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So this recent stuff has me a bit scared, and I wanted to see if anyone here does any training for self defense and if you had any routines to follow to prepare myself if something like this happens near me.

tbh, we’re all feeling a bit vulnerable right now.  Maybe it’s time for an Antifa Self-Defense Master Post!

General thoughts about antifascist self-defence

Martial Arts

-Our post about what we think are the best forms for martial arts for situations we’re likely to encounter;

-Our other post on that same topic

-Thessaloniki, Greece’s antifa martial arts tournament

-Poland’s Freedom Fighters antifa MMA tournament

-Brighton UK’s Physical Resistance antifa MMA & boxing tournament

-Italy’s network of antifascist gyms and boxing clubs

Getting In Good Shape

-Post #1 about getting in better physical shape

-Post #2 about getting in better physical shape


-An introduction to the topic from an anti-fascist perspective

-Some antifa with guns

-One U.S. antifa’s personal experience with guns + antifa organizing

-The Phoenix John Brown Gun Club

-The Huey P. Newton Gun Club

-Redneck Revolt


Defending Against Knife Attacks

Basic Internet Security For Anti-Fascists

“The workers must be armed and organized. Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.” — Karl Marx

This should be a very pressing issue for the far-left. We need to start pulling a lot more Black Panther shit, waltzing around the capitol building locked and loaded. As a tendency and a movement, we need to flat-out steal the “gun culture” from reactionaries.


[photo of an egg carton labelled “Gunning Bum Nuts - bloody good eggs from free ranged happy chooks”. A somewhat crass cartoon depiction of a rooster squeezing eggs out of its butt sits beside a serene photograph of hens in a grassy field. The word “Australia” is seen on almost identical cartons in the background.]

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One thing I loved about Opposing Force was the spore launcher. It was very cute. I want more adorable organic guns like that in modern videogames.


“Who’s a good rocket launcher/grenade launcher? You areeeee~”

So just when I thought things couldn’t get more childish and surreal - the US is throwing a party for those countries which support their dangerous and illogical Jerusalem thing. Eight countries. No one else is invited. 

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