organ in your chest

Reticent - Ch.4

Do Kyungsoo/Reader
Word Count: 2,109

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After your emergency movie night you seemed to keep finding yourself in more and more comfortable situations with your flatmate.

You would lean into his warmth when watching TV, or he would pull you into his side while you were having regular movie night. Sometimes he would lie down on the couch and rest his head on your lap as he held your hand and played with your fingers - those were the times when you really felt the need to clutch your heart to make sure the little organ doesn’t jump out of your chest. Other times you would fall asleep with your head on his lap, after he made you admit that he’s better than the pillows you had there, and that’s when you’d wake up an hour later with a blanket on you and his fingers in your hair.

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Confessions in Jamaica (h.s.)

so my friend, @dunkirkc had requested this so long ago but i’ve been so busy writing other stuff but i’ve finally pushed myself to finish writing this. i’ve also been super busy with school ugh. the next writing i’ll be posting soon is the part 2 of Forbidden. hope you like this xx 

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i love how he jams out to his own music. precious baby he is. 

You were on your way to the studio straight from the airport in London. You anxiously tap your foot against the floor of the car, the cab driver honking at other cars through the crowded traffic. 

It was pouring outside, the same old gloomy and cold weather in London. You remember it exactly how the last time you came. 

You stomach swirled in nervousness and excitement when you got closer and closer to the building. 

You were on your way to see one of your closet friends, Harry, who you missed dearly and have known for about three years now. He had no idea you were coming. He thought you were still back in your home town on the other side of the ocean when he talked to you on the phone earlier. He kept mentioning how he wanted to fly out to see you before he left for two months to work on his album, hidden away from the world. 

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things associated with the gang
  • sodapop: the comforting smell of a nice gas station, popped popcorn, strawberry smoothies on a picnic, lemon-scented cleaner, glittering blue water
  • ponyboy: pencil shavings, paint-splattered notebook paper, the sound of an old typewriter, the sound of a ripping t-shirt
  • darry: freshly-chopped wood, scented candles, cologne, a perfectly tied tie, wind rustling through dead tree branches
  • steve: car grease, the sound of a kit kat breaking, a sigh of relaxation when you finally go on break, smell of wet household paint
  • johnny: vanilla extract scent, cinnamon gum that's been sitting in a car glove compartment for a week, a neatly stacked pile of paper, organized post-it-notes
  • two-bit: laughing so hard your chest hurts and your eyes water, sun peeking through grey clouds, water-balloon fights, a fire place on a winter night
  • dally: worn-out leather, small headaches caused by loud music and bright lights, drives with the windows rolled down and warm winds blowing through the window

I saw a few people in my recent tags asking HOW and one kind sweet user asking what bears the most money so I’m going to share my success story. I’m tagging @alice-elizabethscott , @xxkalleexx , @drunkenwhaleer , and @seismitoadsbutt,    cause I saw y’all in the notes There were a lot more but they were anons


You will need a game year, roughly 928 Starfruit seeds, the greenhouse, 6 iridium sprinkers, as many kegs as you can possibly craft, 157 casks, your favorite music, and a LOT of patience.

I’m putting it under a readmore because hot dang it’s a long post. It woudln’t be as long but I wanted to put pictures in 

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You write about the way it feels
At the beginning
Like someone’s airing up a balloon
Inside your stomach
You write about urgency
That call across the wind
When you say his name

You become a scientist, a philosopher
An evangelist
You theorize, you believe
You write:

“The universe recycles atoms and maybe yours and mine
Were next to each other at the beginning.”

Maybe your collision was the big bang
That kickstarted the entire universe
Maybe the stories are true.

You write about the music
Symphonies and operas
Notes that save your life
You write about how when he looks at you,
It’s the plucked strings of a guitar
The resonant organ in your chest.

You write about how you didn’t want to fall
You didn’t need anyone and you had plans
You were solid and unyielding and stable—

But he crashed into you
And the world shifted under your feet
You were Pangea
He separated you into continents

You write about fear
And the warning signs
You chalk up to anxiety
That inner sound bite you can’t delete:
You never deserve to be happy.
You dare to believe
To shout over it.

“I am–

“I am–

Here comes the letdown
The free-fall off a thousand-foot cliff
All the way down,
You write
The universe is moving toward entropy
So maybe we are inevitable disorder
Meant to dissipate into nothing

Do not/
Am not

You smash into the ground
You are blood and broken bones
Heart in shreds
Nothing catches you
You write

You think you might be insane
That dizzying drop
One second to the next
All in your head
You don’t understand

“If none of it was real…”

And you’ll try to figure it out
Try to define
But it’s all fragmented memories
And crossed out lines

Your hands will continue to type
And through blurred eyes
You’ll write.

—  “When a Writer Falls in Love”
Rose (Prequel to “Breathless”)

OTP(s): Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,266

Sypnosis: For once, Byun Baekhyun is the victim of endless charm.

A/N: Based off the song by Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. I actually can’t believe I’m writing a fluff for Byun Baekhyun and not a smut, but okay, times are a’changin’, I guess. 

Baekhyun stooped over the polished mahogany table by the door, sweeping a water bottle from the surface. Popping free the top, he closed his lips over the opening, letting an icy tress of wate chill his trachea. A lick of sweat came to drip from his earlobe to the slope of his throat, kissing the bobbing region of skin. Releasing the cloth of his shirt from its sticky hold on his tomach, he eased the top back over the opening, sinking into the chair nearest to him with a rough plop, water bottle crunching against his fingers.

The door gently lulled open, emptying a wave of shrill gasps and screams from the fans, eager to meet their precious idols.

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Harry told u he was staying at his moms and you found out by social media that he's in a date with somebody else

You felt the tears sting your eyes when you see the picture of Harry and the woman getting far too comfortable for your liking. They were sat at a dinner table, the girl laughing at something he said. He holds a large grin on his face as well, holding a fork up to the woman’s mouth. 

What the fuck was going on. 

All Harry did was tell you that he was going to his Mom’s house for the night which you were totally fine with because you had so much work to catch up on for Uni. He left your small flat with a lingering kiss to your lips and a i’ll see yeh tomorrow, love! before he trudged out of the apartment. 

After working on a long essay for your psychology class, you decided to take a snack break and go on your phone, scrolling through twitter. That’s when you saw the pictures of him and the girl getting cozy. 

Surely, you it made you angry. You didn’t mind Harry having attractive female friends. You’ve met a couple of them before but Harry always assured you that his eyes were only for you. 

You wouldn’t think the worst of it if he just told you he was going out to have dinner with a friend. Instead he lies to you and tells you that he’s going to his mother’s house for the night and then you end up seeing pictures of him feeding the attractive girl at a restaurant. 

You saw fans on twitter going crazy over the pictures, many of them mentioning you. 

Where’s Y/N?  

Did they break up already? It’s only been a few months lmao 

Did Y/N and Harry break up??? omg 

You felt humiliated. Absolutely embarrassed. Seeing so many comments about you and how Harry might be cheating on you made the vital organ in your chest plummet and ache. You felt a lump form in your throat and your mind could no longer focus on anything else. 

You exited out of social media and turned off your phone because you didn’t need to see anymore pictures. He was a fucking wanker. 

For once you thought you finally found the right guy but you were wrong. Maybe he has an explanation. A good one. He’s never done this before. He’s never lied to you before. He’s all about honesty in a relationship. Telling each other everything. 

You suddenly felt like you were going to throw up and the temperature of the room increased. 

You didn’t want to think of the worst. But him lying to you and seeing those pictures did make you think the worst. 

Harry came around the next day after calling you many times only to have it go straight to voicemail. He felt anxious as hell when he knocked on the door of your small flat. His foot tapped against the ground and he was running his hands through his hair, a nervous habit of his. 

He meets your eyes soon as you open the door, taking in your appearance. Your eyes have were red and puffy, notifying him that you have been crying. He felt his heart ache at how tired and broken you looked. 

“Hi…” He greets cautiously, testing the waters. 

You nod, trying to muster up a small smile but failed to do so. You give him a monotone, “Hey.” before opening your door fully to allow him inside. 

He walks in contemplating if he should take off his coat and boots. He stands in your tiny living room, noticing papers all over the coffee table along with some text books sprawled out on the counter. 

“You uh…” he coughs, “weren’t answer m’calls, love.” He mumbles, turning around to face you once you shut the door and lean your back against it. 

You didn’t greet him with a smile or a hug or a kiss. It was making him worried. Really worried. 

You look down at your feet, “Yeah, it was off,” you say, playing with your fingers. 

Harry nods, staring at you and you felt his gaze on you but didn’t want to look up at him. 

“How come?” He asks and you answer with a shrug. 

“How was your mom’s?” You ask, trying not to send bitter and sarcastic but you couldn’t help it and he was able to hear it.  

He lets out a shaky sigh, taking a few steps towards you and you look at his face, shaking your head as if saying don’t you dare walk any closer to me. 

He stops moving towards you, standing still, feeling the lump in his throat grow. “It w-was good erm–”

You let out a humorless laugh, looking at him in disbelief and interrupt him, “Oh don’t give me any bullshit, Harry. I saw where you were! Anne sure looks a lot different in those pictures,” You say sarcastically, walking away from him with him trailing behind you. 

“Y/N listen–” He tries to speak but you cut him off. 

