So today I’ve reached 3000 followers. It’s really overwhelming for a person like to be followed by great guys like you! Its really an honor. I sincerely thank everyone. From my first followers when I was just starting here in tumblr back in 2011, to my most recent followers, I thank you all! I’m thinking what should I do to give my gratitude. I’ve planned to have a follower giveaway but I’m too damned poor right now to buy Arashi goods LOL. Maybe some other time though. I’m gonna start my first work next week and I’ll save up money to buy a decent giveaway gift. For now, I dedicate this gifset of some of the reasons why we love Arashi to all of you. I hope you like it. 今まで ありがとうございます!


2013 is almost over. Let’s have a recap of some of Arashi’s highlights and achievements for this year. 2013 has been another busy year for the boys yet they proved again that they deserve to be on the peak of Japanese entertainment. They achieved so many things beyond a normal idol should have. We can also never forget Himitsu no Arashi-chan which ended this March. Many of us were saddened by this but it provided an opportunity for them to have new variety shows. Their new singles and album is superb too. Their performances nearly killed us all because of their epic hotness and perfection. Concert tours, TV guestings, magazine photoshoots, charity events, dramas, movies, etc…they managed to do all these without even complaining and still have smiles on their faces which shows they’re having fun. I’m really grateful that none of them got sick despite of their jam-packed schedule and non-stop work. 

As we all know, 2014 marks the 15th anniversary of Arashi. We can expect more projects and activities for them so let’s get our hearts, mind and body be ready for what kind of beautiful storm awaits us. Let’s hope and pray that they’ll have good health and more success for this upcoming year. Advanced Happy New Year Arashi fans! Let’s support the boys till the end ^__^


“Arashi is great with the 5 of us. If it weren’t for this fact I think we couldn’ve have come this far” (Ninomiya Kazunari)

“There were times when I thought of letting go of everything. But, there are 4 people who told me they need me, so I’ve worked hard till today.” (Sakurai Sho)

“Though I can’t imagine the things which would stay exactly the same aft/er 10 years… but Arashi’s closeness is the one thing which I’m sure  will never change” (Ohno Satoshi)

“When all Arashi members are together we can’t stop talking. This is amazing you know, we are still having fun no matter how much we talked” (Aiba Masaki)

“Though we never fought, it’s not that we never got to honestly speak our minds. But we were able to tell it properly through words and there is absolutely no need for fighting” (Matsumoto Jun)