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Not a Fuck Anyone. I work at a Ballie's Orgain Outlet, and when my lunch break comes around, and it happens to be 9 or after, I walk over to the nearest Tollar Dree to buy some food, and there's been many an occasion that someone asks me for help thinking I work there (my shirt is red, theirs is green??) Heck, that's happened to me when I've had my (blue) afrotc lanyard on. It's pretty funny. Is it that easy to confuse store uniform colors? I'd get it if I had something green on, but idk.

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ok ok ok can i talk about my current hyperfixation for a little bit? im reading the how to train your dragon books but i started them when i was younger and never finished them despite how much i liked them, and im finishing them now and i just finished the 7th book and dear god

the main character, hiccup horrendous haddock iii (who is VERY, VERY different from the one in the movies btw) had been kidnapped, and found out that the people who had kidnapped him had 190 slaves on their boat. all of them were native people from the area they were at. hiccup promised to get them out, and in order to make sure he kept this promise, the slaves gave him the slavemark that they all had. now, this mark is something that puts hiccup in a lot danger, it could get him exiled from the tribe he’s supposed to rule, it could get him killed

but, like every other httyd book thus far, the epilogue is a message from hiccup to the readers, and this is what he says about the slavemark:

“the slavemark has been quite the burden to bear, and made my task [to create a new, better world at home] much harder. but thor was right to give me the slavemark. […] maybe all kings should be given the slavemark, to remind them that they are slaves to their people, not the other way around. and to help them never forget what it feels like to be a child… to be small, and weak, and helpless. perhaps my vision does not seem as revolutionary to readers of the future. […]”

but F*CK, guys, in a way, it IS still revolutionary!! because our rulers today (or at least, the rulers of the u.s.) are NOT working for the greater good, do NOT remember what it feels like to be small, and weak, and helpless.

it’s INCREDIBLE and SAD that a character in a children’s book can be wiser than the people of power in our world today!!!

and f*ck, man, i get so defensive over these books when they’re compared to the movies, i always say the books are better. this is why!!! not only do the books have amazing story lines, loveable and brilliant characters, and are VERY VERY funny at times, but they teach amazing lessons to kids!! lessons that even the smallest, most uninteresting people (or dragons, for that matter) can be great heroes, and that the more-fortunate should ALWAYS help those in need and i love it so so much these books have changed my life holy f*ck

anyway hey thanks to anyone who read this, and please, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD read these books if you haven’t they’re so good


B.D. Orgain House, Bastrop Texas (1888) by Bob Holler
Via Flickr:
This double-galleried Victorian residence was constructed in 1888 for Benjamin Darby Orgain (1843 - 1917), a prominent area banker, attorney, and civic leader. His wife Drucilla (Johnston) (d. 1931) was an assistant teacher in the local Colorado Institute. The exterior of their home features intricate detailing and fishscale shingling. The interior includes woodwork of pine, cherry, mahogany, and walnut. Orgain family members owned the house until 1947. Recorded as a Texas Historic Landmark in 1981



Chocolate PB Cup Protein Cake

½ c orgain unsweetened almond milk, 2 eggs, ½ c egg whites, ½ c coconut flour, 1 scoop PES Chocolate PB Cup, 2 heaping tbsp light and fit Greek yogurt, 1 tsp baking soda. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes! It has crazy good macros so you can add whatever to them. I’ll be topping mine with peanut butter 👅👅
Earth is a Threat to Homeworld

I get the impression that Earth is a significant threat (or at least a giant nuisance) in the eyes of Homeworld.

First, there’s this: Orgainic life seems to be powerful against Gems and their technology. Sadie poofed a gem with only a pointy stick. Steven escaped his cell on the Handcraft just because he wasn’t a gem. (read the link for more details on this from Kimmiecake’s Brain Scramble)

Now we hear this:

(notice how she took deeper notice when it was clearly Earth and not just any planet.)

“It’s full of life.”

Organic life…” [as if in disgust]


“I will take immense satisfaction in erasing that hideous rock off of our star maps! IS THAT CLEAR?”

Hideous rock? The same rock that was selected among the 9 that orbit this particular star as a candidate for a Homeworld colony? The same planet that originally had the potential for so many gem kindergartens, spires, and arenas?

No, it’s something on this rock that makes it hideous: ORGANIC LIFE.

Suppose the gems came across this solar system and found a place where intelligent life was already developing. It was far from a space faring race, but it would only be a matter of a couple millenia before they would start to stretch across space – Homeworld turf. Beyond that, these homo sapiens were also immune to some key parts gem combative technology. They would be hard to fight later on if they didn’t act.

What’s the solution? Conquer their planet. That didn’t work out, so plan B? Destroy it. Either way, the nuisance of organic life would be erased and the empire stretches further, unchallenged.