“I tried not to think the worst about it. I wouldn’t have cared if you had just told me you were having dinner with friend but you lied, Harry! You lied to me and told me you were going to your mom’s and then a few hours later I see you pictures of you feeding another woman some fucking food at a restaurant and what am I suppose to think?” You finally let out a breathe after saying all those words, the tears welling up in your eyes. 

“She’s just a friend, I promise I didn’t mean to–” He tries to explain but you end up interrupting him again. 

“If she was a friend, you would’ve told me the truth! You know that I never really cared about you hanging out with any of your friends who are girls but Harry, if you lied to me about it…” You felt like your throat was constricted, preventing you from talking any further. The tears that you tried to hold back started streaming down your face. 

“I was worried what you’d think ‘f I told yeh I was going out t’dinner with her and I,” He shakes his head, feeling like an utter idiot for thinking he could get away with this. “I wasn’t thinkin’.” He lies, knowing fully well in his conscious mind that he knew what he was doing. He knew those pictures were being taken. He was suppose to do things like that. 

“‘m sorry,” he tries to apologize but you don’t accept it. 

“It doesn’t explain the pictures,” you whisper, looking away from his sad face. 

Harry lets out a sigh of frustration, trying to wrap his arms around you but you don’t let him, pushing away from him by pressing your hands to his chest. 

“Y/N please listen to me, I wasn’t trying to do this on purpose. M’single is comin’ out soon and Jeff said tha’ ‘f I went out to dinner, it would cause more publicity an tha’ i needed it fo’ my next single.” He explains, noticing that you were no longer fighting him.

You let out a sigh after hearing his words, closing your eyes. “Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle this,” You speak after a few moments. 

He felt his heart drop at your words, feeling the air get knocked out of his lungs. “Y/N, please don’t–”

“I’m not saying I want to break up but Harry, if you would’ve just told me about this, I would’ve understood but you know it’s also not normal–”

“But yeh knew what you were gettin’ in to when yeh started dating me in the first place!” He says angrily, tugging at his hair. 

“I know I did but I didn’t think I’d have to see my boyfriend cozying up to another fucking woman and then have him lie to me!” You scream, feeling your anger increase. 

He whimpers, feeling his face crumble because he was just making matters worse for the two of you. 

“‘m sorry. I shoulda told yeh. Didn’t want to lose yeh over this,” he admits and you purse your lips, feeling yourself weaken at his words for a split second. 

“If you just told me the truth then we wouldn’t be like this right now,” You tell him. 

He nods, feeling a huge amount of regret overtaking him. He didn’t want to lose you. You’re the best thing that’s happened to him so far. He’s never met a woman  like you and he can’t imagine being without you now. 

“Have I lost yeh?” He croaks, feeling the tears leave his eyes which he quickly wipes. 

“No,” You shake your head and he snaps his head towards you with shock. “That doesn’t mean I’m still not angry at you,” You were still a bit upset but now that you know he didn’t mean any harm made you feel just a little better. 

“Can I hug you now?” He asks like a timid child. 

You sigh, opening your arms, “Come here.” And as soon as you say those words, he takes 3 steps towards you and wraps his arms around you tightly, not wanting to let you go. 

Scandalous (M) | 02

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

Summary:  When you meet Taehyung in a bar one night, you don’t expect to fall for him. He was different, tattoos inked along his arms and a bright smile on his face. He was the opposite of everything you were; he was free – or so you thought.

Genre/Warnings: Socialite!AU, Badboy!Taehyung. Angst + Smut; As always, it’s filth lol.

Word Count: 7.5k.

A/N: First of all, I am completely floored by the responses I got to the first part of this. I honestly never expected to get such positive feedback from this and it makes me so happy that so many of you enjoyed it! With that being said, I tried to work on this as fast as I could because I didn’t want you guys to be waiting and waiting for what seemed like ages. Hopefully you guys enjoy this chapter! xx.

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you are alive.

I want you to look at yourself for a moment. Look at your arms and your legs and your nails and your thighs and your ankles and everything. Notice the dots on your arms, the scars on your legs, the chipped nails. 

I want you to think about the things you can’t see about yourself for a moment. Think about the way you smile at strangers and your pep talks to your friends and how you raised money for cancer and how you love but most of all I want you to think about your heart. The physical organ. The one that is beating inside your chest providing oxygen and nutrients and keeping you alive.

I want you to say that out loud. “I am alive.”

You are still alive.

I know that life is not always fair. Actually, it is really quite unfair a lot. And I know you may have gone through tragedies that I may not be able to conceptualize in my head - so horrifying they have been. And I know I can’t tell you to just get over it, because that’s a terrible thing to do.

But I do know that you are alive. And as long as you are alive, you are meant to do something. If you were truly irrelevant, you would not have been born. You have a purpose. 

Find that purpose. Find your way again.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

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Hiyah dear! I saw your requests were open and I'm so excited! I was inspired by your piece about Hanzo I hope it's okay that it made me want some more "awkward" *wink wink* bed sharing. Gabriel continued to smirk at your expense. "What carino?" He questioned, "never shared a bed with another man before?" You huffed before throwing the bag that contained your gear on the ground next to the night stand. "Of course I have. That man wasn't my commander though"

Old Habits

”Doesn’t Blackwatch have a large budget? How the hell did we wind up with a single bed in a cheap motel?” 

“Be grateful we even have a room at all, cariño.” Your commander, Gabriel Reyes, seemed to have no problem with the situation at all as he opened the door. “We blew most of it getting a certain ingrate back home.”

“Oh, the ransom thing last week?” 

You followed in after him, exhausted after a long car ride in the scorching sun that soon turned into a frigid night. Weather in Arizona was wild. A bed sounded great to your aching everything right about now, but you know it’s one bed only and one of you will have to take the floor, or you’ll both have to share. And while it’s not ideal, it wasn’t all bad because have you seen Commander Reyes? He’s not exactly hard to look at. 

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hypnotised (4)

(1), (2), (3), (4)

genre: angst/smut
warnings: smut
pairing: baekhyun x reader

AN: im really sorry for the delayed chapter, life has not been good for me for a while. hopefully you will be satisfied with super long one! also im slowly giving back story of OC character as well as memories of their relationship.

Just like letters on the sand

where waves were

I feel you’ll disappear

To a far off place

The overwhelming feeling of being watched made your head spinning. There were too many eyes glued to your person so you needed to do something about it. Desperately. When the plane took off and you could easily stand up, you went to the bathroom - only to stare at your tired face. Your bloodshot eyeballs were itching and you winced as you saw your chopped lips. Dry skin looked sickish and repulsive in your opinion. Looking down you remembered how elegant you used to be not long ago. It left bitter-sweet taste in your mouth.

You didn’t know why you agreed to fly with them, with him to be precise, after his devastating revelation. Looking at your reflection you searched for a life that has been there. Muffling your sobs you hands vanished in the crown of your hair. Why it had to be you? Where? You wanted to know where he slept with that… with whom? The nausea returned and you quickly took a gulp of water. Did he sleep with… her?

She was perfect, of course.

But was it with her?

The madness in your mind didn’t stop when you pictured him and her together. Their limbs tangled in messy way.

Was it only once? Or a few times? Did he sleep with her more than once? Trying to calm down you pressed your forehead to a small mirror in the cabin. You didn’t know how you were able to breathe, having your heart broken so much. The shattered pieces pierced your chest with soft beating of the huge organ inside you.

The plane suddenly suddenly jumped and your head hit the wall so hard that you saw black spots dancing in your vision. Grabbing the washbasin to prevent your fall, your hand grazed on something sharp and the distant smell of blood erupted in your nostrils. Another jump of the machine and you were on all fours trying not to scream because of your irrational fear of flying. The turbulence eased down after few minutes of you kneeling on the plastic floor. The building up pile of vomit escaped your lips as soon as you hovered above the toilet.


Was it due to the heartache? Or was it because of the jumpy flight?

When you touched your mouth, you noticed that the wound on your palm wasn’t even so deep as you thought at first. You were about to clean it when rapid knocks prevented you from doing that. Unlocking the door you were met with bare faced Baekhyun. His expression was so earnest and full of nervousness that you inwardly let your stare down. He furrowed his brows seeing your state and pushed you nervously into the tiny interior.

“Are you okay?” his fingers cupped your ailing hand with careful movements. “We flew into stormy clouds” he explained while looking for more injuries.

“I’m fine,” taking your limb from his gentle grip you stole a glance in his direction. “I was just shocked, that’s all” you wanted him to move and not to be so close to your person. “I’m going to my seat, if you want to use the restroom, it’s yours” combing your hair with your shaking palm you tried to walk past him but he stopped you by putting his arm around your waist.

You didn’t say anything, you just stood in his silly embrace like a stone statue. Cold and unmoving.

“I wanted to talk, face to face” his brown eyes bore into your head with so much intensity that you slightly looked at him. “We didn’t talk for at least four days, it’s a really long period” black shirt slowly showed you his collarbones and you bit your lips. 

“What do you want, Baek?” titling your neck so you could openly stare at him you were met with his troubled face. He looked so young in his attire and in the plane’s bathroom’s lights. “Are you going to tell me everything?” you knew that you sounded harsh but all you wanted to do was to physically make him hurt just to show him how you were feeling. His eyes were drawn down and your lower lip trembled. “So, that’s all?”

