koko in the background

Emmerdale: Live and Organized - May 29, 2017

Well, another week in Emmerdale. What are these lovely people up to today? Let’s see!

This will be a bit different from my usual post. I couldn’t watch the whole episode live, so I had to wait. SO, these thoughts will be a lot more coherent. Well, as coherent I can get over a soap opera. I’m only concentrating on the Robron story since the Jai and Nell story was such filler it isn’t even funny. I like Nell so glad to see her back on my screen. Anyway, let’s go.


Ok. I really wanted to hear Aaron tell of Rebecca after leaving us with that cliffhanger on Friday. Alas, it is a new day. So, we don’t get a response. That’s ok. I didn’t expect one. What is confusing to me is the whiplash. How did Aaron become ok with this baby? He doesn’t have to be ok with this baby. In no way shape or form does he have to be ok. Now he is pushing for it? Ok, show. Ok.

I know why Victoria is pushing. Mostly because she has baby on the brain and if can’t have one with Adam she will make sure her brother has one? Eek, this brings me to another topic.

Can Robert make up his own mind, please? He has every right to decide what he wants to do.  If she gets to so does he. I see apprehension there. He thinks he will be a bad father. Aaron says he will help him which I noticed seem to make Robert smile. However, let Robert have a decision. Let him have agency too.

I did like the talk of Robert and Aaron having their own family. When they think it is right. How they want to go about it. I would love to see this storyline. There is so much drama there. They can’t find an adoption agency to work with them because of Aarons record. Surrogacy has its dramas too.  Robert and Aaron can do the baby story, just not this way. This way is dirty and wrong.

Why is Aaron so ok with everything? Did Adam (let Adam and Robert become friends! Please!) talk him into it. Also, Aaron, you didn’t see what Rebecca was up to while you were in jail and then when Robert was dealing with everything behind your back. She isn’t an angel.

Don’t let her get into your head. Not for one second.

Rebecca and Family

That whole hospital scene was making alarm bells ring in my head.  We don’t get a doctor scene. We don’t get a scan. We don’t get dates. We just have to take things at Rebecca’s word. LIKE THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Also, one minute she wants an abortion. Next, she wants to keep it. Then everyone blames Robert for her indecision. NO. Stop that show. Robert is not the villain here. It takes two to tango. If Rebecca would accept responsibility for her actions, we can talk. Right now, she blames everyone like a child would. What a great mother.

Chrissie wasn’t in the room either. So, who runs off on a plane after being told to stick around to rest. Why did she have her passport ready to go? There are so many questions here, and Emmerdale just made it worse. Good news. She will be gone for two weeks. Let’s have a mini celebration. Shall we?

Alarm bells people. Let this story go Emmerdale. Let Rebecca grow as a character away from Robert. That is the only way people will like her again. Yeah, she has her fans but let’s not kid ourselves. She isn’t liked. She is confusing and annoying to people. Come on. You can do better than that.

Unless…my theory is correct. (evil laugh)

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Did anyone else hear about Finn and his future storyline?

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you in Emmerdale.

if we’re friends it’s literally 100% ok to hug me or play w my hair or lean on me or rest ur head on my shoulder/lap literally whenever u want