“No. I’m definitely not and I’m glad for that. The actual legal system is all politics and filled with more corruption then then you can imagine. Give me a few days and I could pinpoint several high up connections between law enforcement and orgainized crime rings. Besides, even when cops can actually catch on to something fast enough, they often can’t or just don’t do anything, especially not for people on the streets who need protection the most. Actually, they get the least if it. There was certainly none if it when I needed it. Someone has to actually be out doing something.”

“And you think you’re qualified for it? You’ve got no real training and an attitude that’ll get you shot. Having a couple flashy powers and a nickname doesn’t make you a hero, girl. And yes, I know about those. ‘Dagger’… not exactly creative, is it?”

This is my Refresh VoxBox complementary from influenster! Contains 2 flavors of Beanitos chips, Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation, L’Occitane Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream, Listerine PocketPaks, Skinny Girl Nutrition Bar in Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate, Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel Mask, Orgain Shake free coupon, and DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Pics. The Beanitos and Skinny Girl bar were both very delicious, which I didn’t necessarily think would be the case since both are quite healthy for you! My favorite item was the L’Occitane cream since I absolutely love lotions and creams :)

Morret: hey their here is some Info on the new animatronics my animteonics
“Raspberry the dance party rabbit” is based of off my love of the dance he all so shows my once happy self and shows my love for rabbits he has all the joy I did before my wife and daughter died and screams like elivis prissily when bad
“Phone bear” this old suit was made to kill a kid and destroy the marionette the kids name was deeks Pinkerton the suit was made useing a old telephone and a old freddy suit after some time I used this suit to kill the owner and then 5 years later turned it into a animtronic who hands out prizes!
“Croster the safe and fun roster” croster is made for safety he’s based of off my shyness and scariness he was made as a safety role module but still loves to have fun he hangs around phone bear and raspberry a lot but that’s usealy only when the orgainal gang goes on stage singing
And that’s all you need to know

Nine mile tempo run at an 8:08 pace…1062 calories burned by 8:30am. Not a bad start to hump day. I’m refueling with this fantastic protein powder!! Orgain Organic Protein. All plant based (sprouted brown rice, chia and hemp) and packs a punch with 21 grams of protein! I mixed it with 12 oz of organic milk and a frozen banana. So good!! Thank you @amberkay611 for always thinking of me and introducing me to this stuff! You take such good care of your little running-crazed sister!! 😘 #michiganrunner #puremichigan #sweatonceaday #refuel #marathontraining #orgainorganicprotein #hemp #chia #sproutedbrownrice #raw #organic #trainhard #run #tempo #goals #telltheuniverseyoucan #andyouwill #dedication #hashtagsfordays #garmin #grandrapids by courtltweed

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering what are your best vegan protein sources, I'm planning to buy the sunwarrior blend powder, but I really have no clue about another vegan protein

There are so many powders to choose from. I like Orgain. You should try and get most of your protein from whole foods though

Breakfast this morning 🌻 {orgain vegan protein drink and a #detour bar} It is grind time people. For all my fellow college friends, it’s nearing or its finals week 😫. I’m not readdddddy. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻. #healthyliving #healthyLifeStyle #healthyCollegeStudent #healthandWellnessVibes #finalsweek #fitfam #fitgirl #breakfast #scared