“No, stop. Wait,” his fingers massaged your elbow as if he was trying to assure himself that you were next to him. “Do… you really want to know?” the pain in his voice left goosebumps on your skin. It was so raw and so painful to hear.

“Yes, please tell me. I need to know,” the begging in your own words echoed in the cabin. “Was it… one night stand? Did you do it more than once?” the tears you’ve been holding spilled over your cheeks with soft flow.

Drip. Drop.

Drip. Drop.

“Once. I did it only once,” his breathing was abnormal and his ribcage hammered next to your shoulders. “Only once.”

You looked up at him with determination written on your heart shaped face.


Small wrinkle arrived between his eyes.

“At her apartment,”

The sound of your palpitating heart was so loud that he calmed you by running circles on your back.    

“It was her… wasn’t it?”

You needed to know. You needed to hear it from him, the spinning sensation returned and you forced yourself to stay focused on his person.

“Yes. It was her”

Maybe you should not ask. Maybe you should stay in Seoul.

When you heard him moving you put your hand on his chest with quite sob.

“Don’t touch me, Baekhyun”

You left him alone.



The hotel you were in was beautiful. The glass ceiling in the main entrance made you stop and watch it when the managers talked with receptionists. Their talking echoing in your ears. Marble floor and marble stairs were done so perfectly that you simply took everything in, while walking stiffly around the interior. Your pastel suitcase followed you in every step and somehow the sound of its movements made you peaceful. Trying not to look at yourself in the mirrors you spotted small sofa next to the huge column. It was white and you gently caressed its structure with your palm. Sitting there, you unlocked your mobile phone only to see messages about roaming and costs of communicating.

As if you didn’t know that. Frowning, your fingers massaged your knees when the nausea returned. The nervous beating of your heart was responsible for the state you were in.

Or maybe it was because you were in Rome.

First time after whole two years of not being here. It felt difficult to be here, even if your mind was occupied with the whole situation with Baekhyun, you still were aware of the fact that you were in Italy. Fanning yourself your strained back touched the pillows behind you.

“They are talking about rooms,” you were expecting that so you slowly gazed at his skinny person. He looked sick. “I know you don’t want it but we will be sharing one,” his eyes travelled across your face and when he saw no sign of warning he sat next to you. His hands were itching to touch you and for one silly moment you wished that they would hold you. The thought quickly vanished when you remembered that he slept with that woman.

“It’s okay,” you lied with tranquil expression on your features. You were tired. That’s all. “I wish they did it faster. I really want to take a shower and go to sleep,” sighing you let your fingers play with your tresses. “I hope there is not a bathtub,” he inhaled when you felt him moving and before you could protest his soft skin grazed yours as he entwined his digits with yours. You really wanted to pull back, however your boneless body didn’t react as you wanted it to do.

“How do you feel?” his voice was so warm that you inwardly leaned into his arm, covering your face from everyone. He smelled so good, not too spicy and not too bland.

“Tried. Hurt. And I think I’ve caught flu back in Seoul,” you whispered against his collarbone. Closing eyes was the easiest thing to do at this moment. For a few minutes you needed him so desperately that you forgot about the cheating part. You wanted to remain in that state of obliviousness.

“I will ask manager hyung if he had some tabs, okay?” massaging your scalp he placed butterfly kiss on the crown of your hair. You nodded and softly ended your awkward hug by straightening your spine.

“I don’t want you to catch it too,” not looking at him you stood up and took your belongings. “I’m going to see if we can have the card for our room.”


The room itself was spacious and in toned colours. Huge master bed was placed in the centre of it, with white bed sheets and two swans made from towels sitting at the top of it. Leaving your suitcase unpacked you went to the bathroom, taking the things you needed.

Fresh underwear, nightgown, cosmetics and a hairbrush.

You were glad that you took some painkillers so staring at yourself in the mirror you took two red ones. Stripping yourself from the leggings and blouse you softly placed the attire on the toilet. For a couple of seconds you played with the strap of your bra. It was powder pink and you got it from Baekhyun for your twenty fourth birthday. Taking it off, your skin prickled from the cold in the interior. You took off the lace thongs as well and walked under the hot flow of water.

It was wonderful feeling, the pores of your skin  widening and small of your back easing. Closing your eyes you stood there without moving. The sound of water and smell of lavender shampoo closed around you as if it was a shelter.

Oh, you needed it.

You needed that feeling of peacefulness and stillness. The warm halo of your wet hair surrounded your face and you pushed your forehead against the tiles.

Suddenly the cold breeze hit your arched bones and before your could turn around and see what happened, the sound of closing doors echoed in your ears. Two bare limbs hugged your mid waist lulling your senses.

“I saw the pills. What for?” his nose against your neck made you shiver. You didn’t want him here, not so fast. Not when you thought about him with her when he was touching you under the shower. But you didn’t stop him, you allowed him because deep inside you needed him beside you.

“Headache,” your answer was muffled when he spun you around to face him. His black hair glued to his forehead looked so good on him. Your fingers touched his biceps holding him tightly. “It was killing me” explaining you nuzzled your way under his chin. He played with your spine’s bones and draw circles there.  

“Are you done?” he gestured conditioner and you slowly nodded. You saw his full lips tremble and slowly standing on the tip toes you kissed him.

It was wrong.

But you didn’t mind.

His response was overwhelming, you felt his tongue perturbing through your mouth, playing with your alveolar ridge. Gasping you grazed your teeth against his, the wild feeling in your lower region erupting when his fingers hooked around your hipbones. It was too long. Your moan was lost when his hand massaged your breast, his ragged breathing hitting your cheeks when he let you cross your legs around his slim waist. Climbing foreword you arched your back when his mouth closed around your nipple.

The world kept spinning and you didn’t mind.

Your digits vanished in his hairline when he returned to your lips and placed open kiss there. You weren’t ready when his long, skilled finger was plucked in your channel. Your hips buckled against him to add more friction, his slow growl making you more wanton than you already was. He nibbled at your collarbone and you let your mewled moan out. He was satisfied, his erection poking on your thighs.

“Inside, please” your voice sounded unnatural for you. It was desperate and needy. He hold you still for a moment and all both of you did was staring at each other.

You were so shaken up and so in love with him that when you saw tenderness and the same feeling in his beautiful eyes you put your forehead against his own. He was ethereal.

Breathing in the same pace he entered you with slow movement. His tender kisses all over your face were focal points as he increased his speed, sending an extra feeling through your whole body. He gripped your thighs moving you in special direction so he could hit the spot inside you that made your toes curl.

Oh, God.

And it did. It was a white blinding feeling. His pelvis against your womanhood and his soft growls sent you on edge so quickly that you surprised both of you when you came after few thrusts. Holding onto him you shook unable to grasp the reality.

“Stand up,” his hoarse voice woke you up from the high. Putting your feet on the ground you faced the tiles when Baekhyun turned you around so your backside was curved against his hips now. Exhaling lowly he vanished inside of you so quickly that you yelped when his digits bore into your skin when he was moving faster and faster. Your head couldn’t grasp that feeling and soon you were coming again. This time however both of you finished at the same pace. Your heart raced in your chest so fast that you had to blink the dizziness away when you felt the man behind you gasping for air.

“I’m sorry” peeking over your shoulder you were met with the realization of what you said. His nostrils stopped and he looked at you. His ruffled hair and visible veins on his neck made you quivering.

“What?” he stopped the water flow to hear you better. “Why are you apologizing?” his voice sounded so strained and you winced seeing his struggle to remain calm.

“We shouldn’t do it. Look at us. What are we?” your knees hit each other when you faced your boyfriend. Boyfriend? You didn’t know who he was to you at this moment. His chest touched yours and you looked up to see his pained expression.

“You are my girlfriend, my fiancé. Yes, we fucked things up. Me by doing this to you, and I’m so sorry. I’m sorry every day since that fearful night. I swear, you are the only one for me” his lips hovered above yours when you thought about the way of escaping his embrace.

“But we should talk, Baekhyun. And that is not talking” gesturing the nakedness you inwardly hugged him back. “We need words,” without looking at him you opened the doors and took a towel. “Because right now we are completely lost,”

You heard him slamming the aperture behind you with distorted curse.

[Oneshot] Jungkook - First Love

Word Count : 1,160

Genre : slight fluff, kind of angsty

A/N: I was about to make it as a drabble, but I didn’t realize the word count reached 1k c:


One skip of heartbeat for his brown eyes.

Two skips of heartbeat for his figure.

Three skips of heartbeat for his smile.

The internal organ inside your chest just seemed to recall its old routine all over again, one that could only be done when you looked at him. You never expected this encounter, but he was right in front of you, alive, breathing, not just a pixelated image on your phone screen.

“Jeon Jungkook.”

His name still rolled on your tongue smoothly, with no crack of voice and such.

“(Y/N).” He looked equally in disbelief. The passers-by’s voices suddenly diminished around the both of you, followed by their restless shadows.

Jeon Jungkook was your first boyfriend, and it was safe to say that he wa your first love, too. He accepted your almost eccentric self just the way you were, and you accepted every nook and cranny of his timid personality. Just like two puzzles that didn’t look alike, you both somehow managed to click yourselves somewhere in each of your sides.

But his family decided to move out of the small city you both met in, aiming for a better future and a safe place from all the debt collectors, so you had to say your goodbye. You both were too young, and no one — not even yourself — could assure the both of you that long distance relationship would work. So you both broke the tie, together with the communication that you knew would just make you beg to be together with him again.

