Influenster Resolution VoxBox snack #4!

I appreciate Influenster sending me all of these items to try for free, especially since I’ve been unhappy at best with all of them so far. :( I’m thankful I got to try them before considering buying them. Not that I’m in the habit of buying “healthy” snacks other than fresh fruits and vegetables, anyway!

This peanut butter Orgain Organic Protein plant based bar is neither good nor bad. The texture is much like the “cream” in the center of Cowtails. Sticky, thick, crumbly, gritty, and dry all at the same time. It smells and tastes more like sesame oil than peanut, but there is no sesame in it in any format.

Unlike the Burt’s Bees protein powder, the grittiness of this bar isn’t unbearable. There are other textures to help counter it, including large chunks of peanut.

If you need a protein bar that’s organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, this one is ok. It’s edible. The taste of it won’t satisfy a craving for a sweet or salty snack, though.

To be honest, I’ve never had a protein bar or powder that I liked.

The last snack in the box is going to be good, though, no question! I do have to get to the store to pick it up (with a 100% off coupon! nice!) before I can review it.

anonymous asked:

Hi I drink the Orgain chocolate fudge protein powder and I read that it contains brown rice protein and that kind of makes me nervous cause I automatically think that brown rice will make it harder to lose fat or make me gain fat?

No cause there are literally no carbs in there anymore. It’s just the PROTEIN from the brown rice :)

Earth is a Threat to Homeworld

I get the impression that Earth is a significant threat (or at least a giant nuisance) in the eyes of Homeworld.

First, there’s this: Orgainic life seems to be powerful against Gems and their technology. Sadie poofed a gem with only a pointy stick. Steven escaped his cell on the Handcraft just because he wasn’t a gem. (read the link for more details on this from Kimmiecake’s Brain Scramble)

Now we hear this:

(notice how she took deeper notice when it was clearly Earth and not just any planet.)

“It’s full of life.”

Organic life…” [as if in disgust]


“I will take immense satisfaction in erasing that hideous rock off of our star maps! IS THAT CLEAR?”

Hideous rock? The same rock that was selected among the 9 that orbit this particular star as a candidate for a Homeworld colony? The same planet that originally had the potential for so many gem kindergartens, spires, and arenas?

No, it’s something on this rock that makes it hideous: ORGANIC LIFE.

Suppose the gems came across this solar system and found a place where intelligent life was already developing. It was far from a space faring race, but it would only be a matter of a couple millenia before they would start to stretch across space – Homeworld turf. Beyond that, these homo sapiens were also immune to some key parts gem combative technology. They would be hard to fight later on if they didn’t act.

What’s the solution? Conquer their planet. That didn’t work out, so plan B? Destroy it. Either way, the nuisance of organic life would be erased and the empire stretches further, unchallenged.