It Started With A Waffle: Inception Cookies

“Inception Cookies are one of the items I became known for, especially selling at shows. People buy what they think is just a giant chocolate chip cookie, walk away from the table, bite into it and make some sorta pleasantly surprised face when they discover the harmony of the Oreo and chocolate chip cookie all in one package. Then, they turn around, point at the cookie, and give me a thumbs up. Make these cookies for your friends and don’t tell them what’s inside.”


Lucky for us, Clara is sharing her famous Inception Cookie recipe from her new cookbook, Clara Cakes: Delicious and Simple Vegan Desserts for Everyone!Get her book online and in stores now!

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Nervous about meeting new people at college?

A bunch of you guys are going to be starting college this fall, and if you’re like every single other college freshman, you’re pretty nervous about meeting new people! I know you’ve heard advice like “join clubs” and “hang out in the common room,” but this is my fool-proof, low-stress way to meet new people:

Get yourself some Oreos and some chocolate chip cookies from the store. Make a little piece of paper that says “I have cookies! Knock and say hi” and put it on the door of your dorm room.

I did this the first week of school, and I got at least a passing introduction to most of the people on my hall, plus I met a group of guys I would later play Cards Against Humanity with in a bizarre mashup of English and French. It’s a great, easy way to start a conversation, and it will only last a few seconds most of the time. Then you can say hi to those people when you see them around and they’ll probably invite you to hang out because they know you and you gave them cookies.

Go forth and make friends!

est-akwvnayv  asked:

Pumpkin pie, oreo milkshake, and chocolate chip cookie.

ahh these are such great questions, thank you so much for asking!

pumpkin pie: what were your interests as a child?

ohh i was so into magic! like, the general idea of it, and stuff like the w.it.c.h. comics or harry potter, i kinda really believed in it. i read SO MUCH holy shit it was a compulsive habit but it made high school smooth sailing later so… other interests included horse riding, “potion”/”perfume”-making, writing, collecting gemstones, and the entirety of shakira’s discography to date.

oreo milkshake: do you sleep a lot?

more so when i’m having a depressive spell, in which case i end up oversleeping, but i do need my solid 8h of beauty sleep at the very least or else i’m really, really grumpy before coffee. i end up feeling really sick if i nap throughout the day tho

chocolate chip cookie: how has your life changed over the past year?

oh wow, well… i’ve figured out why i’m studying biochem, most importantly, because at this time last year i was still not done with exams and crying my eyes out because i’d made a mistake in studying sciences. but i actually figured something that excites me and that i wanna do! i’ve gone red with my hair too, that’s definitely different, though a lot of people say they don’t even remember my brown hair anymore. i’ve also done a lot of emotional growing up, i’d say! going through harsh times can at least teach you something. and i’ve grown a little bit closer to more people at uni, which is always nice!

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Writing Letters to Santa like..

Dear Santa,

    For Christmas this year I would really like an HD remake of Xenoblade Chronicles. You know, like Wind Waker level HD, not Twilight Princess where they just re-textured everything. I’m talkin full graphic overhaul. Also, it’d be great if you added that fashion feature in Xenoblade X where you can have the ugliest strongest stuff in the game equipped and still look cute as hell.

   I would really appreciate it, also I’ll leave out double stuff oreos and chunky chocolate chip cookies for you -winkwink- Thanks Santa.

                                             Little Annie

anonymous asked:

how do i cut out the unhealthy foods in my life? i told myself i would eat healthy today and i started off really great and then it all fell apart and i had a bunch of nutella and caramel corn

I get this question a lot. Whether you like to snack after dinner, can’t stop yourself reaching for the biscuits at work, or just love a soda with your food - you are not alone.

Many people advise that if you are tempted by something, don’t have it in the house, but what if you’re not in control of what’s in the house?

It’s all about discipline. You need to decide what you want, the short term or long term satisfaction. That drive has to come from you.

Some tips to help you get there: try to picture food as what it can do for you, what nutrients it can provide you, and how you will feel afterwards. If you associate chocolate with 45g of saturated fat per 100g, and with how you feel afterwards, then you might feel stronger in turning it down.

You can also fill up on what you have for dinner to avoid late night snacking. Fruit and vegetables take up more space per calorie than meat or carbs.

This brings me to other things you can have instead of chocolate/ice cream/doughnuts/soda if you simply must have something. Fresh fruit like a banana or some strawberries. Dried fruit like apricots and dates. Small amounts of nuts like pistachios and cashews. Skinny popcorn is great too.

Healthy Treat Recipes:

Try switching to these healthy treats first and then gradually weening yourself completely off eating when you’re not hungry. If you know you’re just craving food because you’re bored then try herbal tea instead, there are so many flavours to choose from, it fills you up with liquid, and it gives you something to do with your hands while you’re watching TV or whatever.

bold what you prefer.

tv shows or movies

cats or dogs

anime or manga

painting or drawing

reading or writing

singing or dancing

sweaters or hoodies

flowers or trees

phone or laptop

oreos or chocolate chip cookies

twitter or tumblr

freckles or dimples

shop in a store or shop online

coffee or tea

outside or inside

netflix or hulu

sweet or salty

fruit or vegetables

hot or cold

chocolate or vanilla

sunrise or sunset

pool or beach

instrument or vocal

popeyes or church’s chicken

white or black