While you’d finally manage to suppress the deadly horror of longing, he suddenly showed up again in your life, just as if he was mocking your hard work with his sweet presence.

“You still look the same.” He approached your frozen limbs, as your mind still couldn’t digest the reality that Jungkook really was right in front of you.

“Thank you.” Your mind was in a jumble, it processed his words earlier as a compliment. Once he raised his fingers, you instantly grabbed them, trying to feel the warm skin against yours. He was real. This wasn’t a dream.

Jungkook chuckled at your still-blank face, before his arms circled around your shoulders tightly, just like how he always did it when he walked you home after school.

“I miss you so much.”

Steam was waltzing above your cup of coffee, and you secretly took a glance at the person behind it.

Jungkook tapped his finger onto his own cup, unaware of your staring eyes. You still couldn’t believe how he still looked flawless after all these years — his skin still looked so smooth, his nose was still as tall and slender as you remembered it, and the only difference was the missing two buns of cheeks that you adored so much. They were replaced by the sharp edges of jawlines, and tall cheekbones that transformed his image from a small guy to a mature man.

He cleared his throat, and the thundering voice from his throat startled you from your trance. “How have you been, (Y/N)?”

You shrugged your shoulders with a smile. “As good as I’ve ever been.” You chuckled. “What about you?”

“I’m good, too. My family is officially debt-free.” He showed off his signature bunny grin, and that made you realize that so many girls could’ve fallen in love with him when he left.

“That’s really great to hear. I’m so happy for you,” you responded with a smile equally bright. He sighed contentedly, before leaning in from across the table. “How’s your college? Did you get in to the major that you want?”

“Yeah, apparently. My father gave up convincing me to take Law after my attempts of running away.” You laughed the dark memories off like it didn’t affect your familial relationship at all, but Jungkook frowned with evident worry. “You never give up on rebelling, do you?”

You nodded with a sheepish expression. “But it’s all good now.”

Silence seeped in. You glanced at his hands, and now you were dying to hold them again, but there wasn’t any special excuse for you to do that like you did in the past.

“How about guys, hm?” His brave question brought your sight back to his face. He never liked talking about romance nor dating — it took you about two weeks after you two got together to make him say “I love you” while looking straight to your eyes. Yet he could ask you that oh-so-easily.

You swirled a strand of your hair with your finger. “No one special.” You avoided his captivating orbs. “To be honest, no one has been special ever since we… broke up.”

Just then, his hands that were radiating cosiness traveled across the wooden table, grabbing your free ones in his.

Your eyes widened in surprise, and though he was chuckling deeply, you could see through his reddened cheeks and nervous voice. “To be honest, the same goes for me.”

A relieved smile washed over your face. You were worried when he appeared at your vision; did he have a new girlfriend already? It’d been a couple of years, that’s a long enough time to find a new person, right?

Instead, you pulled his chin forward, clashing his plump lips to your peachy ones. They still felt the same, only a bit frostbitten in the midst of winter, but they never failed to make you crave more.

A thousand of memories flooded your mind, from the first time your view darted at his lost face in the school, all the secret basecamps you two created just for the comfort of the both of you, all the shared laughters and spilled tears only you and him knew, until the moment he waved his goodbye in the train station.

But the sudden rush of thoughts was interrupted with a sonorous sound of clashing glass plates the waiter was struggling with, and that brought you back to the idle, brown-painted cafe, where you two reunited this day.

You pulled back from the kiss, huffing from the cold and the overwhelming softness of his lips. He stared at you, giving a full look of his ethereal brown irises.

You replied his smile with a small grin. You never believed you managed to get someone as perfect as him to be by your side for a fairly long time, and maybe — just maybe — fate could’ve decided to bring you back to him for any reason it has.

“There’s something I didn’t tell you the day I left for Seoul,” he started. You were too focused on his face, engulfing every bit that you missed from years back.

“What is it?”

He took a deep breath, before saying,

“you are the best first love I could ever ask for.”

Your grin grew bigger.

“The same goes for me.”

You both laughed, and he hummed in thoughts.

“Say, what about we try again?”

Occasional Stalker (3)

Originally posted by sugutie

> Jeon Jungkook

Summary: “I’m asking you not to follow me all the way to my house for whatever reason you stalk me.”

                 “I live next to you.

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort, humor, romance, a little of drama, school!au, neighbour!au

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: ~1300

Part: previous|three|next| masterlist

A/N: My real life drama is a bit too much I decided to create something light & fluffy, enjoy~ this story is written with the help of my own story ideas list, go check it out, you might get inspired;)

The One With The Stalker vol.2 pt.3

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I heard you were taking requests?? Could you do a cute little kissing in the rain headcannon/scenario (up to you??) for Levi, Eren, Armin, Ymir, and Mikasa if that's too many people you can just choose the ones you want?? Thank you so much if you get around to this! -much love

Howdy, anon! We hope you don’t mind but we decided to split these and each take someone for a scenario. Mod spookzz will do Eren and mod Elle is doing Levi (can u tell who our bias are??? lmao). Enjoy!


You aren’t sure when you started feeling different about Eren–you’ve known him for too long to be certain anymore, but if you had to venture a wild guess, you might say you’ve always felt this way, at least if you were truly honest with yourself. Eren had never been just another friend; he was nothing like Jean or Armin, and even the title of best friend you had given him when the two of you were no older than eight years old could do your feelings any justice. Silence was comfortable with Eren in ways it just wouldn’t be with anyone else, and no matter how many times your pessimistic side tried to convince you that there was no way you and Eren would keep in touch for the rest of your lives, there was a stronger side of you–the better side–that fought for otherwise. No matter what way you tried to see it, you always pictured you and Eren ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, laughing together as you reminisced with old yearbooks and even older inside jokes.

You’re laughing now as you fall into stride next to Eren, the misty smell of rain permeating your senses and you both know its about to start pouring. Neither of you brought an umbrella and your fingers are icy as you shove them under your armpits in an effort to escape the dropping temperature. Eren is so much taller than you now and you wonder when he’d sprouted and where you’d been to completely miss it. The rest of him had followed suit–he was no longer the scrawny bean pole you’d teased him to be when you were teenagers, and you knew that, despite your best efforts to think otherwise, he had grown into an extremely attractive man. An extremely attractive man that, someday, would have an extremely attractive girlfriend. The thought caused your lips to involuntarily curl into a displeased frown, and the sudden action from laughing to practically scowling had Eren sending you a concerned look.

“Are you–?”

The words never get to finish escaping his lips as the first drop of rain slaps against his cheek, and then another on his eyebrow until finally its full-on raining just enough to soak your clothes through to the bone if you stand there long enough. Thankful for the interruption that allowed you to escape Eren’s prying question, you jerk your head toward your home, the place you’d been heading in the first place.

“Come on, we’re going to get soaked!” you called, trying to yell over the rain and taking a step back as you connect your gaze with Eren’s.

You register something solid against your back and you barely realize its a telephone pole before Eren is closing the distance between the two of you, slyly slipping his hand behind your back and carding his fingers through your semi-wet locks of hair. His teal eyes focus so intently on yours that they become all you can see, and suddenly the once deafening sound of the rain becomes silent.

You can feel his breath ghost across your lips and then involuntarily open, your own chest rising and falling while your heart tries desperately to jump from your chest. You aren’t sure what’s happening or why he’s so close, but all too suddenly you’re assaulted with a memory.

Last week in your intro to philosophy class a girl had asked how true love could possibly exist if no one could explain it. She always asked questions like that–questions she thought might earn her brownie points or kudos from the professor for “thinking outside the box”. It was intensely tiring and you were extremely sick of her attitude. Eren knew your feelings about the girl since he shared the same philosophy class with you, and you could feel his eyes on you as you finally decided to answer her directly. 

“Love is supposed to be unexplainable,” you’d tried, gritting your teeth in annoyance. “It’s supposed to be like…like a kiss in the rain! Impulsive, exciting, and no one can really explain why they feel so inclined to do it when they know it’s only going to get them soaked but they just do and no one minds it in the slightest.”

After class Eren had fallen into step beside you, unusually quiet when he was always so anxious to talk after his least favorite class. Finally he spoke, though it was quiet. “Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?”

You’d blushed, eyes glued to the floor, and only offered a simple shake of your head.

“Then how do you know what it feels like?” Eren had pressed, his eyes practically burning holes through you.

“I guess I don’t,” you finally responded, fingertips digging too tightly into your clutched textbook. “But I can dream, can’t I?”

Eren had merely shrugged, and the topic had been dropped as you entered your next lecture. Things had been normal between the two of you–like the small yet intimate conversation had never even taken place.

Until now.

You swallowed thickly as your back pressed further into the pole, Eren’s fingers finding purchase on the fabric of your jacket and the other hand still gripping tightly to your hair.

“Do you want to know what it feels like?” Eren whispered against your goose-bump covered skin, eyes searching yours.

You knew exactly what he was referring to and you immediately knew the answer, but you had no intention of admitting it aloud. You knew your eyes must have given your true feelings away because Eren’s softened with an unmistakable hunger, and then he was pressing his lips against yours while the rain continued falling around you. A few drops slip over your lips, between them and you weren’t sure if the rain drop had started on you or Eren.

