The original fan fic...

Ladies and Gents… once upon a time (many, many years ago) I was totally in love with the Backstreet Boys… and although I was never a Nick girl, I was lucky enough to find THE best fan fic I have ever read.  Seriously.  It was epic.

The girls who wrote this are phenomenal, and I am sharing this link with you (after ages searching - loads of old sites have disappeared?!) because I think, if you read it, you will like it too. 

Have fun! 


Mom: Oh good-morning Oreo! I see you’ve got your breakfast ready!
Oreo: This is not my breakfast mom. It’s for you and pop… see, one can for you, one can for him.
Mom: Oh, um.. that’s very generous of you Oreo… But what will you eat for breakfast then?
Oreo: How bout’ you generously give me your bacons mom…