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Stop Giant Music Festival from Harming Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve
I join with the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society (SFVAS) in opposition to holding the special event known as AngelFest in the entire eastern area of the Sepulveda Basin known as Woodley Park on October 7 – 9, 2016 and urge the Army Corps to not waive the conditions of the Special Events Policy and thereby not grant permission to hold the AngelFest event. The predictable negative impacts on the wildlife within Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve and the adjoining park areas that support foraging wildlife, as well as the loss of public access to the area for up to 26 days are intolerable.

Dear Tumblr, we recently learned that there is a large, 3-day music festival similar to Coachella being planned to be held at the delicate Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve. This wildlife reserve is close by my house and one of a few areas set aside for migratory birds and other animals within Los Angeles. 

Please take a moment to sign this petition to help protect migratory birds.

I try to keep things light-hearted on this blog, but with this Tumblr’s large audience, we can really make a difference to a large number of migrating birds. 

This musical festival could have a large negative impact on the wild birds that occupy this reserve during fall migration. 65,000 people are expected to attend each day and it will take around a month of preparation to pull off. The event will include pyrotechnics, flashing lights, loud music and litter is a huge liability. 

The Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve is a very special place for the birding community and all of its animal inhabitants. If you can voice your opposition against this irresponsible festival it would mean so much to the birds of Los Angeles. I have seen so many wonderful birds there, including nesting owls, egrets, ospreys, and even a couple of bald eagles have been seen there.

Help spread the word. Be a voice for these defenseless animals.

Dot Hacker // How’s Your Process (Play)
Due for release: October 7th 2014 through ORG Music.

One thing you certaintly couldn’t call Dot Hacker is predictable, if you’re expecting How’s Your Process? (Play) to be like HYP? (Work) then you’re in for a big surprise. Dot Hacker have that unique ability to take you to whole new realms with each track and make you think you’re listening to a variety of different bands.

First track of the album, “Slideclimb”, shows the Los Angeles four piece could easily go down the heavier route and pull it off effortlessly. It’s great to hear that edgier side to the band and let us hear that raw and grittier sound. It has more swagger than a 90’s Brit-Rock band!The song oozes confidence, Josh Klinghoffer has really grown into being the lead vocalist and pushing his vocals more on this track.

Somersault”, brings back the mesmerizing sound that we’ve grown accustomed to. Josh’s hypnotizing vocals accompanied by Clint Walsh’s whispy and clean guitar, Jonathan Hischke’s bass line and Eric Gardner’s drum beats both pulse away naturally like a heartbeat - just all comes together to give you the perfect chill out song.

By track three, “Memory”, you’re getting shipped off in your own little bubble on an adventure to explore a side of music that seems to have been forgotten about. It shows bands can be experimental and alternative without going overboard. The song builds so gently and think it’s just going to whisk you through a chillout song to end the song, everything just bursts into action without it sounding out of place.

There is a Gary Numan tinge to “Mission Creep”, it’s like life has been rewound and we’ve gone back to the 80’s for an original electronic sound. From the get go it just soars and seems like it has no intention of taking a breather, but the song completely changes direction and becomes a different song. Doesn’t last too long before it kicks up the 80’s revival again.

Spanish guitars and Dot Hacker is definitely not something I’d ever put together but again, you can never tell what’s going to come next from the band. “Rest Assure“ opens up like a Mariachi love song that is going to end in heartbreak. There’s a faint flamenco tone sticks throughout the song, the track sounds full of distress and hurt, with the lyrics "Take me back” being repeated at the chorus.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and How’s Your Process comes to rest with “Anger”. Starting off just Josh’s vocals and him playing piano. Hauntingly beautiful violins join in and to produce this theatrical and awe inspiring ballad. Goosebumps will cover your skin and the hair on the back of your neck will stand up. There is something about hearing Dot Hacker go from an edgier start, their signature electronic / experimental sound to something completely different, it’s raw and bare. The violins leading out at the end, leaves a lump at the back of your throat.

How’s Your Process? (Play) leaves you wanting more from the band and makes you wonder what on earth will they come up with next. From track to track, there is no way you could ever imagine what would be coming next. Their experience as session musicians and working with different musicians have probably helped them form one of the most original bands to date. You get a little taste of everything with this album and is something you really will not hear from any other. Their confidence really shines through on this album and shows how well they work and as a unit. Everything just goes hand in hand and there’s not a single thing out of place. Unlike many other bands, they really show off the bass and show how intricate of player Jonathan Hischke really is. Eric and Jonathan show how a rhythm section should sound, they’re just completely tuned in together. Josh has really came into his own on this one and able to come out of the shadows and show what kind of singer / songwriter/musician he can be. Clint really has nailed how to push a guitar and show just how flamboyant of sound you can get without being obnoxious and OTT.

There really is not a bad track on this album, the only issue is there are not enough tracks! But we did have How’s Your Process? (Work), so can’t complain too much. Be sure to pick up the album and previous realeses HYP?(work) and 2012’s debut album “Inhibition”, Dot Hacker are a band everyone has to hear.

- Stacey Auld

  • HTTYD medley

I made this in two days with the tunes I knew how to play by ear already, so it’s still very WIP. I still wanted to show it off because it was fun to make. 

John Powell’s music is amazing and the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack is one of the albums that changed my musical perspective. It’s definitely an inspiration.

(Sorry for the poor recording quality.)

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I edited this short trailer for Dot Hacker’s new album, How’s Your Process? (Work). Out now on ORG Music.