He’d taken you by complete surprise but after the shock had worn off you were doing your best to kiss him back, your palms laying flat against his shoulders while he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. The moments fly by and extend forever, but when he finally pulls away you know you’re blushing as your eyes flutter open.

“There’s your kiss.” He’s matter-of-fact and confident, but you can still hear the small nervousness slip through his tone. “Was it everything you were expecting?” he asks just as quietly while your heart hammers away in your chest, your brain and the organ communicating just what meaning had been behind his impulsive, exciting behavior.

“Everything and more,” you whisper back, smiling encouragingly back at him and slipping your fingers between his. You find yourself immersed in happiness when he doesn’t pull away, and the two of you begin your final trek to your house, hearts in hand. 

Mod Elle here to deliver you an AU that no one asked for. The one time I have a chance to write fluff and it comes out bittersweet. I hope you enjoy, anon! 


The pungent odor of decay and rot was temporarily muted by the frigid rain that fell from the angry skies, chilling you straight down to the bone. Against your back, the shotgun’s metal barrel felt like ice, your soaked-through clothing sticking to your skin, offering little to no protection against the elements and against them.

They were still there—any human who had been subjected to this nightmare recognized the low, throaty moans of pain that echoed from their festering lips. Still, the rain slowed them down, or so you and your partner had observed one morning, which gave you ample time to put distance between you and them.

A quiet string of curse words tugged you from your reverie, eyes sliding to the profile of your partner and the way his brow furrowed in concentration. A pile of boxes and other material blocking the intersection was your current obstacle and, from the way they were mounted on top of one another, there was no way that the car two of you had been driving thus far would make it through.

“Fucking fantastic,” you muttered underneath your breath and placed a hand on your hip, studying the situation for a few more moments until you glanced over in his direction. “So what now, Levi?”

“We walk,” came his simplistic answer accompanied by the taciturn expression that had taken you months to figure out.

If you had the option to choose one person to be by your side when the world was ending, Levi Ackerman wasn’t that horrible of a pick. He was fierce when faced with a horde and even more deadly when it came to corrupt humans, so your chances of survival increased drastically the day you met him. Solemn and over times guarded, Levi was an anomaly that you still hadn’t figured out completely despite the fact that you two had been traveling with one another for the better part of the year.

Despite his blunt, abrasive words, the two of you somehow managed to come full circle and develop a level of trust that extended far beyond words. Whenever you felt like there was no point in pressing on, Levi would be there to pick you up and knock some sense into your thick skull.

Slowly, that trust blossomed into something more; something that was dangerous in this world, where death and loss came too quick and too sudden. The feeling whenever his cool gaze met your own scared you more than anything—more than zombies and more than anything else this messed up world could possibly offer you. How could you develop romantic feelings for someone who might not even be there when the dawn broke through the next morning?

To the best of your abilities, you swallowed down your own feelings and simply did your best to survive, which led to your current situation.

“Levi, it’s storming and we’re freezing our asses off. We need that car.”

Slate-colored hues flickered from the blockade to where you were standing, ebony hair plastered against his forehead and neck until he eventually agreed, “Fine. We can’t take time to move all of that with the horde behind us, so we’ll have to blow it up.”

You blinked in disbelief. “Blow it up?” you questioned incredulously, making sure to keep your voice down. “Levi, that’s insane. We’ll attract every damn zombie in a five-mile radius. No—no way.”

“Unless you have any more bright ideas,” came Levi’s blasé response as he dug around in the bag slung across his shoulder. Retrieving the bomb, he took a moment and looked at the disdain painted across your features, yet it didn’t derail his actions. Instead, he judged the amount of debris blocking your way, a soft sigh falling from his lips. “I’ll go back for the car while you go ahead.”

“No way.” When Levi raised his eyebrow at your heated protest, you stalked closer and reached out, fingertips digging into the soaked material of his jacket to get your point across as you protested, “If you even think that I’m going to stay here while you go back across town where the horde is waiting for you, then you’re an idiot.”

Unfazed by your reaction, Levi’s narrowed eyes sliced straight you. “I survived a lot longer than you did without anyone by my side. Get to higher ground and wait for me. If I’m not back in—”

“Levi,” you sharply interrupted, your grip on his forearms tightening, “I don’t give a damn about what you want me to do. I am not staying here while you risk your life!

In retaliation, he parted his lips to throw something back at you that would sound too convincing and logical, so you did the only thing you could think of to stop him from saying anything else.

You leaned forward and pressed your lips against his own.

The cold chill of the rain fell down on the both of you, but the only thing you took notice of was the way Levi froze as soon as your lips made contact with his own. You refused to let him break away and kissed him harder, allowing your desperation and every other emotion you couldn’t properly express to flow through the moment. He shifted until his hands tangled in your wet hair and pulled you closer, paying no mind to the fact that you could catch your deaths out in this weather.

Nothing mattered in the moment except for him and the way his fingers pulled through your hair and traveled down your neck, or the way his body shifted closer to your own. Levi was the first to pull back and rest his forehead on your own, his hot breath fanning out across your still-tingling lips.

Neither of you said anything in that moment before you reached down for his hand, quietly threading your fingers through his own. It took him a moment, but Levi eventually squeezed back, murmuring, “We’ll get the car and drive it through. Let’s go.”

You didn’t know what the future would hold or if you even had a future to begin with, but having Levi by your side made you feel safe and that was all you could really ask for.

Castiel & Film Night

This was requested by @lapseasteelis! I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 356

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

It was just you and Castiel in the bunker.  You and Castiel would play board games and card games on a regular basis.  This time, before you could leave your room and grab Sorry, Castiel knocked on your bedroom door.

You opened the door and had to stifle a fit of laughter.  The angel’s arms were full of snacks and movies.  It looks like he had gone to a store and bought an arm full of movies and a cart full of snacks.

Cas brushed past you, setting the bags down on your desk.  The movies in his arms fell onto your desk as well.  “[Y/N] I know we’re used to playing games when Dean and Sam are gone,” Castiel began.  “But I think I’ve found another way for us to spend our time.  It was something Dean suggested to me.  He told me that we should have a movie night.”

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Unfaithful : Part Four

Pre-apocalypse romance : Negan x Reader

Fiction dedicated to @negansmainwife

“Dear Jodi! This became possible thanks to you! I enjoy writing it for you, keep hitting me with your feedbacks, they give me inspiration! Love you!!”

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Time slowly passed inside your aunt’s house, avoiding Negan was like mission impossible, even if your eyes didn’t meet his , hearing his voice from distance made you lose your breath!!! It was emotionally tiring, but you tried your best to pretend like everything was peachy. You caught him staring at you many times but when you do glance back at him he looks away.
Every morning, you and Negan exchange dry smiles and few formal words like greetings or thank yous , Lucille didn’t pay attention to any of it. Negan spent more time outside, wether working, or playing ping pong with bunch of his students in the garage and in the night he goes to the bar with his cousin Jack.
Almost two weeks passed ,and you two remained that way, treating each other like strangers .
Till one night, Negan thought he had enough with this shit. It was already past midnight , he was feeling hot and bothered, he couldn’t get you out of his mind, usually he doesn’t care much about being shut down after flirting with someone, but you! You were something else, he wanted you, all of you! Especially that he knows very well that his marriage with Lucille is ruined and over even if his wife is still in denial. Negan sighed, he wished he met you somewhere else, he wished you weren’t Lucille ’s niece. He turned his head to look at Lucille who laid next to him peacefully asleep, she already had a pill prescribed by the doctor before she went to bed , she had sleeping troubles before but it increased when Negan confessed to her that he slept with his colleague, the English teacher Tabitha ,a year ago!

Memories flashed in Negan’s eyes and he whispered “fuck!”. Then he carefully pushed the covers away and got up on his feet.

