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Dear Lord…where are you all coming from?

The Doctor didn’t send you by chance, did he?

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Okay, stay calm, waking up in a clearing in a forest is nothing new. Twigs in her hair, a patch of dry grass beneath her fingers, the certain sense that someone was watching? Right, nothing to be afraid of.
Though last time she’d thought that, the giant bees had appeared less than a minute later. Really big bees. The size of your face. Wouldn’t fancy seeing those again. But, thanks be to god, this place looked bee-free. Or at least she couldn’t hear any buzzing.
Yet she remained on the lookout. Y’know, just in case. Of giant bees. (Better be safe than sorry.)

Reconnaissance; No injuries, no dirt on her face, no blood, no nothing. Just grass behind her back, under her palms, beneath her head. Huh.
Slowly but surely, the air crept back into her lungs, and she propped herself up on her elbows, sleep still thick in her eyes as she tried to evaluate the surroundings. Please god let there not be any crowds. She could handle people, but crowds tended to get a little mental when random gingers just appeared out of thin air. What was the grass anyway? Was this a park? Garden? Forest? Field? Golf course?

Sitting up a little, she looked around once again, and exhaled slowly, finally noticing the girl right there.
”Hey, do I know you?” she finally asked them. Maybe if she ignored the fact she’d just appeared out of thin air, the other girl would too, and they could all pretend absolutely nothing strange was occurring, at all. “You look kinda familiar.”