The original fan fic...

Ladies and Gents… once upon a time (many, many years ago) I was totally in love with the Backstreet Boys… and although I was never a Nick girl, I was lucky enough to find THE best fan fic I have ever read.  Seriously.  It was epic.

The girls who wrote this are phenomenal, and I am sharing this link with you (after ages searching - loads of old sites have disappeared?!) because I think, if you read it, you will like it too. 

Have fun! 


terrible habits:

  1. remembering s. in and after everything
  2. j. with his eyes heavy small, his laugh is always slightly jittery 
  3. i don’t want to leave anything open
  4. remembering s. and how we’d smoke, how he’d sleep on the floor in my dorm room because single beds weren’t conducive to love, how in the mornings i’d slip out and on top of him, how routine love had become before it left
  5. j. and i discuss the short story, a poem as freestyle, a song as the novel, the short story the freestyle at risk of becoming the song becoming the novel
  6. i sleep better this time only because i’m at risk of getting easy, growing fond 
  7. i eat the oreos for breakfast when he is gone and vow to quit sugar tomorrow
  8. there are things to read and there are things to swallow
  9. the surplus is his body slumped in the slow light
  10. d. lies and it feels like gangrene on the memory 
  11. tell a friend “let all the love be good”
  12. even though i concede to the surplus, leave everything open in case
  13. love has no body and i’m terribly mistaken. 

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