He pulled on his pants , and headed to your room, he gently turned the doorknob and pushed the door open, light crept into your dark room, you were asleep and your chest was heaving in a slow organized rythme, you were wearing a white transparent nightgown, without knowing it, you gave him a good view of your tits. Negan bit hard at his lower lip , seeing your sexy form and innocent face gave him a hard on. He extended his hand towards you, his fingertips softly traced the skin of your collarbone, then went up to your jawline and lips.
Eventually as you became half asleep,you felt something creeping on your body, you involuntary slapped his hand away without opening your eyes, but Negan teased your soft skin again , you whined annoyed and you quickly opened your eyes.
At the beginning, you didn’t recognize him, it was a little dark , his shadow was looming over you ,it got you frightened , made you gasp and before you made another sound, he placed his palm on your mouth and put his index finger of his other hand on his mouth as a sign for you to keep quiet.
You held his hand and push it away before you whispered.
“Are you crazy? What in earth are you doing in my room??” You were mad at him sneaking into your room like that and afraid that Lucille would catch you, after all she wouldn’t let her husband’s visit to your room in the darkness slide .
“Hush! I just wanted to fucking talk to you!” He smiled as he sat on the matress next to you, while you supported your body with both your elbows looking up at him.
“Now??? What if Lucille. ..!”
“She’s asleep, a fucking earthquake wouldn’t wake her up!” He grinned as he scanned your heaving chest.
You pulled your sheets to cover yourself before adding.
“Can’t this wait till tomorrow? ”
“Tomorrow? You never let me talk to you, for the last couple of weeks you fucking avoided me Y/N !!! That was fucking tough on me , seeing you around and never been able to talk to you!”
“You mean get in my pants, I know your intentions Negan! !! You only want sex! That’s something you won’t get from me! I’ve seen you staring at my body many MANY times!!!“ You turned on your side, your back was to Negan and you huffed .
“Now, I wanna get back to sleep if you don’t mind! Good night! Please leave!” You closed your eyes waiting for Negan to leave, but instead he leaned over, you could feel the matress dipping behind you, he placed a hand on your ass and gently took your earlobe between his teeth and roughly whispered.
“Not until I give it you , girl! I know you want it, you can deny it all you want but your fucking body language doesn’t lie ”
Negan pulled the silky sheets away, then he pulled the hem of your nightgown up and grabbed tightly at your ass , you were putting on white cotton panties , you wished you were wearing your sexy lingeries but who care at this point, Negan wasn’t complaining.
All you knew was that you didn’t want him to stop, you didn’t even try to!
Negan’s hand moved to your pussy , he slid a finger under the fabric of your panties down to your slick folds, you were already getting wet and you let out a moan.
“Hot damn, if you fucking denied yourself the desire, your pussy wouldn’t doll, it’s craving for a dick!” He breathed out then he turned you over so you can lay on your back.
His finger started rubbing your clit , you loudly gasped at the sudden beautiful sensation , you tugged at the bedsheets and arched your head back your lips parted in a silent scream ,Negan grinned in amusement and slid you out of your panties, once he removed them, he groaned
“What a beautiful fucking pussy! How long since you felt an orgasm doll?”
You didn’t want to recall love life past at that moment. You only had one relationship your whole life, when you were at high school you fell in love with the school’s most popular hunk, the football team’s quarterback Tom Robinson, you gave him your virginity and everything you could give. You went to college together, you thought you were living a fairytale till he changed and became an abusive asshole to you!!! Of course you broke up with him , and you always struggled to keep him out of your head. Being single and lonely was tough but it was better than being an abused girlfriend. Negan was right, you wanted to have sex so you can let all the tension out of you!! Attempts to ignore his question failed, and you couldn’t take his teasing much longer so you answered .
“More than 9 months!” You whimpered as you licked your lips , eyes fixated on Negan’s bulge.
“whole fucking 9 months!! Ouch ! Then, Get ready for one hell of an orgasm baby doll! ”

Negan parted between your legs, tightly gripped your thighs with his strong hands, your subconscious was crazy shouting at you to push the guy off of you and end this ridiculousness but your body was yearning for Negan’s dick to get inside of it.
Your body beaten your subconscious with a KO, the second Negan’s lips sucked your clit, your eyes widened and you loudly moaned. He is definitely much much better than you ex.
Negan’s tongue teasingly caressed your already dripping folds, you brought your hands up to tug on his hair and you rolled your hips to feel more.
Negan’s nails digged in your trembling thighs, pinning you down in place so you won’t move.
“Ah… God! !! Negan!!” You breathed out in anticipation.
Negan lifted his eyes to look at you and he purred smirking.
“Easy Babygirl, best is yet to fucking come, and you WILL come in the hardest fucking ways!”“
His dirty words and husky voice and the way it vibrated against your drenched slit , made wonders. His stubble tickling you down there. You arched your head again , eyes closed and hands pushing Negan’s face down, you even gathered your thighs tightly, he was barely breathing but he like how rough you suddenly went. He groaned as he lapped at your juices. Then he inserted his tongue inside wiof you.
“Oh God!!! ” You squirmed as his head moved up and down with his tongue fucking you.

Your breath accelerated and your toes curled, as a familiar burning sensation started building up in your stomach, God! How much you missed that feeling, even touching yourself didn’t do the trick. And Negan was really really skilled at this.
Negan felt that you were coming as your inner walls clenched around his tongue ,
He roughly growled.
“Give it to me, doll ! Come and milk my fucking face! Fuck!”
And it was all it took to push you over the edge, you wrapped your thighs around his head , squeezing on him as you pushed your head back and let out a loud moan , your body was quivering as you released on his face, then you loosened up your shaky legs , panting. Negan lifted his head up looking at the mess he did, your hair sprawled on the matress, and your tits hardened under the soft thin and transparent fabric of your nightgown.
“Hope I fucking nailed it doll! Better than the college boys you fucked !”
You stared at the ceiling, blushed.
“I only had sex with just one, and you are much better than him!”
You couldn’t believe your ears , what you just said! Did you just praised him for tongue fucking you , but it WAS the best orgasm you ever had to be honest.
Negan chuckled and said
“Oh that’s just an appetizer, I already fucking told you , the best is yet to come, I’m gonna fuck you till I make you weak in the fucking knees!!”
What Negan didn’t know is that he DID make you weak in the knees.
He extended his hands, trailing across your body till he peeled off your gown leaving you naked.
“Fucking shit!!! Your body is fucking sexy!!!”
Then he lowered his face again, this time his tongue was tracing your hipbone then your stomach then he reached your hardened nipples and gently tugged at them, swirling his tongue around them. You gasped as you digged your nails in his biceps.

“No .. n-no!! This ..this is wrong! We can’t. . You..we shouldn’t do this!” You stuttered trying to push Negan off of you. He immediately stopped, breathing heavily.
“What is it doll?!”
“We can’t do this Negan! This is so wrong!”
Your eyes welled up in tears and your voice shook in regret.
Negan sighed and nuzzled his head into your chest and muttered.
“If you want me to stop just say the fucking word, but please don’t talk about what’s fucking right or wrong! ”
You blinked and a tear rolled down your face, you wiped it fast so Negan won’t see it then you decided fast, you lifted his face up between your soft palms.
“This will be the first and last time we do this, only this once ok?!”
You warned, and you were absolutely serious , there was no way to back off now, especially that you craved for him being inside you , you wanted to feel more. Negan softly held your gaze for a moment, he glanced at you in disappointment and nodded. You pulled his face closer to you till your lips crashed on his, fused in a hot wet kiss. You two moaned in each other’s mouthes, Negan’s hands squeezing your breasts ,then rubbing his thumbs on your nipples.
He broke from the kiss gasping for air, his fingers trailing across every inch of your exposed flesh, then he quickly unzipped his pants, freed his throbbing member and give it few strokes .
You bit hard at your lip, his dick was huge, bigger than your ex ’ s and you found yourself a little nervous, you didn’t have sex in a long time and now this huge most likely skilled dick is going to get inside you.
Negan teased you as he rubbed the tip of his cock on your slit.
You wordlessly begged him, your moans ringing in his ears, he suddenly pushed forward, stretching out your tight pussy in one hard thrust. You screamed then you bit on your hand.
Once you were adjusted to his cock inside you, Negan picked up the pace, he thrust in you mercilessly. His thrusts were fast, hard and deep, you panted as he pounded in and out of you! his balls were slamming into your ass, and the wet sound of his dick pumping into your wet pussy were music to his ears, he groaned and let out a stir of curses.

“Motherfucking shit! Oh fuck!!! You’re so fucking tight, you’re fucking dripping, hot fucking damn!!”
His thrusts became harder and faster, he hit a spot you never thought it existed in your vagina!!! Negan lifted you a little up and bent your knees more, you automatically wrapped your legs around his waist, your feet pushing him to go deeper, you started to feel that burning overwhelming feeling again, you never thought not in your wildest dreams you’d ever reach two orgasms in one day not to mention that you’re about to reach the second one only few minutes after the first one. You cried out , you accidentally scratched his arms, buy he didn’t care, all he noticed was that your inner folds were clenching around his dick, your creamy release moisting the tip of his dick , his veins bulged out as he muttered.
“Fuck, I. .I’m. ..fucking com.. ahhhhh!”
Negan pulled his cock just in time to release on your thigh, his body quivering, he bit his lip and closed his eyes then he threw his head back and moaned just when the last drops of his thick sperm dripped down your thigh into the matress.
“Fuck!” He mumbled then he opened his eyes to look at you.
“This was the best fuck I ever had, honest!!! I ain’t bullshitting you doll!”
“I’m sure you say that to the other ones including Lucille! ”
You slid from beneath him then you put you nightgown back on, Negan chuckled at your comment, then he wiped the sperm off your thigh with your panties.
“Negan please leave! You got what you wanted!” Your voice trembled a bit.
“And you got what you fucking wanted too, right?! Even the fact that I’m your aunt’s husband didn’t stop ya, did it now?!”
His words hit you like a brick , You tried to keep your face expressions unreadable, you wanted him to leave. But Negan knew you were upset with him AND yourself, he could see regret and disgust in your eyes. It was unlike him to regret anything but he surprisingly did, he hated himself for saying such hurting words that fit only an asshole. He wanted to apologize, he wanted to stay with you , to snuggle up with you and wake up in the morning to your beautiful face but that was impossible for the moment.
“Yeah , now go !”
You pulled the sheets and covered your whole body including your head. Negan got off your bed , zipped his pants then headed to the door, he stopped and turned to you.
He wanted to know if you’re really ok, but he didn’t want to push you further, he just left and closed the door.
Once he’s out of your room, you bursted into tears, you tightly grasped at your pillow and silently cried! You just realized that all the tension and attraction you felt these past weeks wasn’t just sexual, it was more than that! And you knew you were emotionally and physically fucked.

anonymous asked:

keith in love with his future s/o but he never gets the chance/courage to confess to them but they end up getting seriously injured (but live) and he ends up kissing them a little after he confess when they wake up? thank you, I love your writing!

