Tindersticks — The Waiting Room (Lucky Dog/City Slang)

It would be fair to think you would know what to expect from a Tindersticks album in 2016; at least some of the band have been playing together since around 1991, although like any band of that vintage still making new records in 2016 they’ve had some changes and breaks during that time (particularly singer Stuart Staples going solo for a while, and half of the original six-person lineup leaving in 2006). Unlike some of their contemporaries, however, Tindersticks have neither avoided the possibilities for change that different personnel can bring, nor have they unceremoniously flung their old strengths over the side. Throughout their recent years the band have proven surprisingly adept at honoring both the old and new sides of their music, and with The Waiting Room they’ve used that approach to make their best album in years. 

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Before now I hadn’t ever uploaded my own music on Tumblr. It’s kinda funny how anxious I am about it… I’ve never met any of you before!

But anyways, I wrote this song a while back (maybe a month or so) and finally decided to get it recorded last weekend. It had been a while, so I was a little rusty.. but I think it turned out pretty decent overall!

And I hope you enjoy it :) I’ll gladly accept any feedback you’re willing to give me.. but please be gentle!