Time to organize!

I think over the next few days I’ll post book covers and whatnot of the first Redwall book, and mattimeo!

Also, if there’s any specific Book you want me to post about, go ahead and ask! :D

I just have to try to keep things organized, or i’ll just start posting things I’ve already posted XD

Vanilla Raspberry Protein Ice Cream

Vanilla Raspberry Protein Ice Cream #protein #icecream #glutenfree #desserts

You want a dessert because it’s summer and it’s hot!  I get it.

BUT…it’s bathing suit season and sugar is not your friend. I get it.

So what’s the solution?

A healthy treat with a dose of protein!

Perfect for the 4th of July or any summer backyard bar-b-que comes my new favorite ice cream that you don’t have to feel guilty about!

It’s whole foods, it’s super easy to make, and you can use my…

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anonymous asked:

What do you usually eat in a day??

I’ll tell you what I ate today, that should give you a pretty good idea (portions and calories are estimated - I don’t actually measure my food, but I track it with MyFitnessPal to make sure I’m eating enough):

Breakfast: (pretty much the same everyday) 6oz plain almond milk yogurt mixed with 1 scoop Vega protein powder & 1/3 cup muesli (347 cal)

Snack: 100-cal pouch of dried fruit (100 cal)

Lunch: Smoothie (frozen berries & bananas, Orgain almond milk, 1 scoop Vega Sport protein powder) mixed with 1/3 cup Kind peanut butter granola (424 cal)

Snack: NuGo Slim protein bar (pb chocolate - it’s vegan!) & 1/3 cup crunchy chickpeas (300 cal)

Dinner: ½ cup quinoa/sorgum/farro/lentils, ½ cup mashed sweet potatoes, 3oz tempeh, 2 tbsp guacamole (655 cal)

Dessert: 6oz plain almond milk yogurt mixed w/ 1 packed Plant Fusion protein powder, ¼ cup raw granola, & 2 tbsp dried berries (369 cal)

Normally I have a ton of veggies w/ dinner but tonight I didn’t have any in the fridge besides sweet potatoes and I was too lazy to cook some. Oh well. 

I usually eat around 2200 calories per day, 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat, as that is what I find my body runs best on. 

Also, I’m usually finish eating for the day by 6pm (unless I’m going out to dinner w/ family or friends, in which case it may be as late as 8pm). I usually don’t eat anything from 6pm until 7am the next day.

And I drink a good amount of water.

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Hi syd! What do you put in your protein shakes? And which powder do you use?

I use orgain protein powder and usually banana peanut butter and flax milk!

Easy frozen Protein peanut butter cups! [2f][3c][7p]

1 tablespoon of coco powder
46 g of pasteurized egg whites
2 table spoons of peanut butter
2 servings of a “good tasting” chocolate protein powder( i use ORGAIN vegan chocolate protein powder cuz it’s tasty and organic!) Mix it all up, put them in 12 cupcake wrappers and then into the freezer!


#bodybuilding #recipe #organic #gains #bodybuildingrecipe #protein #peanutbuttercups #tasty #iifym #fit #fitlife #fitness #fitfam #delicious #stayfrosty #goodeats #ohhyeah #bodybuilder by happyrusscup

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Can you please do another what I eat in a day? Love your blog btw xx

Yeah sure! I’ll do what I’ve eaten so far today and what I plan to eat later today:

Breakfast (same as always): 5oz plain soy yogurt, 1 scoop Plant Fusion protein powder, 1/3 cup muesli

Snack #1 (pre-workout): banana w/ 2 tbsp PB2

Snack #2 (post-workout): Vega Sport protein bar (chocolate mint)

Lunch: Smoothie w/ frozen berries, silken tofu, Orgain almondmilk, 1 scoop Vega Sport protein powder, & 1/3 cup Kind peanut butter granola

Snack: 1/3 cup crunchy chickpeas (brand: The Good Bean)

And then I’m going to have dinner soon, which will be a cup of brown rice pasta w/ meatless meat sauce (using Lightlife Smart Ground), mushrooms, and spinach.

And then I’ll probably have some almond milk ice cream (brand: Almond Dream) after that and that’ll be it for the day!

strawberry banana protein smoothie! 

28 grams of protein in one serving!

1 fresh or frozen banana
5-10 fresh or frozen strawberries
½ fresh or frozen avocado
1 serving chocolate protein powder (I prefer Orgain Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder)
1 tablespoon organic or powdered peanut butter
¼ cup unsweetened milk of choice (I prefer organic almond)
stevia-sweetened chocolate chips for garnish

blend it all up

cant--pin--me--down asked:

I've been using "Orgain" protein. It's a vegan protein, it comes in chocolate or vanilla, and I buy it at Costco :) I've never used whey protein, but my roommate says it tastes better than lots of whey protein powders.

thank you so much! I’ll have to try it out :) going to post this publicly so others can see!

anonymous asked:

When you use your orgain protein do you just do one scoop or follow the serving size of 2 scoops?

I do the serving size of 2 scoops