SHADO”S NOTE: Michelle Tanner voice: You got it dude  I actually had to think what kind of serious injury the s/o would have but then again B) I do love this sort of stuff. / gun fingers at. But I’m so glad that you love my writing ;A; <3 / smooches. && also WOW THIS ASK BECAME LONGER THAN I THOUGHT ?? BLESS IT BE. I mean I personally love long responses to ask but ayee. I apologize for some grammar error && spelling lmao I couldn’t be bothered to re-read this to check.

     ❝ KEITH !

     YOU YELLED AS LOUD AS YOU COULD TO TRY TO catch the red paladin’s attention. But with each shout you did that was at least one pitch higher than the next , it did began to put a stain on your vocal chords. It was as if your own words  went out one ear && out the other as he stood a few good feet away from you. At times the male’s temperamental personality did start to annoy you , whenever both of you guys would team up to infiltrate one of the Galra’s ships. Sure you weren’t a paladin , but you weren’t the type to simply sit back at the castle && wait around ; most times you would likely pace around waiting for the others return. Though if you hadn’t spoken up one day during a meeting , that you wanted to join in ; then none of this that is happening right now wouldn’t have happen. You did held your ground , fighting off any of the galra that managed to get near you. Luckily enough the karate lessons that your father had put you through did came in handy , && not to mention a staff that Pidge managed to made as well did marvelous wonders. Making the design of it to your liking && to make it easier to move along with your body.  Your grip tightened around your staff , knuckles slowly turning white from your sheer annoyance at this very moment. 

      I’m not leaving ! We got this in the bag ❞ he yelled , his own voice had also started to strain ; not once averting his gaze away from the incoming enemy. Clicking your tongue against the back of your teeth , releasing a small tsk  through your lips ; your ears perked up hearing unfamiliar footsteps behind you. Guard quickly rose && immediately over looked your shoulder ; pupils widen in mild shock witnessing more numbers of the galra soliders heading your way.  ❝ Oh quiznack. ❞ Their rushing footsteps grew louder && louder ; followed by their fierce battle cry that quickly startled you to the bone. Hoisting your staff up with both of your hands steadying it near the top and bottom of the silver called weapon ; the sound of metal quickly collided it. Sparks of fire ignited from the sheer force of both weaponry , where the only thing that put some distance between the enemy && yourself. Teeth gritted ; brows furrowed while feeling a salty sweat rolling along the side of your face.  Your body had already began to weakened ; from the number of galra groups that both Keith && yourself had managed to take down , it did put some toll onto your body.  

       It was as if the timer from within had started a countdown ; mentally && physically preparing yourself to drop to the ground from any lack of strength that was wasted away fighting the enemy back.  With the force of the galra that was pushing his own strength against yours , you began to slowly bend backwards , your elbows && knees started to follow suit ; you knew your strength was weakening at each tick that went by.  

       ❝ What’s wrong human ? Getting tired already ❞ the galra solider spoke venomously ; baring their own teeth towards you , using their strength to force you down to the ground as possible.  Each inch you tragically lowered closer to the metal flooring ;  fear quickly struck into your eyes ; not once averting your gaze away from the galra male that was about to pin you down. You knew you weren’t that strong enough like the other paladins and your stamina never once had boosted like you wanted after you had stopped your training back on earth to study under the Garrison to becoming a fighter pilot. Still , this can’t end now ! Not like this ! Both you && Keith need to get out of here alive ; if not then both paladin && yourself would be captured. The mere thought of it did frightened you , becoming a prisoner of the enemy ; who knew what they would do to the both of you. 

        ❝ The only thing  . . ❞ you began to utter beneath your lips ; trying to gather all of the possible strength you had left to push the solider off. ❝ . . that I’m getting tired of is , seeing your ugly face ! ❞ Letting out your own battle cry between your lips , your voice rumbled from within your throat. The sound of your own cry startled the enemy ; giving you the chance to force all of your arm strength to push them away. Succeeding what you wanted to , the solider stumble back before regaining his footing , silently cursing at you underneath their breath. Aiming their sharpened blade to slash your upper body horizontally. With the sound of the air getting sliced by the metal blade , you quickly ducked down , bending your knees down as far as possible missing the metal blade that could have possible came into contact with your skin. Sadly to say that the ends of your locks were sliced , small pile of you ( H/C ) slowly fell to the ground behind you – acting as a stand in for your blood.  ❝  ARHHHH ! ❞ Pulling back your dominant hand , quickly form your hand into a tight fist ; before thrusting it forward to make a direct hit to the solider’s mid-section. 

       Heavy grunts exhaled through their purplish lips , stumbling back and immediately hunching over ; their grip not once dropping their sword.  ❝ YOU LITTLE SNAKE. ❞ he growled underneath his breath. Your eyes immediately squinted && quickly pushed yourself up. Twirling yourself to the side while swinging your staff within your palms ; with your grip tightly around it – you quickly brought it down with such force that made a sickening pop noise as the tip of your staff hit the back of the galra’s head. Knocking him out-cold. Your chest rose up && down , your mouth hung open – panting to catch some breath. Your throat burned with the sudden hastened breath ; cold air coming into contact with the hotness within your mouth.  With your body hunching over , you did began to feel your knees about to give out ; you knew there were more that had entered the wide open space between you && the exist that both Keith && yourself needed to get through and escape.  PLEASE MOVE. you thought to yourself , begging your own body to move forward or at least take one step. Hesitatingly you had managed to at least take a step forward ; aiming your weapon towards the newly unbeaten galra only to ultimately began to fall to the ground. You prepared yourself to hit the flooring letting your exhausted  body to lie motionless on the ground ; only to be caught into the arms of someone you knew. 

        Wearily you averted your gaze to meet up with gravel grey irises ; by the mere sight of it had made your heart skip a beat.   ❝ ( S/O ) ! ❞ His voice quivered , you can immediately tell he had begun to exhaust. Keith’s own chest matched the same movement of yours ; as if both of yours were in sync.   ❝ I- . . I’m fine. We need to get out of here && fast. ❞ Keith nodded in agreement. He never had expect to have this much of galra within one of the bases you guys needed to infiltrate. Shifting his gaze away from you , he stared down the new group of galra soldiers that had entered. By the looks of it , they were the last ones.  ❝ Let me handle the rest ( S/O ) , you stay here.  ❞ It wasn’t a request , it was a demand.  ❝ Keith , you can’t possible handle them. You need my help as well ! ❞ you exclaimed , trying to push yourself up with the support your staff.  ❝ You’re not a paladin ( S/O ) !  ❞ His words were sharp as a knife , those words had crushed your heart. The ebony haired male was right . . you weren’t a paladin. You didn’t piloted a lion nor you had a so-called bayard. But so help you , you weren’t going to stay around being so useless. You wanted to help your friends . .&& Keith – whom you had a crush ever since the start of your journey together.   ❝ I don’t care , I WILL help. && you can’t stop me !  ❞ Your voice rung out loud , hinted in determination that no one would you. 

         Silence grew between the two , both paladin && yourself gripped onto your weapons ; getting into your guys’ final stance for the day.  ❝ DON”T LET THEM ESCAPE. CAPTURE THEM BY ALL MEANS. ❞ one of the soldiers hollered hoisting their blasters up towards them && fired. With the purple beam of light heading directly between you && Keith ; both of you guys managed to evade the attack && returned your very own to them.  

        Everything had happened in a blink of an eye , somehow both you && Keith managed to take all of them down by yourselves. Your own body ached , pleading – sending signals from within to rest desperately. Your once clean battle attire now tattered in dirt , tiny splatters of galra blood and ripped cloths. Placing your hands on your knees , you looked up weakly to Keith – who return looked back at you. A warm smile crept across his face ; your cheeks tinted in pink returning your own angelic smile to him. It was then you saw him inching closer to you , the gap between started to short until finally he stopped right in front of you. His own hands slowly reached out to yours , gently grasping && intertwining his own digits with yours.  ❝ I’m . . glad you’re safe. ❞ he whispered , the sound of his voice began to crack a bit. Hearing what he had to say you couldn’t help but to feel the organ within your chest start to beat faster. Letting out a small exhausted giggle ; in which you swore that Keith had blushed in response.  ❝ Same to you Keith.❞ 

        Pulling his hands away slowly , he nudged towards their exist. Seriousness began to dwell on his features.  ❝  Let’s go , the others should be waiting for us at the docking bay.  ❞ You nodded , eyeing at Keith who turned his back and slowly walked away.  He wasn’t much of the type to show his emotions of affection during a mission , but at times he would either give you a small warm smile ; or a hug that you wish would have last forever. But the intertwining of your guys’ fingers together was something new. Could it be that he had began to have romantic feelings to you ?  ❝ As if . . ❞ you whispered softly to yourself. Sucking in some cold air through your lips , you began to walk behind the teen. Step after step , you manage to close the rather large gap between the two ; but enough to at least give somewhat of a smaller large one. 

        It was then you heard some rustling from the fallen bodies from behind that quickly caught your attention. Brows knitted together , the look of confusion clearly visible on your face. Exactly what was that noise ? Your movements halted , over-looking your shoulder only to see one of the fallen had miraculously survived ; barely hoisting their blaster to aim at the red paladin directly behind his back. Your eyes widen in horror , your face twisted into fear && immediately looked over towards Keith. Unbeknownst to was what happening behind.    

