Kaisoo best friends to lovers- part 2

Best friends to lovers part 1 here, and here is where you can find the rest of me: masterlist is here, I keep an updated list of all hybrid fics on aff here, all wolf fics list on aff here, and then a more orgainized list of wolf on listography (but not as often updated) here, and last, my ongoing lists where I put stories when I read them before I put them on Tumblr here. OK, lets do this.

My not so best friend-One shot- Jongin has always told Kyungsoo that he likes him, and Kyungsoo never really knew he meant it

My first everything-one shot. Kyungsoo and Jongin grow up as best friends, but that is put to the test when Kyungsoo gets a crush on Jongin and Jongin begins to date someone else

Fuck, My best friend’s hot-one shot- Jongin and Kyungsoo go their separate ways for college, and meet up at a party, where Kyungsoo is pretty drunk

a drunk mind speaks a sober heart-One shot, Kyungsoo always protects Jongin, and Jongin is finally going to confess, but then Chanyeol gets in the way.

One or the other-one shot, they are roommates and best friends, and Kyungsoo helps Jongin with his stripper routine. It is different actually seeing it on stage though

Varsity-one shot fluff- Kyungsoo has a crush on his best friend, Jongin, and Jongin just thinks Kyungsoo is jealous of his jacket.

sugar (yes please)- one shot- Kyungsoo is stuck at home with mono and his best friend Jongin is messing up all of their shared home ec assignments, and they are both wanting to confess

A change in perception-one shot super fluff, Kyungsoo finally confesses to his best friend Jongin, and Jongin starts to ignore him.

13th of January-Complete 3 chapters. So they are best friends, they hook up at a party one night, Jongin moves away and stops contact, and then years later Kyungsoo finds out what really happened. Sorry.

Crush-One shot with sequel, Someone is leaving secret admirer notes on Kyungsoo’s locker

You and me-one shot, I am assuming the best friend part, they grow up together and kyungsoo is always protecting Jongin, but then it turns out that Kyungsoo is an omega, and it will be Jongin’s turn to protect him.

I’m losing to you (baby I’m no match)- a/b/o -Jongin is an omega who sleeps around a lot, and then one day his best friend Kyungsoo finds out he is an alpha and then smut happens.

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Earth is a Threat to Homeworld

I get the impression that Earth is a significant threat (or at least a giant nuisance) in the eyes of Homeworld.

First, there’s this: Orgainic life seems to be powerful against Gems and their technology. Sadie poofed a gem with only a pointy stick. Steven escaped his cell on the Handcraft just because he wasn’t a gem. (read the link for more details on this from Kimmiecake’s Brain Scramble)

Now we hear this:

(notice how she took deeper notice when it was clearly Earth and not just any planet.)

“It’s full of life.”

Organic life…” [as if in disgust]


“I will take immense satisfaction in erasing that hideous rock off of our star maps! IS THAT CLEAR?”

Hideous rock? The same rock that was selected among the 9 that orbit this particular star as a candidate for a Homeworld colony? The same planet that originally had the potential for so many gem kindergartens, spires, and arenas?

No, it’s something on this rock that makes it hideous: ORGANIC LIFE.

Suppose the gems came across this solar system and found a place where intelligent life was already developing. It was far from a space faring race, but it would only be a matter of a couple millenia before they would start to stretch across space – Homeworld turf. Beyond that, these homo sapiens were also immune to some key parts gem combative technology. They would be hard to fight later on if they didn’t act.

What’s the solution? Conquer their planet. That didn’t work out, so plan B? Destroy it. Either way, the nuisance of organic life would be erased and the empire stretches further, unchallenged.