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in grade 4 my friends and i were having a snowball fight and i decided to throw up a giant block of snow as high as i could into the sky and just hoped that it would hit someone when it fell so while everyone was running away while i kinda just laughed at everyone cause they were so scared but seconds later it came crashing down and hit me right in the face and everyone called me stupid cause i was and i didnt even know inside it was pure ice and i almost cried which made them laugh more hahaa

aw are you okay

hi tell me embarassing or cute stories pls

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1. Who is your favorite actor/actress? 

WHIT- Maisie Williams and Hugh Jackman
CHLOE-  Lucy Hale and Dylan O'Brien

2. Where’s the furthest you’ve ever gone on holiday? 

WHIT- Bahamas
CHLOE- England

3. Middle name? 

WHIT- Roberta
CHLOE- Elizabeth

4. Which animal would you most want to be your pet? 

WHIT- Duck
CHLOE- Wolf or fennec fox

5. Favourite book and/or author?  

WHIT- To Kill A Mockingbird and Farley Mowatt
CHLOE-Vampire Academy series and John Green

6. Who do you want to meet the most? 

WHIT- Malala Yousafzai and 5SOS
CHLOE- All Time Low and 5SOS

7. Do you believe in ghosts?


8. Favorite colour?

WHIT- Red (and black)
CHLOE- Black

9. Are you right handed, left handed or ambidextrous?

WHIT- Ambidextrous
CHLOE- Right

10. What’s your favourite season?

WHIT- Winter

11. What’s the worst job you could possibly imagine having? 

WHIT- Anything in an office or vet tech and having to put animals down
CHLOE- Janitor

12. What is your biggest fear? 

WHIT- The future and the unknown
CHLOE- Spiders, bridges, and heights

13. Do you have a lucky number? 

(Our hockey numbers)

14. Do you like tattoos?

BOTH- Hells yeah

15. How do you think people describe you? 

WHIT- Funny and loud and thoughtful?
CHLOE- Sassy and adorable

16. When is your birthday? 

WHIT- July 14
CHLOE- April 17

17. Do you have any plans for the future? 

WHIT- I have no fucking clue but I’d love to perform (dance/act), write, work with people and ultimately travel
CHLOE- Writer or behind the scenes in entertainment and traveling

18. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt? 

WHIT- Even in your weakest moment, you’re braver than you think and everything happens for a reason
CHLOE- Keep going, things will get better

19. What is your fave subject at school? 

WHIT- Auto/tech, law or English or French
CHLOE- English or photography

20. What makes you cry the most? 

WHIT- When my therapist tells me I’m brave
CHLOE- Bands

21. Do you believe in a second life after death? 


22. Are you happy? 

WHIT- Not overly

23. If there was one thing you could change in this entire world what would it be?

WHIT- Hatred
CHLOE- Views in society

24. How often would you completely disconnect yourself from tumblr and twitter etc? 

BOTH- At least once a month

25. Where do you feel the most happy? 

WHIT- My cottage
CHLOE- Listening to music, reading or in England

26. What do your prefer, sweets or chocolate? 

WHIT- Chocolate
CHLOE- Sweets

27. Do you have any siblings? 

WHIT- Three (and ½ I guess)
CHLOE- Nah b

28. What is your star-sign?

WHIT- Cancer
CHLOE- Aries

29. What is your all time favorite food?

WHIT- Spaghetti and calamari
CHLOE- Maynard’s and sticky toffee pudding

30. Do you play an instruments, if so which ones?

WHIT- Violin, some piano, and a touch of guitar
CHLOE- Guitar

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trampolinedogs asked:

ive done both! and i hope you win! :))

thank youuuuu :) x

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