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Hello I wish you a wonderful day and 73 for the Drabble challenge please? Thank you x

I combined this ask with the next one, since they just flowed together again (sometimes it just happens).  It’s Tom-verse, and it’s OTT cliched and angsty, but it just fell out that way.  I mean, the low-hanging fruit is there, why not pick it?

“I’m pregnant.”/ “It sure as hell changes things!”/ “Are you drunk?”

“Are you drunk?”

No,” Sherlock said scornfully, unsure which John he should be focussing on.  "Yes,“ he admitted.

“It’s two in the afternoon, why are you drinking?  You never drink.”

“I’m pregnant, John.”

“Uh huh.”

Sherlock shook his head, trying to get the right words to fall out.  "We’re pregnant.  Not you-us” he waved his finger at the space between them.  "Molly is—" he made another series of gestures to indicate her state and, just in case John wasn’t sure how it got there, how it got there.

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BTS members as 90s kid snacks? I think taehyung would be fun dip and someone should be a nerd rope...what do you think?

Taehyung: Fun dip. A mess! How the fuck did our parents let us eat that shit. It was just dipping sugar into pigmented sugar. Ew. Yum.

Yoongi: Warheads. He would want it that way.

Jin: Push Pop. Just…. long-lasting, sustainable sweetness. A lolli in a new innovative form. But boy did that shit get spitty. 

Namjoon: Nerd Rope. Ahead of its time. Looks weird, is weird, why did they do that. But kind of brilliant. In 200 years everyone will be living off of nerd ropes. You can quote me on that.

Jimin: Oreo O’s. Breakfast decadence. Literal cookies for breakfast. How did they let us do this?????????? Cookies for breakfast! Was this legal?

Hobi:  Go-gurt. It was like…. your parents trying to trick you into eating yogurt…. but you were like…. it’s fine dad I’m already here for it, you don’t have to try and make it cool, I was already gonna eat it, it’s fucking delicious, you… you don’t have to convince me. We both agree it’s a good thing. 

Jungkook: Gushers. Oh, a nice safe fruit snack, let me just WKAT THE FUCK