       ❝ WATCH OUT !

       You hollered in horror , causing the Red Paladin to halt his movements ; over-looking his shoulder to the galra already firing to Keith. Your hands let go of your staff ; your legs moving as fast as they can. Everything had happened in slow motion ; you couldn’t even recall what had happened. All you knew that you had managed to ran faster ; your arms extending out to push the paladin away into safety. The thud of his own body hit the flooring beneath him ; a grunt escaped through his lips as managed to roll twice before landing on his stomach. The galra who had shot quickly fell over ; as if his own duty there was done. The sound of their weapon hit the floor along beside him.  

         Keith quickly shook his head side to side , lifting his head up to see what had happened. His eyes widen in horror , fear had twisted his face upon witnessing you staring down your front of your body. Crimson liquid started to pool down your body , painting your once lovely attire and exposed skin into red. A wound that was clearly a bit large than the average of a bullet ; presented itself in your mid-section. Pain shot through your entire body ; feeling the gaping wound beginning to pulse ; as if itself were alive. 

        ❝ ( S/O ) !  ❞

        His voice hollered loudly in horror , Keith immediately pushed himself off the ground in a blink of an eye ,  && quickly ran towards you before your body finally begun to fall to the ground. The ebony haired male quickly slid ; catching you in a nick of time before your body had made a sickening sound to the ground.  ❝ No , no , no ! ( S/O ) look at me , you’re going to be alright !❞ his voice started to crack ,  his hand pressing down onto your wound. You felt the pressure of his hand on your mid-section only to cough in response as the taste of iron overwhelmed your mouth. Blood seeping down your parted lips as Keith’s blood began to ran cold.  ❝ I promise , you’re going to be alright. ❞ Lowering your upper half to the ground , Keith placed both of his hands on top of your wound ; shifting to sit on his knees – hunching over to protect your body from any more possible danger.  ❝ K-Kei.. ❞ He quickly shushed you , Keith didn’t want you to use anymore of your strength if even it means you needed to talk.  ❝ Don’t talk ! ❞ Panic quickly followed after him , his own lips parted as he began to shout looking away from ( S/O ) towards the doors that was suppose to be your guys safe haven. 

          ❝ SHIRO ! PIDGE ! LANCE ! HUNK ! ANYONE ! ❞ he yelled at the top of his lungs. The red paladin quickly looked back at you && down to his hands. A coat of red liquid painted onto his body suit , his gaze shifting  underneath you – only to notice a giant pool of blood beginning to form. Silently cursing to himself ; he moved one of his hands to his helmet. Clicking onto a small button  next to his ear to start verbally communicating to his team-mates.  

          ❝ Keith ? What’s wrong ? Where are you && ( S/O ) ? ❞ the sound of Shiro’s voice was the first to ask ; his own tone started to get a bit worried. Keith choked up a sob , a lump started to dwell in his throat.  ❝ I-It’s ( s/o ) ! she’s badly hurt && bleeding. I. . I need help immediately ! ❞

          ❝ What happened to ( s/ o ) ?!  ❞ Pidge’s voice pipped up worriedly.  

          ❝ How badly is she hurt ?! ❞ Hunk’s own concern followed suit  panicking over what could be the worst situation ever. 

           ❝ Don’t worry buddy , we’ll be over to help ! ❞ Lance offered a source of comfort. 

           Keith knew everyone started to panic but the sheer tone of their voices.  ❝ Just please hurry ! ❞ Was all he could say before the communications went dead. Your body started to get cold , you knew you were going to die. If he was this worried about your state , then you knew the wound you had receive from pushing Keith aside to safe him was serious. Your body trembled , your own tears rolled down your cheeks mixing into your pool of blood.   ❝ I- I’m scared … ❞ Your voice was strained && your own sobs had combined with Keith’s.  ❝ You’ll be fine ( S/O ) ! You won’t die ! We’ll get you into a pod as quickly as we can. Just please don’t leave. ❞ Your eyes started to get heavy ; too tired to even stay awake or even try to hold a conversation. With Keith seeing your reaction ; he did started to yell out your name. Darkness quickly overwhelmed your vision a low groan heard through your lips. The only thing you saw was Keith begging you not to leave him as his own tears began to roll down his cheeks. With the sound of his voice beginning to get fainter && fainter ; until other voices had joined in right before you just passed out.

          Spicolian movements came && went , each quintant felt it went by longer. Keith waited patiently outside of your cryopod , not once that the ebony haired male had left your side. If they would have waited another varga ; you’d definitely be dead by the amount of blood that had spilled out of your wound. Everything that had happened between then && now was such a huge blur ; all that Keith could remember was their quickened pace towards the Castle of Lions. Your barely lifeless body draped over his arms , immediately greeted by a horrified Allura && Coran.  ❝ Allura please ! We have to help ( s/o ) !  ❞ his voice pleaded towards the Altean Princess.  ❝ Keith I don’t know if the cryopod can handle these sort of injuries  –  ❞ she responded her own worries about your well being was important to her ; not just hers but others as well.  ❝ We should at least try ! ❞ Minor bickering of heated words were exchanged between everyone. Simply over how bad of your injury were && also how far of the capabilities that the cryopod could actually heal. Even if they were to possible stop the bleeding ; they wouldn’t if the entire wound itself could regenerate back to what it was use to be.  ❝ I love ( S/O ) okay ! I can’t afford to loose ( S/O ). ❞ It was those exact words that put at least some hope into their souls , they should at try && help. With that being said ; they had managed to heal top the bleeding && immediately placed you into the pod. All they can do now is wait && see if you were healed completely.  

            Your eyes began to flutter , groggily opening your eyelids – moans heard through your closed lips. Slowly you begun to open your eyes ; meeting with the vision of the blurry world in front of you. The bright lights stung your hues ; wincing in slight pain trying to avoid unnecessary tears that could possible appear. A faint voice called out your name ; it did took you a while to adjust your hearing && to gain back your proper vision. What had looked like to be a blob of red corrected itself to make form of a figure standing right in front of the cyropod.  With a low whisper that came from the pod opening up followed by a small visible mist that had collided to the outer atmosphere quickly dispersed. Your body began to topple over – only to land in the arms of the ebony haired teen.  ❝ ( S/O ) ! ❞ he exclaimed eagerly , gravel grey irises scanning every inch of your body. The once attire you had wore before were now replaced with the special suit that was strictly only used for the pod.  ❝ Keith . .  ❞ you spoke ; the sound of your croaking voice did made his heart skip a beat ; his own digits traced your face his thumb brushing against your lips before cupping your cheek with his hand. 

            You had greeted him with a small warm smile ; slowly lifting your own hand && placed it gently on top of his. Though what surprised you the most was the fact that you saw Keith’s eyes starting to water ; tears dripped down to his cheeks and slowly splattering on yours.  ❝ W-why are you crying ? ❞ It was as if the terrible incident that had happened to you , completely flew over your head , you wanted to know why he was crying. Worry plastered across your face , only to his face sadden even more.  ❝ I . . I thought I lost you. I thought you were going to die in my arms. ❞ Hearing what he had to say ; your heart ache. The thought of being died did struck a cord of fear from within ; leaving this world && leaving the one person you love behind would be truly devastated. Seeing Keith in pain , it was not what you have wanted.   ❝. . I’m here alive because of you. ❞ you uttered underneath your breath. Corners of his lips slowly turned into a small smile , his own tears continued to flow down his cheeks ; parting his lips to speak once.  ❝ Yeah you are . . seeing how close you were to death , I . . can’t live without you. Ever since we met one another ; you were . . ❞ a small chuckle to escaped him to at least to make light of the heavy atmosphere around the two of you.  ❝ a pain in the butt. But over time we spent time with one another. My feelings for you grew && I didn’t even realize them until I had almost lost you. ( S/O ) I love you so much. ❞  

             Pulling you closer to him , into a tight hug wrapping his arms around you – as you did the same.  ❝ I love you too Keith. ❞ You whispered to his ear , burying his face to the crook of your neck. Everything felt so surreal , you couldn’t help but to feel your insides doing back flips by the mere thought of Keith confessing to you. Though both of you guys had wished the situation was different. Pulling away , Keith && yourself stared into each other’s eyes – witnessing him gently resting his forehead against yours ; ticks went by until finally he had pressed his own lips against yours. They were wet && salty but you didn’t care at all. Kissing him back , both of you pulled away lightly smiling at one another. At least now you were alive && well , that was all that mattered to the red paladin.  ❝ I guess we should least the others know that you’re alive && well. ❞ he whispered. You nodded slowly , intertwining your guys’ fingers together.  ❝ Yeah we shouldor we can stay like this a bit more. ❞ Lifting your other hand up to his cheeks to wipe any visible tear in sight , Keith leaned in once more and planted another kiss against your lips.  ❝ I like that idea. ❞

Hidden Strengths

This is part of the 200 followers celebration! Thank you so much to the anon who sent this request!

The prompts that were asked are :

28. “You look so confident, but I bet that inside, you’re trembling.”

50. “You look like you’re strong but I know you’re as fragile as glass, and I’m scared to break you.”

It was asked that this would be written for Ben, and that the reader would suffer of panic attacks regularly and would have done so since a young age. But she would be really good at handling them, although, Ben would finally discover what was going on.

Hope you like it!

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